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October 2, 2019 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja

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A video package runs showing clips of NXT stars. They are the most exclusive brand of combat in the world and if you’re looking for something more, welcome home. Our first 30 minutes are commercial free.

NXT Championship: Adam Cole [c] vs. Matt Riddle

Cole has a cast on his wrist. Riddle instantly takes Cole down with various slams. Riddle spends the next short while tossing Cole around with ease. Cole takes a powder and gains control after a back elbow. After being worn down, Riddle fights back with strikes and an Exploder. He lands on his feet on a missed Broton, hits a successful one, and adds a PK for two. Fisherman Buster and German suplex also get two. In a wild spot, Cole counters a press slam with a Backstabber for two. Cole stops strikes by stomping on Riddle’s bare feet. They trade strikes with Riddle hitting a huge knee. Cole with a superkick. Riddle with a massive German and then Cole hits his knee brainbuster for an insane near fall. The fight moves to the outside for a short time. Back in, Cole gets his knees up on the Floating Bro. Cole then hits Panama Sunrise for two. Riddle falls on his own so Cole has to stop his Last Shot attempt. He smiles at his downed opponent. Riddle blocks Panama Sunrise and hits the Bro 2 Sleep. Powerbomb connects and a pump knee. Riddle with the Floating Bro for two. Riddle knocks Cole off the top and slingshots in right into a superkick. Cole adds a second Panama Sunrise but he misses the Last Shot. Bromission! Cole Slips free into a pin for two. Riddle pulls him down into an armbar on the bad arm. Cole counters into a crucifix for a near fall. Armbar again but on the other arm. Cole rolls out and clocks Riddle with the cast. Last Shot and Cole retains.

Winner and Still NXT Champion: Adam Cole in 13:49 [****1/4]

Adam Cole’s celebration is cut short by the surprise appearance of Finn Balor! He gets in the ring and asks for a microphone. Finn says that as of now, he’s NXT.

A video package airs to hype Candice LeRae vs. Shayna Baszler for tonight.

Velveteen Dream cuts a promo from a couch surrounded by women. One of them is Brandi Lauren. Dream talks about Roderick Strong and how he had help from the Undisputed Era. But Dream has never said he couldn’t handle more than one man at once. He issues a challenge to Strong for a title shot if Roddy will step out from the Undisputed shadow. When they meet, it’ll be dream over. And Dream snaps his fingers to turn out the lights.

NEXT WEEK ~ Drew Gulak defends the Cruiserweight Title against Lio Rush!

A short video package hypes the CW Title match.

Io Shirai vs. Mia Yim

This stems from the four way a few weeks ago. Mia starts hot and sends Io outside with atomic drop. Mia keeps up the pressure outside until a modified Tiger Feint Kick turns the tide. Commercial break but it’s picture in picture. Io controls things during this break. She takes it back to the 80s with an abdominal stretch. Returning, Io does a dragon screw. Flapjack and a handstand double knee drop leads to a cocky cover for two. Mia rallies with a belly to belly throw. They trade strikes and Mia wins out with kicks. She takes out Io’s legs and gets two on a basement dropkick. Vicious kicks from Mia until Io snaps off a rana for two. Tiger Feint Kick connects for Io and she gets a springboard dropkick. Near fall. Mia gets a close call on Code Blue. Io takes a breather so Mia greets her with a tope suicida. Another commercial and the action stays in the small screen. Back inside, Io gets caught using a handful of tights so the referee doesn’t count. Mia hits Sole Food but that’s not enough. Back from break and Io battles Mia on the top, leading to a superplex. Io nails the moonsault to win.

Winner: Io Shirai in 14:46 [***1/2]

The Outsiders are shown in the crowd.

We see the Street Profits and Bianca Belair arriving together earlier today.

A Tegan Nox vignette airs. She’ll apparently be returning to NXT soon. The video talks about her being snakebitten with injury but fighting back.

Johnny Gargano vs. Shane Thorne

Johnny annoys Thorn by outwrestling him at every turn in the early stages. Thorne turns the tide and targets Johnny’s neck during a commercial break. Again, picture in picture. Returning, Johnny gets it going and sends him outside. He tries a dive but Thorne stops him with an uppercut. Johnny persists and hits the tope anyway. Slingshot Spear inside gets two. Thorne starts firing off offense and comes way close to winning with a powerbomb. They start exchanging strikes. Johnny wins out with a rebound lariat. Johnny goes on a flurry capped with a superkick to a kneeling Thorne that ends it.

