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December 1, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
IMPACT Wrestling

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Hello there, Impact fans! It’s Tuesday and that means it’s time for another episode of Impact Wrestling. I’m Jeremy, and y’all know how this works. We’re deep into the first round of the Knockouts Tag Team Tournament, with Impact gearing up for their next monthly Impact! Plus show. There’s a lot to get to, so let’s jump right in!

As a reminder, the GoFundMe for Larry’s daughters is still active and if you can make a donation, that would be awesome. Thank you so much to everyone who’s done so thus far.

with Su Yung. And Rich Swann defeated Ken Shamrock but was assaulted by Sami Callihan, and when Eddie Edwards came to the rescue he was left bloody by Callihan.

WE OWN THE NIGHT! (AKA Title Sequence!)

Motor City Machine Guns vs. XXXL

Right off the bat, we get this grudge match. The Guns attack from behind to start the match, but Acey and Larry take control. They whip Sabin and Shelley toward each other but they Guns turn it into an attack on XXXL, and Sabin sends Larry to the outside where Shelley baseball slide dropkicks him. Acey charges and the Guns pull the ropes down, sending him to the floor. Sabin dives through ropes onto both big guys, then sends Larry into the ring. Shelley up top and he hits a double axehandle off the turnbuckle. Kick to Acey and a shot to Larry, then Sabin is tagged in and goes up for his own double axehandle. Shelley back in, up top and goes for one more, but Larry with a punch to the gut. Acey gets tagged in and shoulder blocks Shelley, then hits a couple of European uppercuts. Shelley fires back with kicks and comes off the ropes with a boot to the head. Shelley goes for a bodyslam and that goes as expected. He tags in Sabin who comes off the ropes into Acey’s hand, and gets shoved into the corner. Acey charges in to a boot and Sabin goes for a slam, again it goes as expected. Acey takes Sabin down, then whips him into the ropes. Shelley gets the tag, Sabin kicks Acey and they hit a double kick to him. Larry comes in and gets knocked down. Sabin whipped into a splash on Acey in the corner, he drops down so Shelley can hit a splash off Sabin’s back and then Shelley drops so Sabin can leap in — but Acey catches him and drops him right on Shelley’s back! Romero kicks Shelley hard in the back, picks him up and decks him in the head. Larry tagged in, double axehandle to Shelley’s back and Shelley is whipped into a double bodyblock. They pick Shelley up by arms and legs and start pulling on him, Sabin in to break that up but he eats a knee to the gut and gets tossed from the ring. Larry stomps on Shelley, picks him up and slams him into the corner. Euro uppercut, snapmare and a kick by Larry, he goes for the cover but Shelley gets his foot on the rope. Larry manhandles Shelley but Alex fires back with a shot. He comes off the ropes but Acey kicks him and Larry knocks Sabin off the corner. Acey tagged in, they pancake Shelley between them! Larry yells “Acey! Let’s go.” Acey off the ropes for a senton and makes the cover, Sabin breaks it up but quickly gets kicked by Larry. Sabin manages to get Larry to the outside and he leaps at Acey, turning it into an armdrag, and Shelley with a leaping inverted cutter! Tags on both side, Sabin with a kick to Larry and a first off the ropes. Sabin with a clothesline, a kick and knee strikes, an enzuigiri, a kick to the gut and a DDT finally takes Larry down! Sabin lies in wait, Larry in the corner. Sabin comes in and gets sent onto the apron but Shelley is right behind with a splash, Sabin up top and a dropkick-assisted Flatliner by Shelley. Sabin stupidly tries to pick Larry up again and gets powered into the corner. Larry with a backbreaker, Acey with a Decapitation-style elbow and a cover gets two-plus. Acey lies in wait, they charge in to pancake Sabin but Sabin moves! Tornado kick to Acey, Larry charges in the corner but Sabin moves. Sabin leaps at Acey but gets caught and thrown to the mat, Larry’s up top, frog splash but Sabin moves! Shelley is in, he takes it to Acey but eats a back elbow. Acey off the ropes, gets caught for a drop toe-hold that is completed via a bulldog. The Guns with a double superkick to Larry. Acey picked up, double back elbow and double suplex on Acey. Sabin and Shelley with double kicks to the head of Larry, inverted neckbreaker hold to Larry by Sabin and Shelley goes up top: splash and that gets the three-count!

Winner: Motor City Machine Guns (9:25)
Rating: ** 3/4
Thoughts: I daresay that’s the best XXXL match I’ve ever seen. And not just because they were facing the guns; Acey and Larry legit looked solid in there. It was a really nice opening match for this episode. Sure, some things annoy me; the Guns just look dumb when they try to pick up Acey or Larry, like they don’t know how physics works. But outside of that, there’s no complaints here. This is a match that elevated XXXL by way of their loss and put what I assume is a satisfactory end to this mini-feud.

