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May 26, 2022 | Posted by Andrew Cazer
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We’re back for another episode of Impact on AXS TV and I must say tonight looks quite good. Typically you can look at a card and get an idea of how good things are going to be, usually Impact gives a decent card that exceeds expectations but from time to time we get a card like tonight’s that is stacked.

We’ll see the issues between Raj Singh & Bhupinder Gujar come to a head as they face off in tag team action when Raj teams with Shera to take on W. Morrisey and Gujar. We’ll also see Masha Slamovich get her first taste of some true competition in Impact when she takes on Havok in a singles match. That’s not the only exciting singles match of the night as there are three other very intriguing singles matches as Jordynne Grace takes on Chelsea Green, Chris Sabin faces off with Kazarian and Alex Shelley takes on Trey Miguel in an Ultimate X qualifying match. The main event looks to be VBD vs. The Briscoes & Josh Alexander following the events of last weeks show. Like I said they’ve got a great card on tap for tonight. Enough talking let’s get to it!

Alex Shelley vs. Trey Miguel

Gosh it’s great to watch Shelley on Impact so consistently, there was a while there I wondered if i’d get that pleasure ever again. That’s the best Trey’s entrance has ever looked. Trey and Alex shake hands early as commentary tells us they have a history as teacher and student. Trey wearing black and white gear to pay homage to Shelley. Looking like a sweet tag team the way they match. Trey and Shelley exchange holds, Shelley takes Trey to the mat with a wrist lock but Trey counters out and both men separate. Shelley backs Trey into the ropes, the ref forces a break, Shelley attempts a chop but Trey ducks it. Shelley and Trey exchange headlocks and keep the pace of this one relatively slow early. Trey sends Shelley into the ropes, Shelley drops him with a shoulder block immediately. Shelley lifts Trey up and tosses him into the ropes before charging him, Trey counters with a kick then follows up with a kick to the arm on the inside and a dropkick to the head. Trey bounces of the ropes and attempts a baseball slide but Shelley moves and nails Trey with a chop instead. The crowd calls for another but instead Shelley sends Trey back inside, he slides through and kicks Shelley in the face. Trey attempts a moonsault but Shelley moves just in time and nails Trey with another chop. Shelley slides back into the ring and does push ups to taunt his opponent. Shelley back to the outside and sends Trey face first into the ring post. Shelley looks for another chop but Trey ducks it and Shelley hits the ring post instead. Trey with a moonsault off the turnbuckle to the outside. Trey sends Shelley inside, he heads up top and dives but Shelley moves and Trey rolls through. Trey charges Shelley and Shelley kicks out his knee dropping him to the mat. Split crowd more in favor of Shelley though. Shelley wraps the knee of Trey up in the ropes before the ref forces a break. Shelley attacks the opposite knee with a dragonscrew out of the corner. Shelley with a slap to the back of the head of Trey before stomping away at him. Shelley grabs the leg but Trey counters with slaps right to the face. Shelley with another dragonscrew sends Trey screaming as he hits the mat. Shelley attempts a superkick but Trey ducks it, Shelley follows right up with a kick to the back of the head. Shelley locks in the motor city stretch but Trey just barely crawls backwards to get his feet to the ropes for a break. Shelley keeps hold of a wristlock and attempts a chop but Trey blocks it, Shelley off the ropes looks for a baseball slide but Trey ducks it and hits a double stomp onto Shelley leaving both men down. Both men to their feet, Trey to the middle rope, he flips over Shelley, Trey with a series of kicks and a double stomp to the back of Shelley as he starts to take control. Trey hits at his knee because that’s what you do when you’re hurt and want it to feel better. Both men up and Trey hits a neckbreaker, he rolls right back into a dragonsleeper. Shelley easily slides out and hits Trey with a forearm to the face. Shelley attempts a suplex but Trey counters with a flip over Shelley and a double stomp to the back of the head. Trey covers for a two count before Shelley kicks out. Trey charges Shelley in the corner and he’s sent face first into the middle turnbuckle. Both men slow to get up, finally they do and exchange stiff forearms. Shelley with a kick to the knee and then a series of big chops that send Trey to the mat each time. Shelley tries to hyperextend the elbow of Trey and he does, Trey fights back and his shoulder is fine as he lays into Shelley with a series of kicks and strikes. Trey heads up top but he’s cut off by Shelley, Trey with a kick to the face of Shelley and he falls back to the mat. Trey to the top and goes for the meteora but Shelley moves. Shelley with a driver and covers Suplex for two. Trey to his knees and Shelley with a weak kick to the arm. Shelley lifts Trey up and hits automatic midnight. Shelley covers but Trey kicks out, Shelley counters right into the motorcity stretch, Trey rolls through for two, they exchange roll up attempts and Trey picks up the victory after locking in the roll up just right. Trey wins in 12:20. Shelley storms off immediately after the match.
Rating: ***
Review: This was a sound match and a great opener. Both Shelley and Trey are two superstars I really enjoy, i’m not a huge fan of how Trey won here as he could’ve looked much stronger in victory if you ask me. Roll up victories are cool but they’ve become a bit trendy in wrestling now days and I don’t hate it but in matches like these where i’m interested and invested i’d rather it be a more decisive finish. Can’t complain much though as they had plenty of time to deliver and they did just that. 

