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July 6, 2020 | Posted by Tony Acero

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Ready for a five-star Sasha Banks match?

RAW starts proper with the WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre.

He brings up the Horror Show, but he’s not talking about RAW. He mentions the contract signing and how he allowed Dolph to pick the stipulation. He could pick a cage match; with no escape. A No Holds Barred Match, but his fists are already weapons. In fact, thy could have a match at th edge of a cliff by a volcano with sharks swimming with laser beams attached to their freakin heads. Either way, he’s going to win, is the gist of his message. He asks Dolph to stop wasting time and come out to let us know what it is.

Dolph’s music hits, and he comes out all straight-haired and full of volume. He says the world came to see his stipulation. He says his stipulation is a secret. Drew screwed up, giving him the opportunity to decide the stipulation. Why was he dumb enough? Cuz he’s the same ol Drew. He’s a backstabber.

Drew says he’s the champion, and for Dolph not to forget it. Dolph says his resume is bigger than Drews. He says from 2014-2017, there’s a big blank page.

Drew says he was fired, and he hopes he inspires. Here’s a friendly reminder. The man Dolph is talking to is a the same man that beat Brock in five minutes then beat The Big Show.

Dolph says there’s a list a mile long that Drew left behind for that title. It’s not just Dolph. He brought someone here that he did the same thing to.

It’s Heath Slater! The “Free Agent,” as his shirt denotes. Commentary wonders about his experience, thinking he was fired.

Heath walks into the ring, he’s got a mic. Heath laughs it off, says opportunity – Drew doesn’t get it. Heath has known him for over ten years. They go way back. History between them two…he remembers when Drew first came to the states, before all the peach fuzz on the face. Drew was one of the first to get called up to the main roster: The Chosen One. Back then, Drew wasn’t the chosen one. Now, this guy, this is The Chosen One. We all see it. Heath wants to go back to April. He was at home, with his kid, watching Drew take on Brock – Heath jumped up, screamed, and cried after Drew won. Those tears were shed for Drew. Why? Because he loves Drew. Joy in his heart. When Drew got released so many years ago, Heath called every ay. When he came to Florida, he called Drew to have dinner with. Drew is his brother.

“Where were you for me?” – Heath Slater

When was the last time they spoke? Exactly, it’s been that long. Drew knows his kids, the two beautiful girls that he’s here today for, fighting for them. They believe in daddy. Heath wants Drew to know that he was there for Drew, and Drew wasn’t there for him. On The Bump, what did Drew do? He promised something. Drew petitioned to have a match with him, but Heath is on the unemployment line. He got kids, that’s not a gimmick, this is real, and this is probably his last opportunity, and he hopes the friendship can last, because he’s here to take that opportunity. He wants Drew to give him what he deserves.

Heath shoves Drew. Heath then slaps the shit out of Drew, asking him to fight him, asking him, “What about now?”

Drew begrudgingly obliges.

I don’t typically rate or analyze segments, but this one needs to be talked about. Here, you have a Heath with some story that reasoning for fighting Drew is beautiful, easy, poignant, believable. Has vigor, strength, longevity, drama,

So, of course, IT’S USED AS A FREAKIN SUB-CHAPTER IN A BATTLE OF DREW AND DOLPH THAT NOBODY ASKED FOR!!! Look I’m all on board for Drew vs Dolph. I think it’s fine as an in-ring match, but to use a real life firing of someone as a half segment of RAW to move a story along that didn’t have the weight necessary is just…


Match 1: Heath Slater vs Drew McIntyre

Heath with the aggressive attack in the corner. He removes his shirt. Turns. CLAYMORE from Drew! Cover for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Drew McIntyre
THEN YOU DO THIS?!?! HOLY SHIT! Let’s say they hire Heath back after this, what good would that do if you destroyed his character and a ready-made feud that could go the distance for him. Let’s say you don’t hire him back, should Heath be thankful for this “Opportunity” as he quietly goes back to the unemployment line? Ugh…this is frustrating.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: like 5 seconds

Bayley and Sasha is backstage. Bayley cuts off Sara and asks why they should talk to her, when they could go talk to the world. Uh…the interview is being shown to the world.

