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November 19, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Impact Wrestling 11-19-19

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I will be doing the coverage in my regular review style; final ratings and extra thoughts will be in the final version of the review. Have a good time chatting, and thanks for joining 411 for your live coverage needs.

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Csonka’s Impact Wrestling Review 11.19.19

– Follow all of my reviews at this link.

– We open with highlights from last week.

The Rascalz vs. The Deaners vs. Reno Scum vs. Desi Hit Squad: Adam and Wentz begin, locking up and working into counters as Wentz takes control. He tags in Dez and double teams follow for 2. Dez follows with strikes, but Adam cuts him off and Scum follows with double teams for 2. Pity city follows on Dez, he fires back but Adam cuts him off. Cody tags in and he and Jake follow with double teams until Raj makes the save. Raju tags in and they double team Cody. Raj hits ushigoroshi and covers for 2. Cody fights back and tags in Jake. He runs wild and hits a sitout powerbomb for 2 as it completely breaks down. They brawl, the Deaners clear the ring and Cody hits a suicide dive onto the pile. Jake hurls Adam over the top onto the pile on the floor. Jake follows with a tope onto the pile. Raju eats a superkick, and Wentz dives off of his back. Dez follows with a Sasuke special, and back in, Dez works over Jake, gets cut off and DHS follows with double teams until Jake dumps Raj, and the Deaner DT follows. Adam cuts them off and Luster his the spinebuster and the rascalz make the save. They dump Luster, follow with double superkicks and the push-sault finishes it. The Rascalz defeated The Deaners, Reno Scum,. Desi Hit Squad @ 8:45 via pin

– Post match, Scum & Ace Austin lay out all three Rascalz.

Jordynne Grace vs. Taya Valkyrie & John E. Bravo: Taya and Grace begin until Taya tags out. Bravo talks some shit and Grace attacks and dumps both. Grace then wipes out Bravo with a suicide dive and rolls him back in. She follows with grounded strikes, Taya trips her up and Bravo attacks. Taya in and follows with chops on Grace. They follow with double teams and Grace fires back, and follows with a missile dropkick. Grace grounds him and lays the boots to Bravo, and the senton follows. Grace wants Taya but Taya bails to the floor, grabs her title and bails. Grace punts the stuffed dog and slap Bravo around, posts him and follows with double knees and the Vader bomb finishes it. Jordynne Grace defeated Taya Valkyrie & John E. Bravo @ 4:25 via pin

– Gama yells at DHS and calls them losers. They then mock Fallah Bahh and attack him.

– RVD cuts a promo from his pool and says he won’t be here tonight. He and Katie have been partying and needs his 10-12 hours of sleep.

– Suzie walks backstage and meets with Jim Mitchell. Mitchell introduces himself as Suzie says she doesn’t know why she’s here. Mitchell says it’s treacherous here and she needs protection from him. He offers her a ride, and Suzie agrees as Rosemary arrives to threaten Mitchell. She says she knows he’s trying to suppress the undead bride, and “he” wouldn’t like that as Rosemary wants to see her potential realized. She will see that it comes to pass.

– The flashback is Cody vs. Eddie Edwards.

– The Rascalz meet in the tree house, and talk about getting their asses whooped. They talk about Dez’s abs and Trey’s mom arrives. She knows what they are doing and tells Trey says those pro wrestling guys are mean. Trey says they will whoop their asses inNYC and tells him not to use bad language and tells Dez & Wentz to call their mother to tell them they are ok .

Johnny Swinger vs. Buck Gunderson: Swinger attacks and works over Buck with clotheslines. He poses and rakes the eyes. Swinger follows with clubbing strikes and a head butt to the crotch. He then chokes him out, hits a fist drop but Buck fires back with dropkicks until Swinger hits the swinging neck breaker for the win. Johnny Swinger defeated Buck Gunderson @ 2:20 via pin [NR]

– Shamrock arrives and kicks his ass for shitting in his bag. The ankle lock follows and Swinger taps as Shamrock gets his revenge.

– Swinger limps backstage and runs into Joey Ryan who tells him not to let Shamrock touch your dick.

– They hype next week’s throwback show, which has to be better than that turkey suit bullshit show in every way.

