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September 18, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Impact Wrestling Victory Road

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Hello there, Impact Wrestling fans! It’s time for another Impact! Plus PPV in none other than Victory Road. September is bringing us what looks to be a fun card with Christian Cage defending the Impact World Title against Ace Austin, The Good Brothers battling Rich Swann & Willie Mack and more.

I am Jeremy Thomas, and tonight looks to be a fun (if somewhat inconsequential) show to give us our monthly Saturday dose of Impact. In the meantime, while I am of course always staying busy here at 411, I’m also taking part in the Letterboxd horror viewing challenge Hooptober, and you can follow what I’m watching here. So far in the first few days I’ve seen a couple of good ones from the UK (The Blood on Satan’s Claw, The Revenge of Frankenstein) and a couple not-so-great ones from this side of the pond (Things Heard & Seen, Cherry Falls). And one interesting and fun one from Fulci (if not quite his best) in The Black Cat, which I literally JUST finished.

Anyway there’s a lot of show to cover, so let’s go ahead and get right into it.

As a reminder, the GoFundMe for Larry’s daughters is still active and if you can make a donation, that would be awesome. Thank you so much to everyone who’s done so thus far.

* We get started off with a vingette about how the road to the top is hard and when you get there, it gets harder because there’s always a target on the champion’s back. We get previews of the X-Division Title match, the Knockouts Tag Title match, the World Tag Title match, and Ace vs. Christian Cage for the World Title. The road to victory is arduous but simple: who wants it the most? The road starts now!

Steve Maclin vs. TJP vs. Petey Williams

Petey and TJP take it to Maclin right off the bat but he fights them off and slams them both into the corner. Peter is thrown out the ropes, TJP flips through a whilp into the ropes and Petey rolls Maclin up for a nearfall that turns into a series of nearfalls. TJP catches himself in the ropes and dodges a Maclin dive, then he runs at Petey who sends him over the ropes onto Maclin! William then dives on them both! Maclin back in the ring with Petey who goes for a fallaway slam but gets caught and turned into a suplex. Maclin goes out and gives a uranage backbreaker on the stage.

He’s back in the ring but gets whipped by Petey, who comes off the ropes into a hard back elbow. Maclin covers for two. Maclin is manhandling Peter and hits a floatover suplex, cover gets two. The crowd chants for Williams as Macline knocks TJP off the apron and then comes back to pick Williams apart. Big stop to down low on Williams, gutwrench backbreacker, cover is broken up by TJP. Maclin is fighting both men off, he whips TJP hard into the corner and stomps him down, then knee chokes him and sends Petey over the top to the apron. TJP with a kick to Steve’s head and goes up but Peter trips him on the ropes. Maclin hangs bot TJP and Peter in the Tree of Woe! He charges in for a spear, covers Pete for two, covers TJP for two. Petey gets boot up when Maclin charges him spinning armbreaker by Williams and then a German suplex! Running knee strike from Williams! He dives over the ropes into a rana on Maclin and rolls him in, springboard Codebreaker and a cover but TJP breaks it up.

Petey and TJP trade shots, Maclin takes over with kicks, enzuigiri but Maclin wipes Petey out! He charges at TJP in the corner but TJP takes him down! All three men up and trading shots now, Maclin gets double teamed and beaten into the corner. TJP goes up but Petey pulls him down, he goes up but gets pulled down by TJP! They make an agreement and both go up for a double 10-hot! Petey sends TJP to the outside and locks in a sharpshooter on Maclin, TJP back in and he goes for an octopus hold that allows Maclin to break it all up. Petey goes for the Canadian Destroyer but TJPO backdrops him, TJP takes Maclin down and comes off the ropes with a charging hip to Maclin, one on Petey, Detonation Kick to Maclin and a cover but Petey breaks it up. TJP sends Williams to the outside and goes up top, he leaps but Maclin dodges, PETEY WITH THE DESTROYER! But Maclin moves in quick, hits his finish before pinning TJP.

