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Join 411’s LIVE ROH Road to G1 Supercard Coverage

March 31, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
ROH Road to G1 Supercard

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I will be doing the coverage in my regular review style; final ratings and extra thoughts will be in the final version of the review. Have a good time chatting, and thanks for joining 411 for your live coverage needs.

Rush vs. Tracy Williams: They lock up, working into some back and forth until Rush hits a shoulder tackle. He follows with a jumping knee strike, and they then brawl to the floor. They fire up and trade chops until Rush slams Williams into the barricade. The head butt follows, but Williams battles back and slams him to the barricade. Back in and Rush takes control back, he celebrates and Williams fires back and they trade chops. Rush works him over in the corner and then tranqillos. Williams cuts him off and follows with a missile dropkick. He lays in forearms and machinegun chops, and Rush spits at him so he decapitates him with a lariat. The Spicolli driver follows for 2. Williams follows with forearm, but Rush folds him up with a German and then a brainbuster for 2. They work up top, but Williams hits the head butt and buckle DDT. Deep impact follows for 2. Williams back up top, gets cut off and Rush hits the superplex for 2. Rush now heads up top, but misses the senton. Williams goes back to the high-risk district, has to roll through and then gets suplexed into the buckles by Rush. Rush hits the bull’s horns and finishes Williams. Rush defeated Tracy Williams @ 12:20 via pin

– Dalton Castle arrived and wants Rush at his best at MSG, because he plans on hurting him and winning.

– Rhett Titus arrives and poses before joining commentary.

Colin Delaey & Coast 2 Coast (Ali & LSG) vs. Shinobi Shadow Squad (Cheeseburger, Nova, & Isom): Isom and LSG begin. LSG misses a dropkick, they work into a series of counters, and LSG finally hits the dropkick as Ali tags in. He follows with chops and forearms, but Isom cuts him off with the high knee lift. The overhead suplex follows and Nova tags in. They trade strikes as my feed freezes. We’re back with Burger and Colin working back and forth, but the squad works quick tags and double teams, working him over. Colin finally cuts off Burger, C2C in and double team him and cover for 2. Burger fights back, and tags in Isom. He runs wild, hitting suicide dives until he leaps into a catatonic from Ali. Nova takes out Ali as it breaks down into the big move buffet. Colin & LSG work double teams and Ali hits the doctor bomb for 2. They hang Isom in the tree of WHOA as C2C look for coast to coast, Nova & Burger make the save. Shotei to Colin and the shinobi DDT finishes him. Shinobi Shadow Squad defeated Colin Delaey & Coast 2 Coast @ 11:45 via pin

Mark Haskins vs. Silas Young: Young refuses the handshake, they lock up and Haskins frustrates him as they work to the mat and end in a standoff. They work into some standing switches, but Young breaks clean and they shake hands… until Young punches him in the throat. They trade strikes, and then Young repeatedly takes him down. Haskins cuts him off with a dropkick, and follows with a suicide dive. He follows with chops at ringside; Young looks to fire back but misses and hits the post. Young counters from Haskins with love and clotheslines him to the floor. Young now works the leg on the floor, and back in maintains control as he grounds Haskins. Young follows with a back rake, dumps Haskins, and after a countout tease, Haskins rolls back in. Young grounds thing until Haskins hits a jawbreaker, but Young hits a lariat for 2. Young takes too long and Haskins fires back with kicks, fighting through the pain, and rolls into a sharpshooter but Young makes the ropes. Young powders and eats an apron knee strike from Haskins. Back in and Haskins counters into the arm bar, transitions to a strange hold but Young makes the ropes. Haskins stomps away at the arm, but Young cuts him off with knee strikes and the anarchist suplex for 2. Haskins fights off the strikes into a cradle for 2. Young counters the charge into a Spicolli driver and double stomp for 2. Haskins counters misery and rolls into the soldier shoulder roll and driver for 2. They work up top, Young hits the Finlay roll and the plunge gets 2. They work to the apron, trading strikes and Haskins hits a superkick, Young gets the cradle with the ropes but the ref breaks it and Haskins pins Young. Mark Haskins defeated Silas Young @ 18:20 via pin

– Young attacks Haskins, low blowing him, and Bully Ray arrives to run down the ref and demands he reverse the decision. Lifeblood makes the save, and Juice cuts a promo on Bully. “You think you’re big and bad with big nuts and a dong down to your knees.” They go face to face, and Juice says he’s answering Bully’s open challenge at MSG.

