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March 17, 2023 | Posted by Lee Sanders
AEW Rampage Image Credit: AEW

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Happy Friday and Happy St. Patrick’s Day everybody! Lee Sanders back with you all at this special start time after 12:05am ET as AEW RAMPAGE is on late due to college basketball aka MARCH MADNESS! Without any further delay, let’s get right to the action!

Commentators: Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, and Paul Wight (Jim Ross resting up)

MATCH 1: TNT CHAMPIONSHIP-Rey Fenix vs Powerhouse Hobbs(c)

Nice shoulder block to Fenix to open up this match. Fenix with a wrap-around the waist of Hobbs as the QTV crew look on. Hobbs sends Fenix into the ropes as Fenix avoided contact. Fenix looking for a maneuver from the ropes as Hobbs shoulder tackles him mid-air! Hobbs charges at Fenix but is sent over over the ropes as it sets up a series of topes for Fenix that connects! Fenix to the top rope but is caught by Hobbs as he drives him down to the canvas. Lazy pin attempt made as Fenix successfully kicks out. Action spills to the outside where Hobbs sends Fenix crashing into the barricades. Referee being very kind, maybe too kind with the slow counts as Hobbs continues whipping Fenix into the barricades. Hobbs eventually gets in the ring only to go back out and drag Fenix back inside. Fenix strong whipped into the turnbuckle corner that almost folds him in half! Another strong Irish whip follows as the Winnipeg crowd chants “QTV SUCKS.” Hobbs now with a death grip on the neck of Fenix as he’s setup for a vertical suplex. Another cover attempt made as somehow Fenix kicks out as we head into a commercial break. Our opening contest resumes as Hobbs is dismantling Fenix! Hobbs is just smacking away at the face of Fenix as he goes back to that death grip on the neck. Fenix lands a backflip kick, and a corkscrew kick, but the big man isn’t going down. Fenix tries to grab Hobbs arm and races to the ropes to skin the cat. Hobbs sweeps the legs and it transitions into a powerslam for Hobbs who gets a two count for his efforts. Fenix comes back with a step-up spinning kick as he tries to German suplex Hobbs. Hobbs isn’t budging as we see a series of counters when finally Fenix connects with the suplex! Cover attempt made as the champion kicks out. Fenix gets in a cutter to setup another cover. It’s another near fall as QT cheers Hobbs on while Cenix walks the tight rope and kicks Hobbs! Hobbs beautifully charges at Fenix with a tackle that bends Fenix while he sets him up for the spinebuster! It’s another kickout by the challenger as our champion looks on frustrated. Fenix now with a back-spinning kick, followed by a side kick as both men are laid out in the middle of the ring. Referee doesn’t even count the men down to see who comes to a vertical stance. Fenix to the top as he connects with a frog splash as Hobbs kicks out yet again! Fenix with a superkick to the face, not once, twice, but three times! Fenix looking for a roll-through that is countered by a spinebuster, followed by a torture rack, and a vertical suplex aka Town Business to end this one.

Winner: Powerhouse Hobbs (12:00)
Rating: ***
Very few David vs Goliath matches in AEW come off extremely well as we know now Tony Khan likes to spam them to death. This one was exceptionally good. Honestly, besides the main event, this opening contest was really worth the admission for checking out RAMPAGE this week. Everything else was skippable. I’m a bit sad that Tony Khan has backed off of Rey Fenix becomes he has always been consistent in singles matches when it’s counted the most. Fenix is a true singles breakout star in the making as he is very versatile. To my point, the perfect opponent to face Hobbs for his first TNT Open Challenge. Love the added touch of no one from QTV interfering in this one as the BOOK of HOBBS Domination Tour is underway! P-P-P-P-POWERHOUSE!

Post-match Alex the Hype Man is given the Diamond cutter by QT as he and Hobbs stand strong in victory.

Video package is shown as Adam Cole is excited for March 29th when he makes his in-ring return. He teases his opponent but doesn’t name him as Adam also takes the time to hype up AEW ALL-ACCESS.

We are back as Stu Grayson is in the hospital talking about how Moxley and his Combat Club did a number on Evil Uno. Uno has a concussion as Stu proclaims he is back and wants to face Moxley 1 on 1 coming up on the next DYNANITE. Congratulations to Stu Grayson being re-signed to AEW by the way. Great move!

MATCH 2: Taya valkyrie vs Ava Lawless

A couple of clotheslines to plant Ava in the corner as Taya connects with double knees to the face. A spear by Taya soon follows as Ava is setup for Valhalla aka Jaded for the win.

