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September 20, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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I will be doing the coverage in my regular review style; final ratings and extra thoughts will be in the final version of the review. Have a good time chatting, and thanks for joining 411 for your live coverage needs.

Csonka’s Impact Wrestling Review 9.20.19

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Street Fight: RVD, Tessa Blanchard, Rhino, & Tommy Dreamer vs. oVe (Sami Callihan, Mad Man Fulton, Jake & Dave Crist): They brawl at the bell, spilling to the floor as RVD rolls up Sami for 2. He follows with kicks and rolling thunder. Tessa rolls Dave in and follows with the code breaker and then a suicide dive. Dreamer cuts off Jake with a fall away slam while Rhino & Fulton brawl. Fulton cuts him off and Jake firs him up until Dreamer fires back with jabs. The cutter follows but Dreamer is cut off as Jake then follows with an assisted dive. Dreamer dumps Fulton, heads up top and falls off the top onto the pile. Back in and RVD lays in strikes on Sami, and then follows with a tope. Tessa is in and grounds Sami with strikes and a DDT. She heads up top and Dave cuts her off. He follows her up and superplexes her onto the pile on the floor. Back in and Rhino & Sami trade strikes, Sami hits an XPLODER but Rhino pops up and hits a spinebuster. Jake cuts him off and Dreamer attacks with elbows until Dave cuts him off. RVD takes him out, Fulton attacks and hits end of days for 2. Tessa makes the save, attacks Fulton and hits a tornado DDT. The magnum is cut off by Jake, Fulton holds her up and Jake hits the super cutter for 2. Dreamer attacks with kendo shots, RVD hits a plancha, and Rhino slides in a table. Sami low blows Dreamer & Rhino, Dreamer groin claws him and Jake then cuts him off until Rhino gores Jake through the table. Frog splash by RVD. Tessa locks on a crossface with the kendo and Jake taps. RVD, Tessa Blanchard, Rhino, & Tommy Dreamer defeated oVe @ 9:55 via submission

– Ace meets with Alisha, milking his injuries and kissing up to her.

– The North are here to celebrate LAX leaving Impact. They have tears of joy over this. Josh is not amused. Page brought them a piñata, and is ready to party.

Non-Title Match: Champion Taya vs. Alisha Edwards: John E. Bravo is at ringside. Alisha attacks as they talk shit but Taya slams her down and follows with strikes. Ace wheels himself ringside in his wheel chair. Taya lays the boots to Alisha, tosses her around and covers for 2. The curb stomp follows and the cover gets 2. Taya dances and Alisha cuts her off, slams her to the buckles and hits a basement dropkick. The clothesline follows, and hits the flatliner, but Bravo pulls Alisha to the floor. Ace is fine, takes out Bravo, and then gets back in his chair. Taya hits a knee strike, and the road to Valhalla finishes it. Champion Taya defeated Alisha Edwards @ 3:25 via pin

– Ace continues to pretend being hurt as Alisha shows concern.

– The North continues to celebrate LAX’s demise. They run into RVD & Rhino, who are not in a celebratory mood. Rhino destroys Page’s piñata.

Mahabali Shera vs. Cody Deaner: Jake, Gama, Raj, & Rohit are all at ringside. Shera attacks at the bell and runs wild. Deaner fires back, but Shera cuts him off with something resembling a DDT. He chokes him out in the ropes, but Deaner fires back with strikes and then dives onto DHS. Shera pulls him up but Deaner stuns him off the ropes heads up top and flies off into a chokeslam. Shera then hits a front powerslam for the win. Mahabali Shera defeated Cody Deaner @ 2:45 via pin [NR]

The Rascalz vs. Australian Suicide, Toxin, & Arez: The Rascalz attack with moonsaults and then follow with dives. Trey follows with a RANA, and follows with the pop up arm drag until Toxin cuts him off and hits a brainbuster. Dez in and cuts him off with a bulldog. Arez in and hits a back breaker. Wentz in and follows with a tornillo press. Suicide is back in and takes control. he follows with a head scissors, and Arez follows with a tope. Suicide hits a shooting star press onto the pile. Trey cuts of Suicide, takes out Toxin and hits Cheeky nandos, The Rascalz follow with double teams and Suicide makes the save. It breaks down, and the assisted push-sault finishes it for the Rascalz. The Rascalz defeated Australian Suicide, Toxin, & Arez @ 4:40 via pin

– Moose walks the streets in Mexico and runs down Ken Shamrock. He’s looking for trouble and gets into a random street fight. He then claims he’s the world’s most dangerous man.

