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December 11, 2019 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja

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A video package recapping last week airs. The focus is on Finn Balor, Keith Lee, and Tommaso Ciampa.

Adam Cole interrupts the video from the production truck. He calls tonight’s main event a joke because none of them have earned this show. The winner punches a ticket for a loss to him.

NXT Cruiserweight Championship: Lio Rush [c] vs. Angel Garza

During introductions, Garza says something to Lio that causes him to attack. Garza smirks at how mad Lio is. They start hot and heavy, spilling to the outside while brawling. Lio gets booed for preventing Garza from ripping off his pants. Their exchanges are wildly quick. Garza uses a dropkick and a corner superkick for a near fall. Garza hangs him up with a launching hot shot onto the top rope. Commercial break time. Garza spends this time wearing Lio down. Returning, Rush gets going with some speedy offense.Garza blocks a springboard rana but still gets sent over and outside. Garz counters Lio’s next big move inside with his own springboard stunner for two. The fight moves up top where Garza hits a step up enziguri. He gets shoved off the top but rolls through and climbs back up for an avalanche Spanish Fly that gets two. They trade shots and both men fall out as they go for strikes. Lio busts out Garza’s Wing Clipper finisher for a near fall of his own. Another close call when Lio counters him into the Come Up. The fans are going wild. Final Hour connects but Garza rolls towards the outside. As he falls out, Lio grabs him but only his pants tear off. Lio wants the Final Hour outside but Garza gets his knees up. He sends Lio in and hits the Wing Clipper for the wildest near fall in a long time. Garza locks him in a Wing Clipper style submission to win the title.

Winner: Angel Garza in 15:16 [****]

A video package airs to hype Rhea Ripley vs. Shayna Baszler. Apparently, we’re getting a Prime Target Network special on it next Tuesday. The Prime Target on Tyler Bate vs. WALTER was fantastic.

We get a pre-taped promo from Balor. He is annoyed at Regal. After everything he’s done for NXT, why should he have to earn this again? He beat Ciampa and Lee has only been relevant for three weeks. His future will be his past next week.

During the break, Angel Garza cut a promo. He says he loves wrestling, the fans, and puts over his family in the front row. He brings his girlfriend into the ring and proposes to her to a huge pop from the crowd. She said yes!

Cameron Grimes vs. Raul Mendoza

This stems from Grimes attacking Mendoza before his match with KUSHIDA last week. Mendoza comes out hot, overwhelming Grimes right from the start. He  misses a springboard 450 and eats a moonsault slam. KUSHIDA walks out for a closer look that distracts Grimes. Mendoza avoids  some shots and they flub a spot. They awkwardly redo it and Mendoza wins with a rana.

Winner: Raul Mendoza in 1:13 [NR]

KUSHIDA steals Grimes’ hat and puts it on.

Cathy Kelley interviews Mia Yim about facing Dakota Kai tonight. Mia says Dakota took War Games from her and this won’t be a wrestling match. It’ll be a fight and Dakota will take a ride in an ambulance.

A vignette airs hyping Travis Banks. He’ll represent NXT UK in an upcoming Worlds Collide preview.

Jaxson Ryker vs. Travis Banks

Banks was a favorite of mine in 2017 but has fallen off since 2018 began. Ryker immediately pie faces Banks and dumps him outside. Banks responds with a kick fro the apron but gets leveled on his tope suicida attempt. Ryker pounds away inside. Banks gets an opening and fires off a dropkick and cannonball attack. Ryker turns him inside out on a shoulder block but Banks answers with a missile dropkick. Slice of Heaven hits for three.

Winner: Travis Banks in 2:46 [*1/2]

Dakota Kai vs. Mia Yim

Mia explodes with a dropkick and fires off chops. She remains in control and applies the Tarantula before hitting a missile dropkick. Things move outside where Mia hits a cannonball into the steel steps. Commercial time. Returning, Dakota starts a comeback and hits the running corner boot. Mia catches a boot and drops it into a stunner. She reels off strikes and picks up a near fall. Snap belly to belly works for Mia but Code Blue is avoided. She gets it on her second attempt for two. Dakota gets two on a sitout powerbomb. She misses the big boot and gets kicked in the leg before taking a German suplex. Dakota gets in trouble and takes the knee brace. The referee stops her but she catches Mia with a big boot. She undoes the turnbuckle and sends Mia into it. A rollup follows and Dakota wins.