Asuka sneaks in, fakes a crying. She is asked how she feels about facing the two alone tonight, and Asuka says, “Who says she’s all alone?”

Back to the show, and Sasha and bayley are in the middle of the ring.

We are reminded of last week’s match with Asuka and Sasha.

Money never sleeps, says Sasha, and they are changing the game one show at a time because they never sleep. Bayley brings up “that little runt” Nikki Cross. She then picks up a phone call. Rude.

Sasha says Asuka will not walk out the RAW Women’s Champion, because she will tap her out and become Two Belts Banks, Baby. They are taking over the whole damn company.

Asuka is here to interrupt. She tells Bayley she isn’t ready for Asuka. Bayley says Asuka isn’t ready for Sasha. Asuka says Sasha isn’t busy tonight, so why doesn’t she face someone else.

Bayley says Sasha is ready for anyone.

Asuka brings out her friend…Kairi Sane.

The announce table acts as if this wasn’t announced at least five times this past week.

Match 2: Sasha Banks vs Kairi Sane

Sasha beats down Kairi in the corner. Kairi fights out, but Sasha with a right hand. She grabs the hair and screams, then hits a hard right to the face of Kairi. Sasha locks the fingers, runs up the ropes, goes for an arm drag, hits it, but Kairi lands on her feet and hits a right to the gloating Sasha. Banks misses a clothesline and gets chopped. Kairi with a right, nother, another, some chops to the chest then some right hands back Sasha into the ropes. Whip to the ropes is reversed. Kairi hops off with a hurricanrana then a running kick to the face. She covers for 1..2..N!O!! Kairi mounts sasha’s back and pulls back on the arms, choking Sasha in the process. Sasha is able to reverse it in to the exact same hold, but Kairi stands out of it, hits some knees. Kairi with a surprise octopus hold. Sasha locks the waist. Lifts up, elbows out, and drops her, but Kairi rolls her up for 1..2..NO!!!! Sasha ducks a hold, pulls the head down hard, then covers for 1..2…NO!!!

We return from break, and Sane is setn into the ropes. She comes back and is met with a backbreaker. Pin for 1..2..NO!!! Sasha lays sane across the ropes then drives some knees. Sasha stacks her up for 1..2..NO!!! Sasha drives a knee to the small of the back and pulls up the leg. She drives both knees into the back then rolls behind, pushes her foot into the back, and pulls back on the leg of Sane. Sasha kicks Sane away. Sane on the bottom rope. She kicks Sasha away. Sasha kicks her back. Sasha with a knee lift on the apron. Boot to the face of Sane. She enters the ring. Sasha brings Sane to the center of the ring, whips her into the corner, then hits a right hand in the corner. Sashatries for another double knee but Sane slinks through the ropes and hits an axe kick onto Sasha. Chop to Sasha. Sane to the top rope .She flies off with a forearm. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Sane hits the ropes. Blockbuster. Another! She lifts Sasha, whips, reversed, Sane with a surprise SPEAR!!!!!! Sane slides into a move in the corner. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Sunset Flip and a cover for Sasha. 1..2..NO!!! Reverse and a 1..2…N!O!!! Knees from Sasha into a pin for 1..2…NO!!!! Sasha up first. She rushes the corner and drives knees into the head of Sane!!! Sasha to the top rope. Sane is standing. Dive, Sane moves, slides throught the legs and pulls Sasha down!

She then locks the legs looks for a modified Cloverleaf! BAYLEY COMES IN TO BREAK THE HOLD!!!

