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August 7, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
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I will be doing the coverage in my regular review style; final ratings and extra thoughts will be in the final version of the review. Have a good time chatting, and thanks for joining 411 for your live coverage needs.

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Kalisto & Lince Dorado vs. Buddy Murphy & Tony Nese: Metalik is out with Lucha House Party. Dorado & Murphy to begin; Dorado uses his speed to avoid Murphy, lays in strikes but Murphy cuts him off with a knee strike. Nee tags in and lays the boots to Dorado. Dorado fires back with a RANA and dropkick. Murphy and Kalisto tag in and Murphy cuts of the tornado DDT but Kalisto escapes and hits the rolling kick and spike RANA for 2. Kalisto hits an enziguri but Nese had tagged in and pulls him to the floor. Back in and Nese covers for 2. Nese grounds the action, tags in Murphy, and he lays the boots to Kalisto. He follows with rights, Nese tags back in and Murphy slams Kalisto down and Nese hits a springboard moonsault for 2. Nese maintains control and again covers for 2. Murphy in and lays in knee drops, and the cover gets 1. He works a chinlock now, grounding Kalisto. Kalisto fights to his feet, but Murphy drags him back to the mat. Kalisto again fights to his feet, hits a jawbreaker, and kicks. Kalisto kicks away at Nese & Murphy and gets a sunset flip for 2. Kalisto dumps Nese, but Nese pulls Dorado to the floor and Murphy hits a German for 2. Nese tags in and Kalisto fights for the tag, running Nese into Murphy and tags in Dorado who hits the high cross on both. He follows with kicks and a dropsault for 2. Nese cuts him off with a back elbow, but Dorado counters back with a superkick and hits an inverted suplex for 2 as Murphy makes the save. Nese and Murphy now look for double teams but Dorado hits the double lethal injection. Kalisto in and they hit stereo topes. Back in and Murphy dumps Dorado, Kalisto dumps him and Nese counters salida del sol, Murphy trips Kalisto up and Nese rolls him up with the tights for the win. Buddy Murphy & Tony Nese defeated Kalisto & Lince Dorado @ 10:47 via pin

– Drake meets with Ali, and asks him about his recent hospital stay. Drake is concerned, but Ali assures him he’s fine. We then see Itami saying Ali should have shown him respect.

– We get a Noam Dar video package.

Noam Dar vs. Sean Maluta: Maluta even gets an entrance. Maluta has competed in the CWC and on NXT TV. They lock up and work to the corner. Dar hits a shoulder tackle, Maluta fights him off and they work to the ropes and Maluta attacks. Maluta attacks Dar’s bad knee and takes control. Dar fires back, but Maluta goes right back to the knee. Maluta misses a running cross body, Dar lays in strikes and a throw as we see TJP watching on. Dar trips up Maluta, and follows with the super nova kick for the win. Noam Dar defeated Sean Maluta @ 2:23 via pin [NR]

– We get highlights of Gallagher attacking Alexander last week and Drake Maverick making the save and showing actual authority.

– Alexander says he shouldn’t be surprised at Gulak’s plan. He knows Gulak can’t beat him one on one, and will face Gallagher next week. Gulak agrees to this match on Gallagher’s behalf. He promises to make a better 205 Live, and at Summerslam, when Alexander steps to him, he will tap out.

Mustafa Ali vs. Hideo Itami: Itami flashes some kicks, Ali looks to ground things, Itami fights back and almost hits a ruining kick. They work into some counters and Ali follows with a dropkick and grounded strikes. Ali picks up the pace, avoiding the kicks of Itami and take Itami to he floor and hits a wild somersault tope, and Itami ate feet on that. Back in and Ali heads up top, and the high cross follows for 1. Ali now looks hurt, pausing and favoring his back (playing off of the hospital mention and meeting with Drake), and that allows Itami to attack. Ali tries to fire up, and pulls Itami to the floor and lays in chops. They trade, Itami fires back with kicks and Ali is down. Ali stops Itami from rolling back in so Itami pulls him to he apron and they trade strikes; Itami then John Wooooos him to the post. Itami continues to work him over, just kicking him in the face. Back in and Itami covers for 2. Itami yells about respect as he punishes Ali. He follows with a running knee strike, and covers for 2. Itami grounds things, Ali powers to his feet and gets cut off with a running knee strike. Itami again talks shit, Ali fires back, but Itami lays in kicks. Ali rolls into a crucifix for 2. The enziguri connects, but Itami cuts off the rolling x-factor with a kick to the face. Ali fights off the GTS and hits a dropkick. He follows with clothesline and back elbows, hits the enziguri and now hits the rolling x-factor for 2. Itami fires back with kicks, but Ali hits a superkick, but Itami hits a spinning back fist for the double down. Itami now does the deal with the falcon arrow for a good near fall. Itami takes Ali up top and Ali fights, and dumps Itami to the mat. Ali follows with a sunset flip and rolls into a sitout powerbomb for 2. Itami slams Ali to the buckles, kicks him in the face, and then suplexes Ali to the buckles. The cover gets 2. Itami’s mouth is busted open here. Itami lays Ali against the steps and Ali moves as Itami dropkicks the steps. Ali follows with a tornado DDT to the floor. Back in and Ali up top, and he loses his balance, allowing Itami to get him in the tree of WHOA. Itami hits the dropkick and another. He hits a third and covers Ali and picks up the win. Hideo Itami defeated Mustafa Ali @ 16:17 via pin

– Post match, Ali collapses as he tries to leave the ring. Drake Maverick arrives and calls for help.

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