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December 2, 2020 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja

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We start with a moment of silence for Pat Patterson with everyone on stage. That’s followed by a video package set to “My Way.”

Damien Priest and Leon Ruff vs. Legado Del Fantasma

Priest requested to replace Curt Stallion here to make sure Ruff makes it to TakeOver. Johnny Gargano is on commentary. Ruff demands to start and holds his own against Mendoza. Escobar enters but then Ruff tags out and Priest starts throwing people around. He seems happy to be the biggest man in the match. Priest gets distracted by Ghostface in the crowd, allowing him to get taken out with a tope suicida. Commercial time. Returning, Priest is getting isolated and Ruff is also down on the outside. Priest gets worn down by a kneebar but fights back. He can make the hot tag and hesitates before finally agreeing. Ruff with a dropkick and rana as soon as he enters. However, he misses a blind tag as he lights up Escobar. Mendoza sneaks in with a dropkick. It forces Ruff to have to make his own hot tag. Priest with a flapjack and big right hand. As Priest sets up for the Reckoning. Ruff tags in. Priest hits the move on Mendoza and Ruff adds a frog splash to win.

Winners: Damien Priest and Leon Ruff in 12:22

A recap airs of Pete Dunne’s win over Kyle O’Reilly last week.

A video is shown to hype The Undisputed Era after their return last week. We see them in suits in a limo talking about how they’ve run NXT since they arrived, which we get footage of. They’re ready to whoop some ass in War Games.

Team Candice is interviewed and they laugh at how the other unit is barely even a team. Raquel Gonzalez promises to make Shotzi feel like she got run over by a tank tonight.

August Grey vs. Cameron Grimes

Grimes jumps Grey to get the upper hand. Grey weathers the storm and nearly steals it with a cross body. He does the same with a rollup. Then, Grimes puts him down with the Cave In.

Winner and going TO THE MOON: Cameron Grimes in 2:21

Post-match, Cameron Grimes starts talking smack and whipping Grey with a strap. At some point, Dexter Lumis replaces Grey and scares Grimes before whipping him.

Jake Atlas vs. Tony Nese

Jake Atlas apparently dedicates this to Pat Patterson. Atlas is hot to start and hits a tope suicida that sends Nese into the announce table. Nese turns it around inside as a split-screen shows us that Pat McAfee and the rest of The Brand arrive. I apologize but some stuff distracted me during this match. I have to be honest. I caught the finish as Atlas won with his sweet cartwheel DDT.

Winner: Jake Atlas in 5:23

Atlas is interviewed after the match and says that he’s the kind of guy who will pick himself back up after struggles. He’s not NXT Cruiserweight Champion but he’s building momentum to get another shot.

It’s time to hear from Pat McAfee and co. Pat shows love to Pat Patterson before dissing The Undisputed Era and their video package earlier. He says he spent the money to get these three guys with him and that’s not counting the car he bought Ridge Holland. He says he wasn’t under the mask last week but the guy was probably handsome. War Games isn’t about another Undisputed main event. It’s about guys like Burch and Lorcan finally getting their due. Dunne finally speaks, saying they’ll end the Undisputed Era on Sunday. That’s not undisputed, it’s a promise.

A Grizzled Young Veterans vignette airs.

Time for another weird vignette for Boa, Xia Li, and their training. They keep dunking themselves underwater at the behest of some dude.

Ever-Rise vs. Grizzled Young Veterans

Ever-Rise gets jumped by Imperium before Grizzled Young Vets can even hit the ring. Marcel Barthel says that the division belongs to them. That leads to a match.

Grizzled Young Veterans vs. Imperium

The teams get intense from the start, with Barthel talking smack as he works over James Drake. A sweet tandem back suplex spot keeps Drake on the defensive. Aichner wails on him in the corner. Drake manages to tag Gibson, who runs over Aichner and sends Barthel off the apron. Aichner fights back with a fireman’s carry and some chops. Things break down and the teams argue heading into break. Returning, Gibson has the upper hand but that gets turned around and he’s hung out to try for a dropkick sandwich. That leads to a near fall. Barthel tosses Gibson around and hits a butterfly suplex. However, his move off the middle rope leads ot a chop to the throat. Still, Gibson eats a spinebuster, soccer kick and gutwrench suplex for two. Drake gets the tag and comes in hot, firing off on everyone. He is launched off the top into Aichner, who catches him with an impressive brainbuster but that only gets two. All four men start brawling but then Gibson is nailed outside by Barthel. Aichner rolls up Drake for two and is also sent outside. Aichner takes everyone out with a springboard plancha. Ever-Rise run back out and attack Imperium for a DQ.

Winners via DQ: Imperium in 14:05

Ever-Rise also attack GYV.

During the break, Ever-Rise bailed on an interview and escaped in their car. They said tonight, what happened was that Ever-Rise rules.

Timothy Thatcher is in the ring for some Thatch-As-Thatch-Can. The lesson today is “distractions,” since people often distract folks in NXT. He makes note of guys sitting at ringside for matches, which is what Tommaso Ciampa did last week. As Thatcher goes to turn around to his student, Ciampa is already there. Thatcher says he has no problem with him and leaves, so Ciampa calls him a disappointment. Thatcher takes him down but Ciampa fights him off. Then, the student attacks Ciampa and they double team him. Ciampa fights them off but Thatcher puts him to sleep with a guillotine of sorts.

Timothy Thatcher is interviewed about how he could’ve been setting Ciampa up. However, Thatcher says he didn’t know the student would do that but he’s impressed. Ciampa just learned about distraction. I couldn’t tell but it looked like Malcolm Bivens may have been talking to someone in the background

War Games Advantage Ladder Match: Raquel Gonzalez vs. Shotzi Blackheart

Shotzi explodes at the bell with a dropkick and adds more kicks to Raquel’s legs. They move outside and Raquel is sent into the ladder before Shotzi wrecking ball dropkicks it into her. She flies at Raquel but is caught and slammed onto the ladder. Raquel sets it up inside but Shotzi gets on her back with a choke. Raquel fights her off and they head back outside. Shotzi comes off the guardrail with a Coffin Drop. Raquel boots her into the steel steps twice heading into break. Returning, Shotzi wants a tornado DDT on the apron but they flub it and both women fall. Raquel blocks a move on the apron and drives Shotzi face first into it. As she climbs the ladder, Shotzi pulls her arm and brings her face first into the ladder. They both fall to the mat. They stop each other from climbing a few times. Shotzi finds a way to drive Raquel into the ladder with her cannonball attack. With Raquel outside, Shotzi flies off the top with a failed Meteora of sorts that looked brutal. Team Candice watches from the podium and Indi Hartwelll sets them up with a way to leave and head to the ring. They do but so does Team Shotzi. Indi climbs but Shotzi cuts her off and is then taken out by Raquel. The teams brawl outside as Raquel climbs but Io Shirai springboards in onto Raquel’s back and puts her in a sleeper. Raquel survives but is sent outside and then Io takes everyone out with a huge moonsault. Shotzi is alone in the ring and she climbs the ladder, securing the win.

Winner: Shotzi Blackheart in 14:43

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