Winner: Kairi Sane
I think Sasha got a bit too much offense during the first half, making the match come off as kinda unnecessary to watch. It picked up after the break, then was marred by an interruption. The interruption was in character for Bailey, though, so it didn’t bother me too much.
Total Rating: ********
Match Rating: 13:17

Asuka in to make the save.Sasha heads into the ring, too, and sends Assuka to the outside. Bayley and Sasha double team her, but Sane is at the top rope. She dives off onto Sasha and Bayley with an elbow!

Backstage, immediately after we get a recap of last week’s stomp ala Seth, we conveniently get what looks like Aleister Black backstage, looking like he was attacked by surprise. He’s wearing a Rey mask. Seth walks up, says it’s a damn shame, and smiles.

Backstage, Ivar wants to show Erik how to bowl, saying it’s all in the hips, but considering Erik the one who is having a kid, I’m sure he knows all about it being in the hips…

Big Show enters, talks about the upcoming six man tag. The Viking Raiders chuckle a bit, till Show chops them, then there are a lot of manly grunts and groans that make me feel uncomfortable as Show says, “Good.”

Owens is in the ring. He clears them of the chairs that are chilling, because he knows what’s happened before. He welcomes a giant piece of trash, Seth Rollins, to the ring.

Rollins wonders what Owens has done! He just wants to come out here to thank him for having Rollins on the show. He asks about Owens ankle. Owens says Seth does suck, then says his ankle is fine. He would assume it feels better than Seths ego. Since Mania, things haven’t been going that well for Seth. The reason why he invited Seth is that they faced each other at Mania. Regardless of the history, that match at Mania creates a bond. Mania is why they do what they do, so whn you go through it with someone else, it creates a bond. Because of that, he wants to cheer up Seth. He has a gift for Seth.

Seth grabs what looks like a shirt. He opens it up to reveal a KO-Mania shirt, just like the one he was wearing when he beat Seth at Mania.

Seth thanks Owens for the thoughtful gift. He says he doesn’t give a damn about Owens, his shirt, or his show. He’s only out here to use Owens and his show as a platform to address the medically cleared Rey Mysterio. He wants to formally challenge Rey to a match at Extreme Rules. They have unfinished business, and it is time to permanently make Rey a sacrifice for the greater good. Seth tells Owens that he’s been doing nothing while he has risen to prominence. Seth thinks Owens needs more than he thinks he does. Just like RAW does. Maybe Owens could get more out of fighting with Seth than against him. Owen should find a purpose in his fighting. Fight for the greater good.

Before Owens can make his feelings known, Rey Mysterio’s music hits. He comes out with Dominic Guerrero, and wonders if Seth truly believes that Owens will fall for his BS. As for his challenge, Rey accepts, and he assures that at Extreme Rules, Seths destiny will be in Rey’s hands.

Seth says the business will be finished at Extreme Rules, but they’re supposed to compete in a tag team match, but Black is a little MIA. So what will Rey do? Face Seth and Murphy 2 on 1? Maybe Rey can bring his boy down.

Owens says he’s thought about Seth’s offer. He says he will never fight by the side of Seth’s, but he will gladly fight by Rey’s side any day. He’ll partner with Rey tonight. He also says the winning team gets to pick the stipulation for Seth vs Rey.

Seth loves this. He says you’re on, and Murphy attacks Owens from behind. Seth stomps Kevin up. Rey sends Murphy out. Rollins rolls out of the ring. Owens throws a sign at him. Lol.

Match 1:

We come back to Murphy hitting a sunset flip. Rey with a kick out of it, sending murphy to the outside. Rey kicks him off the apron into the barricade then flies off the apron with a hurricanrana. Rey stares down Rollins. He sends Murphy back into the ring then hops onto the top rope. He flies off with a crossbody, but Murphy rolls this into a pin for 1..2…N!O!!! Rey with a kick to Murphy then a tag to Owens. Owens with some right hands. He beats Murphy down in the corner. Owens off the ropes with a hard clothesline then a cover for 1…2..NO!!! Owens with a waist lock. Murphy elbows out and tags in Rollins. He hits some right hands. Chop to Owens. Right to the head. Whip is reversed. Owens bends over and Seth kicks him, but Owens hits a clothesline then a senton.

