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May 28, 2024 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
WWE NXT 5-28-24 Image Credit: WWE

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Hello everyone, and welcome to our live WWE NXT coverage on 411! Jeremy Thomas here as usual, and NXT is barreling along toward Battleground with another show tonight. We’ll see Gallus continue to push their takeover of NXT as they take on Trick Williams and Je’Von Evans, while Roxanne Perez will find out who she is defending the NXT Women’s Championship against at the PPV. We’ll also see two more NXT Women’s North American Title Qualifiers take place in Kelani Jordan vs. Wren Sinclair and Michin vs. Tatum Paxley, while Ridge Holland and Riley Osborne do battle over their recent tensions. And Sexyy Red will be in the house, which will be a thing I suppose.

Here at Thomas HQ, I slowed down just a bit on my movie-watching compared to last week but still got a solid amount of films seen. My MCU rewatch continued with Thor: The Dark World — the worst film in the franchise — as well as two of the best in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy while Avengers: Age of Ultron is merely okay and suffers in comparison to other Avengers films in particular. I also did a rewatch of Late Night with the Devil which remains pretty fantastic and near the top of my 2024 list thus far.

In terms of new watches I checked out the 1994 Danish horror film Nightwatch which was solid for the most part, and this year’s Tarot which was very NOT solid. Finally, I watched The First Omen which I enjoyed a lot, even if I had some issues with it.

Meanwhile on TV, I have remained caught up on We’re Here season four (which continues to get me emotional with every episode) and finished out The Jinx season two, which was good if not the game changer season one was — though frankly, how could it be? I’m still loving RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars season nine and am firmly on Team Gottmik, and at long last watched the final episodes of The Good Place which I had lost track of in its final season. Best series finale ever? If not, it’s close.

Anyway, we’re gonna have a lot to cover tonight so let’s hop right in.

As a reminder, the GoFundMe for Larry’s daughters is still active and if you can make a donation, that would be awesome. Thank you so much to everyone who’s done so thus far.

* We’re LIVE in the Capitol Wrestling Center and Ava is in the ring with what looks like the Women’s North American Championship under a red cloth. She welcomes us to NXT where the best women’s division is. She says they’re constantly breaking barriers and making history, and in two weeks we’ll find out who will climb the ladder to become the first NXT NA Women’s Champion. The last two competitors will be decided tonight, and we have a special guest. She introduces the hit-dropping, show-stopping Sexyy Red.

Red makes her way out and down to the ring. Ava welcomes her to NXT and says they’re thrilled to have her. She says Red has a special announcement for Battleground, and Red says she’ll be hosting the show in Vegas. Ava says she has one more thing for Red to do and we get a drumroll before she unveils the championship and parades it around — and Tatum Paxley is here! She tries to yank the title away from Red and Michin runs out to attack Tatum! She dumps Tatum to the floor and follows to beat on her, throwing her into the guardrail. Michin boot chokes Tatum and rolls her in the ring.

NXT North American Women’s Championship Qualifier
Tatum Paxley vs. Michin

Michin batters Tatum on the mat and chops her in the corner, then whips her across the ring and stomps her down. Another hard whip across the ring, Michin moves in but Tatum nails her in the gut. Michin still on the attack, Tatum whipped across the ring but ducks a charging kick and stomps Michin down.

Tatum slams Michin into another corner and boot chokes her as Jaida Parker comes out to watch. Tatum whips Michin across the ring and charges but is put on the apron, Michin with a baseball slide dropkick to send her to the floor and a BIG dive as we go to PIP break.

We’re back as Michin pushes Tatum’s Paxley’s shoulders to the mat for a two-count in order to break a bodyscissors. Tatum whips Michin into the ring but Michin changes direction and pounces Tatum. Michin with strikes and a big kick, followed by a release German suplex. Headbutts in the corner puts Tatum on the mat, Michin with a cannonball and cover for two.

Tatum counters an Eat Defeat with a pumphandle flip slam for two. Back suplex gets another nearfall. Tatum off the ropes but Michin up, Tatum Matrix dodges and Michin stops in the rope. They crawl to each other and go forehead to forehead before Michin counters a pumphanlde into a roll-up for two. Eat Defeat, that finishes it.

