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January 18, 2021 | Posted by Tony Acero
Alexa Bliss Asuka WWE Raw

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Happy MLK Day! And with that, I leave you with one of his not so famous, yet powerful and thought-provoking quotes:

”Tired of this shit, man!”


It’s Monday…you know what that means.

Thanks for joining me last week for 411 Legend’s Night! Let’s get to the show!

MLK video package, of course.

We then head to an Orton promo who wants to talk about fighting fire with fire, and ending up with ashes of the one responsible for affliction. Orton is wearing a mask that is commonly seen on burn victims. The voices in his head have never been louder. Three weeks ago, he held Alexa’s fate in his hands, and showed a side of himself he didn’t know existed. Compassion. The pure hatred he has for himself needed to be redirected, so he did just that, and his next victim arrived like a lamb to the slaughter, until she interrupted.

He can’t sleep, because every time he tries, all he sees is that ball of fire. All the compassion is gone, now. He is wearin this mask to preotect himself, but also to shield everyone else from the horror he endured. He considers himself lucky, though. He came away with 1st degree burns. It could have been worse. He doesn’t blame her, though. He blames The Fiend, and he sent him straight to hell. The Fiend is responsible for this. Alexa was merely a vehicle, and Orton knows what The Fiend wants – he wants to stop Orton from winning the Rumble. Nothing will stop him from winning the Rumble, though. He enjoys the pain. Orton grabs a matchbook and takes out a match. He wants everyone to thank The Fiend when he burns their Royal Rumble dreams to ashes, and he goes on to main event Wrestlemania.

He lights a match and blows it out.

We head to last Monday where Flair screwed Flair.

Back to Live, and Lacey is letting the girls loose. In come Charley, who asks about their realtinoship. Oops, this was earlier today. Lacey says this is beneath Charley. Charley says she is compelled due to Flair’s actions. Lacey calls him a legend, telling Charley to have some respect. He is the Dirtiest Player of the Game, and last week, he was just living up to his name. As far as them, she is simply learning from the greatest man to ever step into the ring. She has arranged for them to watch Peyton Royce knock Charlotte off her throne.

Before the match can start, Peyton attacks Charlotte as she is making her entrance.

Match 1: Charlotte Flair vs Peyton Royce

The bell rings, and Charlotte attacks in the corner immediately, with shoulders. Peyton reverses and kicks a bunch of times in the corner. Peyton attacks the back, Charlotte shoots the legs, drops some forearms to the face. Flair pushes Peyton into the ropes, they wrestle down to the mat, then to the outside where Charlotte chops Peyton. Again. Again. She sends Peyton into the ring. Peyton runs right back out towards the announcers. She kicks the exiting Charlotte, Charlotte reverses and sens Peyton face first into the table.

Back in the ring, Charlotte chases Peyton to the outside and hits a few chops towards the post. Peyton dodges a chop and Charlotte hits the post. Peyton sens her into the post then rolls her inside for a cover. 1..2…NO!!!! Charlotte sends Peyton into the corner, Peyton dodges a right, pulls the hair and slams Charlotte into the mat. Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Kick to the back. Another. Peyton sends Charlotte into the corner. Big boot choke in the corner from peyton. She sends Charlotte into the corner. Whip to the corner, Charlotte rolls up and over, hits a shoulder, dives through with a rollup. 1..2…NO!!!! Hard right hand from Charlotte. Charlotte swings Peyton onto the ropes and hits a neckbreaker. Cover for 1.2…NO!!!!

Ric Flair’s music hits, and out comes Flair, all smiles and dancing. He points to Lacey, who comes out in a Flair robe. She is chuckling hard. Peyton with a spinning heel kick to the face as we go to commercial.

BACK FROM BREAK, and Charlotte rolls Peyton up for 1..2.NO!!! Drop toe hold into the corner from Charlotte. Peyton with a jawbreaker, whip to the rope, Charlotte holds on and kicks Peyton. Misses a clothesline, another kick from Peyton, Charlotte sends her to the apron, Peyton rolls forward with a kick, hops to the top rope, rolls through, hits the corner, gets caught and Charlotte hits a backbreaker, then sends Peyton into the buckle. Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Charlotte with a HUGE kick to the face of Peyton on the apron. Charlotte screams for Lacey to come out, telling her and her father to get their asses in the ring. Peyton at 8, gets into the ring, Charlote stomps her back over and over. Charlotte hooks Peyton onto the ropes, botches a bit, but Peyton hits a knee strike. Back elbow from Peyton, right hand, spinning kick to the face, high kick to the side of the head. Cover for 1..2…NO!!!