On the outside, Owens sends Seth’s face into the apron a few times then back into the ring. Owens backs up into the corner. Tag to Rey. Tag to Murphy. Rey in, flips over Murphy, ducks a clothesline, locks the head with a hurricanrana, goes for the 619, but Murphy escapes the ring. Seth talks shit on the apron. Rey grabs Murphy on the apron. Murphy blocks, then hits a high kick. Murphy to the top rope. He then sees Dom. Murphy goes to attack, but owens is there to stop him. Rollins hits a right to Owens, knocking him off the apron. Seth gets in the face of Dominic, goading him into an attack, but Dom won’t do it. So Seth pokes out the eye of Dominic and runs into the ring as we go to break.

We come back and Rollins has a single leg Boston Crab on Owens while Dominic tries to clear out the Seth in his eyes. Owens gets to the ropes to break the hold. He clocks Murphy, but Seth is there to drive a boot into his face. Seth grabs the head, lifts Owens, sends him into the corner, and hits a right hand. Seth with a right hand to the face. Owens swipes at Rollins, misses. Owens flips Seth onto the apron. Right from Seth. Springboard, Owens ducks under it and hits a superkick to Seth! Tag to rey. Tag to Murphy. Rey flies with a seated Setnon. He hits the ropes, tornado bulldog. Kick to the face off the ropes. Rey attacks in the corner with right hands. Murphy shoves him, floars over the top, gets kick. He lifts Rey to his shoulders. Rey sends him ito the ring post, then onto the ropes. Rey looks for the 619. Seth comes in. Rey dorpkicks the legs. Rey goes for a 619, but Seth rolls out and grabs Dominic. He pulls Domonic up the ramp.

Rey looks to attack, but Aleister Black’s music hits and Seth drops to his knees as Black contemplates the attack.

Dominic grabs Murphy, and sends his finger into the eyes!!! 619 to Murphy in the ring.

Rey to the top rope as Seth gets sent into the barricade by Owens. Frog Splash from Rey! Cover for 1..2…3!!!

Winners: Rey Mysterio
The match was fine, but Black coming down to just…stand there, and not even attack after the bell was odd. Maybe he was still shook up after the attack. Nice to see Owens back. That stipulation, though…
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 11:34

Rey says he has the perfect stipulation. It’s very simple: “Eye for an Eye.” Rey promises to pull Seth’s eye out with his bare hands

Img src= https://media.comicbook.com/2016/10/twd-glenn-207244.jpg>

^^^ This, or the match will suck.

Apparently, Apollo Crews is out of action, according to Charley. Lashley says he broke him. Lashley says Apollo’s title reign will be coming to an end. MVP interjects, says if they discuss the future of the US Title, they’ll do it in style, and do it next. MVP says the future of the US Title will be BALLLIINN.

MVP and Lashley come to the ring. MVP says when Apollo Crews debuted, he was a supernova, but his star dimmed quickly, because he passed by MVP and Lashley. He’s young, but thinks he’s invincible. No one is invincible when it comes to the Full Nelson. MVP tried to help the young homie, even after what Apollo saw MVP do for Lashley. He had the gall to turn down MVP, and that’s disrespect. When you disrespect MVP, you disrespect Lashley. This is a very bad career move. MVP says when he beats Apollo at Extreme Rules, he will no longer be th US Champion, anymore, but he will always have the memory. MVP has a new title; He already beat Crews, and he promises that his third run will be as awesome as his first two.

MVP unveils the new title with a drum roll.

He calls it magnificent, says it’s a title that befits a legend, and he can’t wait to be at Apollo Crews at Extreme Rules, to make this official.

Lashley wonders where MVP’s head is at. He’s rolling with Lashley, and it’s official when he says it’s official, so he wants to crown MVP right now.

Lashley takes the title and puts it on MVP.

