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October 6, 2022 | Posted by Himanshu Doi
Impact Wrestling 10-6-22 Image Credit: Impact Wrestling

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Hey there, Impact fans! It’s Thursday and that means it’s time for another episode of IMPACT Wrestling. I’m Himanshu (@Himanshu_Doi) and this is my second week doing an IMPACT review. This is the final IMPACT before their biggest show of the year Bound For Glory. Tonight, we have four matches on the card advertised along with a contract signing for the Knockouts Championship, so it promises to be an eventful evening. Let’s jump right in!

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A graphic played in memory of Antonio Inoki before the show.

Previously on IMPACT: Eddie Edwards pinned Josh Alexander in a multi-man tag match, Eddie told Josh he will be their with his family, Josh said Eddie turned his back on the company and he will be alone and a brawl ensues, Slamovich beat Allie Katch in a Monster’s Ball match.

WE OWN THE NIGHT! (AKA Title Sequence!)

IMPACT Wrestling
Date: October 6th, 2022
Location: Skyway Studios, Nashville, Tennessee
Commentators: Tom Hannifan, Matthew Rehwoldt

Match 1: Frankie Kazarian vs. Kenny King

Lockup to start and Kenny gets Kazarian in the corner. Kazarian gets Kenny in a headlock, Kenny bounces him off the ropes and Kaz takes him down on the second time. Kaz tried to get the chicken wing but Kenny fought out of it. Kenny with an arm wringer but Kaz reverses it into his own, Kenny reverses it but Kaz gets a hip toss. Kaz gets out from the fireman carry and hits Kenny with a clothesline. Kaz gets Kenny in the corner. Takes him near the ropes and tries to leg drop Kenny’s head but Kenny reverses it. Cross body by Kenny to the outside. Kenny brings Kaz in and hits a scoop slam for a kick out at 2. Kenny hits a couple of kicks for another 2. Kenny targets Kazarian’s ribs. Kazarian tries to fight out of it. Kenny rushes towards Kaz in the corner but Kaz gets a rollup for two. Backside from Kaz for another two. Kaz hits a belly to belly to a running Kenny onto the bottom turnbuckle. Punches exchanged, followed by a kick by Kenny. Kaz reverses with a spinning neckbreaker for 2. Kaz hits Kenny with a powerslam with a springboard leg drop for another 2. Kazarian tries to go for the chicken wing but Kenny runs into the corner to with Kaz going face first into the corner. Kenny hits a T-bone Suplex for a 2 count. Kenny hits a snap Dragon Suplex followed by a Tiger Driver on Kaz for a close 2. Kenny gets Kaz on his shoulders but Kaz reverses with a chickenwing. Kenny taps out.

Result: Kazarian def. Kenny King
Rating: ***1/4

A video package aired showing the history of the X-Division. They had the “X-Factors” for Bailey and Kazarian.

We join Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt on commentary who promote the matches tomorrow on Bound For Glory and tonight on IMPACT.

They promoted an Outside The Ropes episode featuring an interview of Josh Alexander on IMPACT Plus.

A promo package aired on Eddie Edwards. Eddie Edwards says people think him pinning Josh is an accident. People must have forgotten who he is. He is a multiple time X-Division and Tag Team Champion. He beat guys like Lashley and The Dudleys. He’s won the NOAH GHC Championship. He will win the World Championship at Bound For Glory.

A promo package aired on Mike Bailey. He said he faced all competitors. That takes him to AEW’s Kazarian. He says he’s a legend and a 4-time champion. He says Kaz’s legacy will be in the past at Bound For Glory.

Mickie James joins the commentary team for the next match.

Match 2: Mia Yim vs. Gisele Shaw

Mia Yim takes down Gisele with a bunch of arm drags. Takes Gisele in the corner but Gisele reverses. Mia Yim hits a hurrancanrana and Gisele retreats to the outside. Gisele returns to the ring and Mia Yim goes for consecutive rollups for two. Mia Yim with a guillotine but Gisele powers out of it and gets Mia Yim in the corner. Gisele gets Mia to the outside and Gisele hits a spinning crossbody.