Winner: Michin (9:11)
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: A little repetitive to start put it picked up after the PIP break. Perfectly fine match here.

* Joe Coffey is backstage with Mark and says Ava has been difficult but gave them a slap at the wrist. He says that only two are allowed at ringside and Ora Mensah walks up angry that they jumped Noam Dar. Mark says if they’d jumped Noam, they’d know it. Joe says he thought better of them and the Coffeys walk off. Ora thinks Trick did it, Lash says he didn’t and Ora walks off to find Trick.

* We get a recap of Lola Vice attacking Shayna on last week’s show before Shayna wen t after her and Ava made the NXT Underground match for Battleground.

* Lola is shadowboxing backstage as Arianna Grace walks in and asks as a locker room leader if she intends to go through another barbaric NXT Underground match? Lola says absolutely. Grace says that she understands the Latina fire was burning hot last week, but Shayna is dangerous. Lola says so is she and Grace can find out how dangerous she is first-hand. She leaves and Ariana says “Oh shit!”

Riley Osborne vs. Ridge Holland

Circle and lockup from the two, Ridge backs Riley into the ropes and Riley brings it back to the center but gets yanked down. Lock back up, Riley backed into the ropes, Riley slaps Ridge off the break. Osborne with strikes to Ridge but gets cut off with knees to the gut. Euro uppercut by Ridge and then a judo takedown into a headlock.

Riley gets to his feet and fights out of the hold, but gets decked and then chopped hard a couple of times. Riley answers with one of his own but is chopped into the corner. Snapmare into a crossface by Holland. Osborne to his feet but gets put back down, Ridge with a chinlock. Riley’s back up, ducks a shot and hits a dropkick and then locks in a front facelock. Holland back up with a short-arm clothesline to break the hold.

Riley sent hard into the corner as Thea cringes. Ridge says he doesn’t want to do this then nails a Euro uppercut before sending Osborne hard into the corner. Another whip but Riley springboards into a takedown. Enzuigiri by Riley, standing shooting star press off the ropes for two. Ridge back up and spears Riley through the ropes as we go to break.

We’re back as Ridge has Riley in a chinlock in the center of the ring. Osborne gets to his feet and hits a jawbreaker, then comes off the ropes but gets caught in a sleeper. Ridge breaks it for an elbow to the back of the head, press slam but Riley counters out and hits a dropkick. Osborne goes up top but Ridge grabs him for a press slam to the mat. Ridge charges in for an avalanche and release belly to belly suplex, cover gets two.

Ridge grabs Riley and throws him hard into the second rope. Riley is on the apron and Ridge grabs him, pulling him in the ring to pick him up on his shoulder. He goes for a powerslam, Riley slides off and hits a superkick to send Ridge to the floor. Springboard dropkick sends Ridge back to the floor, Riley dives through the ropes and gets decked!

Ridge goes to grab the steps but Thea stops him. He rolls Riley him and follows — Osborne with a roll-up for two. They trade blows in the ring, Riley into the ropes and clotheslines Ridge. Dropkick, then overhand chops in the corner. Ridge shoves him out, Riley charges but Ridge dodges and trips him, then hits the Redeemer for the three-count.

Winner: Ridge Holland (11:20)
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: Very competant match between these two, but it never hit a higher gear.

Post-match Ridge pulls Riley up and offers a hand, but Riley exits the ring and leaves with Duke.

* Kelly Kincaid asks The O.C. about the tag champs and Karl Anderson says they get the silent treatment. Gallows says they’re tired of getting ducked and Karl says they’ve had title reigns longer than Axiom and Frazer have been champions. Gallows says the beatdowns will continue until they get a title shot. Karl says they can keep running or put the titles on the line. They leave and apparently something is going on backstage.

* We go to where Ora Mensah has been beat up and is holding his neck.

Edris Enofe & Malik Blade vs. The O.C.

Anderson goes right at Edris but Edris goes into the ropes, blind tag and he and Blade knock Anderson down for a one-count. Blade plays hit and run with Anderson, Edris tags in and comes off the rope with a shot to the neck for two. Blade tags in, Anderson into the ropes, double drop toe-hold and dropkick, they nail Gallows as he runs in. Anderson shoves Blade into Edris, who falls into Brinley and he loses focus as we go to break.

