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November 24, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Impact Wrestling

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Hello there, Impact fans! It’s Tuesday and that means it’s time for another episode of Impact Wrestling. I’m Jeremy, and y’all know how this works. The Knockouts Tag Team Championship Tournament is continuing, we’ve got Wrestler’s Court and much more, so let’s jump right in!

As a reminder, the GoFundMe for Larry’s daughters is still active and if you can make a donation, that would be awesome. Thank you so much to everyone who’s done so thus far.

* Previously on Impact: Tommy Dreamer’s “Who Shot Bravo?” investigation runs into Johnny Swinger and his gun, which means Wrestler’s Court is returning. Joe Doering and Eric Young destroy the competition including assaulting Rhino and Heath. And The Rascalz say farewell in a match with Rich Swann, which leads into an attack by Sami Callihan and Ken Shamrock targeted at Swann.

WE OWN THE NIGHT! (AKA Title Sequence!)

* We cut in on D’Amore standing over a comatose John E. Bravo. The doctor comes in and assumes D’Amore is the dad, which he isn’t but he does have power of attorney apparently. You know, if I was an Impact employee I’d suddenly want a second look at my contract. D’Amore says it’s okay to pull the plug, but the doc says he’s in stable condition. A lot of work needs to be done but if he does pull through, he may not be the same John Emmitt Bravo. D’Amore doesn’t think that’s the worst news. The doc leaves, and D’Amore promises justice to Bravo.

Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament Match
Tasha Steelz & Kiera Hogan vs. Sea Stars

Kiera is looking particularly good this week, I gotta say. Matt Striker is on the announce team this week and while I like Striker fine, I am not happy that we are being deprived of our Madison Rayne time. Delmi Exo starts with Kiera, and Delmi gets a waistlock and a half-nelson slam into a laying front facelock and gator roll. She gets Hogan up, inside cradle for two and then a backslide for another two. Delmi gets another pin for two. Kiera up and talks some trash, they go for a lockup and Kiera with a knee. Delmi off the ropes, blocks a hip toss and hits a neckbreaker. Pin gets two again. Ashley Vox tagged in, Hogan off the ropes into an awkward spinning backbreaker, Vox with a snapmare neckbreaker and a pin for one. Kiera quickly dive tags Tasha Steelz, who is in and goes to shake hands. Vox takes the bait and gets kicked. Tasha with a chop in the ropes, whip across the ring and charges in but Ashley gets on the turnbuckle to dodge, still getting hit. Tasha whips across the ring again, Ashley gets over Tasha this time and goes under Tasha’s legs. Schoolboy but quickly kicked out, Ashley with a dropkick and pin for two. Vox with a punch but Tasha blocks it. Vox goes into the ropes and gets kicked by Kiera, spinebuster by Steelz. Steelz sent hard into the corner and Tasha dives in twice, then tags in Kiera who runs around the ring for a diving kick. Pin attempt gets two. Kiera sends Vox into the corner and stomps her down, then drags her over to tag in Tasha who stomps and boot chokes Ashley. Ashley is fighting back but gets cut off with a knee, Kiera tagged in. Right to Kiera and Vox fires back, they trade blows and Kiera with a big kick but Vox fires back and tags in Delmi! Delmi in hot and she unleashes a series of strikes on Kiera! Northern lights suplex gets two but Tasha breaks it up. Delmi takes it to Tasha and then charges back and forth with avalanches on both of them. She picks Kiera up and hits a fallaway slam ONTO Tasha! Delmi pulls Kiera into the center and pin gets two! She picks Kiera up, Vox with the blind tag, Delmi with a drop slam and Celtic cross from Vox with a nearfall. Delmi tagged in but Tasha pulls her off the ropes. Kiera with a roundhouse, Tasha with a bulldog on Vox who is sent out of the ring. Kiera with a swinging neckbreaker and that gets the pin.

Winner: Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz (7:09)
Rating: ** 1/4
Thoughts: The obvious team won this match of course, but the Sea Stars had a solid showing. Vox had a couple of missed moments early on that could be called botches, but they didn’t badly hurt the flow of the match and after that this was all pretty good. I like what I see of the Sea Stars and wouldn’t mind seeing more of them in Impact.

