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May 24, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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I will be doing the coverage in my regular review style; final ratings and extra thoughts will be in the final version of the review. Have a good time chatting, and thanks for joining 411 for your live coverage needs.

– Follow all of my reviews at this link.

– We get highlights from last week’s show

– Don Callis is back on commentary this week.

oVe (Jake & Dave Crist) w/Sami vs. Drago & Aerostar: The luchas aren’t fucking around as they immediately hit dives to begin. Sami gets involved, allowing Jake to cut off Drago and oVe takes control. They isolate Drago in their corner, working quick tags. They dump Drago and Sami attacks him and rolls him back in. Jake lays the boots to Drago and oVe then work double teams. The luchas make the comeback, working over Dave and picking up a near fall. Dave dumps Aerostar, and oVe start working over Drago once again. In the back, Eddie Edwards arrives and has a kendo stick. Alisha is with him and begs him not to go into the building. He arrives and attacks oVe and Sami for the DQ. He then chokes out Sami. Security pulls Eddie off of Sami as Alisha screams at him to stop. Eddie then attacks security with kendo shots.oVe defeated Drago & Aerostar @ 5:00 via DQ

– Alisha yells at Eddie backstage and says Eddie is just like him. Eddie rants that this isn’t over until he destroys Sami. Callis and Mathews put this over as a blood feud.

LAX (Santana & Ortiz) vs. Cult of Lee (Konley & Lee): LAX has been on a losing streak since Konnan disappeared. Ortiz & Lee begin until Konley rushes in and they all brawl to he floor. Konley & Lee take control and pose. LAX battles back, but Konley whips Ortiz to the steps and then posts Santana. Back in and Lee covers Ortiz for 2. Post break, and Konley is working over Ortiz. Le then chokes him out, and they then work double teams. Quick tags follow, Ortiz dumped to the floor and Lee hits the apron PK. Back in and Konley covers for 2. Lee back in as the double-teams follow and Lee then covers for 2. Ortiz hits a desperation stunner and Santana gets the hot tag and runs wild. LAX then works double teams but Lee makes the save for Konley. LAX takes out Lee, Lee pulls Ortiz to the floor and Konley cradles Santana with the tights for the win. Cult of Lee defeated LAX @ 11:30 via pin

– Jimmy Jacobs cuts a promo, telling us he’s not a bad guy, and tonight, Kong will break Moose.

– KM & Bahh walk and talk backstage. They see Grado and Katrina, and Km says if a fat ass like Grado can get a woman like that, and encourages Bahh to hit on Katrina. KM questions the relationship and Katrina says she’s a bit of a chubby chaser.

– We get a throwback to Bully Ray & Jeff Hardy, hyping their 2013 Lockdown match. Brooke Hogan was also there. Jeff was champion at the time. Hulk Hogan also appears during this; brother, dude, jack. Aces & 8s arrived and attacked, but the TNA locker room made the save.

– We get highlights from last week’s Rayne vs. Blanchard confrontation. Rayne is interviewed now, and says she was excited to be back. She wasn’t returning to wrestle, but when Blanchard crossed the line, she had to do the right thing. Blanchard arrives and runs her down for being a stay at home mom. This was more set up for next week’s one on one match.

– We get a video package on new tag team champions Z & E. They are interviewed, and say it’s surreal to be champions. They proved that they can hang with and be at the best tag teams. Steiner & Drake arrive and run them down. Drake calms down Steiner, and Steiner then blames Drake for losing the titles.