Sumie Sakai & Jenny Rose vs. Kris Stadtlander & Tasha Steelz vs. Gabby Ortiz & Karissa Rivera: Rose and Stadtlander begin. Stadtlander does some Bray Wyatt crawling, so Sakai tags in and then tags out to Rivera. Steelz tags in and thy lock up, work into a series of counters, and Rivera grounds things. Tags to Rose and Ortiz, Ortiz with a takedown and basement dropkick follows for 1. Rose cuts her off with back elbows, and the suplex gets 2. Tag to Sakai, and the half crab follows. Ortiz works to her feet, Stadtlander tags in and she battles with Rivera. Steelz joins in for double teams and Stadtlander covers for 2. Steelz works over Rivera, but ends up posting herself and we get tags to Sakai and Stadt lander. Sakai runs wild, and follows with a high cross to the floor. Smash mouth connects on Stadtlander, it breaks down and Stadtlander hits a knee strike on Ortiz. Big bang theory finishes it. Kris Stadtlander & Tasha Steelz defeated Sumie Sakai & Jenny Rose and Gabby Ortiz & Karissa Rivera @ 8:45 via pin

– Kelly Klein arrives and says she’s proud of the division and will represent them at MSG as she challenges Mayu Iwatani. She plans to walkout champion, and will be a fighting champion for the company. Sakai doesn’t buy this shit and calls Klein lucky to get a second chance, and says Mayu is much better and will beat Klein.

Champions Villain Enterprises (PCO & King) vs. Briscoes: Jay and King begin; they lock up and break. King takes him to the ropes and follows with chops. Jay fires back and they trade strikes. Jay hits the dropkick and tags in Mark. Double teams follow, but PCO tags in and Mark dares PCO to hit him and they trade chops. Mark fires up and gets backdropped over the post and to the floor. They all brawl to the floor, Mark hits a blockbuster and back in, Jay superkicks PCO and the DVD and froggy bow connects for 2. Mark follows with strikes as quick tags follow. Jay lays in strikes, Mark joins in and fires away at PCO. Double teams follow, but King tags in and works over Jay. PCO back in and King slams PCO onto Jay and follows with a senton. PCO hits the second rope leg drop for 2. King tags back in and they double chokeslam Jay but Mark makes the save. King follows with a cannonball, PCO tags in and King chops him to fire him u but Jay fires back ands tags in Mark. The enziguri follows, and he then dumps PCO onto King on the floor. Mark then hits a twisting moonsault to the floor. The Briscoes get chairs, post PCO and then work over King. Mark gets a table, wipes out PCO as King & Jay brawl. King slams him to the barricade and then tosses Mark off the top and through the table. PCO follows with a suicide dive. King follows with an apron cannonball. King hits an apron chokeslam, PCO up top but misses the senton to the apron as Jay made the save. Jay posts King, back in and Jay hits the top rope splash and froggy bow follows but King makes the save. King gets chairs, and nails Jay for the DQ. The Briscoes defeated Champions Villain Enterprises @ 14:20 via DQ

– They brawl post match, and superplex PCO onto a pile of chairs. They then do it again. The Briscoes then beat down King and Mark dives off the top and puts him through a table.