* Back from break and Jordynne is there with JAZZ! Jordynne says Kiera & Tasha could be the team to beat, and Jazz says they’re the team to beat. Gia shows up and asks about their tag status; Jazz talks about her retirement and says she decided to end her career on top. She says they’ve got this, easy.

* Josh and Striker are there to break down the events of this week’s Impact. Madison is doing Wrestler’s Court so she can’t do commentary apparently. They talk about the Knockouts Tag Title Tournament and then tonight’s matches:

– Defeat Rohit Challenge
– Swinger in Wrestler’s Court
Impact World Title Match: Rich Swann vs. Ken Shamrock
– Ethan Page vs. A Phenomenal Opponent

* Ethan Page is backstage and walks up to Josh Alexander with amazing news that he’s about to show Josh. He points out something on his phone: Doc Gallows is out four to six weeks apparently. Page says “somebody” did a favor for The North and made sure Doc Gallows will need a doctor. Alexander points out that they can’t get the Tag Team Titles back if Gallows is on the shelf. Page is sobered and says they’re going to fix this. “WE GOT THIS, JOSH!” Josh wants to know who “we” is.

* Johnny Swinger is heading to Wrestler’s Court and looks to be going full Weinstein with a slow, pained walk to the ring and a neck brace as we go to break.

* Back from break and Swinger gets a People’s Court-like entrance with introduction. Madison is his defense lawyer. Swinger’s excited because it’s the best house he ever drew. He says McDevitt (WWE’s lawyer, for those not in the know) told him to wear the neck brace for sympathy. On the other side: THe Boys. In comes D’Lo Brown as the prosecutor from the Nation of Litigation. This Is: The Wrestler’s Court.

Tommy Dreamer is the judge. He does an entrance complete with pose and then takes a seat on his makeshift bench before declaring Wrestler’s Court in session. Madison immediately objects that Tommy is the judge when he did the investigation and accused Swinger of being the shooter. Dreamer points out that it’s a good point and sustains, which leads to D’Lo being the judge and Dreamer being the prosecutor. Dreamer says the case is open and shut, saying Swinger had the means, motive, and opportunity as well as the smoking gun. Madison says all those things may be true, but says this crime was a strategically-planned, meticulously thought-out transgression committed by a criminal mastermind. And that makes it clear that Swinger should be exonerated. Swinger calls it a burial, and D’Lo tells Dreamer to call his first witness. It’s Fallah Bahh, and he’s been sworn in on the latest edition of the PWI 500. Dreamer asks Fallah if he has any reason to think why Swinger would shoot Bravo, and Bahh says Swinger was bitter that Bravo chose him to be best man. Dreamer asks Cody Deaner if he was at the wedding and what he remembers most. Cody remembers the gunshot most. Dreamer asks him to tell everyone what he found in Swinger’s fanny pack, and steals a swig of Cody’s beer. Cody says he found a gun. Dreamer then asks Acey if he’s a fingerprint expert, and he says no. Dreamer says he did do a fingerprint analysis, and Acey says he tried. Dreamer asks whose fingerprints he found on the gun, and Acey says Swinger…and also Cody Deaner, Cousin Jake, Dreamer’s, Larry D, Taya Valkyrie, Rosemary, Brian Pillman, Greg Valentine, Ron Simmons (which gets a “DAMN!” out of D’Lo).

Swinger asks for permission to approach the bizzench and tries to bribe Swinger with beer, only to be told to sit his ass down. Swinger has a good feeling, and Madison thinks he’s misreading the room.

* It’s time for the Defeat Rohit Challenge, and Rohit comes out looking cocky as always. He gets a mic and calls to us nimrods watching at home, saying that he’s the opposite of us and everything we are. We’re looking at a winner and a man who went from the bottom to the top. He doesn’t chase dreams; he attains them while we hide behind our phones and keyboard and talk, talk, talk but we ain’t saying nothing because we’re losers. He says he’s a mocha-skinned Manimal and the reigning and defending and greatest X-Division champion in this lifetime. He declares the Defeat Rohit Challenge and calls for another loser to face him. That brings Suicide, who comes out for his shot. Rohit says “No, no, no no no no no.” He says that “Suicide” ain’t that slick and says they all know that he doesn’t deserve a shot at the title. He knows the score, but fine, they can do it. It’s non-title though.