Peyton sets up for a suplex, but Charlotte lands on her feet, clips the leg, drops a knee onto the leg of Peyton, again! She drags Peyton over to the center of the ring. Figure Eight. Peyton taps!

Winner: Charlotte Flair
In an unfortunate instance, we get the tried and true match where nothing before the break really matters all that much, and it’s a shame, because upon return, we saw a solid five minutes of action and selling from both.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 11:58

Charlotte will NOT let go of the hold. She continues the bridge, holding the move longer than allowed. Another ref comes down to try and stop her, and she lets go.

The Hurt Business are walking backstage, and run into Riddle. Riddle takes offense to some of their shit talking, but says he will take the high road. Riddle says he respects the swag they’re wearing. Like, who would ever call Lashley Slobby Bobby dressed like he is. Hurt Business is about to attack, but Lashley says he’s got this. Hurt Business leaves, except for Lashley. Lashley says he likes the flip flops, but he hears they’re bad for your feet. Riddle says no. Lashley stomps his foot. Ok, well, he stomps the floor in close proximity to Riddle’s feet which, I suppose, propels air into the feet, causing discomfort. Riddle claims that Lashley will see this foot later, right up his ass.

WE RETURN to Riddle telling Lucha Bros that he’ll be good to go tonight.

Before the match can start, Ali yells at Woods and gets punched in the mouth.

Match 2: Xavier Woods vs Mace

Mace tries to corner Woods, Woods slinks under him and exits the corner. Mace gets him in the opposite corner, Woods dodhes him again and chops away. Woods mounts,hits som rights, hops off and kicks, then mounts again. Mace shoves him off, Woods tries for a monkey flip, possibly, but Mace grabs him by the neck and turns it into a chokeslam. Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Mace sends Woods into the corner. Back elbow in the corner. Knee to the back of Woods. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Mace with a right hand. He sends Woods into the ropes, Woods ducks, dropkicks the knee, hits some right hands to the back of the head, drops some elbows to the braids, kicks out of the corner. Honor Roll, but GOOZLE form Mace! Woods tries to break the hold, does, enziguri to the side of the head. Mace heads outside, Ali runs for him to get back in. Baseball slide through the legs, and Woods hits Ali!!! Ali grabs Mace, screams at him, ENOUGH, then tells Mace to do it now .Shut him down.

ALL OF Retribution circle the ring. Superkick to Mace. Leg lariat from Mace.

Mace gets Woods on the shoulders and hits….um…so like…he just kinda spun and dropped Woods. Pin for 1..2…3!!!

Winner: Mace
I am yawning so large, a ghost penis could take total advantage. Mace’s finisher is similar to how I drop the groceries after refusing to take more than one trip.
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 4:01

Retribution is very proud of Mace. Woods is not.

Asuka Two-Belts is backstage, and is stopped by Sarah. Asuka doesn’t know what to expect from Alexa’s playground.

We get the Mania announcement from yesterday, which gives me time to take a RAW Underground.

The playground is set up. I wonder who WWE’s grass guy is. I got a good grass guy. Bliss welcomes us, but says before they get started, she wants to address the Viper in the room. Last week, she was just coming out to talk – clear the air, then things got a little heated. She is glad to see he is in good spirits.

Tonight, she has a very special guest. She is Alexa’s opponent; Asuka.

Asuka enters the ring. She looks to sit on the swing next to Alexa, but Alexa stops her – says, “That’s not your seat” then asks if someone is ok, but not Asuka. Asuka says she will stand by the slide, then. Alexa wants to have some fun. She has some breaking news. Big news. She asks her partner on the swing should she tell them.

She declares her entrance into the Rumble match. Asuka wishes her luck. Alexa says if she wins, and Asuka is champion, that means they could face each other at Mania. Asuka says it would be her honor. She is a big fan of Alexa. Alexa is shocked. Says thank you, and that this is so sweet. Asuka says of course, “yowee wowee.” Alexa says Asuka wasn’t supposed to say that. Asuka says let’s dance. She asks for music, and starts dancing. Alexa says that’s enough. She screams STOP IT! She then tells her imaginary friend that he/she is right. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. She should have done things differently and he would still be here, and now it’s just so cold.