We’re back with Gallows wearing Blade down with a chinlock on the mat. Edris is looking upset in the corner. Back up, Gallows batters Blade into the corner and beats him down, then picks him up for a BIG shot to the head. Anderson tags in, whip into the hostile corner and then one into a neutral corner. Anderson batters Blade with Euro uppercuts and tags in Gallows, who hits a big kick and then a snap suplex. Cover gets two.

Gallows locks in a double fishhook but Blade up and hits a jawbreaker. He goes for the tag but Anderson has distracted Edris. Gallows grabs Blade and pulls him back,slamming him down. Back suplex but Blade floats out and tags in Enofe, who cleans house on The O.C. Dropkicks to Anderson and then Gallows in the corners, bulldog to Gallows, Anderson knocked to the floor, Edris goes up top — he leaps but Gallows moves. Gallows goozles Edris for the chokeslam, Anderson tags in, Blade taken out, Magic Killer, that’s it.

Winner: The O.C. (9:04)
Rating: ***
Thoughts: Gallows and Anderson always work best against smaller tag teams, and this was a great example of that. They let Blade and Enofe get their moments and sold well enough, while looking very strong.

Post-match, Axiom and Frazer hit double missile dropkicks on The O.C. and knock them from the ring. Frazer says they’re fraudulent clowns and aren’t getting anywhere near the titles. Axiom cuts him off from saying they’re the biggest pieces of… and says that they’re saying that they will see The O.C. at Battleground.

* Dante Chen talks about his win over Lexis King and how he saw others get opportunities, and he told himself to stay ready. He says he’ll always remember the response from the crowd and says the NXT Universe stayed on his side week in and week out on NXT Level Up. He’ll stay ready for his next opportunity.

* Chen is being congratulated by the guys backstage and King walks in, calling it a fluke win. Lexis says he’ll never get that again and Chen is up for a rematch — tonight. King says Chen’s 15 minutes are over.

* Roxy WALKS backstage.

* Trick and Je’Von are backstage and Trick thanks Je’Von for having his back last week. He says they will need to be on their A-Game and Sexyy Red walks in. They promote Red’s new album and she says she’s enjoying NXT. She wishes them good luck and Je’Von suggests she come out with them tonight against Gallus. She says “Let’s talk about it.”

* Roxy is here! She walks out to the ring and gets a mic, then asks if we can all acknowledge that she’s the only woman in WWE that has appreciated the title from the beginning. She says from the moment she won the title in 2.0 to regaining it at the biggest S&D of all time, she’s seen it jump from waist to waist from women who use it as a stepping stone to get to something bigger and better.

Roxy says she’s the only one truly committed to the title and began training at 13 to work her way toward it. No one else can say they’ve trained for it for nine years. She never cared about Raw or Smackdown, and to everyone else it represent the future but to her it’s true greatness which is what she is. And she finds it really, really, really disrespectful that she has to come out and find out her Battleground opponent like this. She says as the face of the best women’s division in all of wrestling, she deserves to be treated better. But it’s okay, because she can play that game too.

Ava is out here! She says she believes Roxy is a great champ, but the question is whether she will still be champ after Battleground. She’ll defend the title against…JORDYNNE GRACE.

FUCKING JORDYNNE GRACE. Grace is here and walks into the ring, TNA Knockouts Title in hand! The crowd chants “HOLY SHIT!” And rightfully so. Grace says some of you may remember her from the Rumble earlier this year. But in case they don’t, she will introduce herself. She’s the TNA Knockouts Champion, Jordynne Grace. Grace says Roxy is a great champion and has built her name in NXT like she has in TNA. But she wants to know who has the bigger foundation. So she’s challenging Roxy at Battleground to find out, and she’s fully prepared to leave Las Vegas a double champion.

Okay, that’s legitimately insane and I love it.

* Eddy Thorpe gets a vignette talking about how to most, fire is destructive but for his people, it’s a spiritual doorway and a way for healing. After months of staring into the fire, he’s ready to lead the way for his family and all Indigenous people. He says he’s been reborn.