Winner: Steve Maclin (10:20)
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: Solid if not spectacular opener. Everything was slick and Maclin picks up a win to continue his push. No shocker here.

* D’Lo Brown and Striker break down tonight’s card.

Black Taurus vs. John Skyler vs. Jake Something vs.
Laredo Kid vs. Trey Miguel

The six star off and it becomes chaos quickly as Jake is set outside and Skyler dives on him, with Miguel joining in. Taurus and Laredo start off in the ring as Taurus springboards off the ropes into an armdrag and sends Kid out, Miguel lasts slightly longer before John Skyler comes in. They face off for a few before the rest join and Jake SOmething takes everyone down. Kid battles with Jake and gets caught trying to do a rana, slamming him down. Jake whips Kid into the corner and runs in, Kid dodges and hits a springboard dropkick. Trey leaps into the ring and comes off the ropes several times until he hits a rana on Laredo. SPlash into the corner, monkey flip and a double stop to the Kid!

Skyler comes in and attacks Trey from behind, battering in him the corner. he takes a second to grin and Try briefly takes over after dodging before Skyler spears him. Taurus in now, he splashes Skyler in the ropes, Skyler comes off the ropes into a Samoan drop. Jake in now and takes Taurus down, them Miguel and Kid superkick him and then begin battling. Jake tries to intervene and eats a meteor DDT! Trey covers Jake and Kid in quick succession for two-counts.

Try and Kid now trading forearms, Kid takes over but a waistlock turns into a back kick and Jake comes in, grabbing Laredo Kid and choke slamming him ONTO Trey! Jake goes for a Gorilla press but gets SPEARED by Taurus! Crucifix bomb to Kid, and then he powerslam Skyler INTO kid! Trey now up and he stars at Taurus, they both come off the ropes into a double spear by Skyler! Cover on Trey for two. Jake in now and grabs Skyler for a choke slam, but Skyler drops and pulls Jake through the ropes. Laredo Kid in and trips Skyler, he goes to dive on Jake but back kicks him instead, Try dives onto Jake and Taurus with a corkscrew plancha onto all of them! In the ring, Skyler schoolboys Kid for two, Kid kicks SKyler and gets him on the top, climbing up with him. Moonsault belly to belly gets the pin!

Winner: Laredo Kid (8:12)
Rating: ** 3/4
Thoughts: This was a chaotic and fast-paced match which is exactly what you’d expect from these guys. Nice to see Kid get the win, and everyone else had their chance to shine.

* We get a recap of the feud between Tenille Dashwood/Madison Rayne and Taylor Wilde.

Tenille Dashwood vs. Taylor Wilde

The ladies circle a bit to start and Tenille takes over with a few shots to the back. Wilde is fighting back, whip into the ropes and drop drown trip. Wilde covers for two. They jockey for position, Dashwood with bodyshots and Irish whip, Taylor dodges a trip and then hits a spinning headscissors. Waistlock but Dashwood elbows out, whip into the corner and Tenille charges into a boot. Kaleb with a K catches Wilde’s foot and distracts her so Tenille can drag throw Tenille by her feet out of the corner.

Tenille gets backed off and Madison chokes Rayne against the ropes. Tenille moves in and strikes a pose for a picture but Wilde swings to screw it up. Tenille is pulling Wilde up but she fights out and locks in a small package, but Tenille is out and clotheslines Wilde down. Cover gets two. Tenille with a seated full nelson submission. She pushes Wilde face-first into the mat, but Wild is fighting back to her feet! She breaks the hold but gets pulled into a short-arm clothesline for a near-fall.

Tenille argues with the Impact Zone audience before locking the full nelson back in with a bodyscissors. Wilde fights out and gets hammered in the back, Tenille flips her into a pin attempt for two. WIlde with a jawbreaker and fights back as Kaleb gets on the ropes to distract the ref and Rayne pulls down the ropes to send her to the outside. The ref catches Rayne with Wilde in a front facelock, and the ref ejects everyone from ringside after Jordynne pushed Madison!