X-Division Title Match: X-Division Champion Matt Sydal vs. Fantasma: I can’t believe that Kong vs. Moose is main eventing over this. They shake hands and here we go. Sydal stalls and talks his namaste bullshit. They work into some back and forth, and then play to he crowd. Fantasma hits shoulder tackles, the enziguri follows and then the lucha arm drag; Fantasma covers for 2. Sydal backs of, faking an injury and then attacks. Sydal hits a Russian leg sweep and then grounds the action. Sydal works his submission game. Fantasma starts to fire back, but Sydal cuts him off and takes him back down. Sydal follows with kicks and a final cut kick for 2. The jumping kick connects, but Fantasma counters the standing moonsault for and follows with shoulder tackles. Sydal to the floor, Fantasma hits a baseball slide. Post break, and Fantasma slams Sydal to the steps. He follows with chops and then posts Sydal. Back in and Sydal cuts off Fantasma and heads up top. The shooting star misses as Sydal lands on his feet. Sydal fights off thrill of the kill, but Fantasma locks on a death lock as he goes to the submission game. Sydal fights, and makes the ropes. Fantasma hits a superkick, but Sydal counters into his wacky cradle slam that I forget the name of for the pin.Champion Matt Sydal defeated Fantasma @ 13:20 via pin [***]

– LAX throws a fit at the clubhouse and King (Eddie Kingston) arrives. Konnan apparently got jumped, and he’s in a safe place. Homicide is with Konnan, and now shipments are good and things are back up and running. King says that LAX needs to get back on the winning track, and he needs them to step back up and go back to their roots.

– We get a hype video for next week’s Aries vs. Pentagon match.

– Callis and Mathews note that there have been no mystery attacks this week, and that they have upped security.

Petey Williams vs. Desmond Xavier: the winner of this match earns an opportunity against Cage; poor bastard. They shake hands and we’re friends to begin. They lockup, work into counters, and then into a stand off. Petey then hits a head scissors, teases the destroyer, but Xavier bails. Back in and Xavier cuts off Petey with a dropkick, covering for 2. Petey battles back and he hits a dropkick in the ropes and a slingshot RANA on the floor. Post break, and Petey is working over Xavier in the ring. He grounds the action, but Xavier quickly fights to his feet and gets taken back down. Petey hits some suplexes, and covers for 2. Petey maintains control, but is showing frustration that Xavier keeps fighting back. The tree of WHOA follows and Xavier fights back with a German as Petey stomped his nuts. Xavier picks up the pace, putting together some sustained offence and connects with a nice looking tope. Back in and Xavier misses the 450, rolls through and Petey cuts him off with the Russian leg sweep for 2. Petey looks for the destroyer, Xavier counters out and hits the cutter for 2. Petey fires back hits the code breaker and Xavier counters the destroyer and hits a running meteora for 2. Petey hits a powerbomb, Xavier counters the RANA and hits the back flip kick for the win. Desmond Xavier defatted Petey Williams @ 11:55 via pin

– We get flashbacks to Rosemary’s funeral, and Allie painting herself up like Rosemary, saying “I’m sorry, I know this isn’t what you wanted, but it has to be.” Love it.

Kongo Kong vs. Moose: No Jimmy Jacobs here, maybe he’s been mysteriously attacked. I’m still shocked that this is main eventing. They look to work power vs. power to begin. Kong lays in strikes, and then hits a shoulder tackle. Moose kips up and hits a dropkick. He then clotheslines Kong to the floor and follows with a placha, but Kong is still on his feet. They brawl on the floor and Kong slams Moose to the steps. Kong follows with a cannonball. Kong rolls back in and we get a countout tease on Moose. Moose rolls back in and Kong lays the boots to him. The belly-to-belly follows for 2. The rolling senton follows for 2. Kong now works a nerve hold, Moose fires up t his feet and lays in chops. Moose looks for a slam, but collapses under Kong’s weight and Kong covers for 2. Back to the nerve hold for Kong. Kong follows with strikes, lighting up Moose, but Moose fires back and hits a head butt. Moose now hits the hesitation dropkick, but Kong counters the game changer and hits an ushigoroshi for 2. Kong heads up top misses the splash, and Moose hits a bicycle kick. He hits two more and slams Kong. The spear follows and Kong is done. Moose defeated Kongo Kong @ 8:55 via pin

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