– Gia is backstage with The Briscoes and Josh Alexander, she asks for their thoughts on their upcoming match tonight. The Briscoes go off on VBD and say they may have numbers but tonight they have help. Josh says that Eric may have a history as champion but to take it back he’s going to have to be better than he’s ever been. As Josh walks off the Good Brothers walk up on the Briscoes and say they’ll never be considered the real champions until they’ve beaten the Good Brothers. Karl says their reign doesn’t count until they beat the Good Brothers so Jay says ‘lets make it count’.

Masha Slamovich vs. HAVOK

Havok gets face to face with Masha, Masha slaps her as hard as she can, Havok returns the favor. They exchange strikes early, Masha with a headbutt, Havok with a right hand. Havok sends Masha into the corner and hits her with a big splash. Havok goes for a big boot, Masha moves and hits her with a boot to the jaw. Masha with a series of strikes and a kick to the stomach of HAVOK. Masha with an axe kick to the back of the head of Havok, Masha sets her up for a kick to the face. Masha lifts Havok up and hits the Snow plow for the victory in 1:20.
Rating: N/A
Review: Well that was just badass. It’s similar to her recent squash matches except Havok gave her a ton of offense quickly but it wasn’t enough. Instead Masha just walked right through Havok. This was SO freakin great even if it’s not exactly the beginning of Masha’s first angle or maybe it is.

– Trey is backstage and Shelley gives him props for his victory. Blake Christian meets him backstage and celebrates his victory with him. Kenny King walks up and talks trash so Blake give him so trash talk back. King tells Blake he has no idea who he even is but if he listens to King he could be somebody. Blake calls Kenny out for a match and asks him to put his ultimate x spot on the line. Kenny says he earned that but Trey talks him into it.

– Rich Swann is backstage and he calls out Matt Cardona again and tells him to quit running. He then sets his sights on Matthew Rehwoldt for eliminating him in the Gauntlet for the Gold. He doesn’t care if it takes him all night long he will get his revenge.

Chelsea Green vs. Jordynne Grace

Chelsea on the run early, Jordynne on the chase but Chelsea catches her off guard slamming her to the mat in the ring. Jordynne regains control dropping Chelsea with a series of shoulder blocks then lifting her and dropping her right to the mat. Jordynne waits for Chelsea to get up then lays into her with a forearm in the corner. Jordynne charges Chelsea in the corner but she dodges, Jordynne sends Chelsea onto the apron but she counters and heads up top. Jordynne with a tree of woe into a neckbreaker on Chelsea in the corner. Jordynne and Chelsea onto the apron, Chelsea rakes the eyes of Jordynne sending her to the outside. Chelsea with a senton off the apron to the outside as we go to commercial.