Rohit Raju vs. Suicide

Rohit runs in with a kick to start and punches Suicide in the corner. He says Suicide ain’t slick and chops him. Irish whip is countered, Suicide swings but Rohit dodges it and goes for a wristlock that Suicide turns into a couple of armdrags followed by a dropkick. Suicide with a whip, reversed and Rohit runs in. Suicide dodges to the apron, leaps but gets punched to the floor as we head to break.

Back from break and Rohit is trying to take Suicide’s mask off. Suicide gets free but gets stomped on. Suplex by Rohit, cover gets two. Rohit with a stomp and he comes off the ropes for an elbowdrop, cover gets two again. Rohit measures Suicide and gets a kick, then a forearm to the back. Suicide fights back with elbows but gets knocked to the mat. Rohit with a bodyslam, then kneels to choke Suicide. He goes for the mask again and Suicide fights back. He gets to his feet and punches but gets knocked down with a knee. Hard kick to Suicide’s chest, then a knife-edge chop against the ropes. Twisting arm Russian legsweep gets two. Rohit goes for the mask again, Suicide up and fights out of it and locks in a rana into an Tarantula, which Rohit back suplexes out of. Raju picks Suicide up, twisting neckbreaker and holds on. He goes for a suplex, Suicide blocks and hits his own side Russian legsweep for two. Rohit fights out, leaping Downward Spiral and he’s almost got the mask off…he gets it off, and it’s…not TJP! TJP’s music plays and he’s skipping his way out. He smiles and points, Rohit is confused as hell and Suicide is Crazzy Steve! He crucifixes Rohit for the pin!

Winner: Crazzy Steve (4:59)
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: Solid match here, which mostly played into the “Is TJP Suicide?” storyline. Steve had a good outing and the win will serve him well, and it continues the feud between Rohit and TJP in a decent fashion by not just going straight to the obvious “TJP under a mask” aspect.

* Backstage, Sami is pumping up Ken Shamrock and getting him crazy. Sami says since Day One, the goal has been to make him the Ken Shamrock and give him that killer instinct. Tonight, they become Impact World Champion. A side camera POV angle is seen and Sami notices it, and says “Look at this dumbass.” It’s Moose, who says he knows Sami is getting his animal ready for tonight. Too bad that match is for the second most important title in Impact because his TNA World Title is #1. Truth be told, he was planning on being the guy that put the hurt to Rich Swann, but they beat him to it. He says he has a lot of respect for Ken and thinks he’s quite dangerous. But if he’s successful in beating Swann, don’t forget what happened the last time they faced off. SHamrock wants to fight and Sami holds him back.

* Tenille and Kaleb with K are backstage comparing colors of glasses as Alisha Edwards walks up. Tenille asks if she can help Alisha, who says she has a statement to make. She wants to know what they’re going to do about them because they need to tag again. Tenille says things didn’t work out with Madison and Jordynne and they got the hint, so since it didn’t work out with them she needs to go. Alisha knows they didn’t win the tournament but with the right amount of work, anything’s possible. “If you don’t succeed at first, you try and try again?” Tenille kind of likes that and is a go-getter, and she does like to stay positive about things. Alisha is excited about the continued pairing, but Tenille and Kaleb are more interested in their fashion.

Kimber Lee vs. Killer Kelly

Deonna and Renee Michelle are in their respective partners’ corners for this match. KImber and Kelly charge, Kimber takes over with punches and chops driving Kelly into the corner. She grabs Kelly and throws her across the ring by her hair, then grinds her head into the ropes with her boot. A fist across Kelly’s back and a stomp, and Kimber picks Kelly up to drag her face across the ropes. Snapmare into an arm stretch submission, Kelly backs Kimber up and gets a two-count. Kimber still has Kelly in a bodyscissors and pounds on her back, then rolls her into a pin attempt for two. Kimber up and moves in but Kelly with a kick, Kimber fires back with a stomp. She mocks Kelly and punches her in the chest several times, but Kelly manages to trap the arm and then the other arm. Headbutt by Kelly, who turns it into a double underhook suplex. She backs up and hits a cartwheel double knee to Kimber’s back. Kelly points and Kimber and runs in for a diving dropkick in the corner, pin attempt gets two. She gets KImber on her shoulders and Kimber elbows to counter. She ends up on the top turnbuckle, kicks Kelly down and them comes off to hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Kimber back up top, she hits a Swanton for the three!