Winner: Johnny Gargano in 8:57 [***]

NXT Women’s Championship: Shayna Baszler [c] vs. Candice LeRae

Shayna sends Marina and Jessamyn to the back. She toys with Candice at the start but takes an enziguri. A dropkick sends Shayna to the outside. Springboard cross body by Candice heading into break. Again, picture in picture. Cancide has an Octopus Hold on but Shayna breaks it by going to the corner. They move outside where Shayna throws Candice’s shoulder into the steel steps. She kicks the steps into the arm and Candice is screaming. Corner pump knee gets two. She continues to wrench on the arm. Shayna fights off a German off the apron but still gets taken out. Candice follows with a tope suicida. She adds two more. Inside, Shayna cuts Candice off on top and hits an avalanche gutwrench suplex. Break time. They’re throwing bigger bombs. Shayna gets two a gutwrench suplex. She hits a series o strikes and a brutal pump knee for two. Candice hits a rebound German. She almost gets caught in the Kirifuda Clutch but rolls through and applies her own! Shayna flips her over to get free. She tries the clutch but Candice backs her into the corner. Shayna with the hanging Kirifuda Clutch. Candice slaps her and nails the avalanche swinging neckbreaker. Candice counters the next Kirifuda Clutch into a cradle for two. She hits a layout DDT. Candice misses the quebrada and is put in the Kirifuda Clutch. She fights to get free and gets to her feet only to fall back down. Candice has to tap.

Winner: Shayna Baszler in 14:45 [***3/4]

Stephanie McMahon, Mark Henry, and Alundra Blayze are sitting together in the front row.

A video package airs to hype Imperium’s arrival in NXT and their new rivalry with KUSHIDA.


Danny Burch vs. Pete Dunne

Joint manipulation and wrist work to start from both. It ends with a standoff after some whiffs. Commercial break. Returning, the two trade shots. Dunne flips over him and hits a German followed by stomping on Burch’s hands. Sitout powerbomb gets two. Burch stops his momentum with a headbutt and hits a popup powerbomb. Hanging DDT gets two. Huge right hand by Burch. Enziguri from Dunne. He catches Burch’s hand and snaps the fingers. Bitter End for the win.

Winner: Pete Dunne in 7:14 [***1/4]

Post-match, Damian Priest attacks Pete Dunne and stands over him.

Cathy Kelley interviews Adam Cole. When she mentions the cast, he says that’s not what he used to win. The rest of the Undisputed Era show up to complain about Finn Balor. Cole says to forget him because the focus is on keeping the prophecy fulfilled. They have to get in the zone so Kyle and Bobby can retain.

The main event gets video package treatment.

NXT Tag Team Championship: The Undisputed Era [c] vs. The Street Profits

Wale plays the Street Profits out to the ring and jumps around in the crowd with them. Kyle starts with Angelo, who gets the advantage. The teams stand off but nothing comes of it. Ford and Fish become legal and Ford sends him packing heading into commercial. During the break, the Profits work over Fish with quick tags and fast paced tandem offense.Returning, Ford ends up in trouble and the champions are in the driver’s seat. They use the quick tags to their advantage now. This goes through another commercial break. Ford starts fighting back and sends Fish to the outside. He takes out Kyle with a Rock Bottom. The tag is close but Fish kicks Angelo off the apron. Brilliant. Kyle with rolling butterfly suplexes. The champs bust out the assisted abdominal stretch spot. Ford gets free, slips out of a back suplex and makes the diving tag to Dawkins. He comes in hot and starts with his corkscrew avalanches. He sends Kyle flying into Bobby and Spears Bobby. A DDT to the knee stops Angelo’s momentum. Kyle stops a diving knee on the bad leg and applies a kneebar. Ford pulls Kyle to safety and traps Ford in a guillotine. Ford hits the ropes and drives Fish into Kyle to break the hold. Shortly after, Ford hit the Frog Splash on Fish for a close call. Kyle interrupts an electric chair spot and rolls Fish to safety. Angelo cuts them ouff outside and Ford does a tope con hilo over the turnbuckle and onto everyone. He has Fish set up for a frog splash. Roderick Strong shows up but gets kicked. Angelo Spears him on the apron. The champs hit Hit/Low to retain.

Winners: The Undisputed Era in 20:03 [***3/4]

Adam Cole appears on stage and poses with the NXT Title while his boys are in the ring. He is cut off by the theme of the returning TOMMASO CIAMPA! Ciampa walks around Cole and stares at the title before looking up at him. The two have a staredown to end the show.

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