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November 30, 2023 | Posted by Himanshu Doi
Impact Wrestling IPWF Throwback Throwdown Image Credit: Impact Wrestling

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Hey there, IMPACT fans! It’s Thursday and that means it’s time for another episode of IMPACT Wrestling. I’m Himanshu (you can follow me on Twitter @Himanshu_Doi) and you know how this works. Tonight on IMPACT, go back to the future as the IMPACT Provincial Wrestling Federation once again presents Throwback Throwdown! See outlandish characters and old school low-flying action featuring the stars you know, and those you thought you knew. So let’s jump right in!

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IMPACT Provincial Wrestling Federation

Giuseppe Scovelli Jr. (Josh Matthews) and Professor Ignatius Quigley (Alex Shelley) are the announcers for the show.

Match 1: Kamikazi vs. Rapid Delivery Pete (Rich Swann)

“We want pizza” chants to start. Pete hits a running splash onto Kamikazi to win the match.

Result: Rapid Delivery Pete def. Kamikazi via pinfall
Rating: **

Guiseppe Scovelli Sr. (Scott D’Amore) talks about bringing in MMA guys. We see Boris Alexiev (Santino Marella) who talks about Tim Burr (Josh Alexander) and that if he dies, he dies.

DJ 2Large (Moose) is here and he’s dancing. He talks about all the gold he has. He said he’s welcoming all challengers. He talks about the $361,000 challenge and says there’s no way he takes the title from his waist. The $361,000 dollar man (RD Evans) comes out and says everyone has an amount. He says he’s the $369,000 man. He asks 2Large what it would take to get that title from him. 2Large says he can’t afford it. $369,000 Man says he offers $10,000. He says this is the best deal he’ll get in his pathetic life. 2Large says his answer is no. $369,000 Man says he doesn’t take no for an answer and he’s going to take it. He brings out his latest acquisition, the Masked Brother (Kazarian). The Masked Brother attacks him from behind.

Walter Chestnut (David Penzer) is with Neptune (Mahabali Shera) and says tonight Neptune is going to go one on one against an opponent of Giuseppe Scovelli’s choosing. Giuseppe Scovelli Sr. is with Frank the Butcher (Rhino) and Frank takes his cleaver and says he’s gonna chop them.

Interview with Red Letter (Jody Threat) and she says you might as well call her Rapid Delivery Red Letter. Rapid Delivery Pete runs in with some pizza and says he doesn’t get any respect around here.

Match 2: Neptune (Mahabali Shera) vs. Frank the Butcher (Rhino)

Frank the Butcher hits a chop on the head and hits a clothesline to get the three count.

Result: Frank the Butcher def. Neptune via pinfall
Rating: **

After the match, Giuseppe gives Chestnut a job… as a janitor.

The Sunday Morning Express (Chris Sabin and an indy guy) come out. Sabin talks about his paper and says he knows what tomorrow’s paper’s title is going to be. He talks about beating the Hard Workers and says they always get the scoop. The Hard Workers (Cody Deaner and Jake Something) come out dancing.

Match 3: The Sunday Morning Express vs. The Hard Workers

Jake Something cleans house and hits a sunset flip and gets a 2 count on Sabin. The paper boy hits Something in the face with the paper and Sabin gets the 3 count.

Result: The Sunday Morning Express def. The Hard Workers via pinfall
Rating: **

Rip Rayzor sees Tommy Dreamer backstage and asks for a smoke and Tommy says he doesn’t smoke. Rayzor says he’ll never make it.

Dreamer is backstage and brings a bag and it’s full of poop. He talks to Red Letter about standing up for himself. Myers comes in and says that’s his bag. Dreamer says he thought it was Rip Rayzor’s bag.

Match 4: Rip Rayzor and Rusty Iron (Ace Austin and Gia Miller) vs. Cowboy Colt McCoy and Rough Rider Georgia McCobb (Eddie Edwards and Jordynne Grace)

Rayzor punches Georgia. Rayzor slaps him and Colt hits a cutter. Georgia hits a roll-through fireman’s curry and gets the three count.

Result: Cowboy Colt McCoy and Rough Rider Georgia McCobb def. Rip Rayzor and Rusty Iron via pinfall
Rating: **

The Masked Brother is cutting a promo and he says he’s been all over the world and he’s here to win the IPWF Title.

Match 5: The Masked Brother vs. DJ 2Large for the International Commonwealth Television Championship

The Masked Brother goes for a pin with his foot on the ropes but the referee doesn’t count it. The Masked Brother intimidates the referee and pushes the referee who pushes him back into a roll up for two. Two men in masks come in to distract 2Large and The Masked Brother gets handed a weapon and hits it on 2Large for the win.

Result: The Masked Brother def. DJ 2Large via pinfall to win the International Commonwealth Television Championship
Rating: **

Tim Burr comes out for an interview about his match against Boris Alexiev. He talks about the death of Muscles McGhee. He says the only one who will be in an eternal slumber will be Boris, because he is Tim Burr, the walking lumber.

Match 6: Tim Burr vs. Boris Alexiev

Boris tries to go for the claw but Tim catches it and puts it on Colonel Corn and Tim Burr hits an elbow off the top for the win.

Result: Tim Burr def. Boris Alexiev via pinfall
Rating: **

After the match, the people from the locker room all come out and Tim Burr throws Boris out of the ring.

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