Winner: Kimber Lee (4:12)
Rating: ** 1/4
Thoughts: They had the start of a good match here, and made it as good as you could in about four minutes. Kelly’s offense is something that stands out among the Knockouts division and if she’s here to stay, I’m excited to see what she brings.

Afterward Deonna and Kimber celebrate until Susie’s music plans. Out comes Susie to the ramp with a mic, and she says “Hi! I’m Susie.” She says they hurt her friends and that’s bad. Now her friend’s here, and it’s going to get really bad so she’s sorry. Su Yung’s music plays and Su Yung is out! She charges in and Kimber and Deonna attack, but Yung fights them both off. Kimber is sent to the outside and Yung mounts Deonna, assaulting her. Yung pulls out the bloodied glove and Deonna begs off until Kimber can pull her free. Deonna and Kimber exit as “Susie” stands on the ramp with her back to the crowd and Yung comes down to look at her, then leave. Susie then turns around, looking lost.

* Gia is backstage with the Motor City Machine Guns. She asks Alex Shelley about his status and he says litigation is over and his neck is feeling better. He notes they had the reset button set on their career, and Sabin says they have a three step process. Step One: they’re coming after XXXL for attacking Shelley. Step two is The North for injuring Shelley in the first place. And step three is the Good Brothers and the Impact Tag Team Championships.

* Rich Swann comes up on Willie Mack and apologizes for what happened with Moose last week. Mack says says he won’t feel sorry for himself, and doesn’t like that the ref called the match because he had no reason to call it off. Chris Bey comes up to talk to Swann and asks Mack to step out. Swann says he’s not cool with Bey and he can step out, which Bey says he’s there to put more money in his pocket with a World Title match between them. He calls Mack a loser and Swann and Mack get heated. Bey says he’s starting to wear off and if Swann makes it past Shamrock, give him a call.

Ethan Page vs. The Phenomenal One

Anderson comes out for a promo sand says they’ve been having a Good Brother party as of late, and the #1 thing they’ve wanted to do since they got here is become tag team champions. He runs down their accomplishments including the Impact Tag Team Titles. But he says since the Big LG isn’t here with them, because Page assaulted him, that brings us to this. He says they agreed that if they can beat an opponent of Anderson’s choosing, The North get their rematch. He says he has an opponent and introduces the Phenomenal One, who is…well, it’s Swoggle. AJ Swoggle. Yeah, that’s a thing that is definitely happening.

Anyway, the match starts. Page is laughing and acknowledges it’s pretty good. He gets on a knee and gives Swoggle a shot, which Swoggle takes with a series of shots. He comes off the ropes with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Alexander distracts Swoggle and Page hits him with a pump kick. As the ref warns Anderson, Alexander yanks Swoggle out of the ring and slams him down, then rolls him back in. Page is lying in wait, he charges with a shoulderblock. Page showboats and hits an elbowdrop, then goes for a pin but breaks it at two. He wants to send a message to Anderson. He picks Swoggle up, puts him in powerbomb position but Swoggle bites the leg and then hits kicks. Alexander grabs Swoggle’s leg and Anderson gets involved. Page is distracted and Swoggle schoolboys Page! It’s a three-count.

Winner: Swoggle (2:28)
Rating: NR
Thoughts: I get what they were going for, and Swoggle legit looks like Mini-Me AJ so there’s some logic behind the joke. But this was still a joke and I frankly gave it more words than it deserves.