* Josh and Madison break down what just happened and Madison is looking fine. Meanwhile, they break down this week’s card:

X-Division Championship Match: Rohit Raju vs. Crazzy Steve
Knockouts Tag Team Championship Tournament: Killy Kelly & Renee Michelle vs. Jordynne Grace & Jazz
– Willie Mack vs. Chris Bey

We also learn that Eddie Edwards is at home recuperating from the attack last week.

* Cut to Shamrock and Sami walking into the building, only to run into D’Amore and security. D’Amore says that they were out of line and suspends Shamrock for 30 days for attacking D-Lo. Callihan says it’s fine, Shamrock deserves a vacation. He gives Ken the keys and says to go back to the hotel, they’re talk about it later. Shamrock says he’s laying hands on someone when he comes back and leaves, while Sami walks inside.

* XXXL are backstage when they run into Bravo who is really pissed about Lawrence D trying to kill him. Larry’s in no mood and chokes Bravo, but Dreamer in a police shirt comes in and breaks it up. He tells Bravo to get out of here or he’ll arrest him. Larry asks what authority that he has to arrest him, and Acey says he’s not a cop. Dreamer says “You know what? I wasn’t a real judge, I wasn’t a real prosecutor, I wasn’t a real detective. Hell, I wasn’t a real Road Warrior.” But he knows Larry shot Bravo. Larry says he was set up, and Dreamer says he has to come with him and they’ll explain it downtown. Larry starts to go and then decks Dreamer. They laugh at Tommy and walk off. Bravo comes in yelling about his lawyer, sees Tommy on the ground and says to call the police! “NOOOOOOO!”

Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament Match
Renee Michelle & Killer Kelly vs. Jordynne Grace & Jazz

Kelly and Grace start up with a lockup, Grace with a snapmare and they counter wrestle a bit which ends with a brief pin attempt by Kelly. Both up now and they lock up again, Grace with a headlock and gets sent off the ropes. She bounces back with a shoulderblock, comes off the ropes with a sunset flip but Kelly rolls through, jackknife for two. Kelley spins out of a power bomb, Grace misses a kick and dodges a kick from Kelly. Jazz and Michelle tag in and they lock up, Jazz with a waistlock and slams Michelle to the mat, then lays in forearms to the face! Jazz with a pin for two. Jazz picks Renee up, forearm to the back of the neck, Jazz with a wristlock and tags in Grace. Jordynne to the second rope for an axehandle and she tags Jazz, double whip into the ropes and a double shoulderblock. Grace with the pin and gets two. Grace picks Renee up, elbow to the face and another against the ropes. Irish whip, Michelle catches herself on the ropes and hits a back elbow. Grace charges, Renee pulls down the ropes and Grace on the apron. She nails Kelly but Michelle knocks her to the floor as we go to break.

Back from break and Renee is stomping Grace in the corner. Boot choke and she picks Grace up, suplex attempt blocked and Renee fires off with a punch. Snapmare by Renee into a rear naked choke. Grace gets to her feet but gets powered back down. She fights back up, Michelle with a shot across the neck and she drives Grace into the hostile corner. Kelly tagged him, she has a waistlock but Grace reverses. Kelly trips Jordynne up and hits a running boot, cover gets two. Mounted punches by Kelley and she’s just unloading on Jordynne until the ref stops her. Kelly picks Grace up and brings her into their corner, Renee tags in and beats on Grace in the corner. Stomps to Jordynne, Kelly tags in. She grabs Grace for a suplex but Grace blocks it. Big kneelift by Kelly, she showboats just a little and then goes for a kneelift but Grace catches it and hits a back elbow. Kelly fires back with a pump kick, comes off the ropes right into a Grace spinebuster! Grace goes for the tag and makes it, Jazz with a clothesline to Kelly and one to Michelle. Back elbow to each of her opponents and she double-clotheslines them. Michelle rolls to the outside, Jazz with jabs to Kelly. Big punch drops Kelly, Jazz covers for two. She picks up Kelly, tags in Grace, forearm to Kelly’s back. Grace lays in the forearms to both sides of Kelly, goes in for another but Kelly traps the arms! Big headbutt by Kelly, she leaps in for a running dropkick on Grace. Pin attempt but Grace’s leg is on the ropes. Kelly goes for a Samoan drop but Grace blocks it and hits some forearms Throat thrust by Kelly, she comes off the ropes right into a back elbow, GRACE DRIVER! Pin attempt gets two, broken up by Michelle. Jazz comes in and tosses Renee, Grace tags Jazz in. Jazz with an Irish whip, Renee tags in as Jazz picks Kelly up and drops her. Michelle strikes but Jazz fights back, dodges a roundhouse kick, X-Factor by Jazz gets three!

