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June 24, 2021 | Posted by Jack Irene
Impact Wrestling

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Last week Anthem sent Tommy Dreamer to relieve Don Callis of his duties. Tonight the newly-founded team of Eddie Edwards and Satoshi Kojima challenge Violent By Design’s Joe Doering and Deaner for the IMPACT Tag Team Titles.

*Callis and Omega enter backstage but Callis is asked to leave. Callis snaps and lets himself in.

Rosemary vs. Kiera Hogan

Rosemary chases Kiera outside early. Rosemary finds her and doesn’t let go, applying the Upside Down in the ropes. Tasha sees an opportunity and snags her leg as Kiera distracts the ref. Tasha mocks Rosemary at ringside as Havok appears for backup. Kiera charges up a boot in the corner for a near fall. Rosemary powers out of the corner and nails a flapjack to shift momentum. Rosemary hits a reverse DDT but can’t put her away. Kiera regains control but Rosemary powers up. Kiera floors her with a roundhouse kick for a near fall. Rosemary hits As Above So Below to win.

WINNER: Rosemary

This was a pretty good match with good energy from both women. Rosemary continues to regain momentum for herself and team with Havok.

*Chris Bey is minding his own business going into Ultimate X as Petey Williams and Trey Miguel approach. They give him an ultimatum to join them against Ace, Fulton, Rohit, and Shera.

*Scott D’Amore thanks Tommy Dreamer for helping get rid of Callis, as he reveals that Anthem has asked him to stay on as a consultant. D’Amore is wowed by this.

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Susan

Susan shuts her down verbally and demands a wrestling match as Deonna roughs her up. Deonna shines with her technical ability early on, wrapping her up in various creative submissions. She batters her in the corner as Susan has brief moments of success fighting back. Deonna has her in trouble but decides against pinning her. Susan finds a desperation superplex but gets tied up in an armbar and taps. After the match Deonna looks to send a message but Kimber Lee shuts it down. Deonna explodes on Kimber and they stare intensely.

WINNER: Deonna Purrazzo

This wasn’t the most exciting match but did tell a solid story and sets Kimber up as a solid babyface challenger.

Rohit Raju and Shera vs. Petey Williams and Trey Miguel

Rohit goes back and forth with Petey before Trey comes in displaying his unbelievalbe speed. Petey and Trey tie some offense together before Shera comes in and powers through Petey. Rohit takes over and catches Trey with a big flying knee. Petey comes in but is distracted by an arriving Ace Austin and Madman Fulton. This allows Rohit to chop him down and hit a drive-by kick to pin Petey. After the match, Ace and Fulton look to take Trey and Petey out but Josh Alexander comes for the save. Chris Bey appears on the ramp but instead of helping, decides to film himself by the action. Rohit, Shera, Fulton, and Ace stand tall as Bey watches on.

WINNERS: Rohit Raju and Shera

This had good action and told a very nice story that is rarely accomplished when building multi-man matches.

*Team Dreamer vs. Team Callis is booked. Callihan joins Team Dreamer as Moose approaches, joining the team as well. Dreamer reveals that he is not the third member, and Moose may not be happy with who is.


Rachael gets emotional, reflecting on her past and relating to Jordynne’s frustration. She mentions Tenille causing Jordynne to blow up on her. She threatens Rachael that if she mentions her one more time, she will drop her. Jazz makes her return as she notices Jordynne’s unwillingness to patch things up and suggests that she gets over it. Rachael apologizes once more and offers to move past this for the last time. Jordynne leaves, saying she needs more time to think. Tenille Dashwood appears, asking to team up with Rachael again. Rachael shuts it down before she gets started and they brawl. Rachael and Jazz take Tenille and Kaleb out as they head to the back.

This went on way too long and ended up not advancing the angle nearly enough. This has been built for months and has dragged at many points. I understand letting things play out but this was an opportunity to do a bit more, and it fell flat. Both girls displayed more emotion than ever before and Jazz returned yet the end result was unchanged. Not a bad segment but could’ve been shortened if lacking more advancement. I do trust that they will end up doing something cool with this, just wow it’s drawn out.

Sam Beale vs. Jake Something

Jake dominates early on, sending Beale to the floor. Brian Myers coaches him on the outside, but Jake continues to bully his protoge. Myers tosses a chair in but Jake kicks it back. Myers acts disgusted as Jake finishes him off with a Black Hole Slam to win. After the match, Myers says Jake will never be a star due to his unprofessional nature with the chair.

WINNER: Jake Something

This was a fine squash with Jake looking good and Myers sounding good on the mic.

Eddie Edwards and Kojima vs. Violent by Design

Kojima shows some fire against Deaner but Doering distracts him from the apron. They take advantage of this and cut off the ring. Doering clubs the back of Kojima. Doering grounds Kojima with a chinlock and hammering blows. Kojima powers him up for a suplex allowing him to get the tag. Eddie comes in with energy and hits a huge Blue Thunder Bomb on Deaner. Kojima and Eddie hits double dives as we head to break. Eddie is in full control, chopping Deaner down in the corner. Rhino distracts the ref as Deaner regains control with some help from Doering. VBD leaves Eddie downed in their corner, using frequent tags and impactful moves. Eddie gains separation and grabs the tag. Kojima comes in with a flurry of chops, with Eddie joining. Eddie snaps Deaner over with a rana from the top. Kojima drops an elbow for a near fall. Deaner looks for a headbutt but whiffs. Eddie gets the tag but Doering comes in with a crossbody. Deaner hits a headbutt for a near fall. Eddie rolls up Doering and almost wins it. Doering floors them both with a double lariat. Superkick/Koji cutter combo sets up a Boston Knee Party attempt countered by a Revolution Bomb for the win.

WINNERS: Violent by Design

That match slapped and with all four showing how good they are at tag wrestling. Doering continues to look like an absolute killer and VBD as whole is built extremely well.

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