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September 22, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Impact Wrestling

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Happy Tuesday, fellow wrestling fans! It’s time for another episode of Impact Wrestling. I’m Jeremy, and y’all know how this works. The road to Bound For Glory continues, and this week it passes through some Knockouts action and a three-way #1 contender’s match for the X-Division Title. There’s plenty to get through, so let’s get ready for some Impact action.

As a reminder, the GoFundMe for Larry’s daughters is still active and if you can make a donation, that would be awesome. Thank you so much to everyone who’s done so thus far.

* Previously on Impact: Moose freaks out about EC3 stalking him and EC3 says time is running out. Meanwhile, Rich Swann demands a match against Eric Young at Bound For Glory and despite Scott D’Amore’s initial hesitance, Young comes to the ring and attacks, only to learn that Swann’s title shot has been granted.

WE OWN THE NIGHT! (AKA Title Sequence!)

#1 Contender’s Match
Chris Bey vs. TJP vs. Trey Miguel

Right off the bat we’re starting with some X-Division action, and this should be fun. Rohit is out here to watch the action and he looks to be in a good mood. Apparently, Raju is defending immediately after this match. Bey attacks Trey to start off the match and we’re on. Stomps in the corner, TJP gets involved and whips Bey but Bey reverses and slams TJP to the mat. TJP into the ropes, kicks Bey, Bey misses a clothesline and gets taken down by a Trey rana. TJP with a rana now, and he grabs Bey for a back suplex but Bey flips out and hits an armdrag. TJP out of the ring and Bey whips Trey across the ring, baseball slide, they’re running the ring and Trey locks a full nelson, Bey out but a snapmare by Trey and a standing moonsault gets two. TJP in now with a European uppercut to Trey, Irish whip reversed, TJP locks in an Octopus. Trey slips out but TJP gets a pinfall attempt for two. Uppercut to Bey, Irish whip reversed by Bey into a short arm kneelift. TJP into Bey’s knee, Trey gets involved but Bey with a DDT and Downward Spiral to both men! Two-counts on both by Bey. Trey thrown out of the ring, Bey charges in and hits a leaping back elbow, kick to the back of the head and a leaping neckbreaker for two. Raju’s looking pleased as Bey sends TJP across the ring, he slides under, goes for a submission, Trey runs in and gets knocked down, sharpshooter on Trey with a camel clutch to Bey! Double submission gets broken up but he locks in an inverted STF on Trey which Bey breaks up. Bey with a shot to Trey, who fires back and he lays into Bey! Kick attempt caught by Bey, but Trey with an enzuigiri. TJP back in as both men are down. TJP with an inverted atomic drop on Bey, comes off the ropes with a springboard clothesline. Snap suplex, a second one, and then a third. TJP up top but Trey runs in and jumps up. He gets shoved off and backflips over Bey, TJP leaps and rolls. Rana by Trey, Bey charges in but misses and gets tripped by Trey. Trey flips over Bey, who’s now on the apron. Back elbow to TJP, Trey off the top with a stomp to Bey, neckbreaker to Trey, gets a near-fall! Trey on the top, he gets ready to fly, but TJP misses and Bey hits a cutter! Pinfall but TJP breaks it up! Bey with a big kick to TJP’s head, he springboards but gets caught by TJP! Cross armbreaker, Bey rolls it up but TJP turns it into a leglock. Bey’s in the center of the ring but Trey up top, he hits a double knee to TJP, pinfall gets three!

Winner: Trey Miguel (7:13)
Rating: ** 3/4
Thoughts: Some great X-Division action here. TJP, Trey, and Bey all work well against each other and we had a nice mix of submission and aerial maneuvers. Trey is probably the right guy to win, having recently been in the world title picture.

* After the match, Rohit is desperately trying to get the ref to start the match before Trey’s music even hits. The ref checks with Trey, who nods and the match is on!

X-Division Championship Match
Trey Miguel vs. Rohit Raju

Trey runs in, Rohit with a waistlock and he rolls Trey up, grabbing the tights and it’s a pinfall win.