Back from break and Chelsea is in control sending Jordynne into the corner and hitting her with a curb stomp into the bottom turnbuckle. Chelsea with a cover for two. Chelsea hammers away at the back of Jordynne to stop her from getting up. Chelsea with a running kneeslide into a slap and cover for two, then another cover this time for one. They get to their feet and exchange strikes, Jordynne with a spinebuster to Chelsea and both women are down again. Chelsea with a forearm as they standup, Jordynne with a scoopslam, Chelsea with another forearm and another scoop slam. Jordynne goes for a third but Chelsea moves. Chelsea dodges Jordynne then just walks around awkwardly to end up in a sleeper hold. Ok. Chelsea off the ropes and a kick to the face of Jordynne. Jordynne with a series fo strikes to Chelsea then lifts her up for a spinning powerbomb and covers for a two count. Jordynne another cover again for two, does that ever work? Im sure it has but not often. Jordynne lifts Chelsea onto the top turnbuckle and sets her up for the muscle buster but Chelsea counters into a waistlock. Jordynne counters, Chelsea with a headbutt into a flatliner and covers but Jordynne kicks out at two. Jordynne with a roll up for two, Chelsea goes for a kick but Jordynne blocks it and hits a stiff clothesline, then another. Jordynne goes for a third but Chelsea ducks and hits a ripcord forearm. Jordynne with shots to the back then the face. Jordynne with a kick to the chest then lifts Chelsea onto her shoulders. Chelsea fights out and goes for a strike but Jordynne ducks it and hits her with her driver for the victory in 11:57.
Rating: ***
Review: Solid singles match between these two. They’re two of the more interesting women to watch on Impact and they delivered a great lengthy match here. There were a few things I felt were not exactly great but overall it was a fun match to watch.

– Scott D’Amore is approached backstage for a match between the Good Brothers and The OGK after the Good Brothers hurt Maria last week. Scott says that match would’ve been so great ten minutes ago but he already booked the Briscoes vs. The Good Brothers. This upsets Honor No More who say if they don’t get their match noone gets a match before walking away.

– Gia’s backstage with Deonna and Deonna says that whether she’s the champ champ or not she’s the face of the Impact Knockouts division. Deonna promises to make history but this prompts Tasha Steelz to walk up and says the only current knockout who has made history is Tasha Steelz after she won the first ever Knockouts X-Division match. Tasha says she’s not here to pick a fight, she says they’re not friends but they have something in common in Mia Yim. Tasha tells Deonna that there will be an open spot for her at ringside and they can end the Mia Yim problem before it begins. Deonna shakes her head in agreement as Tasha walks away.

Chris Sabin vs. Frankie Kazarian

This is a fun match that features two longtime Impact standouts, cool to see as we lead up to Slammiversary’s big throwback theme. This match was billed as the future of Impact when they wrestled many many moons ago and they say that the future is now. Sabin and Kaz exchange holds with Kaz maintaining control for a majority of the time early. Sabin counters into a wristlock but Kaz counters out and looks for a hiptoss, Sabin counters, Kaz with a roll up for two, another roll up Sabin bridges out and goes for a back slide for two, roll up exchange for two both time. Kaz right into a headlock and an ovation from the crowd for their work. Sabin dumps Kaz to the outside selling the idea he hit his head on the apron but i’m pretty sure he missed it by a bit. Sabin sends Kaz face first into the post then onto the apron. Sabin with a pretty running kick to the face of Kaz and then breaks the ten count. Sabin sends Kaz inside and hits a crossbody before covering for a two count. Sabin with a suplex and he covers for a two count. Sabin with a backdrop and cover again for two. Sabin with a sleeperhold as Kaz fights back laying into Sabin with a series of strikes, Kaz off the ropes and a sunset flip for two. Sabin with a clothesline and he covers for two. Sabin sends Kaz face first into the top turnbuckle before choking him in the corner with his boot. Sabin with a chop across the chest of Kaz. Sabin with a german suplex on Kaz then boots in the corner. Sabin lifts Kaz up and he pops to his feet. Kaz with some chops then a scoopslam followed by a springboard legdrop for two. Kaz with a slingshot DDT and covers for two. Sabin goes for the cradleshock, Kaz ducks it, Sabin with an enziguri then a big boot in the corner. Sabin up top, tornado ddt. Sabin covers for two. Sabin charges Kaz but takes an elbow to the face. Kaz up top and Sabin catches him with a german suplex from the top rope and covers for a two count. They hype the rotation to the suplex, it was neat but not really smooth. Sabin again goes for the cradleshock and it’s blocked. Both men off the ropes and hit running crossbodies at the same time. Honor no more hit the ring ending the match in double dq. Haha.
Rating: ***1/4
Review: Great match, finish came out of nowhere honestly and is hilarious because I thought this match made little sense despite being fun to watch. They wrestled a great match but there was no clear winner in sight so this finish was unexpected but well executed. 