Winner: Taya valkyrie (1:00)
Rating: NR

Leila Grey, Jade Cargill, and Smart Mark Sterling are at the top of the stage ramp taking notes. By the way, seen a lot of chatter about Taya stealing Jade’s finisher. Long as I’ve watched Taya (which has been for some years now), she has always used that finisher. It’s always. Even called Valhalla. Just thought I should stress that in case it wasn’t picked up during commentary for this match.

Footage is shown of Stokley Hathaway training for his upcoming match with HOOK. Pretty funny stuff. Check it out below!

MATCH 3: Angelo Parker and Matt Mernard vs Bollywood Boyz

Angelo Parker takes himself out of danger by rolling out of the ring as the Bollywoods were getting too much offense in the opening contest. Matt Mernard is tagged in briefly as Angelo is tagged back in. Parker connects with a nice snap suplex as we head into another set of ad breaks. Side note, really wish the commentators would tell us who is who instead of saying Bollywood Boyz, shesh! And we are back as the Bollywood Boyz are still in search of their first victory in AEW. Parker and Mernard with great double team moves on the twins. Nice elevated double ddt on one of the twins to end this one.

Winner: Angelo Parker and Matt Mernard (6:00)
Rating: NR
When you say that Mernard and Harper’s opponents are mainly on the YouTube shows and they are still looking for their first win in AEW…Well…No reason to be invested. This match? Squash, squash, squash!!

Footage of Don Callis trying to roll out the red carpet for Takeshita arriving in Winnipeg is shown. Meanwhile, a hype video for Kenny Omega vs El Hijo Del Vikingo for this weeks DYNAMITE is played.

More footage is shown of the AEW TAG Champions as The Gunns bump into Dante and Darius Martin as they challenge the champs for a shot at the titles. The challenge is accepted as apparently the champs left their bags behind which Darius and Dante picked up and walk off. This match will be taking place on DYNAMITE as well.


MATCH 4: Brody King vs Daniel Garcia

Bell rings as Garcia goes right for rolling out of the ring to showboat with Chris Jericho. We got ourselves a game of Cat & Mouse to kick things off here. Garcia had the right mindset as he tried attacking the knees of Brody but Brody rebounds quickly to toss Garcia into a corner. This is followed up with a body splash as Garcia is tossed into another corner. Brody charges and misses as Garcia rolls out the way. Garcia continues to strike at the head of Brody as Brody comes back with a strong one-handed chop to the chest that sends Garcia out the ring to regroup with Jericho. Brody catches up to him outside the ring as he delivers another chop while shoving him into the barricades.
Garcia is being bounced around like a ping ball as Brody delivers a running crossbody into Garcia to sandwich him more into the barricades! Garcia now tossed into the steel ring-steps as Brody tries charging at Garcia but is sent crashing head first by Garcia thanks to a dropped toe-hold as we head into our last set of ad breaks. Thank you all by the way for staying up late with us for our live coverage. You guys rock! We are back as the action is inside the ring where Brody delivers a Big Bossman slam! Cover attempt made as Garcia kicks out! Brody delivers a delayed piledriver and goes for another cover as Garcia kicks out. Jericho looks on very concerned as Brody delivers a massive series of chops that echos throughout the arena. Rolling cannonball connects by Brody King who goes for the cover. Garcia is saved as he gets his boot up on the ropes at the last second. Brody looking for another piledriver as Garcia fights out of it but going for the legs of Brody. Garcia connects with a series of chops as he applies a rear-naked choke. Brody is trying his best to fight out of this maneuver by backing into the corner. Brody finally flips Garcia over his shoulder to break free to setup a big lariat! Julia Hart loves it as Brody is looking for the Razor’s Edge as Garcia wiggles his way to freedom. Garcia tries looking for a rollup and Brody kicks out. Garcia manages to slap on the Walls of Jericho as the crowd pops hard seeing the maneuver. Brody manages to make it to the ropes as Jericho takes his trademark bat to the head of Brody while the ref isn’t looking! Garcia gets in a crossface submission hold to steal the win as Brody was passed out thanks to that bat shot. Talk about a miscarriage of justice! Major assist there by Jericho.

Winner: Chris Jericho—Err I mean, Daniel Garcia (13:00)
Rating: ***
Three words…BRODY FRICKING KING! I love that big guy and I’m continuing to eye him and Malakai Black for having the most breakout year yet in AEW. The versatility Brody possesses was on full display here tonight. This had a vintage ROH vibe as sometimes Garcia reminded me of Christopher Daniels meets Matt Taven. That’s not a bad combination folks nor is it a diss. Whoever laid out this match put out the right kind of formula. This was another case of David vs Goliath but the blueprint was so simple and executed wonderfully by all involved. Garcia using his size and speed to his advantage to try and take out the legs of Brody. Ok, great as you eliminate a good amount of the big man’s power move set. To have it end the way it did was a nice touch too. Pretty straightforward and solid match.

End of Show

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