Winner: Rohit Raju (0:06)
Rating: N/A
Thoughts: Oh, that sneaky Rohit Raju.

* Eric Young is backstage with a promo. He says he had seven days to think about what Swann said and his conscience will be clear from this point forward. Because it’s all on D’Amore and Swann. He tried to show them the path and give them the easy way out, but Swann chose the hard way. It’s the road less traveled because he’s at the other end.

* Back from break and Gia Miller knocks on Tenille’s door but gets Kaleb with a K. Two Ks actually, because it’s Kaleb Konley. Gia asks if Tenille’s there, and he says she’s busy getting bee venom therapy. But she’ll be ready for her big return tonight. Tenille comes out and says that this reminds her of one of her favorite quotes: “Strength grows in the moments when you think you can’t go on, but you keep going anyway.” That’s what’ll happen tonight, she says.

* Josh and Madison break down the card including Tenille vs. Jordynne Grace, and Sami Callihan vs. RVD where if RVD wins, Katie Forbes gets five minutes in the ring with Callihan. They also point out the Swann vs. Young match for Bound For Glory. But we’re back to action!

Kimber Lee vs. Susie

Susie waves to Kimber, who goes for a kick but gets caught by Susie. Kimber lands in the splits, and Susie tries to do the same to no avail while Lee rolls her up for two. A taunt by Lee, but Susie wants a truce. Lee says no and swings a couple of times, Susie dodges and flips Lee over for a jackknife that gets two. Susie with a headlock, flips Lee to the mat. Lee gets up, Susie runs up the turnbuckle and drops down to keep the headlock going. It breaks up, Susie grabs Lee and hits a bulldog for two. Lee into the corner, Susie gets pumped and charges in but Kimber dodges. Kimber moves in but Susie stops her with “That’s bad!” and hits a kick to the gut. She moves in but tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by Lee gets two. Lee picks Susie up by the hair and hooks her head with her boot for a slam into the ropes. Lee picks Susie up, chokes her against the ropes and slams her to the mat. She lets Susie get up against the ropes and dropkicks her through them! The ref’s back is turned and Purrazzo moves in for some kicks as we go to break.

Back from break, Susie’s in and being choked by Kimber’s boot. Kicks to Susie in the corner, broken up at four. Lee picks Susie up, but Susie battles out. She’s looking angry but Lee with a bunch of kicks and a pin attempt for two. Lee wrenches Susie’s knee and Susie is in pain here. Kimber stomps the knee and then stalks Susie. Head slam into the turnbuckle, overhand blow and she goes up to the top but Susie fights back! Arachnarana attempt by Susie but Lee counters and falls into a Boston crab! She drags Susie into the center of the ring but Susie gets to the ropes for the break. Kick to Susie’s chest, and another. Susie’s not looking great but she catches a third kick and gets away. Lee charges into the corner, Susie slips out. Monkey flip by Susie and hard strikes to Kimber! Thesz press and punches, and Susie is up to her fight. She charges at Kimber in the corner, Kimber moves out but a back kick and a headscissors slam puts Kimber headfirst into the corner. Pin attempt gets two. Susie up, she runs into the ropes, but Kimber counters with a power bomb! Pin attempt gets two again. Kimber drags Susie into the corner by the hair, goes up top for the Swanton, but Susie’s up and decks Kimber! Deonna gets involved and Susie pulls her onto the corner! Deonna swings but misses Susie and hits Kimber! Susie with the Panic Switch for three!

Winner: Susie (8:19)
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: Really solid work here by both women, and Susie’s slowly emerging transition toward Su Yung is playing out well. They’re teasing a bit more of it each week and I’m here for it.

After the match, Deonna takes advantage of Kylie bringing Susie back down from Su Yung to attack. Susie comes to the rescue but Purrazzo gets an armbar. Kylie comes in and sends Deonna out of the ring, and she’s pissed. Rae gets a mic and says it’s fine if she wants to bully them. She mentions she’s #1 contender but I’m busy looking at Susie about to flip her shit in the background. Kylie says that come Bound For Glory, the Knockouts Title will be hers. Kylie officially challenges Purrazzo for Bound For Glory and we have a match.