– Honor No More is backstage and they ask why Impact gets to celebrate 20 years after they spent 20 years disrespecting talent. Vincent asks what exactly we are celebrating here. Eddie says 20 years of disrespect and lies shown to this industry and more importantly to honor no more. Heath and Rhino walk up saying they all sound stupid. Heath says they got fired and put on the curb and so did he but Impact gave him an opportunity just like them. Rhino says Impact was the only company to give him an opportunity in 2005. Rhino calls them complaining pieces of shit and a big argument breaks up suddenly security appears despite not being there for Sabin and Kaz earlier.

Raj Singh & Shera vs. W. Morrisey & Bhupinder Gujar

Sure am ready for Gujar to move on past this feud with Shera and onto another feud to see him develop and elevate his character. Gujar is 6-0 since August which is a wild stat, it feels like he’s had more matches and probably should’ve considering how much he’s been featured. Gujar and Singh start this off, Singh off the ropes and Gujar drops him with a running shoulder block. Gujar with an ugly slingblade, he needs to drop that move he’s never done it well. Gujar with a legdrop to the back of the head of Singh before tagging in Morrisey. Morrisey with a scoopslam to Gujar onto Singh for the tag team move. Morrisey then follows with a couple of elbows before tagging Gujar in, Gujar with a slingshot elbow drop and covers for two. Gujar sends Singh into the ropes but he counters and Shera with a knee to the back. Gujar with a forearm to Shera but Singh takes out Gujar then Shera gets in and they hit the double team on Gujar as Morrisey angrily distracts the referee. Shera tags in and hits a forearm across the face of Gujar. Shera sends Gujar into the corner then hits him with a shoulderblock in the corner. Shera with a forearm to the back of Gujar. Gujar fights back with a series of forearms then bounces off the ropes into an elbow from Shera. Shera sends Gujar to the corner and tags in Singh. Shera and Singh with the tag team combination into a flatliner, Singh covers for two. Singh with a bck elbow to Gujar but Gujar counters with a scoopslam to Singh. Morrisey and Shera tag in. Morrisey runs wild on both Shera and Singh. Sidewalk slam to Singh and Morrisey is amped up. Morrisey goes for a powerbomb but Shera breaks it up. Morrisey with a couple rights then a big boot to Shera, Morrisey clotheslines Shera out of the ring. Gujar with an ugly crossbody to the outside. Morrisey with a chokeslam to Singh, Morrisey asks if the crowd wants Gujar, about half of the crowd says yes. Gujar up to the middle rope and hits the middle rope spear onto Singh for the victory.
Rating: **
Review: Gujar is a rising star in Impact but he has a lot of moves in his moveset that he just doesn’t do in a way that looks very effective or good. I love Morrisey and how he fits in this to really make it feel like an important match despite involving three other talent who are only featured every so often. Gujar is featured well but still it can be weeks and you won’t see him at times. Morrisey’s involvement did make this feel like a bit of a bigger deal than it has been over the last few months. 

– Gia asks Moose about his upcoming tag team match and the possibility of Sami Callihan getting involved. Moose tells Sami he knows what he’s doing. Maclin walks up and tells Moose he needs to get Sami out of his head, Moose says he’s not in his head and he’s ready. We get some weird technical glitch and Moose acts like a goofball afraid. I get that it’s Sami’s gimmick it’s just hard to take something like a random video glitch seriously on this level of production. It’d work in a movie but on Moose doesn’t really sell it to well and the production quality is eh so to me it’s silly. I get where some would love it, if I was 16 i’d be eating this up.

