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September 28, 2023 | Posted by Himanshu Doi
Impact Wrestling 9-28-23 Image Credit: Impact Wrestling

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Hey there, IMPACT fans! It’s Thursday and that means it’s time for another episode of IMPACT Wrestling. I’m Himanshu (you can follow me on Twitter @Himanshu_Doi) and you know how this works. Tonight on IMPACT, Trinity faces Gisele Shaw, Chris Sabin defends the X-Division Title against Alan Angels, Mike Bailey continues his rivalry with Jonathan Gresham, Tommy Dreamer and Heath battle Kenny King and Sheldon Jean in a Memphis Street Fight, we did farewell to Yuya Uemura, Rhino is in action and so much more! So let’s jump right in!

As a reminder, the GoFundMe for Larry’s daughters is still active and if you can make a donation, that would be awesome. Thank you so much to everyone who’s done so thus far.

IMPACT Wrestling

Date: September 28th, 2023
Location: Graceland Live in Memphis, TN
Commentators: Tom Hannifan, Matt Rehwoldt

Match 1: Chris Sabin vs Alan Angels

Sabin whips Angels to the ropes but Angels reverses it into a headscissors into an armbar. Sabin gets out of it but Angels grabs his arm and springboard off the ropes and gets an arm lock but Sabin gets his foot on the ropes. Angels gets a X-Division Title but the referee gets it out of the way and Angels hits a low blow for two. Sabin hits a dropkick to the back of the neck followed by a Cradle Shock for the win.

Result: Chris Sabin def. Alan Angels by pinfall
Rating: ***

We see a promo on the TV screen which shows that KENTA will be at Bound For Glory.

Gia Miller is backstage with Alex Shelley and Alex says that he respects the standard that Josh Alexander has set but he needs to respect that Shelley is the face now so he tells Josh to step up to the plate at Bound For Glory.

Match 2: Rhino vs Jack Price

Rhino chops Price and whips him into the ropes and hits clotheslines and spears him in the corner. Rhino sets up for the Gore and hits it for the three.

Result: Rhino def. Jack Price by pinfall
Rating: NR

After the match, Maclin runs down to the ring and attacks Rhino from behind. Rhino fights back and hits a belly-to-belly suplex and goes for a Gore but Maclin gets out of the ring.

Tasha Steelz is backstage and says that every single night she is going to bring back the full flavor and Deonna comes up and welcomes her. Deonna says she’s looking towards the future that they can build together. Tasha says she likes the idea. Deonna says they can watch each other’s back.

Eddie Edwards is backstage with Alisha and Eddie says Traci Brooks beat Alisha Edwards but Frankie Kazarian did not beat Eddie Edwards and that this is not over. Kazarian walks up and says he’s right and that he wants to put an end to this in the IMPACT Wrestling ring and that he is going to walk up to IMPACT management
and ask for a match.

Yuya Uemura comes out with Joe Hendry. Joe Hendry talks about Yuya getting the pink slip. Joe Hendry says he has no regret about teaming with Yuya Uemura. Joe Hendry says he speaks for everyone when he says “Thank you Yuya”. Joe Hendry says it’s time we heard what Yuya has to say. Yuya says, “Thank you fans”.

The Rascalz music hits. Trey Miguel says he got an excuse on why they never became champion. Wentz says if they got the tag team title briefcase, they would’ve challenged for the titles and lost. Hendry says they know a lot about losing since they’re the second and third best Rascal. Trey says Hendry talks a lot for someone who will be alone in a week’s time. Hendry says that may be true but he is not alone tonight. The two teams brawl.

Santino Marella comes out and books a tag team match and if Joya wins, Yuya keeps his job.

Match 3: The Rascalz vs Joya

Joe Hendry hits a stalling suplex on Wentz for two. Tag to Yuya and they hits a double dropkick on Wentz. Wentz hits a dropkick on Yuya for two. Yuya hits a dropkick on Yuya. Tag to Joe Hendry hits a double fallaway slam on both the Rascalz. Wentz and Miguel hit a superkick on Hendry and a stomp from the second rope for two. Hendry and Yuya hit the One Hit Wonder on Wentz for two. Joya hit a One Hit Wonder on Miguel and go for the cover but Wentz pulls Miguel out. Hendry chases Wentz outside the ring and while the referee is distracted, Miguel hits a lowblow and the spray paint in the face for the win.