Out comes Ricochet and Cedric. Cedric tells MVP that he knows the struggle, so he should know that titles are earned. Ricochet calls him “P” and says he hates to tell MVP that he’s about to lose some stacks, because Apollo is going to come back and end this charade. He says in the mean time, though, he and Cedric are here to make sure that the hurt business goes Chapter 11.

Ricochet and Cedric run into the ring and attack. Lashley beats down Ricochet, Cedric sends MVP to the outside, Cedric and Ricochet double dropkick Lashley to the outside.

Match 4: Ricochet and Cedric Alexander vs Bobby Lashley and MVP

MVP is still in his suit and tie. He removed the blazer, though. Tag to Lashley, and he’s in with Cedric. He slams Cedric down hard, then sends him into the corner. Lashley with a hard right. Some elbows send Cedric down to the mat. Stomps to Cedric. Tag to Ricocchet. He runs in and sends Lashley into the corner. High kick to Lashley. Springboard but Lashley shoves him down and Ricochet hits the barricade. Tag to MVP. He drops down to the mat, grabs Ricochet, and sends him into the steps. He sends Ricochet into the barricade. MVP Stomps Ricochet in the ring then tags in Lashley. Lashley in to drop Ricochet with a neckbreaker. Pin for 1..2…NO!!!! Tag to MVP. He comes in with some rights and lefts in the corner, beating Ricochet down. Kick off the snapmare. MVP works the arm behind Ricochet. Ricochet fights out, turns inot the hold, ghits the ropes and eats a huge kick from MVP. Cover for 1…2.NO!!! Tag to Lashley. He hits a right hand in the corner.

Lashley attacks Ricochet against the ropes then hits a stalled suplex. Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Cravat immediately from Lashley. Flatliner. Tag to MVP. MVP covers for 1..2…NO!!! MVP locks the head. Riccochet hits a right hand. Tag to cedric. He runs in, hits a high kick, attacks the mid section, spinning kick to the gut. Dropkick to Lashley on the apron. Cedric runs with a forearm to MVP. Tornado DDT to MVP. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Elbow from Cedric. Tag from Lashley. Cedric flips over onto the apron. Lashley destroys him on the apron.

MVP send Ricochet off the apron. Lashley sends Cedric into the ring. He waits in the corner. SPEAR!!! Pin for 1…2..3!!!

Winners: Roberto Lashley and MVP
If there is one good thing that comes from Lashley taking on Cedric and Ricochet, it’s that they can bump like crazy for this behemoth of a man. Every move looks like it hurts. I also gotta give MVP major props for actively looking like a man who is most definitely NOT TRYING to wrestle in his nice pants and shirt. Every move was done only if he knew he had the advantage and wasn’t going to wrinkle the pants or mess up the shoes. If it was anyone else, I’d say I’m looking too deep into it, but it seems like such an MVP thing to do, and I’m here for it.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 6:35

We get taken back to last week where Garza and Andrade were anything but friends.

Backstage, Zelina comes up to Andrade with Garza. Andrade doesn’t want to talk. He’s sick of it. Flair comes in and says that they’re great. He doesn’t know what happened last week, but we can forget about that. Tonight is a must-do mission, otherwise they will all have to answer to

Insert Randy Orton.

He brings up Andrade being third-generation. Garza, too. They all have something in common. He respects them both, even if it’s just a little bit. Tonight is about Orton and Show, and when the time is right, Show is his. If they screw anyting up, Orton will not hesitate to formerly introduce them both to The Legend Killer. Good? They bump fists.

Backstage, Charley wants to talk to The Kabuki Warriors, who both come in with smiles. They cut a Japanese promo then say that after Asuka beats Bayley tonight, they’re challenging Sasha and Bayley to a tag team championship match next week. Sane plays the recorder flute as Asuka dances.

