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January 28, 2020 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Impact Wrestling - 1.28.2020

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I will be doing the coverage in my regular review style; final ratings and extra thoughts will be in the final version of the review. Have a good time chatting, and thanks for joining 411 for your live coverage needs.

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Csonka’s Impact Wrestling Review 1.28.20

– Follow all of my reviews at this link.

– We open with highlights from last week.

Hijo del Vikingo vs. Josh Alexander: Page is at ringside. Josh shoves him down, follows with a spinebuster and Vikingo quickly fires back with a spin kick. The missile dropkick connects and misses a suicide dive, rolls through and Josh levels him with a lariat. Back in and Josh covers for 2. He follows with strikes, uppercuts and grounds him. Vikingo fights back with a ropewalk arm drag, into an arm bar but Josh powerbombs his way out. The delayed suplex follows for 2. He lays the boots to Vikingo, chokes him out and they trade slaps, Vikingo hits an enziguri and springboard dropkick. He follows with a tope and Vikingo follows with a double jump moonsault from the crowd to wipe out Josh. Vikingo wipes out Page, back in and Vikingo up top, Josh cuts him off until Vikingo delivers kicks, a dropkick and strikes. The double knees in the corner connect and Vikingo heads up top and the 450 follows for 2. Josh counters a RANA into a powerbomb for 2. He follows with clubbing strikes, takes him up top and Vikingo counters into an avalanche RANA. The cradle follows for 2. They trade near falls, RANA by Vikingo and that’s it. Hijo del Vikingo defeated Josh Alexander @ 9:50 via pin

– Taya rants about Jordynne Grace and banishes Gaby away.

– Moose cuts a promo about not making excuses. But he only lost last week due to Rhino, but he will prove himself tonight, and when he beats Taurus he’s coming for Rhino.

The Rascalz vs. Pagano & Murder Clown: Wentz and Murder Clown begin. Murder Clown attacks, press slams him and Wentz fights back with a RANA. He follows with a dropkick as Dez & Pagano tag in. They work into passes, kicks by Dez and Pagano cuts him off with an inverted slingshot suplex and neck breaker. He follows with a flurry of chops and strikes. Dez fires back, Wentz in and Murder Clown cuts them off as Pagano hits a suicide dive. Back in and they double team Dez cover for 2. Wentz in and he’s cut off, as the doomsday blockbuster. 619 by Murder Clown, follows. He heads up top and Wentz follows him up, Dez joins in and the double superplex connects. Swanton by Wentz, spiral tap by Dez and that’s all. The Rascalz defeated Pagano & Murder Clown @ 6:10 via pin

– Elgin plans to win his series with Eddie, take the call your shot trophy and win the world title.

Moose vs. Taurus: They lockup and Taurus counters out and they trade shoulder tackles. RANA by Taurus, and Moose follows with chops, they trade and Moose attacks with kicks. Taurus counters back into a whisper in the wind, a suicide dive and they brawl on the floor until Moose posts Taurus. He misses a chop, hits the post but posts Taurus again. Back in and Moose lays the boots to him and chokes him out. Moose follows with strikes, slams Taurus to the buckles and pummels him with strikes. He whips Taurus to the buckles, hits a clothesline and uppercuts. Moose charges and Taurus cuts him off, 619 and uppercuts follow. The reverse sling blade gets 2. Moose counters but Taurus follows with kicks, strikes, head butt by Moose and the spear finishes it. Moose defeated Taurus @ 6:25 via pin

– Rhino gores Moose post match as this feud must continue, for reasons.

– Eddie says all Elgin does is talk, but in the end he won at Hard to Kill. Eddie says it all remains the same, he will keep his trophy and call his shot.

– Joey Ryan comments on RVD not liking him and running him down. Joey looked up to RVD, but he’s used to it. RVD is threatened because Katie wants to touch it.

– Taya joins commentary.