Michael Elgin vs. Rich Swann vs. Moose vs. Tessa Blanchard vs. Daga vs. Brian Cage: This is gauntlet rules. Moose and Daga begin. They work to the ropes and Moose attacks with strikes and chops. Daga picks up the pace, hits a dropkick and a flatliner. Daga hits the basement dropkick, Moose powders and Daga follows wit a step up dive. Moose fires back with chops, Daga hits kicks and a moonsault off of the apron. Back in and Daga gets cut of by Moose, slammed to the buckles and then follows with chops. He whips Daga to the buckles, follows with strikes and plants him with a doctor bomb. Daga counters the spear, follows with strikes, kicks and Moose looks for go to hell but Daga hits a RANA. The hesitation dropkick gets 2. Moose stuns him off the ropes and finishes him with the spear at 5:10. Swann is in next, makes Moose chase him and Swann hits a RANA. The head scissors follows and the double stomp follows. The PK connects and then hits a dropkick. Moose cuts him off with a dropkick and they work to the floor. Moose lays in chops, and rolls Swann back in. He takes his time, Swann hits a dropkick and Moose vetches the cannonball but Swann counters into a RANA. Back in and Moose hits a dropkick, sending Swann to the floor. Back in and Swann counters back with a satellite DDT. He follows with chops, but Moose lawn darts him to the buckles and covers for 2. He follows with strikes, and the powerbomb is countered and Swann follows with strikes. Swann lays in a flurry, follows with kicks and Moose looks for a run up high cross but eats a cutter and the lethal injection gets 2. Swann to the ropes, and the 450 eats knees. Moose sets, but Swann cuts him off and then gets caught with go to hell for 2. Moose looks for the spear, but Swann counters with a superkick and then cradles Moose for the pin at 15:15. Elgin is in next. He dumps Swann and we go to break. Post break and they are on the floor after Swann hit a dive. Back in and Swan heads up top, leaps over him and Swann counters the burning hammer, hits superkicks and runs into a spinebuster for 2. Elgin follows with clotheslines, and Swann is down. He fires back with an enziguri, and then the sunset bomb. Swann follows with strikes, they trade and Elgin hits the buckle bomb but Swann cradles him for 2. Crossface by Elgin, but Swann fights and makes the ropes. To the apron they go, Swann fires back and hits an enziguri. Elgin counters the poison RANA and hits a half and half suplex on the apron. Back in, Elgin heads up top and misses the swanton. Swann misses a second rope frog splash, Elgin misses a charge follows with kicks and Elgin follows with a knee strike and superkick. The snapdragon follows and the lariat by Elgin gets 2. Elgin takes him up top, follows and the superplex follows but Swann counters into a RANA, poison RANA and another and covers for 2. Swann heads up top and Elgin cuts him off, and looks for the dead lift superplex and does the deal into a falcon arrow for 2. Swann counters the burning hammer, and they tease a ref bump, superkick by Swann and Elgin levels him with a lariat. Elgin follows with strikes, the ref gets involved and Elgin shoves him down. he does it again and Elgin is DQ’d @ 31:20. He beats down Swann some more, hits the Elgin bomb and Swann’s mouth is busted open. Post break and Cage is in next. He really doesn’t want to hurt Swann but Swann fires up with kicks, and hits a 2nd rope 450 for 1. He heads up top, flies, gets caught and Cage hits an overhead toss. Swann fires back, hits a superkick and another. Swann counters the suplex, follows with the running kick and heads up top and the 450 follows for 2. Cage counters lethal injection, but Swann counters the F5 into a cutter. The lethal injection follows and Swann covers for 2. Swann back up and the Phoenix splash misses and Cage hits weapon X and Swann is done @ 41:30. Tessa is the final entrant. Post break as they circle and lock up as Cage overpowers her to begin. Tessa picks up the pace, follows with strikes and Cage counters the RANA, but Tessa slips back out and lays in strikes She dumps Cage and follows with a dropkick and suicide dive. She hits another and Cage catches the third and slams her to the apron. Post break and Cage is working her over in the corner. Tessa fires back with kicks, but Cage catches her and Tessa trips him up and hits the dropkick to the back. Cage counters the cutter but Tessa hits a tornado DDT for 2. Cage counters the buzzsaw DDT and Tessa then counters a powerbomb into a RANA. The draping code breaker follows and Tessa follows with the top rope splash for 2. Back up top and Tessa, misses as Cage hits a powerslam for 2. The dead lift superplex connects and Cage covers for 2. Cage’s mouth is busted open, Tessa counters drill claw, hits a superkick and cutter. The buzzsaw DDT gets 2. Cage now hits an Alabama slam for 2. Cage takes her up top and follows her up but Tessa counters the splash mountain into a RANA. Tessa back up top and Magnum connects for… 2! Tessa firs up and heads back up top, Cage catches her and hits a buckle bomb and weapon X is countered into a cradle for the win. Tessa Blanchard defeated Michael Elgin, Rich Swann, Moose, Daga, & Brian Cage @ 55:15 via pin

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