* We’re back with an ad for Heath, who used to have a last name but now a billionaire keeps it in a safe. And he needs a job because he was fired. Not only because he has kids, but because pro wrestling is what he loves to do. He can go anywhere he wants to, but — he’s not welcome here, says a security guard. Where he wants to be is Impact because they have some of the best competition in the world and his best friend’s there. Rhino’s there, and we get an intentionally stilted speech by Rhino speaking for Heath. Heath implores us to get #Heath4Impact trending on Twitter or any other social media platform. Rhino says many names from wrestling and entertainment support him, and we get testimonials from David Hasselhoff, Flava Flav, Nancy Kerrigan, and Chuck Norris (all paid for through Cameo, awesomely enough). DeLorian Brown also cuts a promo for Heath. Heath might even get his car repo’d by a real Repo Man. Rhino says there’s widespread support but they need their continued support until Heath gets a contract. Heath then airs a video from his kids being god-damned adorable and reasoning with Scott D’Amore. #Heath4Impact everyone!

* Backstage, the Machine Guns are approached by the Good Brothers who want some gratitude for stepping in for the Rascalz. Wentz and Dez show up and are not too pleased, saying they’re not young boys and they’ve hung with some of the top tag teams in Impact. Dez and Wentz challenge the Good Brothers and Anderson and Gallows say they’ll oblige. Gallows isn’t so sure about the respect thing as they walk off. Sabin tells the Rascalz to go get ’em.

* The Impact! Plus Flashback Moment of the Week is AJ Styles vs. Bully Ray from Bound For Glory 2013. DIXIE SIGHTING! AJ wins the title after the Spinal Tap and he DID IT FOR DIXIE.

* We get a new promo from EC3 talking about how he knows what it’s like to have something you love robbed from you like the TNA World Heavyweight Title. You feel angry and scared, and violated. EC# says fear not, because these are the times we come together, unite, and control the narrative. It’s 2020 and technology is in our grasp. We communicate and control information. EC3 tells people to give all relevant information to Moose’s cell phone, and EC3 doxxes Moose by giving out his cell phone number: 407-457-8494. Together we can bring this thief down and say to him, “You have been warned.”

* Taya walks up to Rosemary and asks where she was last week when she lost to Kiera. Rosemary says she was unconscious backstage and says that she needed Taya’s help with Havok. She says if they’re going to make this work, they need to be on the same page. So, she’ll help Taya with her problem, then Taya can help her. Taya says she’ll help Rosemary first, then they’ll deal with Havok. Rosemary isn’t sure, but Taya says Bravo has everything handled and is becoming his own man.

Meanwhile, John E. has assembled the Deaners, Crazzy Steve, Alisha, Swinger, and Bahh to be his groomsmen. Alisha says she’s part of the bridal party. She’ll do it, but he’s being a real dic…tator. Bravo says it’s time to dig their heels in and get to work, and Cody says he’s just there to drink beers and have fun. The groomsmen are excited about the bachelor’s party but Bravo says it’s a wedding; it’s not about having fun! Bravo says he should be grateful he’s in the party but if it wasn’t for him bringing them to Wrestle House, he wouldn’t be relevant. Cody says they’re grateful but they’ve got a match, and off they go. Swinger is none too happy about Bahh being the best man, as he’s the only man here. Things get tense and Dreamer shows up to declare: MATCH TIME! Bravo tells him to shut up and take that to 2300 Arena. Bravo asks who has experience in landscaping and scrapbooking as we go to break.

* Back from break with Brian Myers backstage, approached by Gia Miller. She asks about Willie Mack and he says he beat Mack twice. Gia says he cheated and he flips out, only to have Dreamer come in and say he needs to handle his business and not disrespect his place. Dreamer tells him to clean it up and he says, “No way.” Dreamer asks Gia what would happen if she did this, and she says that the company would probably not want her around. Dreamer tells Myers not to disrespect this place, but Myers won’t do this. Myers says he’s not a punk-ass kid anymore, and Dreamer says to stop acting like one. Myers says he’ll clean it up, but next time he sees Dreamer he better walk the other way. Dreamer says “Cool. No problem, Bri. Clean it up.”