Winner: Dakota Kai in 9:58 [***1/4]

A frustrated Mia Yim attacks after the match and throws Dakota around through the crowd. She sets up a table. Mia takes them up a level and hits a back suplex through the table. Mia gets up but not Dakota and she poses over her fallen enemy.

A Keith Lee video package airs.

Breezango vs. The Singh Brothers

Sunil starts against Breeze and is hit with a Backstabber for two. Fandango gets tagged for a bit but when Breeze enters, the Singhs take over. They keep Fandango at bay and hit Breeze with the Bollywood Blast. Fandango gets the mild tag and comes in hot. Avalanche Falcon Arrow is followed by another Falcon Arrow on the other Singh but the pin is broken. Apron powerbomb by Fandango and a tope from Breeze. Leg drop ends it inside.

Winners: Breezango in 4:15 [*3/4]

Now we get a look at Rhea Ripley, which seems to be a piece from the Prime Target special.

Bianca Belair vs. Kayden Carter

Quick pace to start with Carter using speed to avoid Bianca. When Bianca does get her, she uses her strength for things like a backbreaker into a stomachbreaker. She keeps on the pressure with shoulder thrusts in the corner. Bianca carries her while squatting. Carter tries to counter with a rollup but Bianca deadlifts her and slams her down. A slingshot suplex follows but Carter gets her knees up on a moonsault. Carter does a cartwheel on the apron and superkicks Bianca. Inside, Bianca avoids a handspring attack and delivers a Spear. The KOD wraps it up.

Winner: Bianca Belair in 4:51 [**]

Adam Cole comes down to the ring. Looks like he’ll be taking a closer look at the main event.

A Tommaso Ciampa video package runs.

Number One Contender’s Match: Finn Balor vs. Keith Lee vs. Tommaso Ciampa

They all go right after each other at the start. Lee and Ciampa get a kick out of beating up Balor together. Ciampa tries a DDT on Lee but can’t get it so Finn rolls him up for two. Lee takes both out with a slingshot cross body heading into commercial. Returning, Lee is on fire and running over both men. Balor goes after him but takes a club to the back. It takes them both to get him down. Ciampa hits a running boot on Finn and a running knee to knock Lee outside. Ciampa hits them both with hanging DDTs and pays himself on the back. Ciampa starts going after Lee but can’t lift him up. Lee wrecks him with a double chop to the back and chest. Finn enters at the right moment and double stomps on Lee. Lee cuts off the corner dropkick and puts both men down. He starts in with corner avalanches before throwing Finn into Ciampa. They go to break as all three men come crashing down off the top rope. Picture-in-picture time. Finn has Ciampa set up for 1916 but Lee interrupts and sends him to the apron. He knocks Finn outside with Ciampa, who gets up and DDTs Lee onto the apron. Returning, Ciampa has Finn set up for an avalanche Air Raid Crash. Lee gets Ciampa up in the electric chair and sends them all tumbling back. It’s a rough landing. Lee misses a moonsault and Finn rolls him for a clear near fall. Lee blocks Slingblade and wants the Spirit Bomb. Balor counters in midair into the Coup de Grace. Balor sends Ciampa outside and hits a tope con hilo onto Lee. Inside, Finn misses the Coup de Grace on Ciampa and gets hit with the Pounce. Ciampa chop blocks Lee and gets him for the Air Raid Crash, successfully hitting it for two. Ciampa runs into a spinebuster. Lee gets two on a moonsault. He gets Ciampa up for the Spirit Bomb. He hits it but as soon as he lands, Baloe comes off the top witht eh Coup de Grace to win.

Winner: Finn Balor in 18:08 [***3/4]

Adam Cole has a staredown with Balor from the aisle and is joined by the Undisputed Era to close the show.

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