Back in the ring, Wilde rolls a stunned Tenille up for a two-count. We get a couple more alternating roll-ups, and Tenille decks Wilde but Wilde fires back! Wilde unleashes the fists and clotheslines Dashwood off the ropes, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker gets two. Waistlock by Wilde but Tenille reverses and drop toe-holds Wilde into the bottom turnbuckle, she hits a charging bodysplash and covers for two. Tenille sets up a double underhook but Wilde turns it around into a suplex for two. Wilde sends Tenille under the ropes to the apron and moves in, but Tenille hits a neckbreaker against the ropes. Wilde back in and reverses into a German suplex for three.

Winner: Taylor Wilde (9:16)
Rating: ** 1/4
Thoughts: Tenille isn’t my favorite when it comes to ring work, and this was flat in a couple of situations but there was nothing actively bad and the right woman won.

* Gia asks Callihan and Edwards about agreeing to team up. Sami says hell must have frozen over since they’re working as a cohesive unit. He says he’s been saying for years he’s not a bad guy and references the baseball bat, and Eddie says don’t push it. They’re teaming because they need to in order to beat Morrissey and Moose. He’s doing it for himself and his family. Sami says he likes Eddie’s style and they’re taking it to the two biggest dogs in the yard, proving that they’re the gatekeepers of Impact. Sami walks off, Alisha says she doesn’t trust Sami and wants to be ringside. Eddie agrees.

No Disqualifications Match
Rohit Raju vs. Matt Cardona

Cardona attacks during Rohit’s entrance and quickly gets stomped down by Rohit and Shera. He rolls Cardona in and Raju directs traffic as Shera with a chokeslam backbreaker.

The bell officially rings once Shera is sent away and Cardona takes over! He beats on ROhit and sends him outside, Rohit dodges the basement dropkick and decks Cardona. Stomps to the downed Matt on the outside, he goes to slam him into the ring steps but Matt reverses. Cardona with a side Russian legsweep into the guardrail and he throttles Raju a bit before rolling him into the rig. Cardona goes to climb in but is hit with a low blow and then a running knee strike sends him to the outside.

Rohit with a shot against the guardrail and he has a chair, he drops Cardona windpipe first into the chair and then wraps the chair around his head, slamming him into the ringpost. Rohit picks Matt apart and then rolls him into the ring before throwing another couple of chairs in. Raju in but Cardona has recovered, he gets some shots but Rohit cuts him off. Rohit puts a chair on Matt’s face in the corner, kicks him a couple times and then hits a cannonball onto the chair. Irish whip, Cardona reverses, he goes up but gets tripped off the second rope, Rohit covers for two. Rohit sets a chair against the second turnbuckle and goes to whip Matt into hit, but he fits back and kicks Rohit down. Slingshot head-first into the chair!

Cardona with a shot to Rohit, they trade shots but Cardona takes over, he hits a Codebreaker to Rohit off the ropes. Matt with a chair, he puts it in Raju’s face and charges in for a kick! Cover gets two. Cardona is frustrated, he goes outside and throws a garbage can into the ring. He goes to hit Rohit with it but Raju kicks him, grabs Cardona and goes to suplex him into the can, Matt blocks it and hits a fireman’s carry cutter onto the garbage can! Cover gets two. He charges in, Rohit leapfrogs, jumping Flatliner gets two! Raju sets up two chairs and front suplexed Matt onto them, then climbs up — DOUBLE STOMP to Cardona through the chairs. Cover gets a near-fall. Raju with a chair edge to the gut and then a shot to the back, he comes in but CARDONA WITH THE LOW BLOW! Cardona tosses a chair at Raju, he catches it, missile dropkick and then Radio Silence! Cover — Shera is back out and breaks it up! Cardona with Radio Silence onto Shera! He comes back in the ring, gets a chair thrown in his face, Drive By! He sets Cardona up but Chelsea Green is out and she ducks then kicks Rohit hard! RADIO SILENCE! And there’s the pin.