Match 5: The Viking Raiders and The Big Show vs Andrade, Angel Garza, and Randy Orton

Garza and Show to start. Show chops him down easily then send him into the corner and hits another chop. Show with a boot to the back of Garza. He stares Orton down. Garza with right hands that are stopped by a headbutt. Show grabs the head, sends Garza into the corner, and hits another chop. Tag to Erik who comes in, tags Ivar, sends a knee into Garza’s face, then Ivar hits a snapmare. Fist drop to the face. Cover for 1…NO!!! Club to the back. Tag to Erik. Erik rushes the corner with a shoulder. Tag to Show and he comes in to kick Gara in the corner. Show with an uppercut to the gut. He continues to stare down Orton. Show lifts Garza, offers him to the heel corner. He sends Garza into the corner, hits another chop. Show body slams the tagged in Erik onto Andrade. Pin for 1..2.NO!!! Garza yells at Andrade, asking him if he wants to lose this match. This pisses Orton off, who tells Garza to “Get your ass out here right now.” Orton shoves Garza into the barricade, then chokes him up and tells him to get his head out of his ass. He tells Garza not to think for one second that he won’t put his ass in the dirt, and to get his act together.

We return to Andrade and Ivar in the ring. Tag to orton who stomps Ivar in the corner. He hits some Euro cuts and tags in Garza. Garza with a kick as Orton applauds. Garza with a hard right hand. Garza misses a right. Tag to Erik. He comes in, lifts Garza with a suplex, locsk the head, drops him over his hips, and hits a hard knee. He sends Andrade off the apron. Orton drops down. Erik stares him down. Garza kicks Erik in the face. Garza with a right. He grabs the arm and tags in Orton. Knee from Garza. Kick from Orton. Uppercuts to Erik. Tag from Andrade. Andrade kicks Erik awa few times as Orton holds onto him. Ref breaks it up. Leg sweep and a cover for 1..2..NO!!! Garza in now. He lays Erik up on the ropes and hits a knee lift. Garza removes his pants. Erik with a chop. Garza with a kick to the face. Tag to Andrade. They double team, hit a wishbone on Erik. Stomp from Andrade. Andrade locks Erik up on the ropes. Chop to Erik. Knee from Andrade. Erik shoves him into the corner and Angel gets a tag. He hits a few rights. Erik with a hard right to Angel. He tries for a tag, cant get it. Hits a right hand. Tag to Show. Tag to Andrade. Clothesline to Andrade. Another. Whip to the corner. Show with a splash, hits the ropes, shoulder tackle. Show calls for a chokeslam.

ORTON IN WITH AN RKO ATTEMPT, but show shoves him off. Orton gives him the ol “This close, foo” look and Show is pissed. Show grabs Andrade, goes for a chokeslam, but Andrade works it into a sleeper attempt. Show sends him over the shoulders. Tag to Ivar. Tag to Angel. Cartwheel and a clothesline! Ta to Erik. Iar shoots him up. Viking Experience buy Andrade is in and they send Ivar to the outside.

RKO FROM ORTON TO ERIK!!! Cover for 1..2….3!!! Looks like Orton got a tag durin all that raucous.

Winners: Randy Orton, Andrade, and Angel Garza
It was such a small moment, but Orton going wild on Garza was a sick moment that could really turn Angel into something if they use it right. I don’t think they will, but we’ll see. As far as wrestling goes, Erik and Ivar are great. Not a big fan of Big Show looking completely infallible AND invincible, even if only because it damages Andrade and Angel, but ya gotta keep him strong for that Orton fight, I guess.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 13:43

Backstage, Billie is excited that Peyton is wrestling Ruby tonight. That girl is a whole mess. Peyton says Liv isn’t returning her phone calls. Billie says when you think of losers, but out comes Ruby to call them dumbasses.

Ruby says she’s never had a problem with them before, but just the sound of their voices makes her neck twitch a bit. Peyton calls it dramatic. Ruby says she is focused on both of them, and that’s very bad for them. When it’s all said and done, it won’t be Iiconic, it will be tragic.