* We’re back to Wrestler’s Court and Madison Rayne has just finished with Swinger on the stand, she doesn’t seem happy. Dreamer cross-examines and says he has just one question: did he really think he’d get away with it? Swinger says he’s an elite athlete at the top of his game with movie deals and shoe deals and why would he want to screw that up, Daddy? He’s the OJ Simpson of professional wrestling! Dreamer asks when the last time he read a newspaper was and Swinger says 1991. He says Dreamer’s known him a long time, he may have cut a few corners but he’s not capable of outright shooting someone. He says it could be one of the other guys, and Dreamer looks rattled and says no further question. Madison says the defense rests and Dreamer calls one more witness: Father James Mitchell. He asks if Mitchell has any other expertise to add to this. Mitchell says he’s a whoremonger and has two pHDs in the sciences of parapsychology and demonology. Dreamer asks what the significance of virgin blood and Mitchell says the blood of virgins is highly prized for its esoteric magical properties by some people. Dreamer asks if he suspected one of those people to have shot John E. Bravo.

Rosemary’s on the stand swearing on the Necronomicon. (Of note, I used to own a copy of the mass paperback Necronomicon, it wasn’t that big so apparently she has the unabridged version!) Dreamer asks how long Rosemary’s known Bravo and she says it seems like an eternity. He asks when she started being attracted to him, and he says that’s terribly personal so he strikes it from the record and asks if she ever loved Bravo. She finally says “No!” Of course she didn’t love him; she’s Rosemary, the Demon Assassin, etc. But once she caught the scent of his sweet virgin blood he’d be the most powerful being in this realm. She points out how much strength is in virgin blood at the time of his wedding. Bravo comes out and is pissed. He says Rosemary used him and manipulated him. He calls her the worst thing that ever happened to him, and she says he’s not fit to clean Valkyrie’s boots. D’Lo says it’s clear they know who shot Bravo. Bravo says as much as he hates her, Rosemary didn’t do it. He says he couldn’t see him, but could smell him.

* Back from break and Larry is on the stand hooked up to the lie detector. Dreamer asks again if Larry shot Bravo. He says no, and there’s no deception detected. He asks one more time and uses some cologne — and now it’s Lawrence D! Lawrence says he did. He was a lover and not a fighter, but when Bravo stole the woman of his dreams, he had to take action. D’Lo bangs the gavel and points out Swinger is on trial. Given the confession, he declares Swinger not guilty. Swinger gets up and rips the neck brace off, while my Rosemary/Taya ship continues to sail considering how close they’re sitting and the look Taya’s giving Bravo. MAKE IT HAPPEN IMPACT.

Fallah Bahh vs. Daivari

Daivari goes to attack from the bell and chops, kicks and punches Bahh. He goes in again but Bahh battles back and sends Daivari against the ropes. Daivari dodges, but Bahh with a crossbody and in comes Joe Doering. Bahh attacks but Doering shoves him into the ropes and hits a chokeslam to cause the DQ.

Winner: Fallah Bahh by DQ (0:35)
Rating: NR
Thoughts: Whee, Joe Doering.

Afterward, Bahh rolls out of the ring and EY hits Daivari with a piledriver. Young gets a mic and says his purpose is clear. His vision is clear, and he will be opening eyes to the truth. We’re looking at the truth. This world is sick, and what we’re looking at is the cure. They’ll fix — HERE COMES RHINO! He charges down into the ring and takes out Young. He brawls with Doering but Young attacks from behind and they beat on Rhino a bit. Young says he warned the world, and this world doesn’t belong to us. It belongs to them. Josh says “them” is Doering and EY, and no shit Josh.

* Suicide Steve and AJ Swoggle are backstage, and Swoggle says Steve looks ridiculous. TJP shows up and thanks Steve for doing all that. “Did you see the look on his face?” “No,” Steve says. Myers comes in and says this isn’t the Impact Wrestling he signed up for. He rips down Steve and Swoggle and says TJP is just manipulating the situation so he can get a title shot. He says Steve will never be champion and neither will TJP. He’s a clown, he just doesn’t wear any makeup.

* Back from break and Deonna and Kimber run into James Mitchell. Deonna says they have a Su problem and Mitchell says Su is a great bunch of gals. Kimber asks if there’s any way he can turn her Su problem into a Susie problem? Mitchell says he can do it…for a price. Deonna asks what price, and James says they don’t need to worry about that right now. If they need his help, they’ve got it. Yeah, that’ll turn out well for those two.

