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June 13, 2018 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
NXT 61318 Live

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We are just a few short days away from TakeOver: Chicago.

TONIGHT ~ Kyle O’Reilly gets a WWE UK Title shot.

War Raiders vs. Ham And Eggers

The jobbers are Justin Storm and Ricky Martinez. Justin gets shoved by Hanson instantly. Hanson cartwheels away from his attack and clotheslines him. Tag to Rowe and they hit a knee strike/clothesline combo. Rowe drags Storm to his partner and allows him to tag out. Martinez fires off some shots that Rowe no sells before rocking him with a discus forearm. Tag to Hanson for an avalanche, followed by double knees. Rowe throws Hanson into Martinez in the corner. Storm returns to hit Hanson and it has no effect. Rowe swings him over and wrecks him with a knee. Tag back to Hanson for Fallout.

Winners: War Raiders in 2:35

War Raiders got on the mic and said, “They call themselves mighty,” before adding another “mighty” shot to the jobbers.

Somewhere backstage, the Undisputed Era talk as Kyle warms up. Adam Cole chases away the cameraman.

We get a special video package to hype Gargano/Ciampa II.

EC3 vs. Kassius Ohno

Surprisingly aggressive before the bell from both men, Ohno shoves EC3 to the mat and grapples with him there, causing EC3 to regroup outside. Inside, EC3 has Ohno scouted and gets his knees up to the back of Ohno’s neck. He adds a trip and stomps away in the corner. Rolling neck snap by EC3. Ohno catches a kick and EC3 eats one in the face. Ohno continues with ferocious forearms that send EC3 down. A cyclone kick puts him on his back. BIG BOY SENTONS connects. EC3 rolls outside and Ohno adds a third. EC3 uses Ohno’s momentum to send him throat first into the ropes. The One Percenter hits and that’s all.

Winner: EC3 in 4:03 [*1/2]

Aliyah vs. Bianca Belair

Aliyah took off a bandana before the belland put it back on. Bianca responds with a huge forearm. Aliyah looks nervous about this. She kicks away Aliyah but is run over with a shoulder block. Bianca adds shoulder thrusts in the corner and Aliyah looks done. Aliyah escapes a suplex and locks in a guillotine. Bianca counters with a suplex, does a standing frog splash, and kips up. She deadlifts Aliyah from the floor into a gorilla press snake eyes. The Belair Driver ends things.

Winner; Bianca Belair in 2:52

A video package runs to hype Shayna Baszler vs. Nikki Cross for TakeOver.

Cathy Kelly (<3) gets a word with Dakota Kai (<3) backstage about the Shayna match. Dakota says she’s happy she stood up to Shayna and is happy to have been seconds away from winning the title. If she had another chance, she might win and she could adopt some of Nikki Cross’ crazy. She says she will be champion one day. Bianca Belair interrupts, saying she’s the EST, unlike Dakota. Bianca mocks her and says she won’t do anything about this and she needs to fall back. Dakota won’t let Bianca play her the way Shayna did. She challenges Bianca to a match next week.

WWE United Kingdom Championship: Pete Dunne [c] vs. Kyle O’Reilly

I’m so hype for this. Greco Roman knuckle lock to start. Kyle tries pinning him with it, but Dunne counters into a Kimura attempt. Kyle counters into an armbar, but Dunne gets out. They jockey for position. Dunne gets hold of Kyle’s hand and twists at it before applying a submission. When they get up, Dunne nails a lariat. Kyle wants a breather and they fight to the apron. Dunne kicks at his arm and adds the explex on the apron. Back inside, Dunne tries a surfboard and twists on Kyle’s arm before stomping on the calves. Dunne goes to leap over Kyle, but gets kicked in the leg and takes a spill. Kyle fires off strikes and kicks, including one to Dunne’s injured left legs. Kyle works the ankle, but Dunne escapes. Kyle grabs the leg again and Dunne slaps him around before hitting an enziguri. Flurry of strikes from Dunne. He connects on the backflip over Kyle this time and lands on his feet on a German suplex attempt. He holds the injured leg but still kicks Kyle. Powerbomb gets two and Kyle goes right into a triangle choke. Dunne spins out and kicks the arm again. Hanging Kimura attempt but Kyle elbows out and hits a Penalty Kick for two. Brainbuster connects for a near fall. Kyle kicks at Dunne who takes it like nothing. Kyle hits the bad leg to get a better reaction. Pete jumps over a sweep and sends Kyle flying with a forearm. Kyle counters the Bitter End into a guillotine, but Dunne counters that into an explex into an armbar. Kyle counters that into an Ankle Lock. Dunne escapes and catches some of Kyle’s shots before pulling him into a vicious headbutt. Kyle looks out of it. They get up and bump into each other, trading shots. Kyle misses Ax, ducks a shot and hits Ax. Dunne avoids Smash with an enziguri. Knee from Kyle, who then leaps into a forearm. Kyle holds Dunne’s arm and fires off shots. He wastes a moment talking trash and Dunne snaps his fingers. Bitter End hits to end the match.

Winner: Pete Dunne in 10:37 [****]

The Undisputed Era hit the ring to jump Dunne. That brings out Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan to even the score. Dunne and Cole do battle outside, leaving the TakeOver tag match inside. The challengers send Kyle and Roderick Strong over and outside, standing tall to end the show.

Or, it’s not the end of the show. Aleister Black comes out for a show closing promo. He mentions that Lars Sullivan caught the Black Mass, which has knocked out everyone else. But at TakeOver, he will feel the full wrath and will fade to black. That causes Lars to come out and stand on the stage. Black readies for a fight. He charges in and Black lights him up with strikes. He gets him down to a knee until he eats a lariat. He hits THREE Freak Accidents to leave the champion lying. Lars then carries him outside, takes the NXT Title and walks to the announce table. He shouts that Aleister will fade to black and poses above Black with the title.

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