Winner: Matt Cardona (10:49)
Rating: ** 3/4
Thoughts: This was pretty good. Shera’s involvement was kept minimal and both Cardona and Rohit used the stipulation well. The finish was not surprising at all but the execution was good. I have no complaints.

* We get a recap of Chris Bey joining Bullet Club and feuding with FinJuice, and then Hikuleo’s involvement.

Hikuleo & Chris Bey vs. FinJuice

Hikuleo is terrifyingly tall. Bey and Juice are starting off and Bey jockey for position a bit, with Bey diving for the leg a couple of times and Juice barely dodging a spinkick. He catches Bey and hits an armdrag off the ropes, then bodyslams him. Bey thrown into the corner, Finlay tags in and comes off the top with a hammer blow. Tandem offense into a diving neckbreaker for two. Finlay works the arm and tags in Juice, backdrop bu Finlay and squatting senton by Juice. Bey sent into the ropes but counters into a chopblock, and he immediately begins to target the ankle. Hikuleo tagged in and he throws FInlay into the ropes, then lays in a series of back elbows with Juiice’s leg trapped in the ropes. Bey gets a cheap shot and Hikuleo goes for a pin for two.

More shots and another pin from Hikuleo for two. Bey tagged in and he comes off the ropes with a dropkick to the knee. Roll-up by Bey gets two and he goes right back to the leg and ankle with an elbow. He charges into the corner but Juice with a back elbow. He’s fighting back to his corner and gets the tag! Finley in hot and he takes Bey down with shots and a dropkick before knocking Hikuleo off the apron! Bey charges in but Finlay gets the foot up, Hikuleo in and Finlay charges into a choke — powerslam! Bey now lays in mounted punches and then flips Finlay over for a pin attempt that gets two. Hard whip into the hostile corner, Hikuleo tagged back in and he chucks David into the corner. BIG chop and then a whip across the ring and big splash. Delayed vertical suplex and he holds Finlay there forever: he connects and bridges but Juice breaks it up. Bey in now and Finlay is fighting both of his opponents off, he gets tossed into the corner but gets the boot up. He low bridges the ropes and sends Hikuleo over, Bey hits several kicks but Finlay reverses a slam and then hits the tag!

Juice in and he lays in the punches to Bey, telling the ref to shut up when he counts. Whip across the ring and splash, then repeated clothesline shots in the corner! BIG bodydrop and he’s lying in wait, Bey up into jabs — faked knockout punch (“just kidding!”) into a DDT for two! Bey with a desperation dropkick to the knee as he’s picked up and Hikuleo gets tagged in but he eats punches from Juice! Finlay in and they send Hikuleo over the top, Finlay dives and Juice follows to take the big man down! Hikuleo in the ring and Juice, Bey panckakes Juice’s ankle fron the outside and Hikuleo finishes it.

Winner: Bullet Club (10:45)
Rating: *** 1/4
Thoughts: Very technically sound, enjoyable match here. These two teams work really well off each other and it manages to be incredibly enjoyable without needing to stay at 100 MPH the whole time. Kudos to all four men.

* We get a recap video of the Moose & Morrissey vs. Sami and Eddie feud.

Moose & W. Morrissey vs. Sami Callihan & Eddie Edwards

We go right into the brawl to star and Moose & Morrissey are sent out of the ropes on opposite sides — and Eddie and Sami dive onto them! Sami and Eddie start quick tagging as they chop Morrissey in the hostile corner. They get Moose in there two and keep it up, then double armdrag Moose out onto to eat a double choke slam from Morrissey!

