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September 11, 2019 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja

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It’s the final NXT before the move to USA Network!

We open outside where a Chevy Tahoe pulls up. The driver opens the door for an arriving Rhea Ripley. She faces Shayna Baszler tonight.

TONIGHT ~ Johnny Gargano addresses the NXT universe.

Boa vs. Damian Priest

Boa is just about as big as Priest. He looks like a stretched out Akira Tozawa. Priest with some kicks and a shoulder block. He’s confident. Boa comes back from a slap but is tossed with a release Falcon Arrow. Priest pulls him by the air a few times. Boa rallies with a series of kicks and a boot to the chest. Running single leg dropkick connects. His hext run off the ropes is cut off by a discus lariat. Priest adds the Cyclone Kick and Reckoning to win.

Winner: Damian Priest in 2:31 [NR]

A video package runs to promote Roderick Strong’s shot at Velveteen Dream and the North American Title next week on NXT’s USA Network debut.

Johnny Gargano comes out to address the crowd. Lengthy “Johnny Wrestling” chants. Johnny says that everyone wants to know what his future holds. First, he thanks all of the fans because there wouldn’t be a Johnny Wrestling without them. He loves everything about NXT. He has made his choice about his future. Before he can reveal it, Shane Thorne interrupts. Thorne sarcastically calls him “Johnny TakeOver” and says he’s a pillar of NXT. However, NXT will be just fine without him. With the rest guy finally getting the spotlight, he thinks it’ll be even better. Thorne tells him to take his bow and take a walk. Johnny goes to leave but turns around and says he is NXT and he’s not going anywhere. Johnny superkicks Thorne and writes NXT in the air with his hand.

Angel Garza vs. Pete Dunne

Dunne looks annoyed at Garza’s attitude. He goes after the leg and hand, wrenching on the digits. Garza slips free of his grasp as they work the mat and shows off his own skills there. They have a standoff. They trade leap frogs and Dunne with a clothesline. Garza offers his hand but Dunne seizes it. Garza sends him out and removes his pants but Dunne slides in and knocks him outside. Garza hangs him upside down on the apron and superkicks him. Back inside, Garza fires off chops and a knee to the ribs. Dunne avoids a top rope move and lights Garza up with chops. He leaps over Garza with a backflip and hits a step up enziguri. Release German suplex connects. Dunne with a kick to the head for two. Their next exchange sees Garza with a big dropkick of sorts. Dunne comes back with a near fall on a sitout powerbomb. Garza gets Dunne seated on the middle turnbuckle and gets two on a dropkick to the thigh. Dunne kicks at him to get free of his grasp but Garza falls on him for a near fall. Dunne rolls through his grip and stomps on his head. Dunne picks Garza up but eats a popup punt in the corner. Garza taunts and tries a quebrada but Dunne counters into a triangle. he snaps the fingers and Garza taps.

Winner: Pete Dunne in 8:03 [***]

A Street Profits video runs from this past Monday. They’re outside at Central Park. Montez Ford is happy to be in New York and at MSG for Raw. Angelo Dawkins agrees but says they’re missing the NXT Tag Team Titles. That would’ve been something the smoke couldn’t handle. They want to make a statement on the live NXT by taking back their titles.

Cameron Grimes vs. Raul Mendoza

Mendoza goes right after the arm. Grimes finds a way to slip free but gets pulled into La Magistral for two. Garza wins the next exchange as well with a snap rana. He slides to the apron when sent to the apron and takes a dropkick as he attempts to springboard back in. Grimes sends him back in and hits a clothesline. Garza with a step up enziguri, dropkick, and running kick. He walks the top rope into a dropkick and hits a running SSP for two. Each time Grimes gets something going, Mendoza has a way to stop it. He misses the Phoenix Splash and Grimes ends him with the leaping double stomp.

Winner: Cameron Grimes in 3:47 [**]

Candice LeRae barges into William Regal’s office to question why he keeps rewarding Io Shirai despite her actions. Regal understands and agrees with her feelings. He makes the Triple Threat match into a Fatal Four Way next week. Bianca Belair vs. Candice LeRae vs. Io Shirai vs. Mia Yim. The winner faces Shayna for the title. He adds that if Ripley beats Shayna tonight, it might become a Fatal Five Way.

A Dakota Kai vignette runs. She returns but no date is given.

Strong/Dream is set for hour one of NXT on USA next week. For hour two, Killian Dain meets Matt Riddle in a Street Fight. Due to scheduling, only one hour of NXT will be live on USA for the first week or so.

Non-Title Match: Rhea Ripley vs. NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler

Rhea isn’t afraid of Shayna and overpowers her. She goes after the arm and they struggle. Rhea with a body slam attempt but Shayna counters and wants a submission. Rhea counters, Shyana goes back for the arm, and Rhea with a body slam. Rhea misses a boot and gets her leg stuck in the ropes. Shayna kicks at her and has an opening. Shayna applies the hanging Kirifuda Clutch and breaks at the count of four. Rhea dropkicks Shayna off the top and to the outside.Outside, Rhea drops Shayna with an electric chair drop on the steps. She slides Shayna in and follows but out come Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke. Rhea hits Shafir and a Duke distraction allows Shayna to knee her. Rhea blocks a chair shot and hits Shayna, getting DQed.

Winner via disqualification: Shayna Baszler in 5:25 [**3/4]

To end the show, we get a promo from the Undisputed Era. Adam Cole says they’re the reason for the move to USA Network. Next week, Roderick Strong wins the North American Title and they fulfill the prophecy of having all the titles. Strong says he hates Velveteen Dream and that couch that he burned. He gets the title that is rightfully his next week. Cole says they can’t be stopped when they have all the titles. It’s not a threat or a promise. It’s undisputed.

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