Result: The Rascalz def. Joya by pinfall
Rating: ***

Gia Miller is backstage with Gisele Shaw and asks Gisele what it would mean to beat Trinity. Gisele says she would go on to face Trinity at Bound For Glory.

A vignette for The Design and Deaner says it’s not his fault but that of the liars. He says Eric Young is a liar and it his throne. Deaner says he will return to his throne with a man whom he can trust, Kon. He says they will rebuild the tower and it starts with Josh Alexander. Deaner says in Josh’s story, the hero dies. Kon says The Design will prevail.

Match 4: Tommy Dreamer and Heath vs Kenny King and Sheldon Jean in a Memphis Street Fight

Kenny King hits a spinebuster on Tommy Dreaner into a trash can. Heath throws Jean into the ring post. Heath hits a running knee followed by a powerslam on King for two. Heath hits a Wake Up Call to Jean. Heath gets out a table from below the ring and sets it up in the corner. Heath gets Jean on his shoulders but King hits a spinning kick on Heath. King gets to the top rope but Dreamer gets him down. Dreamer sets up a ladder onto second rope and tries to superplex him but crotches himself and King hits a Blockbuster. King clears Heath on the outside. Kenny King runs towards Heath but Heath hits a back body drop on the ramp. In the ring, Dreamer hits a Death Valley Driver on Jean for the win.

Result: Tommy Dreamer and Heath def. Kenny King and Sheldon Jean by pinfall
Rating: ***

After the match, Crazzy Steve comes out with no makeup and attacks Dreamer with his briefcase and poses with it.

Ace Austin says The Rascalz know they cannot beat ABC but the briefcase guarantees a shot at the title. Bey talks about settling things with The Good Hands and says they will have a Fan’s Revenge match in Memphis where fans will surround the ring. John Skyler shows up and says Jason Hotch is home to see the birth of his baby daughter so the match won’t happen. Bey tells him to find a partner in the locker room as he has friends.

Match 5: Jonathan Gresham vs Mike Bailey

Bailey goes to the top rope but Gresham catches him with an atomic drop, sweeps his leg and gets him in a Boston Crab. Bailey gets to the ropes. Gresham goes for a vertical suplex and Bailey tries to reverse it but Gresham hits it for two. Gresham gets Bailey in a chinlock but Bailey fights out of it. Gresham hits a back elbow and gets two. Gresham pins him again and grabs the tights of Bailey for the win.

Result: Jonathan Gresham def. Mike Bailey by pinfall
Rating: ***

Moose and Myers are backstage and Moose says its been a long time since he was the greatest World Champion in IMPACT history. He challenges anyone to step up to him next week.

Maclin finds Bully Ray backstage and he asks where was Bully and he tells Bully to take out Rhino. Bully says he’ll talk to Rhino. Maclin says Bully’s gone soft.

Tom Hannifan and Matt Rehwoldt run down the card for Bound For Glory and next week.

Match 6: Trinity vs Gisele Shaw

Gisele takes Trinity in the corner, hangs Trinity on the second rope and hits a stomp from the top rope. Gisele hits a vertical suplex for one and Gisele gets a chinlock on Trinity. Trinity tries to fight of it but Gisele whips Trinity in the corner. Trinity hits a single leg dropkick from the second rope. Trinity hits forearms on Gisele and drops her with clotheslines. Trinity hits a Samoan Drop for two. Trinity hits a crossbody for two. Trinity tries to go for an enzugiri but Gisele hits Shock and Awe for two. Gisele goes for the knee strike but Trinity gets out of the way and hangs Gisele from the second rope and hits a facebuster for two. Gisele whips Trinity into the ropes but Trinity reverses and Jai Vidal accidentally trips Gisele. Trinity gets Gisele in the Starstruck and Gisele gives up.

Result: Trinity def. Gisele Shaw by submission
Rating: ***

After the match, Jai Vidal and Savannah Evans attack Trinity but Mickie James runs to the ring and clears the ring. Mickie says Trinity doesn’t need to thank her. Mickie says there’s one place she’s never stood and that’s across the ring from Trinity. Mickie says she never lost that championship and she has a rematch clause that she can invoke anytime she wants and she can’t think of a better time than at Bound For Glory.

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