Morrissey directs traffic and he avalanches onto Sami, followed by Moose. They try it on Eddie and he gets a boot up, he goes up top and gets kicked off the top rope to the outside. Moose out and he throws Eddie into the ring, Morrissey with elbowdrops. He decks Sami off the apron and then backs Eddie into hostile territory. Moose comes in and bends Eddie back against the ropes using his ponytail! Morrissey in, assisted punch and then he lays into Eddie in the corner. They continue to manhandle Eddie before Morrissey picks him up for a back elbow in the corner, hard whip across the ring that sends Eddie to the mat. Morrissey shoves Eddie back into the turnbuckle, sets him up for a suplex but Eddie slips out — BLUE THUNDER BOMB!

Eddie goes and makes the tag to Sami, Moose tags in and Sami gets thumbs to the eye before battering him down. Moose stands up as soon as Sami’s head is turned around and gets a shot, he goes up but Sami grabs him off the second rope for a DVD and cover for two. Sami goes for the piledriver but Moose blocks it and decks him before charging into a boot; he shrugs it off and hits a sitting powerbomb for two. Sami ducks a ripcord, tags in Eddie who baseball slide dropkicks Morrissey. Moose gets shots in and comes off the ropes — right into a shot from Sami! Eddie with a Blue Thunder Bomb and cover but Morrissey shoves Sami into Eddie to break it up. He gets Eddie on the top and follows up, but Sami with a big shot to the back and a powerbomb to Sami! Moose with a superplex to Eddie and immediately eats a kick from Sami! he picks Moose up for a suplex, combined with a superkick from Eddie for a near-fall!

Sami sets up for the piledriver on Moose but Morrissey in with the BIG boot. He stomps Edwards and lays in a few shots. He sets up for the powerbomb but Eddie backdrops Morrissey to the outside! Moose goes in with a kendo stick but Eddie ducks — PILEDRIVER TO MOOSE! Eddie has the kendo stick — but Morrissey picks up Alisha on the outside and threatens to slam her into the ringpost! Eddie sets down the kendo stick and eats a spear from Moose, rolling to the outside. Morrissey grabs Alisha by the throat and rolls her into the ring, she is in between Moose and Morrissey and Moose throws her into Morrissey — POWER BOMB.

Alisha is out cold and the ref is calling for help. Out comes the refs as Morrissey looks psychotic. Eddie pushes the officals off and grabs Alisha, taking her to the back as he apologizes to Sami and says he has to go. Sami rolls into the ring and faces off with both men, launching into firsts. He comes off the ropes into a big boot, he gets held for a spear for three.

Winner: Moose & W. Morrissey (15:00)
Rating: *** 1/2
Thoughts: I’ve been open about not being a Callihan fan but he was really good here and the other three were as well. This was a really great match that told a good story. The Alisha spot brought the momentum to a halt but it was short enough and played into the story well. Morrissey is doing some absolutely stellar character work in Impact and this was a great example of that.

* We get a hype video for Savannah & Tasha vs. Decay. Y’all know I love me some Rosemary.

Knockouts Tag Team Championship Match
Tasha Steelz & Savannah Evans vs. Havok & Rosemary

Decay attacks right from the jump and clear the ring, robbing us of the full Decay entrance. Rosemary and Tasha start as the bell rings, and Tasha with a kick into the corner and then chops and punches to start. Rosemary turns it around by getting the foot up and then takes her down for two. Havok tagged in and a double headbutt to Steelz. She throws Tasha into the corner and says she wants Savannah, who comes in and they go chest to chest.

Havok with a forearm, and Evans answers back. They trade firsts until Evans takes over, she goes into the ropes and gets caught with a kitchen sink. Havok into the ropes and Savannah with the same! She splashes Evans in the corner but Havok moves out of the way for a second attempt and then lays in shots. Rosemary tagged in and whipped into Evans, Havok in with a clothesline as well. Rosemary with a splash and then goes for a suplex but Evans blocks it and throws her into the corner, ROsemary blocks with a back elbow and locks in the Upside Down for four!