Cody Deaner vs. ???

No clue who Cody was supposed to face because Eric Young blindsides the Deaners! He drags Cody down and slams him headfirst into the apron, then decks him hard. He grabs Cody, slams him into the guardrail and chokes him. Young continues to beat Cody around the ring and says this is what happens. He sends Cody into the guardrail again, rolls him into the ring and follows in, saying that this world belongs to him. Cody fights back! They trade blows, Cody takes control but Young grabs the face, then hits the piledriver. Cody full-body twitches and Young grins like a maniac in the ring.

Post-piledriver, Young then locks in the ankle lock but Cousin Jake goes for the save. He knocks Young down and the jacket comes off. Young rants on the outside as Jake tends to Cody, who he says got lucky that he’s getting up. Young says it’ll be Scott’s fault. He then sneaks back in after Jake checks on Cody and attacks, then chokes Jake against the ropes. He stomps on Cody, stomps on Jake’s head and is just beating the tar out of both men. Piledriver to Jake as well. He asks if everyone’s watching and then gets a mic. He asks if Eddie is watching and stomps Cody again. Then he asks if Rich is watching and stomps Jake. He asks if Scott is watching and then says to pay real close attention because what happens from here on out is on them. He chokes Jake with his boot and screams it’s their fault. He says he doesn’t want to be like this but they forced his hand. He gave Swann and Eddie the easy way out. In the end it’s Young’s choice what happens from here on. He asks Cody if he was trying to sneak up on him, trying to come out and get involved in his business. He asks if Cody’s mad and stomps him repeatedly, then goes after Jake. It’s his world now, all in his control. He drops the mic and kicks Cody out of the ring, then grabs Jake’s foot and locks in the ankle lock.

And now FINALLY security is out, who Young is now attacking. He turns and grins at Jake who is trying to get to the ropes. Jake dives but gets stomped down and he goes after the ankle again. D’Amore finally comes out and yells at Young to let him go. Young is refusing to let go and D’Amore gets in to physically separate them. Young gets up and faces off with D’Amore. Scott says this isn’t him and tells him to use his brain. He tells EY to think about what he’s doing. Young grabs D’Amore and backs him into the corner and says the last person who did that almost got his eye pulled out. And here comes Eddie Edwards! He makes the save and attacks Young. Young manages to roll out of the ring and looks livid. Edwards yells in the ring as Young grabs his title.

Thoughts: Okay, I gotta talk about this for a second. First of all, this was really uncomfortable in exactly the right way. It went on and on, but it was done in a way that was less about it taking forever than it was about it being hard to watch Young brutalize the Deaners for so long. That’s effective heel-making.

What’s less effective in terms of making a heel is Young’s performance. He’s obviously looking great in the physicality and the assaults, and he has great expressions. But for the gods’ sake, someone give him more than three lines. I can only hear “This is my world now,” “My design,” and “What happens from here on out is on you” so many times. There is a way to be repetitive that comes off creepy and psychotic; this isn’t it, at least when he opens his mouth. This performance sounds like Young — who again, I like a lot — doesn’t have anything else he can say about this character. It feels like improvisation from a guy who didn’t spend more than five minutes figuring out his character before going on stage, and that’s not great. He’s capable of a lot more; just give him something else to say.

* Up next: RVD vs. Sami Callihan

* Backstage, Edwards finds D’Amore and berates him, saying that he’s letting people run all over him. Edwards says he deserves and needs a rematch and he’ll end this. They shout at each other and D’Amore says if Eddie doesn’t want to wait, it’ll be at Victory Road. Get his head straight, make sure his leg is good and be ready. D’Amore says maybe for once Eddie should be the leader he claims to be, while Eddie says he’ll end it.

