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August 14, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
WWE NXT 8-14-19

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I will be doing the coverage in my regular review style; final ratings and extra thoughts will be in the final version of the review. Have a good time chatting, and thanks for joining 411 for your live coverage needs.

Csonka’s NXT Review 8.14.19

– Follow all of my reviews at this link.

– We open with highlights fromNXT Takeover: Toronto II.

Fandango & Tyler Breeze vs. The Forgotten Sons: Ryker is at ringside. Cutler and Fandango begin, locking up and Fandango dances his way out of a sunset flip and hits a leg drop. Breeze tags in and backdrops Blake on the floor. Back in and they brawl and Ryker gets involved allowing Cutler to take control. he follows with a back breaker and knee drop for 2. Blake tags in and double teams follow and they cover for 2. The suplex follows and Blake covers for 2. Breeze battles back, hits an enziguri but Ryker pulls Fandango to the floor to stop the tag. The ref tosses him to the back. Tag to Fandango and he runs wild with clotheslines, chops, and then the snap slam on both. The tornado DDT follows and Fandango heads up top, gets cut off and Blake hits a clothesline. Cutler tags in and the RANA and flying head butt follows for 2. Blake back in and Fandango fights them off, dumps Cutler and then Blake. Fandango then follows with a tope. Double teams follow and the slingshot elbow drop follows and Fandango covers for the win. Fandango & Tyler Breeze defeated The Forgotten Sons @ 5:25 via pin

– We get highlights of Dream vs. Strong vs. Dunne from NXT Takeover: Toronto II.

– Dunne comments on the loss, and says he should have won but Dream did what he had to do to retain. But he’ll do what he needs to do take the title from him.

– We get highlights from the NXT Breakout Tournament.

– Next are highlights of the Street Profits beating Undisputed Era NXT Takeover: Toronto II. Undisputed Era commented on the loss, ranting that they wanted to talk with Regal. They claim that they were screwed and that the illegal man was pinned.

– We get a video package on Io Shirai’s heel turn and win over Candice LeRae at NXT Takeover: Toronto II, which was an excellent match.

– Next are highlights from Baszler vs. Yim from NXT Takeover: Toronto II. Post match, Baszler was interviewed and just said… “and still.”

– Next are highlights from Cole vs. Gargano III from NXT Takeover: Toronto II.

– Highlights of the Dain vs. Riddle brawl from NXT Takeover: Toronto II are shown. They face off next week.

Jordan Myles vs. Cameron Grimes: They lock up, working to the ropes. They work into counters, with Myles grounding the action. Grimes counters out and takes control until Myles battles to his feet and they work into counters until Myles dropkicks the knee and covers for 2. The dragon screw follows, and Myles lays in leg kicks. To the floor and Grimes cuts him off with a superman punch and rolls him back in. He lays the boots to Myles, follows with chops and then slams him to the buckles; the cover gets 2. Grimes follows with ground and pound, and then grounds the action, working the arm. Myles fires up but the lariat follows for 2. He grounds things again, Myles fights to his feet and hits a dragon screw. Myles follows with jabs, a running forearm and basement dropkick. They spill to the floor, and then back in, Myles flies in with a high cross for 2. He heads up top but Grimes cuts him off, and the backslide into a dump suplex gets 2. Myles looks for a German, countered, but Myles finally hits it for 2. Grimes looks to roll to the floor, but Myles stops him and Grimes stuns him off the ropes. Myles fires back, and Grimes hits the running Spanish fly for 2. He follows with ground and pound, and then picks him up and Myles counters the running double stomp. Grimes fires back with a superkick, Myles fires back and hits the brainbuster. The 450 follows for the win. Jordan Myles defeated Cameron Grimes @ 9:45 via pin

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