– Jimmy Jacobs interviews Tenille. She’s in Impact for new competition and challenges. She wants to face Madison, Tessa, and of course Taya. She beat Taya in Taya’s first match, and they trained together. Tenille says that she’s been overlooked but now the spotlight is on her. It’s all about her.

No DQ Match: Havok vs. Su Yung: Havok brought a staple gun to the ring. She attacks before the bell and they brawl to he floor. Havok slams Yung to the apron, and back in, Havok grabs a chair and the staple gun. They fight over it, Yung bites Havok and hits palm strikes and kicks. The running knee strike follows for 1. Yung grabs a cookie sheet, but Havok dumps her and follows. Yung quickly posts her, sets up a chair, and trips Havok into it. Yung then walks the barricade and Havok cuts her off, slamming her off of the barricade. Back in and Havok brings in a ladder, but Yung cuts her off and sets up the ladder in the corner. Yung hits the draping pedigree and covers for 2. Yung wedges the chair in the corner, runs Havok into it and staples her in the crotch. The dropkick follows, and Havok rolls to the floor. Yung staples he in the boobs and then hits an apron cannonball. Back in and Yung sets for the mandible claw, but Havok cuts her off, lays in kicks, and the tombstone follows for the win. Havok defeated Su Yung @ 6:05 via pin

– Yung no sells the finish, attacks and beats down Havok. They brawl up the ramp, trading strikes and they brawl into the back. They work into a stairwell and Havok hangs Yung, possibly killing her off.

– We get highlights of Melissa’s bachelorette party in Vegas. Joey Ryan arrives to play a stripper dressed as a cop. We then get video of Cage’s bachelor party, which is just him eating a bunch of cheat day food.

– We get a Johnny Swinger video package. He debuts next week.

Rich Swann & Willie Mack vs. LAX: This is LAX’s final Impact match; Konnan is at ringside Swann and Santana begin. They lock up and Santana works the arm until Swann works into counters, and they end in a standoff. Lock up again and they work into counters and end in another standoff. They trade arm drags, shove each other and Swann connects with a dropkick. Ortiz tags in and they double team Swann and the Ortiz splash gets 2.The crab follows, Swann fights, and makes the ropes. Tag to Mack and he follows with chops and strikes, but LAX cuts him off. Santana tags back in and follows with chops. LAX looks for double teams but Mack & Swann cut them off and Swann covers for 2. Mack now does a corner headstand and follows with a tackle, Samoan drop, and moonsault for 2. Post break and Mack is in control as he lays in chops on Ortiz. Swann tags in and follows with kicks and chops. Swann grounds the action, but Ortiz hits a jawbreaker. Mack tags in and follows with strikes, and he and Swann isolate Ortiz. Ortiz battles back with a DDT, and tags in Santana. He runs wild, connecting with kicks and a dropkick. Swann in and cuts him off, and Ortiz tags in as LAX work double teams and the cover gets 2. Swann battles back, Santana fights off Mack until Mack catches him and the doomsday neck breaker follows for 2 as Ortiz makes the save. It breaks down, XPLODER by Mack, dragon screw by Ortiz but Swann cuts him off with a DDT and Santana then cuts him off with a sitout powerbomb. Everyone is down, they fight to their feet and LAX double teams Swann with powerbombs for 2. They dump Mack, and set for the street sweeper. Swann fights out and Mack is back, Swann hits a RANA and Mack hits the frog splash for 2. Mack & Swann look for double teams, Santana fights them off, but Mack & Swann hit superkicks and the lethal injection an stunner follow. Swann hits the Phoenix splash as Mack hits a frog splash for the win. Rich Swann & Willie Mack defeated LAX @ 18:30 via pin

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