* Chase U is backstage and Andre says that things should be resolved after the match earlier. Riley says that it’s not over and he doesn’t trust Ridge. Duke says he sees Riley’s point and they walk off together, Thea blusters away in another direction and Ridge walks up. He shares some quick comments with Chase, thanking him for setting the match up, then leaves.

Arianna Grace vs. Lola Vice

Circle, Grace tries to calm Lola down and ducks a punch, hitting a backslide for two. She gets a roll-up for another two and blocks a kick, then flips over into a jackknife pin for two. Lola hits an axe kick and then follows Grace into the corner, Grace with a back elbow and kicks Lola away, but Lola with a bit shot to the face and then whips her into the corner where she batters Grace.

Lola hits a hip check in the corner and pulls Grace to the center of the ring, but Grace pushes her off and takes over. Whip into the corner, charging elbow and a suplex. Grace goes into the ropes but is hit with a spinning backfist for three.

Winner: Lola Vice (2:13)
Rating: N/A
Thoughts: RIP Arianna Grace.

Lola has a mic after and says next Sunday, Shayna has one of two options: Lola taps her own or knocks her out. She says “You choose, bitch!”

Baszler is here! She charges down but officials hold both her and Lola back.

* We get a vignette for Carlee Bright, who says she has dedicated her life to cheerleading and had a Division 1 scholarship at the University of Minnesota. When she graduated she know she could use her athletic skills for her and wrestling became her new love. She says NXT’s Ray of Sunshine has officially arrived.

* Natalya is backstage with Carlee and Karmen and congratulates Carlee. Izzi Dame walks in and talks trash but Karmen steps in and says she won’t talk to a living legend like that, or walk into the locker room with her big negative energy. Izzi asks if Karmen thanked her partner for her win last week and it turns into a brawl.

* Charlie Dempsey is furiously working out backstage and Damon Kemp walks up and asks if he’s alright. He says no, he lost a part of himself since he lost the Heritage Cup. He says that they need structure like the D’Angelo Family if they want to get to the top of NXT. Myles Borne says he’ll take on Tony next week and Dempsey says no, Kemp will. He makes Kemp say “capice” several times and then leaves.

* In NXT Medical as Ora is being looked at, Jakara says that they need to get to the bottom of these attacks. Lash says that she’ll ask Trick and knows he won’t lie to her.

Lexis King vs. Dante Chen

Chen ducks a charge by King and batters him, then hits a big splash and a big boot off the ropes. Chen sends King into the corner, reversed, and King hits a kick and then beats Chen down. He says he’s not playing with Chen and batters him on the mat.

King says Chen doesn’t deserve it and picks Chen up for a suplex — Chen counters with an inside cradle for two. Back up, Chen lays into King with strikes, but King with a short-arm lariat. Jackhammer by King, cover gets two.

King yells at the ref and Chen crucifix pins him!

Winner: Dante Chen (1:41)
Rating: N/A
Thoughts: Another win by Chen, taking advantage of King’s arrogance. It was what it was.

King attacks Chen after the bell and beats him down, then drags him to the apron by his hair. King lays in strikes and then yanks him to the floor, then hits a Drive By. He rips up the ringside mat and goes for a Coronation, nailing it on the edge of the mat before yelling at Chen.

* We get a vignette with Josh Briggs. He says his goals were too big, too early and he got a little brother and little sister. He says their goals diverged and he had to find his own success. He got some wins but hasn’t figured out who he is. But best believe, he’s going to find out.

* Shawn Spears was watching that with a smile when Kelly walks up to him. He calls Briggs another troubled soul in need of guidance and says he’s troubled by the youth here, who are wandering down the path of uncertainty. There’s one who is close but doesn’t have it. He’s been there too, so he’ll guide them down that path and will be the answer.

* The Family is backstage and Tony walks up, saying that the NCQQ is coming after them and nothing is done until they get past him. Tony says the cup is growing on him, but to the NCQQ it’s like his liver. He tells Luca to look up those NCQQ rules and Stacks asks if they need to take someone for a ride, but Tony says they’ll beat them at their own game.