We pan to MVP and Cedric. He wants to spare the kid some condolences, but he’s got some questions. He wants Cedric to know it takes a lot of heart to stand up to him and Lashley. He is impressed. Always has been. He doesn’t understand why Cedric is holding himself back. His question is why is it that Cedric is content with being Ricochet’s sidekick.

Cedric says he’s not having it. He wants to divide and conquer, and he’s not trying to hear it.

Lets just say that he and Ricochet are equal partners; then why does he have a new documentary on WWE Network, and Cedric doesn’t. If he’s content on being on the sidelines. He and Lashley are in the hurtin business while Cedric is in the catering business, because that’s where he is going to sit for the rest of his career, watching other people be successful. Bon Apetit.

Flair and Orton are talking backstage. Truth accidentally runs into Orton, says whoa, then tells Flair that he cleans up nice. A little too nice. He then accuses Flair of being Tozawa. In comes the real Tozawa, and Truth runs away.

Orton stops Tozawa and sends him the alternate direction.


Match 6: Ruby Riott vs Billie Kay

Ruby starts with stomping Peyton’s fingers on the outside. Billie holds Ruby, Ruby hits a slick back elbow, then runs into a big boot by Billy. Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Billie sends Ruby into the corner and stomps. Billie chokes Ruby up in the corner. Kay with a flip and a cover for 1..2..NO!!! Billie grabs Ruby by the hair. Ruby is on her stomach. Billie with a bow and arrow stretch. Ruby breaks the hold and spins into a pin for 1…NO! Kick from Billie is blocked. Right hand from Rby as an extension falls out. Billise sends Ruby into the corner. Billie rolls out. Ruby with a knee. She locks the head and sends Billie into the post face first. Ruby to the top rope. Peyton distracts.

Kay with an Eat Defeat off the top rope! Billie with a sit out spinebuster. Pin for 1..2…3111

Winner: Billie Kay
Peyton did far better last week than Billie did this week, but they’re both showin immense growth. We love to see it.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 2:40

Backstage, Charley asks if the stakes are higher now that Asuka challenged Sasha and Bayley for the tag team titles. Bayley says she’s going to slap the green makeup off Asuka. Sasha says The Kabuki Warriors will never be champion again. If they gotta beat the girls in order to do so, then they accept. Bayley shows surprise. Sasha says they’re the best. Bayley says if she’s got to beat every single team to show that she is the best, then that’s what she’ll do.

Nikki Cross is here. Stagehands ask her to leave, but Nikki says she’ll be calm.

Match 7: Champion vs Champion
Asuka vs Bayley

Waist lock from Bayley to start. She sends Asuka into the ropes and attacks from behind. Side headlock from Bayley. Right hands, Rope work, Asuka with a tackle to send Bayley down. She rolls over the fallen Bayley, rope work results in Asuka trying for a wrist lock into an arm bar, but Bayley escapes and rolls to the outside. Asuka tries for a baseball slide, but Bayley spins her and hits a right hand. Bayley goes up to Nikki and slaps the headset off of her. Security is here to hold Nikki back. Nikki tries to break theouh them and attack, but security lifts her and takes her to the back. Bayley flies off the apron into a knee from Asuka. Sasha’s worried face is wonderful.

We are back, and Asuka has Bayley hurtin in the middle of the ring. She hits an arm drag then kicks her in the back. Asuka hits the ropes, misses a kick, and Bayley trips her up, making her fall face first. Axe handles to Asuka. Bayley grabs the head and slams Asuka into the mat a few times. Bayley works the arm, tugging on it hard. She bounces out of the corner with an arm drag. Back elbow an a pin for 1…NO!!! Knee drop to the chest. Cover for 1…NO!!! Runinng clothesline and another cover for 1…NO!!! Bayley sends Asuka into the corner. Kicks to the corner. Snapmare into a cravat from behind. Bayley rolls Asuka up for 1..2..NO!!! Bayley sends Asuka to the outside. The ref holds Bayley back, Sasha goes to attck, but Sane is there to stop her. Bayley leaves the ring to tell Sane to get out of here. The ref asks all the girls to stay on their side. Bayley hops through the ropes but Asuka is there to kick her on the side of the head. Cover for 1..2…N!O!! Asuka with a kick to Bayley. Another kick to the mid section. Another. A kick to the chest. Asuka with a running kick to the back. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Bayley whips ASuka to the corner. Dropkick off the bounce from Asuka. Cover for 1..2…NO!!!