#1 Contender’s Match: Jordynne Grace vs. Madison Rayne vs. Kiera Hogan: They brawl at the bell with Rayne & Hogan try to double team Grace. Grace easily controls and picks up near falls. She follow with strikes, Hogan attacks and saves Rayne. Grace follows with clotheslines, dumps them and back in Rayne attacks. Thy double team Grace and Hogan follows with a dropkick, sliding clothesline by Rayne and she grounds things. Grace fires back, Rayne cuts her off and more double teams follow. Grace finally fights back, suplexes them both and follows with slaps, clotheslines, slams and a Michinoku driver for 2. She follows with kicks, heads up top and Rayne stops her. They slam Grace off the ropes and double teams follow as they both cover Grace. They argue, Grace cuts them off and grounds them with submissions. Grace runs them together, but gets cut off and dumped. Hogan & Rayne argue, and Rayne goes after Grace but Grace slams her to the apron. Grace driver on Hogan finishes it. Jordynne Grace defeated Madison Rayne & Kiera Hogan @ 8:10 via pin

– Ace Austin says Trey is officially at the back of the line, and he wants a world title shot following last week’s match,

– Johnny Swinger meets with Willie Mack and Swinger still wants them to be a team. Mack calls him a creepy old dude that used to be cool in ECW.

– TJP has new gear for Fallah Bahh. Next week, TJP faces Vikingo.

Daga & Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Reno Scum: One of Wagner’s sons (Galeno del Mal) is at ringside. Daga and Adam begin, they work into passes, RANA by Daga and Luster tags in. Wagner joins him and they lockup as Luster overpowers him. He follows with slam, head butt and covers for 2. The head butt off the ropes misses, Daga in and double teams follow until they cut off Daga and take him to the floor. Back in and Adam follows with ground and pound, covering for 2. Double teams follow, Luster delivers chops and Adam grounds the action. He takes out Wagner, Daga fires back and hits a double stomp. They badly blow a tornado DDT spot and the editing didn’t help. Wagner tags in, hits dragon screws and Daga hits a flatliner I think, looked bad. He follows with a dive, Wagner hits the Wagner driver for 2. Fucking Adam kicked out of that? Really? Daga back in, Scum runs wild with double teams and Wagner makes the save. He dumps Luster, cannonball to the floor, and Daga hits his wacky lung blower deal for the win. Daga & Dr. Wagner Jr. defeated Reno Scum @ 8:15 via pin

– Post match, oVe attacks the winners.

– Suzie is backstage, meets with Rosemary who wants to help her. Rosemary says what she’s looking for maybe in the ring. She could teach her to become a warrior, and Suzie thinks it sounds cool. They will have a friendly exhibition next week.

Best of Five Series Match: Michael Elgin vs. Eddie Edwards: They grapple to the mat and end in a standoff. Lockup and they trade should tackles, strikes and Edwards takes out his knee and follows with the STF until Elgin makes the ropes. Elgin attacks the arm, but Edwards rebound and follows with a suicide dive. They work into counters on the floor until Edwards slams him to the barricades. Post break and Edwards fights off a powerbomb, eats strikes and clotheslines but Edwards then fires back into a blue thunder bomb. They trade strikes, dragons crew by Edwards and follows with an enziguri and backpack stunner for 2. The half crab follows, transitions into an STF and they work to the feet. Elgin escapes, counters the tiger driver and drops Edwards on his fucking head; he’s dead Jim. Elgin follows with clotheslines, a German, rolls into another and then a third. The sliding elbow gets 2. Edwards fights off the powerbomb, they trade and Edwards lays in chops. They trade clotheslines, superkick by Elgin and Edwards counters into a lariat, tiger driver and that gets 2. Edwards takes him up top, follows with chops and Elgin counters into an avalanche DVD for 2. The crossface follows and then delivers elbow strikes and back to the crossface and Edwards is out. Michael Elgin defeated Eddie Edwards @ 12:40 via referee stoppage

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