NXT North American Women’s Championship Qualifier
Wren Sinclair vs. Kelani Jordan

Fallon Henley is on commentary. Lockup to star and Wren with a headlock takedown. They do some counterwrestling and go back up, show of respect and a lockup. They trade wristlocks, Wren knocks Kelani down and goes back to the wristlock. More reversals, Kelani springboard armdrags Wren down and hits a dropkick.

Wren counters an armdrag with an X-Factor, but Kelani sends her to the outside and hits a corkscrew crossbody on her. She rolls Wren back in, splash but Wren rolls through for two. Into the ropes, Wren with a sunset flip and Kelani bridges through for a cover, Wren counters, both get two, they continue to trade the pin attempts, Wren breaks a backslide, but Kelani with a back suplex and then a split-legged moonsault for three.

Winner: Kelani Jordan (3:15)
Rating: ** 1/4
Thoughts: It was athletic as hell, but was an afterthought of a match to be sure. Not much to see here.

After the match, Fallon looks annoyed.

* Vic runs down the NXT Battleground card.

* Stevie Hunter walks in on Ava’s office and says she has been busting her ass on NXT Level Up and didn’t get an invite to the Women’s Combine. She asks Mr. Stone to give her a shot like he did Dante Chen. She keeps cutting them off and Jordynne Grace walks in and says she couldn’t help but overhear. She challenges Stevie to a match for next week.

* Gallus WALKS backstage. So do Trick, Je’Von, and Sexyy Red.

* Kelly is with Wes Lee who is happy he made it to NXT Battleground but hates that he had to share the #1 contenders win with Joe Coffey. My feed goes wonky and Oba Femi is there, saying that the Title will stay with him. Wes Lee says he’s made a career showing people like him, they’re wrong.

Set For Next Week:
– Damon Kemp vs. Tony D’Angelo
– Jordynne Grace vs. Stevie Turner
– Thea Hail vs. Jazmyn Nyx
– Inside Look at Shayna Baszler vs. Lola Vice

Gallus vs. Trick Williams & Je’Von Evans

Trick Williams goes after Mark Coffey to start. Headlock, Trick shot into the ropes, he runs over Mark and then bodyslams him. Evans tags in, he springboard off and Joe Coffey runs into a rana. Trick and Je’Von outside to pose with Red. Evans back in, Joe gets the blind tag and pulls the ropes down. Joe pounces Je’Von into the steps as we go to PIP break.

We’re back and Mark has Je’VCon in a sitting chancery. Evans gets to his feet and tries to fight his way out, and my feed gets wonky AGAIN for about five seconds. We’re back as Joe hits a couple elbowdrops and covers for two. Joe with knee strikes and charges, Evans with a back bodydrop. He goes for the tag, Joe grabs him but he flips into an inverted DDT and makes the hot tag!

Trick in and lays out Joe, he does the same to Mark and nails a flapjack. DOUBLE uranage, he covers for a double pin for two. Trick lays in forearms to Joe, Irish whip but Joe turns around and hits a headbutt. mark tags in, double back suplex for two. Joe moves in but gets kicked in the head, Evans leaps in and (kinda) hits a cutter on Joe. Trick lays out Mark and gets back to his feet, they trade shots. Mark pushes Trick into the ropes and comes off, he hits with a big enzuigiri, cover gets two.

Joe goes for the title to nail trick with but Red plays tug of war with it and Evans leaps over the ropes onto Joe! Trick with the Trick Shot for three.

Winner: Trick Williams & Je’Von Evans (8:35)
Rating: ***
Thoughts: Solid main event all in all. Evans’ missed cutter aside, everything was good.

Lash is out here now after the match and walks to0 the ring. Red and Evans leave, Lash tells Trick to be honest with her: did he attack Noam and Ora? Trick gets the mic and says “Look, Lash…” The lights goes out and when it comes back, ETHAN PAGE IS HERE! ETHAN PAGE ATTACKED TRICK! Ethan gets the mic and says he took out Ora and Noam! “Whoop that Trick? Yeah, I’m about to.” He hits a charging knee to Trick and then picks up the NXT Title to pose with it.

And with that, we’re done for the night!

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