Evans takes back over and begins to stomp Rosemary, she tags in Tasha who sends Rosemary into the nearby corner, hits a running Euro uppercut and then snapmare and running knee for two. EVans tagged back in, she manhandles Rosemary and they do a couple of quick tags. Rosemary is Undeading up and she hits a crossbody on Tasha! Both women down, Rosemary gets the hot tag! Havok with kicks to Savannah, she downs Evans in the corner and runs in for the running boot. She charges in once more, Evans moves and hits a big kick. Tasha tagged in, cover gets one. Steels with kicks, she comes off the ropes — SKY HIGH and cover for two until Evans breaks it up! All four women in until Evans clotheslines Rosemary to the outside. Havok sends Savannah through the ropes and she grabs Rosemary, but Rosemary ducks and spits the mist! Evans is down! Tasha dodges a splash in the corner gets a kick and goes up top but gets caught! Havok throws Tasha onto EVans and ROsemary rolls her back in — TOMBSTONE! That’s it.

Winner: Decay (7:56)
Rating: ** 1/4
Thoughts: They needed to bring the crowd back down a bit to avoid burning out the audience, and this did that while still being pretty enjoyable. Good stuff, if not the most memorable.

* Ace Austin cuts a promo talking about how Christian is a legend, but you need to look into the future and he’s the future of the company. He says there have been some detours, but the destination has never changed and his path is — not unstoppable, not undeniable — it’s inevitable. It’s not if, it’s when, and we’ve arrived at that time. Tonight, he becomes the youngest Impact World Champion in history.

* It’s time for the hype video for the Impact Tag Team Title match.

Impact World Tag Team Championship Match
The Good Brothers vs. Willie Mack & Rich Swann

Mack starts against Doc. Doc with a kick but Mack comes off the ropes with a flying shoulder, then clotheslines Doc in the corner. Whip across the ring and then ten-count of elevated punches. Swann tagged in to kick Doc in the cut, but Gallows with a kneelift and he tags in Anderson. Machine Gun with an Irish whip but Swann turns it into a hurricanrana. Snapmare and kick to the kidney by Swann, Mack is tagged in. They batter Anderson like he was cake mix and then Mack with some shoulder lifts — but Karl rakes the eyes and then tags in Gallows, who takes over. Mack manages to dodge a splash and tags in Swann, Irish whip into a douple dropkick!

Cover gets two and Swann locks in a headlock, but Doc up and he shoves Swann into hostile territory. Anderson in and he takes Swann down, then wrenches in the nose and bites Swann! Gallows in and he side kicks Swann in the head for a two count. LG shoves Swann to the outside where he gets kicked by Karl. They’re going for the countout, but Swann gets in at six — RIGHT INTO a charging boot by LG! He taunts the crowd with “SUPER E-LITE!”

Gallows gets Swann in the corner and lays in body punches, Karl tags in and charges into a back elbow. Swann is going for the tag but LG cuts him off and drags him into the center, elbowdrop and a cover for two. Hammer elbows to the chest and then a rear chinlock. Swann fights to his knees and then punches his way out — enzuigiri takes Doc down! Swann goes to make the tag but Anderson takes in and stops him — spin kick by Swann! Mack is in hot and he knocks LG off the apron, spinning elbow to Karl and a bodyslam and elbowdrop to Machine Gun! Samoan drop attempt elbowed out of, LG comes in and gets Samoan dropped!

Anderson eats a pop-up forearm and a Sling Blade for two. Mack goes up top, LG moves in but gets kicked. That lets Karl catch him, but he gets headbutted. Mack off the top but Anderson moves, Mack sells a knee jam and eats a spinebuster for two. Gallows in now, they’re going for the Magic KIller but Swann breaks it up. Jumping cutter by Swann to LG — Jumping cutter by Karl to Swann! Doc and Mack are up, the traditional trading of blows begins. Mack comes off the ropes into a side kick, but Swann kicks both Anderson and Doc. Gallows to the outside and Swann is on the apron, he gets caught and powerbombed onto the apron, while Mack attacks Gallows. Mack steps through the ropes but gets caught by Anderson. Brothers in, Magic Killer, pin.