Winner: Jordynne Grace and Jazz (8:53)
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: Very good match between these two teams. It was fairly obvious that Grace and Jazz were advancing, but Michelle and Kelly looked good in defeat. I got nothing I can complain about on this one.

* The Impact! Plus Moment of the Week is FInal Resolution 2010. The Machine Guns beat the Young Bucks (aka Generation Me) in Full Metal Mayhem to retain the TNA World Tag Team Titles.

* The North are backstage and Page talks about how everyone saw him lose to Swoggle, and everything loves screwing with him and messing with him from the fans to the management to the matchmakers. Swoggle enjoyed his moment and Karl Anderson loves messing with him. But he has a plan to fix it all. Anderson thinks Ethan Page is the guy who took out Gallows, but why is that? He implies that he did it, and then fully admits he’s the guy who took out Gallows. And Anderson can fix everything by facing him at Final Resolution and get revenge on him. It’s not a hard sell: get revenge. Page demands a match, and if they win then The North get a title shot. Page dares Alexander to accept the challenge and get his revenge.

* Back from break and we get a Final Resolution promo.

* Alisha Edwards is backstage peeking around a corner. Tenille and Kaleb with a K come up in great moods. Kaleb says the wheels are in motion and Alisha finally has a fan. Alisha looks very distracted as Tenille tries to talk — and then Alisha leaps on Sami Callihan’s back! She’s after revenge for attacking Edwards. Security breaks it up and Alisha promises to kick Sami’s ass. Tenille and Kaleb say they’ll buzz Alisha later and walk off.

Johnny Swinger vs. Cody Deaner

Cody goes right at Johnny from the start and backs him in to the corner, but Swinger reverses and lays in punches to Deaner. Swinger takes a moment to showboat and eats a clothesline for it. Deaner lays in punches and Swinger rolls into the corner to beg off. Deaner with stomps to Johnny and as they’re kicking away, Eric Young and Joe Doering come in and attack Cousin Jake. Young comes in and attacks Cody to cause the DQ.

Winner: Cody Deaner by DQ (0:53)
Rating: NR
Thoughts: Yup, that happened.

EY clotheslines Deaner and then Doering is in. Swinger goes to celebrate with them, and Doering grabs Johnny with a chokelift slam. EY with a piledriver to Deaner. Young gets a mic and says this will continue until our eyes are open. EY and Joe are clear; they’re the cure and the sickness is everywhere. The disease has taken over, but they will prevail. The quicker we learn to heed his warnings, listen to his words and know he’s telling the truth. The world doesn’t belong to us, yadda yadda. Frankly, this is getting a little old. We got the point a while ago, Eric. You’re not getting this storyline over any better by extra weeks of attacks during meaningless matches.

* Backstage, Deonna and Kimber walk up to James Mitchell and ask if he’s done it yet? Has he turned Su into Susie? Mitchell says they don’t know how it works; this isn’t a fast process and he doesn’t even have Su. Deonna says they’re going to head to the ring to lure Su out, and tell Mitchell to be ready.

* The Deaners are pissed backstage. Jake says they have to fix this and Deaner says EY is treating them like curtain-jerking nobodies. Jake says they’ve been beaten up before and they always get back up. Cody says that with all due respect, it’s not about “we.” It’s about him. He says Young was there his first day or wrestling school. He was Cody’s riding partner and friend. He considered Eric family. But now he’s not his family or his friend; in Eric’s eyes, he’s nobody. But he’s not a nobody and he’s not going to let Young treat him like a nobody. Next week, he’ll prove to Young that he’s not a nobody.

* Deonna and Kimber come out to the ring as teased and gets a mic. Deonna says that since Bound For Glory, Su Yung has been haunting them, but tonight that all comes to an end. She says Su’s time has come tonight and since she defeated Su, Su is guaranteed a rematch. She says if Yung wants her rematch, she’d better get to the ring now. That brings out Yung and she comes down to the ring, sliding into the ring.