Violent By Design vs. Josh Alexander & The Briscoe Brothers

Josh and Deaner kick this one off. Lock up and Josh takes control early. They exchange holds but Josh continues to maintain control. Deaner with a headlock, Josh off the ropes into a shoulder block but neither man budges. Josh with an armdrag, then another into a submission. Josh lifts Deaner up and tags in Jay Briscoe. Jay with a headbutt to Deaner then a series of kicks in the corner. Jay tags Mark in and he lays into Deaner with a right to the midsection. Mark and Deaner exchange chops. Mark with a suplex but Deaner counters into a sleeper and tags in Eric. Young with a kick to the chest of Mark and then lays into him with shots in the corner. Mark tosses Eric into the opposing corner be blasts out into a backbody drop. Jay tags in and hits Eric with a headbutt. Jay with a suplex on Eric then an uppercut before tagging Mark back in. The Briscoes with a double shoulderblock to Eric. Mark with a chop to Eric sending him int he corner. Jay tags in and Josh seems a bit confused he’s not getting tagged in. Doring tries to get involved and Josh takes him out with a crossbody to the back. Eric outside with Deaner and Doring. Jay with a dive to the outside taking all three out. Mark on the apron then heads up top and hits a twisting flip to the outside taking all three members of VBD out once again as we go to commercial.

Back from break as Eric works over Jay in the corner. Jay fights out with a jawbreaker to Eric and Josh tags in. Eric goes for a clothesline but Josh ducks it. Josh catches Eric in the corner with the traditional ten count punches in the corner. Eric sends Josh into the corner and tags in Deaner, Deaner sent with the double kicks to the bottom of Josh as he’s set up neck first in the turnbuckle. Deaner covers for two. Josh with a shoulder to the midsection of Deaner, and a northernlights into a bridge for two. Deaner prevents the tag and drags Josh to the corner to tag in Eric. Young stomps away at Josh before slamming down across his face with a forearm. Eric with a headlock and tags in Deaner holding Josh up for a shot to the chest. Eric and Deaner with a combination neckbreaker, Deaner covers for two before Mark breaks up the cover. Deaner with a knee to the face and another cover for two. Deaner has Josh set up in the corner, Josh fights back and fights free. Josh with a knee to the back of the head of Deaner. Josh has a bloody nose. Josh crawls for the tag and he makes it to Mark Briscoe. Deaner and Eric enter the ring as Mark runs wild on both of them sending Deaner to the outside with an enziguri. Mark sent into the ropes but Jay tags in, Jay with a big boot to Eric then a neckbreaker. Mark to the top and hits an elbowdrop on Eric. Deaner and Doring break up the pin just in time. Eric charges Jay into the corner, Doring holds him in the corner as Eric stomps away, Deaner tags in. Jay with elbows for Deaner and Doring, dropping doring off the apron with a big boot. Eric off the ropes into a rana from Jay. Deaner takes a superkick and Mark tags in. Mark and Jay with a double team powerbomb into a neckbreaker, Mark covers for a two count. Jay says thumbs up thumbs down and calls for the doomsday device. Mark up top but Doring distracts the ref as Eric hits Mark with the flagpole. Deaner sends Jay out of the ring, Deaner with a DDT and her covers for two as Josh breaks it up. Eric grabs Josh he goes for a piledriver, Josh blocks it and goes for the c4 spike but Eric dumps him outside and Doring hits him with a running crossbody outside the ring. Eric sets Mark on his shoulders but he counters out and drop Deaner off the top. Mark drops Eric and then hits an uppercut to Deaner. Mark up top with Deaner and attempts a suplex but Deaner hits him with Eric Youngs mask. Eric tags in and hits a piledriver on Mark and covers fort he victory.
Rating: ***1/2
Review: Solid main event match i’m not sure I knew which team would or should win, I don’t love The Briscoes being beat here as i’d rather it been Deaner but you do have to add some thought that perhaps VBD could win the titles back. This was a really good match featuring lots of good talent, curious was Doring was hardly involved but this was a good main event as we build towards Slammiversary.  


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