Winner: The Good Brothers (11:26)
Rating: ***
Thoughts: I’ve been very cold on the Good Brothers since they turned heel, but they had good opponents to work with here and it paid off. I won’t say this was the best Impact Tag Title match of 2021, but it was pretty decent even if there wasn’t any mystery who was winning.

* It’s time for the Alexander vs. Sabin hype video. RIP my fingers in advance.

Impact X-Division Championship Match
Josh Alexander vs. Chris Sabin

The two circle to start and move in, Sabin with an armdrag to start. Lockup and Alexander gets Sabin on the mat, but Sabin counters and it turns into a bunch of counter-wrestling. Another lockup, Alexander gets Sabin in the corner and hits a chop. Irish whip from the champ, Sabin into a back elbow. Sabin reverses a throw and sends Alexander to the outside, dives on him and then bows to the crowd. Sabin rolls Josh in, goes up top but Josh cuts him off. Sabin kicked through the ropes and Alexander charges Sabin on the apron, sending both of them to the floor.

Alexander rolls Sabin in and gets on the apron but gets kicked to the floor by Sabin, who leaps off onto him. Josh rolled in and Sabin follows, forearm to the back of the neck, DDT, cover gets two. Sabin with a laying front facelock that he turns into a neckbreaker, and then a second one. Cover for two and Josh goes into the corner, where Sabin lays in a boot. Sabin in control of Josh, wearing him down with a neck wrench. Josh to his feet but he gets pushed into the corner, Sabin tries to whip him out but Josh holds on. Sabin finally gets the whip, but Josh reverses, Sabin up top and leaps but gets caught into a suplex.

Both men go outside and Josh drops Sabin onto the apron. He rolls Chris in and follows, backbreaker and cover for two. Knee to Sabin’s back, then he goes for a gutwrench and gets Sabin over. He gos for it again but Sabin grabs the leg to block. Alexander with a shot to the back and a vertical suplex for two. Knee to Sabin’s back and a chinlock, Sabin up and fights back but gets cut off. Josh goes for a suplex but Sabin turns it into a roll-up for two. Josh with a knee to the head and a seated abdominal stretch, which he eventually modifies by hooking the heel until Sabin gets out.

Alexander stalks Sabin and hits the Euro uppercut and chops. Whip across the ring and splash, followed by a kick to the head. Forearms by Josh but Sabin gets a shot in. Josh lays in the knees, bodyslam, cover gets two. Alexander with an atomic drop and then DVD, he goes up top for a moonsault but Sabin rolls out of the way! Both men down but Sabin is up first, he charges in and gets sent to the apron, hits a shot on Josh and then goes up for a dropkick to the back! Josh is out of the ring, and Sabin hits a running neckbreaker on him! He sets Josh’s feet on the apron — Crossroads to the mat!

Sabin rolls Josh in and goes up top — dropkick to the back and a cover but only gets two. Josh fights back, dodges a running kick and takes Sabin down. Alexander goes for a double underhook, Sabin trues to turn it into a rana but Alexander stops him! Powerbomb! Sabin manages to get a roll-up but Josh kicks out, they do some counter wrestling and Sabin locks in a crossface! Alexander is close to the ropes and Sabin changes strategy for a roll-up — only two! Sabin with wristlock but Josh with a straight fist. Chris keeps the wristlock on though and captures the arm — but he gave up the back and Alexander with a German suplex. He goes for a second but Sabin back elbows out, Alexander hits another German but Sabin rolls out into an armlock! Alexander gets up — White Noise! Both men get up clutching each other, Alexander on Sabin’s shoulders but he slides off into an ankle lock. Sabin tries for the enzuigir but Josh blocks and relocks it in. Sabin rolles through for a two-count — and Alexander still has the ankle! He locks it in hard in the center of the ring — Sabin back bridges into a two-count! Sabin kicks Josh’s headgear off but Alexander with his C4 Spike and the win!