Then suddenly, Mitchell’s music plays and out he comes. He says hello to Su and says it has been a while. And while he’d love to play catchup, it wouldn’t be appropriate considering the task at hand. Mitchell says he didn’t want to do this, but Yung has been a thorn in his side for too long and tonight she will pay for her sins. Out come all of Su Yung’s bridesmaids, coming to the ring for her. They surround the ring and climb onto the apron, and Purrazzo attacks Yung from behind. Yung fires back and headbutts her down. Kimber with a cheap shot and Tung goes after her but Deonna turns her around. Su goes for the blood mist but Deonna blocks it and Su gets choked down. Deonna picks Yung up, Cosa Nostra and the bridesmaids grab Yung, pulling her out of the ring and carrying her to the back. Deonna and Kimber are relieved.

* Backstage the Moose POV cam comes up on Chris Bey. Moose tells Bey that what he’s doing isn’t unnoticed. Bey is putting himself in position to be #1 contender to the World Title. Bey believes Moose is looking to help Bey in exchange for the first title shot, and Moose says he’s a kid and doesn’t get it. He doesn’t finesse; he hurts. He tells Bey that real power isn’t given; it’s taken. So if Bey does beat Swann for the title, Moose will take it whenever he chooses. He wishes Bey good luck.

* Back from break with an Impact! Plus ad.

* Gia is backstage and Karl Anderson is there. He addresses Page and says he’s clearly losing his mind. He clearly attacked Gallows and says it’s not about the titles, but about Page losing it. He asks if Page is Karate Man or what and says that normally it wouldn’t be smart of him to accept the challenge, but for what Page did to LG, he accepts the challenge for Final Resolution. And what Page will finally see is why Impact brought him there. He’s going to beat the living hell out of Page, and while Page may have a lot of friends and alter egos, Anderson is a Good Brother and has friends too.

X-Division Championship Match
Crazzy Steve vs. Rohit Raju

Rohit talks some crap and demands that Steve put the monkey away, then tries to rush in. Steve ducks and rolls Rohit up for two. La Magistral cradle gets two again, and Steve starts striking at Raju. Irish whip, Rohit grabs the ropes and rolls out of the ring to recover. He yells at the camera that we do things on his time and then nearly rolls back in, just enough to break the count and then back out to recover a bit before coming back in. Rohit with a kick, caught by Steve and it’s a waistlock that gets reversed, then reversed again. Steve pushes Rohit into the ropes, goes for a roll-up but Rohit hangs on. Steve ducks Rohit, snapmare and he wrenches Rohit’s neck. The champ up on STeve’s shoulders but slips out, shoves Steve into the buckle but Steve catches a charging Raju and locks in the Upside Down for four. Steve in and catches a punch, biting the arm. And he does it again with the other arm for good measure. He goes to bite the face, Rohit pushes him against the ropes, jumping Flatliner gets two and we’re off to break.

Back from break and Steve with punches, gets shoved into the ropes and hit with a back elbow. Rohit off the ropes with a big kick and an elbowdrop for two. Rohit gets Steve in the corner and kicks him hard a couple of times, then bites Steve in the forehead! Rohit fires off with some punches, Irish whip reversed into a suplex attempt but Rohit blocks it and hits a neckbreaker. Fisherman buster gets two. Rohit talks some crap and kicks Steve in the head (or near the head), and then wrenches on Steve’s face against the ropes for a three-count. Rohit takes a moment to showboat and then kicks Steve in the head. Boot choke against the bottom rope by the champ. Steve fires back with elbows, goes to send Rohit into the turnbuckle but Rohit counters and does it himself, then lays in punches. He picks Steve up, snap suplex and a cover for one. Rohit with an elbow lock submission and he cinches it up. Steve fights back, stomps to the foot and a shot to the side breaks the hold. Rohit with a series of strikes and a kick to the chest lays Steve out but he sits back up! Steve is hyped up and fires off, he sends Rohit into the ropes and hits a couple of clotheslines. He leaps at Rohit in the corner but the champ catches him and puts him on the top turnbuckle. Steve counters and jumps over the ropes to snap Rohit’s neck against it. Crossbody off the top by Steve, cover gets two. Steve with a splash in the corner, he goes to do it again but eats a jumping knee from the champion. Rohit picks Steve up, Steve slips out the back, side Russian legsweep into an octopus hold. Rohit struggles to get to the ropes and finally does. Steve finally lets go at four. He picks Rohit up, Rohit breaks free and hits a discus punch. The champ off to the ropes, Steve ducks the knee, Steve goes for a crucifix pin but Rohit hangs on and gets Steve down on his back. He sits down and grabs the ropes illegally for a pinfall.

Winner: Rohit Raju (8:14)
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: Decent match here, Rohit has been looking better and better in his title reign and continues to be the arrogant, scheming little heel who survives on his wits. Steve got a chance to shine too.

* Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz are backstage, talking about making it to the semifinals of the tournament. Tasha says even better than winning the titles will be is having Hernandez’s money roll. Tasha suggests getting red and blue Lamborghinis, Kiera talks about getting new clothes and Fallah Bahh walks up and says they aren’t gucci because they stole his money. Kiera says they have no evidence, and Fallah says he saw it on Twitter and retweeted. Kiera admits it but says they don’t have the money on them (as Tasha hides it in view. He looks around them as they hand it off behind their backs to each other. Kiera says they’ll have the money next week and walks off. Swinger walks up asking if they’ve ever heard of the Swingman two-for-one special and they make a bunch of ’80s jokes about him before walking off. The Swingman is not happy about it.

* Crazzy Steve is not happy after his loss, and TJP walks up. Steve says he had no idea Impact also employs blind referees. Brian Myers walks in and says he told them so, mocking the idea that a blind circus man could become X-Division champion. TJP says Steve did his best and that Myers does a lot of talking when the bell hasn’t run, but wants to see how he does when in the ring. Myers agrees.

* Josh and Madison break next week’s matches, which include:

– Cody Deaner vs. Eric Young
– Brian Myers vs. TJP
– Josh Alexander vs. Chris Sabin
Knockouts Tag Team Tournament Match: Deonna and Kimber Lee vs. Taya and Rosemary

Chris Bey vs. Willie Mack

The two circle a little and go into a test of strength — or not, as Bey slaps Mack and eats a big slap in return. Mack starts pounding on Bey in the corner, then stomps him down to the mat. Mack picks Bey up, big chop. Bey staggers to another corner and Mack preps for another chop, but fakes out and twists the nipples! Axehandle to the back of Bey, and Mack whips Bey across the ring. Mack charges in but Bey ducks to the outside, gets a kick and then flips over Mack into the ring. He ducks a clothesline and back elbow but goes right into a Thesz press and punches! Bey to the outside, Mack follows and Bey leaps up for a 619 from the apron to Mack. Bey back in, comes off the ropes for a dive, Mack dodges and Bey slides out of the ring right into a backbreaker onto the apron. Mack pushes Bey under the ropes and gets on the apron, goes for a slingshot but Bey grabs the foot. Mack kicks at Bey, who gets up and grabs Mack but gets shoved back and Mack is almost in the ring before Bey hits a dropkick to the knee and Mack falls outside as we go to break.

Back from break and Mack nails Bey and gets to his feet, only to be taken down by a dropkick to the knee again. Bey stomps on the knee and locks in a spinning toe hold in the center of the ring. He cinches it in tighter and Mack manages to fight free with some kicks to the head. Mack up slowly, he moves in but Bey with a kick. He goes to the second rope and leaps but Mack catches him. Mack goes for a swinging powerslam but Bey slides down Mack’s back and takes out the knee. Bey with an elbow drop to the inside of the knee, then a single-leg crab. He punches Mack in the knee while in the hold and Mack struggles to get to the ropes. Bey turns it around to get more leverage on the knee, but Mack manages to get a shot to the head. Bey holds on and tries to turn it around but Mack fights free. Bey picks Mack up, hits a couple of weak-looking elbows before Mack blocks onw and starts striking back. Bey is rocked but fires back with a kick to the knee. He comes off the ropes right into a pouncing clothesline from Mack! Both men slow to get up, Bey goes in but Mack with a couple hard back elbows and a swinging bodyslam on Bey! Mack comes off the ropes, kneedrop but Mack is feeling that pain. Cover gets two. Both men slow to get up again, Bey up first but Mack is right behind. Stunner gets blocked, Bey with a jackknife for two. Mack up right into a big kick, followed by a sunset flip powerbomb off the ropes! It gets only two. Bey lies in wait and talks some crap as Mack tries to recover. Bey gets up, takes aim, Mack is up, Bey with the boot catch and Bey slaps him! Mack is not amused and Mack flips him 360 degrees! Bey lands and gets pushed up into a BIG punch, Stunner! Pin attempt, that gets it!

Winner: Willie Mack (9:32)
Rating: *** 1/2
Thoughts: Honestly, what more can you really want from a nine and a half minute main event? Both guys looked phenomenal, there was some great action and good psychology with Bey working the knee. Mack needed a win after being made to be Moose’s punching bag for a few weeks and this did that exactly.

Of course, right after I say that Moose appears in the ring and spears the shit out of Mack. Swann comes in and attacks Moose, he ducks a clothesline and kicks Moose out of the ring. Moose is grinning — and CHRIS BAY WITH THE ART OF FINESSE TO SWANN. Bey poses with the World Title to end the show! He looks like a man possessed as Moose looks on and we go to black.

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