Rob Van Dam vs. Sami Callihan

Sami charges in at the start and takes RVD down, chases Katie off and then goes back to Rob. RVD slammed into the apron, and then sent into the guardrail by Callihan. Sami takes the coat off and then he picks RVD back up. Fist to the face of Van Dam, Sami in control and he goes in but RVD with a kick and punch. He moves in but Sami counters with a kick and sends RVD into the guardrail again. The ref tells them to get in the ring and Sami jaws at Katie before turning back to Rob. Knife edge chop to Van Dam and then he backs up before running in for another chop. Callihan rolls RVD in finally and then gets up on the apron but Katie grabs the ankle and RVD knocks him down off the apron. RVD with a leaping kick to the chest, sending Sami into the guardrail. Kick to the head and he snapmares Sami to the floor. An awkward Rolling Thunder on the floor, followed by some hard forearms. Van Dam backs up, spinning kick to Callihan against the apron. Callihan gets rolled into the ring and RVD follows. And now the bell rings but folks I started counting from Callihan’s charge so that’s where we’re timing it from. RVD stomps on Sami, picks him up but Sami fights back. Knife-edge chop and a kick, snapmare and an elbowdrop. Sami chokes Rob against the second rope for a four-count. RVD backed into a corner, chop, and a stomp to the foot. He carries RVD to another corner for a head slam, then chops and a neck wrench. The broadcasters are legitimately talking about RVD not being as good in the ring, and they’re not wrong. But in the ring, RVD hits a drop-toe hold and distracts the ref so Katie can attack Sami from the apron. RVD with a spin kick as we head to break.

Back from break and RVD is still in control. He charges into the corner with a leaping roundhouse kick and stomps Sami and chokes him with his boot. RVD with a diving dropkick in the corner. Legdrop to Sami and a sleeper hold, but it doesn’t last and RVD with a sloppy roll-up with Sami getting his foot on the corner. RVD with a kick to the head and he goes for the camel clutch. It gets locked in but Sami gets out and bites Rob’s hand to break the hold. RVD with a bodyscissors and Sami tries to fight out. He nearly powers out but RVD cinches it in until Sami manages to drop onto the ankle to break the hold. RVD with a shot to the head, Sami fires back and they’re trading shots now. RVD with a rake to the eyes, which Mathews claims is “innovative.” C’mon, Josh. Sami gets his own eye rake, RVD comes off the ropes but gets caught with a series of kicks. DDT by Sami gets two. Katie is spraying her hair on the outside as Sami goes for the piledriver, and Katie gets on the apron with Chekov’s hairspray. Sami goes over to jaw with her and the spray goes into Sami’s eyes. RVD with a bodyscissors, roll up and a pinfall.

Winner: Rob Van Dam (9:07)
Rating: * 1/4
Thoughts: This…was not good. RVD looked incredibly sloppy out there and limited compared to other recent matches, to say nothing of his prime. The entire match was awkward and occasionally repetitive. Impact should not be putting Van Dam in nine minute matches and if they do, it should be against opponents who can carry him better than Callihan who is fine but not a miracle worker.

* Katie gets five minutes alone in the ring with Sami now. She says she’s got this and RVD exits the ring as Katie stomps on Sami and comes off the ropes with a hip-check. She twerks and Sami gets up while RVD is looking under the apron! He goes for the piledriver but RVD is in so Katie gets released. Stepover spin kick by RVD. Rob goes to get the chairs and Katie stomps on Sami. Van Dam in with the chair and it gets set on Sami. RVD and Katie make out a bit, Rob goes to spring onto the top BUT SAMI IS UP! The chair gets thrown into RVD’s face and he’s stuck outside the ring! Piledriver to Katie! Sami counts three, gets up and stands triumphant. Please tell me Mathews is right and this is an end to the feud.