Winner: Josh Alexander (19:01)
Rating: ****
Thoughts: Match of the night so far and it’s not even close. Great stuff by both men in a fantastically-paced match that worked the crowd very well. Alexander winning was the right call to keep him strong, and this puts the pressure on the World Title match to deliver now.

* Post-match Sabin gives Alexander the show of respect and leaves.

* Striker and D’Lo talk about the match and break down the main event. That gives us out hype video for Christian vs. Ace.

Impact World Championship Match
Christian Cage vs. Ace Austin

Lockup to star, Ace pushed into the corner and we get a break. They circle, Ace with a wasitlock that turns into some counter wrestling, they break and go back into the lockup. Cage into the ropes and comes off, taking Ace down with a bodyblock. Wristlock by Cage, Austin rolls through but Christian maintains control, Ace with a couple of shots. Cage sends him into the ropes, Ace ducks under and hits a couple of kicks. Back and forth until Ace comes off the ropes into a flapjack, cover gets two.

Ace sends Christian to the outside, he dives but Christian ducks and slides inside, hitting a dive of his own. Cage rolls Ace in but he leaps back out, catches Cage with a kick, Cage charges and Ace does acrobatics leaving Cage face to face with Fulton. Ace takes the distraction and kicks him in the head, then chills in the ring for a few to showboat. He gets Cage back in and chokes him against the bottom rope, then stomps him in the corner. Cage kicks Ace while getting back up, but Ace with a kick to the back of the head and cover for two.

Austin with a headlock and then he yanks at Cage’s nose before hyperextending the arm and using the card to paper cut Cage’s fingers. Hammer elbow and he yanks at Cage’s fingers. Armbar until Cage gets up, he fights out of it and decks Ace right in the chin. Cage off the ropes and Ace ducks, he rebounds into a shot and rolls out of the ring. Fulton approaches Cage on the outside and Brian Hebner ejects him from ringside! Fulton is livid but off he goes.

Cage back in the ring and he gets a kick to Ace in the corner, goes up to the second rope and takes Ace down for two. Both men slow to get up, Ace with a shot but Cage off the ropes with a big clothesline. He drapes Ace against the ropes and chokes him against it, then goes up top for a jumping Euro uppercut that gets two. Cage up top for the mounted ten-count of punches — that goes to twenty! He backs off but that lets Ace get a jacknife for two, reversed for two. Both men up and Christian with an inverted DDT for two. Cage lies in wait, Ace up, he leapfrogs Christian. Christian dives in and gets caught with a shot, Ace springboards off the ropes with a kick, cover gets two!

Ace is frustrated and he grabs Cage — Cage tries to reverse into the Killswitch, but Ace counters! Ace is down, Cage goes up for the frog splash but Ace rolls out of the way! He’s got the card again and goes for the Fold — Christian counters with a spear for a near-fall! Ace gets in the corner and Christian comes after him — herakes the eyes. Ace has the ref’s attention and Fulton sneaks out to hang Cage on the ropes! Ace with a shot and a cover — NO! Ace sets him up — Christian counters into the Killswitch! That’s it!

Winner: Christian Cage (12:05)
Rating: *** 1/2
Thoughts: This was a very good match that probably could have been a bit better. Everything clicked here, but it also feels like a match I would have seen on Impact Wrestling. Still, Ace looked great and didn’t lose anytheing her despite Cage getting the expected win; I can’t complain.

After the match, Josh Alexander comes out to the ring and steps inside of it. He gets a mic and says “Bound For Glory — OPTION C.” He’s cashing in his X-Division Title for a shot at Cage. Cage holds up his title and they stare off to close the show. That will be a barnburner.

And with that, we’re done for the night!