Back from commercial and she hits a bunch of punches. Mia tries to fight out of it but Gisele hits a spinning vertical suplex for two. Mia hits a number of hard chops and takes her in the corner but Shaw reverses followed by a draping DDT for two. Mia Yim and Gisele exchange elbows against the ropes. Gisele hits a headbutt and they’re both down. Mia gets up and hits a couple of dropkicks and another gets Gisele in the corner. Mia with a cannonball in the corner for two. Mia hits her with a kick but Gisele pulls her in the ropes. Gisele hits a backbreaker flatliner combo for a two. Shaw went for the kick in the corner but Mia Yim ducks out of it and hits an Eat DaFeet for the win.

Result: Mia Yim def. Gisele Shaw
Rating: ***

Mickie James enters the ring to face off with Mia after the match.

We see a package for the Call Your Shot Gauntlet. We hear comments from Heath, Gisele, Bhupinder and Swinger, Vincent and Sami Callihan. The rules of the match are explained.

We get a video package on Killer Kelly. She says if people are upset with what she did at Victory Road, she hasn’t even started yet. She’s not particularly done with Tasha but there’s so much left to do. She will be in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet. Tasha attacks her during the promo. Kelly fights out of it but Savannah attacks her from behind. Tasha says she will be in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet too.

We have a Flashback Moment of the Week when Raven attacked Jeff Jarrett and stole the NWA Heavyweight Championship. Russo celebrates with Raven.

A graphic is showed for Raven who will be inducted into the IMPACT Hall of Fame.

Brian Myers is backstage and sees Raj Singh and Shera and asks who will challenge him for the title. The man in the yellow hood shows up shouting “I am violence” and he is taken out by security. Myers says that man will definitely not be challenging him. He then sees Delirious who speaks gibberish. He sees a random woman and says she is Black Taurus’ woman and he says he will still be the champion after Bound For Glory.

A promo package aired for Jordynne Grace vs Masha Slamovich at Bound For Glory.

Sami Callihan makes his way for the next match.

Match 3: Moose vs. Steve Maclin with Sami Callihan as special referee

Punches exchanged between Moose and Maclin. Maclin takes him down and punches him on the ground. Maclin takes Moose in the corner. Sami tries to get him off but Maclin pushes him off. Moose returns with punches in the corner. Maclin reverses and gets Moose to the outside followed by a suicide dive. Maclin is bleeding on his forehead. Maclin with chops followed by a vertical suplex onto the floor. Sami sarcastically asks them if they’re okay. Moose gets Maclin in the ring and whips Maclin into the corner. Punches onto Maclin. Maclin reverses with punches and whips Moose but Moose reverses. Moose digs his nails into Maclin’s wound and wipes his blood on Sami. Maclin with chops but Moose takes him down with a big boot. Moose hits Maclin against the bottom rope and digs into Maclin’s forehead wound again. Maclin fights out of it but he is thrown onto the top rope. Maclin reverses and they’re both down. They get up and they’re exchange punches. Maclin hits a forearm. Moose hung in the corner and Maclin hits the spear in the corner. Cover by Maclin but Sami is too slow on purpose. Maclin squares off against him. Moose hits him with headbutts, takes him up in the corner and hits a Sky High. Cover by Moose but Sami doesn’t count. Back and forth between Moose and Maclin followed by a Spear. Cover by Moose and Sami counts two before kicking Moose and hitting a Cactus Driver on him. He then hits one on Maclin as well before pulling Maclin over Moose and counting 3.

Result: Maclin def. Moose
Rating: ***

A backstage segment between Shogun, Jack Price and Jason Hotch. There is only one spot left and they all want it. It goes to a rock-paper-scissors and Jason Hotch wins it. He goes to Scott’s office but Joe Hendry appears and says he got the final spot in the Gauntlet. His music plays and people high five him and start dancing.