Kenny King vs. PJ Black: They lockup, work into counters and King grounds the action. Black now looks to work the arm, they work to the ropes and trade chops. King follows with arm drags, and they then trade cradles. Black now grounds things, and they work into a stalemate. King attacks with strikes, but Black hits a spin kick and then an elbow off the top. He hits another and covers for 2. The head scissors follows, but King stuns him off the ropes. They work to the floor, trading strikes, and King then slams him to the barricade. Back in and King covers for 2. He grounds things, hits an XPLODER and follows with a tornillo to the floor. Back in and King grounds things. He then heads up top, gets cut off and Black pops up and hits a RANA and moonsault for 2. King cuts off the dive, but Black fights back and hits a tornillo. Back in and Black hits a top rope double stomp for 2. King counters back with the spinebuster for 2. He follows with kicks and again covers for 2. Black hits a disaster kick and springboard moonsault for 2. King spits at him, and Black hits doctor Black for 2. Black heads up top, King crotches him and hits royal flush for the win. Kenny King defeated PJ Black @ 12:50 via pin

Marty Scurll vs. Shane Taylor: If Taylor wins, he replaces Scurll at MSG. Marty slaps Taylor as he talks trash, they trade shoulder tackles and Taylor takes him down. Taylor misses the apron leg drop and Marty follows with a superkick. He lays in chops and strikes, back in and Marty starts attacking the arm. More chops and strikes follow, and then kicks to the arm. Elbow strikes follow, but Taylor fights off the suplex and tosses Marty across the ring. Taylor dumps him and follows with rights. The tower of London connects and that gets 2. Taylor follows with strikes as he talks shit to Marty. Marty fires back, but Taylor runs him over and covers for 2. Taylor continues to lay in more strikes, lays in chops, and then grounds things. Marty cuts him off with superkicks and follows with an enziguri. He trips up Taylor and hits 619. Marty looks for a suplex, but transitions into a tornado DDT for 2. He looks for graduation, but Taylor counters out and hits the tree slam for 2. Marty counters greeting from 216, but Taylor escapes the chicken wing and hits the clothesline. He misses the second rope splash, Marty attacks the hand and breaks the fingers. He follows with superkicks, but Taylor hits a desperation KO shot but is down holding his hand. Marty finally hits the brainbuster, covering for 2. Matt Taven arrives, distracts Marty, Taylor grabs chain and low bows Marty. The KO shot follows for 3. BUT WAIT, the refs have a meeting and they restart it; Marty taps Taylor with the chicken wing. Marty Scurll defeated Shane Taylor @ 12:55 via submission

Jay Lethal & Jeff Cobb vs. Bandido & Juice Robinson vs. TK O’Ryan & Vinny Marseglia: We get the big brawl to start as the Kingdom bails. Juice and Jay to begin, they lock up and work into a series of counters. They lock up again, trade shoulder tackles and Juice takes him down. They tease finishers, but Jay follows with an arm drag. Cobb tags in and catches Juice and hits a delayed suplex. The Samoan drop and moonsault follow for 2. Juice fires back, hits a clothesline, and tags in Bandido. He flies in with a double stomp, and the standing shooting star pres follows for 2. He follows with a flurry of kicks, covering for 2. Cobb cuts him off with uppercut, tags in Jay and he hits a slam and covers for 2. Vinny distracts him, but Vinny tags himself in and then Juice tags himself in. He delivers chops to Jay, and the cannonball follows. They work into a series of counters, TK tags in and Juice lays him out and dumps Jay. The Kingdom takes Juice to the floor, work him over and then roll him back in. Quick tags and double teams follow, Juice fires back but Vinny cuts him off and tags in TK and he covers for 2. Vinny tags back in, follows with elbow drops and covers for 2. Quick tag follow and TK covers Juice for 2. Juice fires back and lays in jabs until TK cuts him off. Juice fights them off on the floor, but Bandido is pulled to the floor. TK works over Juice, but Vinny tags in and Juice gets the tag to Bandido. He runs wild, hits the tornillo and dropkick, and Spanish fly for 2. Jay takes out TK, it breaks down with Cobb tossing Juice around. Bandido catches Cobb and hits a powerslam and follows with a tornillo onto the pile on the floor. 21 plex follows for 2. Juice KOs Cobb, the Kingdom hits house of a thousand horses, but Jay hits the lethal injection and pins Vinny. Jay Lethal & Jeff Cobb defeated Bandido & Juice Robinson and TK O’Ryan & Vinny Marseglia @ 16:15 via pin