* Josh and Matt run down next week’s matches, which include:

– XXXL vs. Motor City Machine Guns
X-Division Championship Match: Rohit Raju vs. Crazzy Steve
Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament: Killy Kelly & Renee Michelle vs. Jordynne Grace & Jazz
– Willie Mack vs. Chris Bey

Impact World Championship Match
Rich Swann vs. Ken Shamrock

We get the intros before going to break.

We’re back and the two face off as the bell rings. Swann ducks and dodges Shamrock a bit as Shamrock tries to move in to strike. Callihan ultimately distracts Swann, which lets Shamrock pounce in and lay in punches as the ref calls for the rope break. Callihan is yelling at the ref and gets ejected for getting physically involved. Swann fires off with a couple of dropkicks and a diving dropkick off the ropes to the knee, then another one. He springboards off the turnbuckle but gets caught by Shamrock ans slammed headfirst into the turnbuckle a few times, then dropped. Shamrock stomps and kicks Swann, keeping him on the mat, and then goes for a single-leg crab. Swann blocks and Shamrock focuses on the calf and ankle. He lets go and kicks Swann in the back. Swann is trying to get up and fight back but Shamrock stalks him in the corner and kicks him. Shamrock pulls Swann up and Swann fights back but takes a knee to the head. Shamrock continues to pick Swann apart, Swann tries to fight back again but gets kneed back to the mat and Shamrock pulls on Swann’s hand, followed by a kick to the chest. He stomps Swann’s hand and kicks the back of the thigh. Shamrock pulls Swann up and locks in a standing front facelock, laying in a few knees at the same time and then dropping to the mat. Knee to the back of Swann’s head as we go to break.

Back from break and Shamrock is again working Swann’s hand, but Swann is back to his feet. He kicks at Shamrock and fires off some punches, a spinning backfist and he comes off the ropes with a clothesline. A second clothesline off the ropes staggers Shamrock and Swann tries again, right into a kick. Shamrock is back to his stomps and kicks as he picks Swann apart and then locks in a facelock. Shamrock lets it go during the replay and is moves in on Swann in the corner but Swann ducks. Roundhouse by Swann, two spinwheel kicks and a third one knocks Shamrock down! Swann with Rolling Thunder that gets a two-count. Swann up first, spinning back kick and a sunset flip gets two and Shamrock locks in a gogoplata variation. He rolls over but Swann kippups out and kicks Shamrock in the head. Swann up top now, he takes aim and BIG frog splash gets a nearfall. And just like that, Shamrock goes for an armbar but Swann gets his feet under the ropes. Back kicks to the head of Shamrock, he goes for another and Shamrock catches it! Ankle lock! Swann rolls through, Shamrock goes for Snap, Crackle Pop, Swann rolls back and locks down Shamrock in a pin! It’s over!

Winner: Rich Swann (10:06)
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: That was as good as a Ken Shamrock match can probably be in 2020. The match played more of psychology than moves, which is good because Shamrock still has the psychology down great. Swann looked a lot like an underdog here, which isn’t always my favorite way to book a reigning champion, but it worked. Not the best World Title match we’ve seen by any stretch, but there wasn’t much “wrong” with it.

After the match, Shamrock decks the ref and Callihan races in. Sami picks Swann up and goes for the package piledriver. Callihan goes out and under the ring for a bat while Shamrock holds Swann down. Sami yanks the ref out, walks in with the bat and takes aim at Swann’s face — but here comes Eddie Edwards! He fights off Shamrock but eats a bad to the gut from Callihan. Shamrock assaults Edwards and Callihan tapes Edwards to the top rope. Callihan gets the bat and mocks Edward. Edwards screams “DO IT BITCH!” Callihan goes in hard and Edwards is bleeding. Security and D’Lo come down and D’Lo gets hit by Shamrock! D’Amore comes out as Shamrock assaults D’Lo and Callihan’s face is bathed in Eddie’s blood. The assault continues for a bit more until security backs Shamrock and Callihan off, and then we cut to black.

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