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July 12, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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I will be doing the coverage in my regular review style; final ratings and extra thoughts will be in the final version of the review. Have a good time chatting, and thanks for joining 411 for your live coverage needs.

Csonka’s Impact Wrestling Review 7.12.19

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– Tonight is the fallout from Sunday’s Slammiversary 2019, which continued the trend of Impact delivering good, strong, and easy to watch PPV events that I enjoy.

Josh & Don welcome us to the show, and praise Slammiversary.

– They go back and look at Moose vs. RVD, which RVD says he underestimated Moose. Moose says he used to think RVD was the best, but then he came back and took his shine so he had to beat him. RVD says he just needs another chance to redeem himself against Moose. The match was solid and better than expected, but went way too long for an RVD match in 2019 as he continues to move in slow motion. Moose was really good and thankfully won. It was the worst match on the show.

– Josh & Don tease Moose moving into the main event scene following that win.

– They go back to he Kross vs. Edwards first blood match, which was a very good, hard-hitting match with a fun finish as Edwards went over. Edwards loves chaos, and not knowing what he’ll do next. Kross say that Edwards has so much heart, more so than most men that allow him to fight through things most can’t. Kross is excited to see what he changes into, and Edwards says he liked their feud and respects Kross. Spilling Kross’ blood was what this was all about to Edwards. Kross always knew that Edwards was just like him.

– Josh & Don are back and they are in the “war room” to discuss matches with Jimmy Jacobs. They break down the knockouts Monster’s Ball match, which was really good overall, and made great use of the stipulation. It featured really nice work from the ladies with the surprise winner. Jacobs puts over the match and how crazy it got, and was impressed that Taya retained. Don agrees and feels that it was the best Monster’s Ball in the company’s history and puts over Taya big time. Jim Mitchell puts over the dangers of the match as we get highlights. He planned on Havok winning, but if Yung had won, they would have shared the championship. Mitchell narrating the story of the match was really fun here. Taya says she’s beat the odds her entire career, and that she’s happy and proud of herself. Mitchell rants about being misted by “weapons grade Asian mist” during the match and calls Yung a crazy bitch.

– They now look back at the tag title match, which was good and looking to be great, but fell off following the Santana injury angle. They did the best they could, but the angle didn’t help things. D’Lo Brown joins them to talk about the match. The North proclaim their greatness, while the Rascals say they need to fix things, but want a one on one match with the champions. The North will take on any and all challengers, as we see Santana being taken to the hospital. Konan calls the North lucky and that LAX will get revenge when Santana is healthy. Don & D’Lo put over the North as champions, noting that they aren’t flashy but they just win.

From Impact: A Night You Can’t MIST 2019: The Great Muta & Tommy Dreamer vs. Michael Elgin & Johnny Impact: Johnny Bravo & Taya are at ringside. Elgin and Dreamer begin. They lock up and Elgin overpowers him with ease. Lock up again, they work to the ropes and they trade shoulder tackles. Elgin charges but neither man goes down. He cuts off Dreamer with kicks, and follows with strikes and a clothesline. Dreamer fights back, hits a hip toss, but they both miss elbows and go face to face. Elgin shoves him, and tags in Impact. He moons the crowd. They stall for a while and Impact says he wants Muta. Dreamer gets the mic and tells the fans to chill and relax, and enjoy the Great Fucking Muta (there was an asshole in the crowd causing a commotion and I believe harassing Taya). Muta tags in and Impact talks shit to him. They lock up and Muta works the arm, they work into counters and Muta grounds the action. Impact counters into a chinlock, but Muta escapes and he locks on a chinlock. He then tags in Dreamer and double teams follow and Dreamer hits the Muta elbow drop. Muta then hits one. Dreamer follows with head butts, but Elgin cheap shots him and Impact hits a disaster kick. Elgin tags in, takes out Muta and then chokes out Dreamer. The delayed suplex follows, but Muta gets a broom and teases using it. Elgin follows with a slam, heads up top and misses the senton. Muta and Impact tag in and Muta attacks the knees, dragon screw on Elgin and then Impact. The knee bar follows, Elgin makes the save but Muta hits the dropkick. Dreamer tags in and Bravo attacks eats a DDT. Impact cuts him off and the standing shooting star gets 2. It breaks down, Muta is dumped and they double tem Dreamer. Moonlight drive follows and that gets 2. Muta back in and makes the save, and they all brawl to the floor. Dreamer looks for toys, and pulls out a table. He sets it up and Elgin attacks. He and Impact take control and work over Dreamer but Dreamer posts Elgin and lays him on the table. Dreamer to the apron and Impact cuts him off but Dreamer picks him up and Spicolli drivers him onto Elgin on the table. Back in and Taya low blows Dreamer, Impact grabs his red X, but Muta MISTS HIM. Elgin attacks, but Muta MISTS him. Shining wizard by Muta, Taya is in and Dreamer mists her and hits the cutter. Shining wizard to Impact and Muta wins. The Great Muta & Tommy Dreamer defeated Michael Elgin & Johnny Impact @ 20:10 via pin

– Dreamer puts over Muta big time post match, noting that he wanted to be Tommy Acid and spit Acid like Muta spit Mist. He then tells Muta he’s welcome in his house anytime and that America loves Muta.

