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October 22, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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Csonka’s Impact Wrestling Review 10.22.19

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– This is the fallout from BOUND FOR GLORY.

– We get a TNA/Impact history video package.

– Mathews & D’Amore host the show from the studio. Melissa Santos joins the show, and will interview Taya later tonight.

– They note that Ace Austin won the X-Division title at BOUND FOR GLORY. Callis is on set for Ace Austin’s movie debut.

– Mathews & D’Amore talk about the roster, including RVD, Rhino, Mad Man Fulton, Jordynne Grace, TJP, Willie Mack, Tenille Dashwood, & Ken Shamrock. They then focus on Elgin’s Impact arrival, and we get an extended video package.

Madison Rayne vs. Shotzi Blackhart: Keira Hogan is on commentary, Blackhart recently signed with NXT. Rayne talks home shit to Blackhart, tells her to lay down for the locker room leader, but Blackhart hits arm drags and a dropkick. the cannonball follows and Rayne powders. Follows her out, Rayne attacks and back in, covers for 2. Post break and Blackhart fights back, follows with strikes but Rayne hits northern lights for 2. The sliding clothesline follows for 2. Blackhart fights out of a cravat, but Rayne hits knee strikes and covers for 2. Rayne hits an enziguri, misses a charge and Blackhart hits the dropkick. Blackhart hits a bulldog and knee strike, kicks and covers for 2. Blackhart hits a 619, heads up top and has to roll through, and Rayne catapults her into the ropes. Cross Rayne finishes it. Madison Rayne defeated Shotzi Blackhart @ 9:40 via pin

– Scott & Josh hype the knockouts division and then shoot to a big video feature on Taya’s title run.

– Don Callis with Ace Austin on the set of, presumably, his adult film.

– They talked about the tag team scene in Impact Wrestling. Scott D’Amore said the Desi Hit Squad are the sleeper team to watch.

– The North were interviewed from Toronto at Anthem HQ. They were in front of a brick and said Impact’s debut will be a historic night when Impact debuts next week and issued an open challenge to anyone wanting to face them.

– We get highlights of RVD’s heel turn at BOUND FOR GLORY.

– Weget highlights of Moose beating ken Shamrock at BOUND FOR GLORY.

– Moose is interviewed at his after party. Moose talks about Shamrockn being down after his loss, an says he kicked Ken’s ass like he promised and ken can go back into retirement. When asked what is next, Moose says he’s the best multi-sport athlete in the world and next week, he will prove why he is a legend.

– Melissa interviews Knockouts champion Taya. Taya praises herself, and says she’s beaten everyone. We get highlights of her win over Tenille Dashwood at BOUND FOR GLORY. Taya feels amazing, and says Tenille choked against her. She hypes next week’s show. We then see John E. Bravo in Windsor, asking people about how Taya as champion has changed their lives. He fucks it up so Taya is of course, upset.

– Marufuji faces Josh Alexander next week; I love that match.

– We get a Sami vs. Cage video package, and Cage comments on his victory at BOUND FOR GLORY, as Scott outs him over. We get footage from the PPV.

– Cage says that was the feel good moment he needed. Scott asks him what’s next but Sami arrives. Sami wants a rematch next week. Cage refuses since he already beat him. Sami threatens his family an shows footage of oVe at Cage’s house. They are waiting on Sami’s word. Sami dares cage to break his neck, but if he does, no one cab call off oVe. Cage gives him his rematch.

– Josh & Scott are disgusted by Sami’s actions, as he crossed the line tonight.

– Cage vs. Sami will be a steel cage match.

– D’Lo joins the show and thinks that Sami will win next week. Scott says that Cage needs to be focused next week. D’Lo says that Cage has to put it all aside and be composed in order to retain the championship.

– We get a Tessa Blanchard video package. We get highlights of the X-Division ladder match at BOUND FOR GLORY. We head back to Slammiversary for Tessa vs. Sami.

– We head back to the set of Ace Austin’s porn film.

– We get an Eddie Edwards video package.

– Josh & Scott put over Eddie and discuss his craziness. We get footage of Eddie winning the call your shot gauntlket, earning a title shot of his choosing at BOUND FOR GLORY.

– Scott & Josh think he will go after the world championship, but will he face Ace Austin next week.

– We go back to highlights of Ultimate X from January’s Homecoming PPV.

– Scott & Josh praise the history of the X-Division, running down some of the greats that held the championship. They talk about new champion Ace Austin.

– Back to Ace’s porn set and wants to mow the wife’s grass.

– Jimmy Jacobs interviews Johnny Swinger. Swinger runs down the young kids, but will take one of them under his wing to give back to wrestling. he doesn’t have social media, but has a PO Box for his fan club.

The Rascalz vs. Taurus & Dr. Wagner Jr, & Aerostar: I miss Dr. Wagner’s wacky hair extensions. This is lucha tag rules. They brawl at the bell, team AAA takes control and isolate and triple team Dez. They then work over Wentz, triple teaming him. They clear the ring, and then work over Trey. Wagner works a Romero special as Aerostar hits a double stomp. Post break and Dez fires up and starts making a comeback. The enziguri and dropkick follow on Aerostar, Wentz joins in and so does Trey as the Rascalz take control. They triple team Wagner, and cover for 2. Wentz hits a dive as the others brawl, Aerostar hits a step up tope, Trey follows with a moonsault, Wagner hits a suicide dive, and back in, works over Dez, hits the cutter and the powerbomb follows for 2. Taurus follows with a German, Aerostar hits a slingshot splash and Trey makes the save. Wentz flies in with a knee strike, it breaks down and cutter by Aerostar and that gets 2. Trey hits Cheeky nandos, and a 619. Meteora follows and the push-sault finishes Aerostar. The Rascalz defeated Taurus & Dr. Wagner Jr, & Aerostar @ 9:50 via pin

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