Bayley rolls to the outside. Asuka chases her. Bayley rolls back in, grabs the legs of Asuka, catapults her into the bottom rope. She does another, this time to the second rope. Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Asuka heads outside of the ring. Bayley follows. She drops her ass on the back rolls Asuka back in and covers for 1..2..NO!!!! She sends Asuka BACK outside. Bayley lifts Asuka, but gets hit with a right. Bayley lifts her up. Flapjack onto the announce table. Bayley on the headset, says they’re always servin it up.

Back from another break, and Bayley is shoving her forearm into the face of Asuka. Asuka hits her with a surprise so Bayley drops an axe handle on her. Bayley invites Sane’s commentary. She shoves Asuka by the face. Asuka is hulkin up. Bayley mocks her dancing. Asuka with a hard right, a hard left. Back first, Bayley fights back. Asuka with a hard strike, kick out of the corner, running Codebreaker! Asuka isn’t so quick to stand up. She runs. Dropkick to Bayley. Knee to Bayley. Hip attack in the corner. She locks the waists. GERMAN! Kick to the face. Asuka in the corner. She runs. Hip Attack again! Cover for 1….2..NO!!!! Asuka with kicks to the back of Bayley. Bayley on the apron. A Hip Attack, but Bayley locks the hips. Asuka back elbows out of it. Bayley enters the ring and grabs the tights. She misses a right. Asuka with a spinning back first to the face of Bayley!!!!! Even Asuka is shocked! Sasha checks on her. Asuka with a hip attack sends bayley off the apron to the mat.

Bayley stands on the outside. Asuka runs with a kick. BAYLEY GRABS HER LEG AND TRIPS HER UP!!! Bayley to the ring. Asuka on the apron, kicks Bayley, letting her hang. She drops a boot to the back of the head. Dropkick from the top rope! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Both girls on the apron. They go back and forth. Back kick from Asuka. Bayley lifts Asuka and drops her onto the top of the ring post! Bayley goes down to the mat outside, runs with a knee, smashing Asuka’s head into the barricade. Bayley grabs Asuka, rolls her inside the ring. Bayley cheap shots Sane on the outside. She tells Sane she’s the worst. Sane goes into the ring to stack but the ref stops her. Sasha on the apron. HIGH KICK FROM SASHA!! Side suplex to Asuka! Cover for 1..2….NO!!!! Bayley drags Asuka to the ropes and pulls her towards Sasha. Sasha runs to grab a bottle of water. Bayley asks if Asuka is thirsty. She grabs the water then tosses it in Asuka’s face.

Nikki is in the crowd. She bangs on the plexiglass. Bayley freaks out, hops on the apron. From behind,

Asuka with a waist lock. She locks in the Asuka lock!!! Bayley tries for a pin like Sasha! 1…2…NO!!!! Submission is still locked. Sasha in the ring, but Sane spears her to the outside. Asuka sits into a pin! 1….2…3!!!!

Winner: Asuka
The issue with long matches in the WWE is that some may assume automatically they are great simply by length of time. Thankfully, this didn’t suffer too much from that, but what the WWE tends to do is book these with a rising action instead of a rise and fall layout, which really makes the first ten minutes seem relatively inconsequential. It’s because of this that so foten, this match included, it’s the final five or so minutes that hold the strongest punch. The girls did amazing, played off each other well, used the outside interferences where necessary, and resulted in a quality wrestling match. Still, trimming of the first section could have tightened it up instead of coming off as somewhat unnecessary.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 23:19

End Show

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