– Dreamer joins Josh & Don to talk about that match. It was a dream come true to team with Muta that night and made Dreamer feel young again. They then talk about Sami vs. Tessa from Slammiversary, which was a really good and competitive match with a smart layout, but I think it would have been even better with out the referee shenanigans. Sami finally picked up a much-needed big time PPV win. Dreamer feels that it was the first chapter in a story, while Don says Tessa won by losing and feels more is coming for her. We get highlights, and Tessa commenting about main eventing the show and how important it was to her. Sami says he’s always the main event, regardless of card position. They praise each other post match, with Sami thinking she’d be done after 3 or 4 minutes. Sami says she hits hard, they gave us equality and their match was good for wrestling. Tessa says she gave 110%, and left it all in the ring. She knows she’s one of the best in the world. Sami closes by saying they should do it again.

– Don & Josh discuss Swann vs. Impact, with Petey Williams as the guest. It was a great match, really smooth and clean, with both guys delivering and providing a great tease in a possible title change through quality work, but Swann overcame again and remained champion. Swann winning here really adds to his title run, and if this was Impact’s swan song, he delivered on the way out. They praise Swann as a potential world title contender. Swann says he kicked Impact’s ass back to Slamtown. Impact complains about the officiating, the fans, the ring and Jon E. Bravo for his loss and walks off. Taya then yells at him as well.

– We now look back on Elgin vs. Cage, with Scott D’Amore as the guest. This was an absolutely great athletic hoss battle, with big lads doing big lad things at a crazy clip, and delivered big time. They worked the right formula here, letting it all hang out, locking in the crowd, and delivering the best Impact match of 2019 so far. This was really great and tremendously fun overall. They joke about the mystery masked man that appeared post match and we now get match highlights. Elgin says he didn’t fail because Cage didn’t get the job done like he usually does. Cage praises Elgin’s skills, while Elgin talks about his issues with Callis and post match attack by the mystery masked man (Rhyno). Elgin says Cage didn’t earn the win, and that he didn’t break him. This isn’t the final chapter of their story and it won’t be over while Cage holds the championship.

– They show Tessa Blanchard’s to 5 moments in Impact Wrestling (street fight with Taya, beating Disco in seconds, beating Taya at BFG 2018, winning the knockouts championship, & beating Gail Kim at Rebellion).

– Next week is Impact Fallout with mismatched tag teams (like Tessa & Sami) competing against each other.

Kiera Hogan vs. Madison Rayne vs. Jordynne Grace: They all start going for pins right away, Enziguri by Rayne to Hogan, and Grace then follows with strikes. Rayne gets dumped, Grace takes control and covers Hogan for 2. Hogan fires back, but Grace cuts her off and then kicks Rayne back to the floor. She follows with strikes on Hogan, but Rayne breaks up the Grace driver but Grace suplexes them both. Post break and Grace maintains control, working over Hogan and missing a Vader bomb. Rayne follows with a high cross, and covers for 2 until Hogan breaks it up. She and Rayne argue, Rayne follows with strikes and follows with a cradle for 2. Rayne follows with a sliding clothesline for 2. Hogan fires back, hits a neck breaker, and attacks Grace. She lays the boots to Rayne, chokes her out in the corner, and then covers for 2. She knocks Grace back to the floor, follows with strikes on Rayne and covers for 2. Rayne fires back; slams her to the buckles and then get knocked to the floor. Hogan follows with a suicide dive, Grace cuts off the next dive and slaps her around. They cut off Rayne and Rayne knocks them back to the floor. Back in and Rayne covers Grace for 1 and then Hogan for 1. Hogan fires back with superkicks, but Rayne kicks out at 2. Slam by Grace on Hogan, Grace is pissed and cradles Rayne and then Germans Hogan for 2 on both. Grace follows with strikes, takes Rayne up top and Hogan cuts her off and follows Rayne up top but Grace pops up and eats a double stomp as Rayne covers for 2. Hogan stops cross Rayne, Grace dumps Rayne and Hogan slaps her. Grace gets pissed and eats a superkick but comes back with the Grace diver for the win. Jordynne Grace defeated Kiera Hogan & Madison Rayne @ 14:03 via pin

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