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December 10, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Impact Wrestling

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I will be doing the coverage in my regular review style; final ratings and extra thoughts will be in the final version of the review. Have a good time chatting, and thanks for joining 411 for your live coverage needs.

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Csonka’s Impact Wrestling Review 12.10.19

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RVD vs. Rhino: Tommy Dreamer is the special referee; Katie Forbes is out with RVD. They brawl at the bell, Rhino hits a clothesline and they brawl to the floor. Rhino slams him off the apron and looks for weapons as RVD attacks. Rhino rakes the eyes and attacks with a chair. Rhino misses a clothesline and hits the post as RVD hits a cannonball dive. He follows with kicks, and back in. RVD hits a spin kick and the leg drop gets 2. Rhino fires back, chokes out RVD with a mop and then slams him onto a chair, but the head butt misses as Rhino eats the chair. Rhino just keeps control, and chokes out RVD with the chair. He lays it on RVD but RVD crotches him with it. RVD hits kicks, and the chair assisted dropkick. Rhino counters the monkey flip into a powerbomb on the chair for 2. He gets a table, sides it in and RVD hits a sliding dropkick. The slingshot leg drop follows. RVD gets a trashcan, wedges it in the corner and sets up the table. Rhino attacks, hits a clothesline, and props the table in the corner. RVD fires back with kicks, and the split legged moonsault misses. Rhino gores him through the table and covers for 2 as Forbes pulls out Dreamer and Rhino grabs her, RVD attacks, but Rhino hits a belly to belly. Rhino misses the gore, eats the trashcan and RVD hit s the frog splash for the win. RVD defeated Rhino @ 11:05 via pin

– Post match, RVD lays out Dreamer.

– Sami & oVe cut a promo and want you to get the show trending. His boys will win the tag team open, and get their gold back. Tonight. Fulton will destroy Tessa and he will defeat Shamrock in a dream match. He respects Shamrock, but he’s old and can’t hang with him.

– They hype ODB being added to Taya vs. Grace at Hard to Kill. Eddie Edwards will face Michael Elgin at the PPV as well.

Moose vs. Acey Romero: They lockup and trade shoulder tackles. Romero takes him down, but Moose fires back and Romero then works him over with strikes and tosses him across the ring. Moose powders. Moose cuts off the dive but Romero rebounds and hits one anyway. Post break and Moose has Romero grounded after posting him during the break. Moose rakes the eyes and bites Romero. Romero fights off the suplex, Moose follows with strikes and bites him again. Romero counters into a suplex and follows with chops. Moose fires back and Romero cuts him off with a cross body. The backdrop follows, and Romero hits the spinebuster for 2. Romero hits the corner splash, Moose fires back with a dropkick, hits another and Romero cuts him off with a big boot. Romero climbs the ropes and Moose cuts him off with go to hell for 2. They trade, Moose pokes the eyes and hits a head butt. Romero hits the pounce, they trade, lariat by Romero and that gets 2. Moose hits the spear for the win. Moose defeated Acey Romero @ 12:50 via pin

Fallah Bahh vs. Raj Singh: Gama & Raju are at ringside. Bahh attacks and they brawl to begin. Belly to belly from Bahh, and the splash follows. Gama trips up Bahh as Singh takes control. He follows with basement dropkicks and covers for 2. They trade until Singh hits a belly to back suplex for 2. He follows with kicks, the neck snap and strikes but Bahh Bahhs up. Bahh fires up and cuts him off, hits the cross body and that gets 2. Singh fires back but Bahh lays in chops and Gama takes the ref, Raju attacks, and Bahh takes him out and hits the ass attack and banzai drop for the win. Fallah Bahh defeated Raj Singh @ 4:50 via pin

– Raju attacks post match until TJP makes the save.

– Joey Ryan is informed that management wants to talk with him. It’s actually wrestler’s court with judge Tommy Dreamer. They play the people’s Court music and call Ryan a “famous dick wrestler.” Swinger accuses him of not being a good brother, breaking the code of the boys, and stealing his rizzats. He wants two pay envelopes and a bag of pizzillz. This takes place in the bathroom and they make Joseph Park & AXS TV money jokes. D’Lo testifies, after swearing inoa PWI 500, since it’s gospel. D’Lo talks about how you can’t do wrestler’s court on bigger companies, and he’s happy to be here. Madison Rayne testifies against the dick wrestler, Brutal Bob Evans and Kiera Hogan also testify. Gama tries to attack Ryan. Ryan gives him closing statement talking about the old timers running him down and says wrestling should be fun. he wants people to keep an open mind and the good old days weren’t all that good. Swinger calls bullshit and Dreamer sentences him to face Acey Romero next week.

Tag Team Open: Rich Swann & Willie Mack vs. oVe vs. The Rascalz vs. Reno Scum: This is one fall and no tags needed, so a giant tornado tag. They all brawl at the bell, Scum gets dumped and the Rascalz hit dives. Jake hits a suicide DDT and Dave is dumped. Mack & Swann double tam Luster and then Adam, covering for 2. Mack works over Jake, and the standing moonsault gets 2. Mack follows with a dive, Swann dumps Dave and Mack is down holding his knee. Swann checks on him and refs and the doctor arrives. Post break and Swann is fighting on his own. Scum cut him off until Swann hits the double lethal injection. OVE attack and double team Swann. The double stomp/tombstone follows for 2 as Wentz makes the save. It breaks down, Scum follows with double teams and that gets 2. They take Dave up top, into the tree of WHOA and Luster buckle bombs Swann into Dave for 2. The Rascalz run wild now, double teaming Luster and the push0sault gets 2. Jake fires away with a flurry of kicks, suplexes Dez to the buckles as he and Dave attack Swann. Swann fires back, making the big comeback an counters doomsday into the victory roll for the win. Mack heel turn coming. Rich Swann & Willie Mack defeated oVe, The Rascalz, & Reno Scum @ 13:40 via pin

– Taya s not pleased about the Hard to Kill triple threat, and runs down ODB & Grace. Thisi sn’t a fairytale, it’s real life and she will prove that at the PPV.

– Cage is interviewed and talks about his slump and losing the championship. It’s been rough but he also had his moments. Whoever is champion after Hard to Kill, he’s coming for them. He teases matches with the Rascalz, RVD, Mack, and others going forward. RVD & Katie Forbes stumble in, making out and Cage is insulted by this. RVD says Cage stole his moves but then lost to a girl. RVD & Forbes leave.

Tessa Blanchard vs. Mad Man Fulton: Tessa attacks with strikes, Fulton growls and then works her over in the corner. He follows with stomps and looks for a powerbomb, but Tessa counters into a code red and follows with a dropkick, and suicide dive. She heads up top and Fulton catches her, tosses her back in and Tessa hits a tornado DDT. Magnum is stopped by Jake for the DQ. Tessa Blanchard defeated Mad Man Fulton @ 3:00 via DQ [NR]

Sami Callihan vs. Ken Shamrock: Sami slaps Shamrock and immediately begs off. He spits at Shamrock and Shamrock attacks Shamrock lights him up with strikes and kicks, Sami powders, Shamrock follows Sami attacks. Shamrock basically walks through his offense until Sami head butts him and slams him off a table. Shamrock cuts him off, follows with kicks and back in, Sami cuts him off, hits a DVD and covers for 2. ref bump, belly to belly by Shamrock and Sami taps to the ankle lock but no ref. Fulton lays out Shamrock and Sami gets the ankle lock and the ref waves it off. Sami Callihan defeated Ken Shamrock @ 5:40 via submission

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