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February 25, 2020 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Impact Wrestling

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Csonka’s Impact Wrestling Review 2.25.20

– Follow all of my reviews at this link.

– We open with highlights from Sacrifice, setting up tonight’s Tessa vs. Ace rematch, this time for the X-Division championship.

Daga vs. RVD: Katie Forbes is at ringside. They lockup and Daga takes control, hits the dropkick and RVD powders. Daga follows with a plancha, but RVD cuts him off and slams him on the floor. He follows with kicks, strikes and kicks against the barricade. back in and RVD follows with a slam, crotches him on the ropes and heads to the ropes. The flying side kick follows and RVD bows. Daga then cradles him for 2. RVD lays the boots to him as Katie plays on her phone. RVD then cradles him for 2. He follows with kicks, and teases rolling thunder as he makes out with Katie. They then argue about haters online, and Daga cuts him off with the dropkick and dragon screws until RVD posts him. Katie & RVD argue about haters again, and then RVD follows with kicks on Daga until Daga cradles him for 2. Katie leaves, RVD is confused and Daga cuts him off with a dropkick, clotheslines and RVD cuts him off he looks for Katie again and Daga hits the pop up knee strike and covers for 2. He kicks RVD to the floor, follows with the suicide dive and back in, Daga heads up top. RVD rolls to the floor, and leaves for the countout. Daga defeated RVD @ 8:50 via pin

– Backstage Katie and RVD run down the fans as not deserving to see them. Joey Ryan arrives and agrees with them, as the same fans attack him as well. Ryan says this can bring them together and he’s their guy.

– Gaby interviews Jordynne Grace, and Rayne arrives to accept her open challenge. She says Grace stole her gimmick and then says there is so much young and hungry talent that need guidance to dethrone Grace. She will find Grace an opponent for tonight.

Wentz vs. Rohit Raju: Trey, Dez, Shera, & Gama are at ringside. Wentz takes him down and they work into passes as Wentz hits a RANA. He follows with knee strikes, a German and Raju cuts him off with strikes and a sliding knee strike for 2. Raju follows with a suplex for 2. he dumps Wentz. Post break and Raju is still in control as he hits a Russian leg sweep for 2. Wentz fires back, lays in a flurry of strikes, an enziguri and then a running knee strike and PK. Raju powders and Wentz then stuns him in the ropes. back in and Wentz follows with a knee strike, side effect and covers for 2. They trade, Wentz unloads with strikes and chops and Shera distracts him allowing Raju to hit the knee strike and flatliner for 2. He follows with ground and pound, bites Wentz but Wentz counters into the head lock driver. Wentz heads up top, Shera is taken out by Dez &Trey, and Wentz misses the swanton. Raju follows with the top rope double stomp for the win. Rohit Raju defeated Wentz @ 10:20 via pin

– We get an ICU message.

– Ace complains about having to defend against Tessa tonight but promises to win and go onto win the world title.

– oVe minus Sami cut a promo, and say Sami isn’t coming back, he’s gone and not coming back. They need a new leader and say they will continue to take over.

Champion Jordynne Grace vs. Miranda Alize: Madison Rayne is at ringside. They lockup and work to the ropes. Alize slaps Grace and race cuts her off and covers for 2. Grace delivers strikes. but Alize counters into a head scissors and a RANA. The knee strike follows and Alize covers for 2. Grace battles back, follows with kicks and a snap suplex. Running knees follow in the corner and Vader bomb gets 2. Alize fires back, back elbows by Grace but Alize counters into a cutter for 2. Grace cuts her off and the Grace driver finishes it. Champion Jordynne Grace defeated Miranda Alize @ 4:04 via pin

– The North faces TJP & Bahh next week. Page talks about their greatness and says everyone wants to be just like them. They are the mold for tag team wrestling and will stay champions.

– We get a Chris Bey video package.

– Havok walks backstage and Rosemary appears behind her. Rosemary jokes that she actually talks and calls her ungrateful. Rosemary gave her a playmate back and got rid of the bastard holding her back. Rosemary got her a no DQ match with Su Yung next week.

Best of Five Series Match: Eddie Edwards [1] vs. Michael Elgin [2]: This was taped at Pro Wrestling Revolver. They brawl at the bell and Elgin follows with the boot. He then hits a shoulder tackle and strikes. Elgin follows with elbows until Edwards cuts him of, hits an overhead belly to belly but Elgin cuts off the dive with the slingshot elbow. Edwards counters back into a fisherman’s buster for 2. He follows with chops, Elgin fires back and drops Edwards. He follows with elbow strikes, the sliding lariat and covers for 2. Elgin delivers chops, Edwards fires back as they trade until Elgin follows with a uranage. He follows with a slam. Heads up top and Edwards cuts him off. The superplex follows and the blue thunder bomb connects for 2. They work back up top and Edwards lays in chops, Elgin fights off the backpack stunner and drops down with a superkick, German and Edwards hits a German in return. Elgin battles back and we head to commercial. Post break and Elgin connects with clotheslines, Edwards firs back, they trade and Edwards counters the German, hits a superkick and chops. Elgin fires back, they trade again until Edwards hits the tiger driver for 2. Elgin counters back, takes him up top and Edwards knocks him off. Edwards misses the moonsault, Elgin kills him with a lariat and Edwards crumbles to the mat. Elgin pulls him up and Edwards circles him for 2. he crucifixes him and the Gedo clutch finishes it. Eddie Edwards [2] defeated Michael Elgin [2] @ 16:20 via pin

NEXT WEEK: Moose vs. Petey Williams, the North vs. TJP & Fallah Bahh, & Havok vs. Su Yung in a No DQ Match.

– Gaby interviews Petey Williams & Scott D’Amore. They hype the TNA reunion show over Mania weekend, Petey is wearing his “TN EH!” shirt, they make some jokes and Moose comes in to say TNA is dead and mock TNA. He puts himself over and mocks Amazing Red, Chris Harris, & Suicide as “stars,” and Petey says all of those guys were champions… unlike Moose.

– Swinger meets with Willie Mack. Mack blows him off as Disco Inferno arrives and acts like he’s a star. They agree to team.

– We get a video package on Gut Check. It… was something. The full episode is on Impact Plus.

X-Division Title Match: Champion Ace Austin vs. Tessa Blanchard: Ace attacks, but Tessa cradles him for 2. They work into counters as Tessa hits the draping code breaker for 2. Tessa then cradles him for 2. Ace then cuts her off with backbreakers. Post break and Tessa fires back until Ace cuts her off with a spin kick for 2. He grounds things, working a modified bow and arrow into an STF. He follows with grounded elbow strikes, and the belly to back suplex gets 2. Ace follows with strikes, Tessa answers as they trade. Ace follows with the knee strike and that gets 2. he follows with more strikes, Tessa counters back and she delivers strikes and follows with the head scissors, a suicide dive and back in, Ace cuts her off with a complete shot variation and covers for 2. He grounds her, working the back and keeping control. He chokes her out in the corner, delivers chops and strikes but Tessa fires back until Ace cuts her off with kicks to the back. The dragon sleeper follows, Tessa fights to the ropes, escapes and follows with strikes and chops. counters the buzzsaw DDT and Tessa counters the fold, hits a clothesline, RANA and DDT. Taya attacks for the DQ. Tessa Blanchard defeated Champion Ace Austin @ 10:15 via DQ

– Post match, Taya beats down Tessa and the show ends.

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