Match 4: The Swingerellas w/ Johnny Swinger vs Taya and Jessicka w/ Rosemary

Taya gets Swingerella Nom 1 in the corner. Hangs her on the second rope and hits a sliding german suplex. Jessicka hits the Sickishi Driver for the win.

Result: Taya and Jessicka def. The Swingerellas
Rating: SQUASH

Gisele Shaw asks Deonna and Chelsea if Taya and Jessicka will be a threat at Bound For Glory. Chelsea asks is the walking mic stick in talking. Deonna says they leave every person fighting against each other which is why they’re called bullies. Chelsea says they will leave every single person VXT.

Match 5: Matt Taven w/ Mike Bennett vs. Alex Shelley w/ Chris Sabin

Taven pushes off Shelley and Shelley hits a slap. Taven takes him in the corner but Shelley with the punches. Taven takes some time on the outside. Shelley gets on him immediately after Taven gets in and gets a headlock. Whips him into the ropes and takes him down. Kick against Taven’s back. Taven fights out of it and takes Shelley down with a dropkick. Shelley snaps against Taven’s left arm. Shelley is taken down by Bennett against the ropes and the referee doesn’t see it. Matt Taven runs the ropes but is taken down by Sabin. Action goes to the outside and Shelley hits a penalty kick against the back of Taven. Back in the ring and Shelley takes down Taven with a shoulder block. Taven rakes Shelley’s eyes and hits a backbreaker for two.

Back from commercial and Matt Taven hits another backbreaker for two. Taven stretches Shelley, Shelley tries to get up but gets hit with a side Russian leg sweep followed by a moonsault which Shelley avoids. Shelley hits Taven with a knee followed by a kick against the back. Shelley goes after the left arm and takes him down with a bunch of clotheslines. Shelley takes Taven face first into the corner. Bennett tries to distract Shelley but Shelley kicks him off and hits the Sliced Bread on Matt Taven. Maria pulls out Taven before the 3 count. Taven hits a springboard kick followed by a Aurora Borealis but Shelley gets his knees up. Shelley goes for the Shell Shocked but ref is distracted. Taven goes for the Climax but Shelley reverses with the Shell-shocked for the win.

Result: Alex Shelley def. Matt Taven
Rating: ***3/4

Shelley celebrates after the match.

Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt promote NJPW on AXS TV and run down the matches for Bound For Glory.

We see an interview of Josh Alexander with Tom Hannifan for Outside The Ropes. He says we will see who is the face of the company and who is the World Champion. After the interview is done, Eddie comes out and challenges him. Backstage staff comes out and takes away Josh. Eddie asks Alisha who’s side she’s on. Alisha says this has gone too far. Either this ends or they do.

Scott D’Amore comes out for the contract signing. He said this year the stakes have never been higher for the Knockouts World Championship, because we have a dominant champion vs. an undefeated buzzsaw. He brings out Masha Slamovich and Jordynne Grace. Both make their entrances and sit across from each other. Scott says they picked each other’s poisons but they’ve come out from the other side, bruised but ready for another fight. They will fight for something that means a lot to them. For Jordynne, her Championship and for Masha, her undefeated streak. He hands over the mic to Masha. Masha says nothing and signs the contract. He then hands the contract to Jordynne. Jordynne said she has s She truly respects Masha. She came into IMPACT and made her goal very clear. She went through everyone and got to the top. She said Masha is just like she was in her place. She may be undefeated, but Jordynne is a 2-time Knockouts Champion, the former Knockouts Tag Team Champion and the first Digital Media Champion. That made her the first Triple Crown Knockout in IMPACT history. She said at Bound For Glory, she is going to be the one to teach Masha a lesson. Just as Scott is about to end the segment, Masha stops him and says something in Russian. Jordynne asks what that means. Masha says “Masha is gonna kill you” and flips the table on Jordynne. Jordynne fights back and puts Masha in the top turnbuckle for a Muscle Buster but Masha fights out and hits a Snow Plow through the table. Masha celebrates with the Knockouts Worls Championship to end the show.

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