* We’re backstage with Ace Austin and Madman Fulton. Gia asks about their victory, Ace says he’s nothing if not a man who’s always got a plan. And if the plan doesn’t go according to, he’s got another one. Last week he pinned Chris Sabin and it means that they’re next in line for the Tag Team Titles. The North show up and say no. Alexander says they run this tag division and held the titles for over a year. They won on one single night. Page says they need to slow it down for Fulton and Fulton gets pissed. Page says they reigned for over 365 days. Ace and Fulton are lucky they got to team with the North, as it’s a lesson on how to be the best. They won as a team, but The North were responsible for it. Fulton threatens Page and Page says if they want to prove it, then they can do it next week. We got a match for next week.

* Up next: Tenille vs. Jordynne in the main event.

* We come back with the Impact! Plus ad, followed by the Bound For Glory promo with Eric Young.

* Next week’s card gets broken down by Josh and Madison after a quick recap of EC3 and Moose’s feud:

Winner is John E. Bravo’s Best Man: Johnny Swinger vs. Fallah Bahh
– Rosemary and Taya vs. Havok and Nevaeh
– Rascalz vs. Good Brothers
– Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs. The North

Jordynne Grace vs. Tenille Dashwood

Kaleb with a K comes out to interrupt Dave Penzer, hands over his coffee and takes the mic to introduce Tenille. He cuts a promo about how it’s all about Tenille and introduces her. Jordynne’s out and we go to break.

Back from break and we have a match. They go for the lockup but Tenille with a kick and she stomps on Grace in the corner. Grace shoves Tenille but gets hit on the back, and Tenille sends Grace into the turnbuckle. Irish Whip reversed and Dashwood hits hard; Grace does it again into another corner. She charges in but Dashwood dodges, Grace with a back elbow and a head slam into the corner. Hard clothesline by Grace and Dashwood is chucked across the ring. Tenille is out of the ring, Grace goes to hit a dropkick off the ropes but Dashwood moves, then pulls Grace by her hair out of the ring. Tenille back in as the count begins. Jordynne rolls back in at five and gets stomped on by Dashwood, followed by a boot against the side of the head. Tenille with an elbow to the back of the head, head slam to the mat and pin for one. Grace picked back up, thrown into the corner and Dashwood is a bit slow so she eats a fist to the gut. Grace on the apron, tries to shoulder block Tenille through the ropes but gets kicked in the head. Neckbreaker through the ropes, pin gets two. Dashwood in control now, she kicks at Grace and stomps her, then picks her up for a slap to the face. Suplex attempt blocked by Jordynne, but Tenille with a forearm. She comes off the ropes into a back elbow, Grace goes for a bodyslam but Dashwood out the back and a reverse DDT for two. Tenille goes for a submission, she locks in a straitjacket chinlock but Grace powers out. Dashwood charges into a boot, they counter a bit and Dashwood with a waistlock, Grace strikes her way out. Grace Driver attempt, Dashwood gets out but gets clubbed on the front and back. Off the ropes, Dashwood follows, bodyblock by Grace. Another, and a very quick Michinoku driver for two. Grace gets Dashwood up on the top rope, follows up and goes for a superplex, but Tenille fights out and crotches Grace and slaps her. Grace is stuck on the top rope, double stomp! Dashwood charges in for a Taste of Tenille, pin attempt gets two. Dashwood tries for a double underhook, Grace gets out, hits a spinebuster off the ropes for two! Tenille up on Grace’s shoulders but she elbows out, goes for a kick that Grace catches, goes into the ropes but Tenille holds on. Grace with a back elbow, goes for the Grace Driver and Kaleb’s on the apron to distract Grace. Tenille rolls up but no pin, Spotlight Kick off the ropes and Dashwood gets the pin!

Winner: Tenille Dashwood (9:03)
Rating: ** 1/4
Thoughts: Decent match between these two. There were a couple iffy moments here and there; that Michinoku driver looked a little rough, for example. But it gave Dashwood the needed win for her return and Kaleb’s distraction protects Grace who can afford a loss even with her recent title loss.

Dashwood and Kaleb celebrate after the match and get an impromptu photo shoot going as we go to black.

The post-credits stinger features Eddie exiting the building, then it goes to black and someone attacks him. When we come back, he’s on the ground.

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