Asuka tells her it’s going to be ok. She speaks Japanese, then tells Alexa that The Fiend is still here.

Alexa: “Do NOT say his name!”

Alexa smirks, then smiles, and waves as a nearby rocking horse starts to rock. Asuka leaves the ring. She sits atop the rocking horse and her music plays while Asuka leaves.

MIZ AND MORRISON are walking backstage. That’s all.

I mean, they talk to Sarah, but it’s stupid.

JEFF JARRETT has a Rumble prediction, and it’s Goldberg. Seven people asked for this.

Match 3: Mandy Rose vs Shayna Baszler

Oh joy, Nia is on commentary. Mandy tries to work the leg, rolls Shayna up for 1…NO! Kick to the side of the thigh, then a knee, both from Shayna. Cover for 1..2..NO!! Shayna cinches the head, twerking the neck. Shayna drops an elbow. She grabs the head and clubs the back. Kick to Mandy. A right hand to the face. Shayna with knees to Mandy. Snapmare. Kick to the back of Mandy. Cover for 1….NO! Shayna back to the head. She lifts Mandy. Mandy with a right hand. Shayna slams Mandy down. Shayna goes for the finger stomp. She steps on the elbow. Mandy with a roll up for 1..2..NO!!! Shoulder tackle to Shayna. Mandy with a clothesline, another, flapjack. She sends Shayna into the corner. Right hands.

Mandy spins around the ref to hit a right, another. Kicks to the corner. Shayna kicks the arm. Shayna grabs the fingers then locks in The Clutch.

Winner: Shayna Baszler
Shayna, finally booked to get offense that is more up her alley, gave this a bit more of an edge. The whole stomp to the elbow thing needs to use sparingly, because at this point, it’s become too gimmicky and eye-roll inducing.
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 3:48

Nia leaves commentary and starts yelling at Shayna. They argue back and forth until Dana hos on the apron and flies off sending Nia into Shayna.

BACKSTAGE, Charley runs up on Nia and Shayna. Nia says they’ve never gotten along, not even when they were champs. Do you think Charlotte and Asuka are getting along? Shayna thinks now is the perfect time for the rematch. Nia says this is a good idea.

Charlotte gets some promo time, saying Lacey is living off her last name. She is using Flair to get to Charlotte, but here’s the thing; she’s been learning from Flair her entire life, she’s just never gone down that path. Maybe she needs to rethink things. Lacey can wear her dad’s robe but will never wear her crown.

A surprisingly well delivered promo from Charlotte.

AJ Styles and Ricochet exchange words backstage. The important information is that both The Notebook and 50 First Dates are in AJ Styles Top 10.

Match 4: Ricochet vs AJ Styles

Lockup. AJ backs Ric into the corner. Ref breaks it up. Another lockup into a side headlock from AJ. Ric hits the ropes so AJ drops down to the mat with the hold. Ric rolls into a pin for 1, but AJ spins and continues the headlock, even after Ricochet hits the ropes. Another attempt at a pin to AJ for 1..NO! Ricochet turns into the hold, hits a punch, sends AJ to the ropes, catches a kick, arm drag to AJ, whip to AJ, who turns it into a backslide, Ric shoots the legs, jackknife cover for 1…NO!!! AJ floats over Ricochet, rolls up for 1..2.NO!! Styles Clash attempt, Ricohet shoots onto his feet, rollup for 1.2..NO!!! AJ misses a right hand, Ricochet with a head scissors, another one, Styles misses a right hand, and Ric hits another one, shoots back to his feet, dropkick to AJ! Ricochet hits the ropes, flies with a baseball slide, AJ catches him, and Ricochet STILL hits a hurricanrana. Omos stares Ricochet down. Ric sends AJ into the ring. Ref hits 8. Back in the ring, sends AJ to the outside , Ricochet flies, but Omos catches him. Ref yells at him to put Ricochet down. Omos drops Ricochet hard on his side.

AJ drives a knee to the back of Ricochet. He tries for a German, Ricochet lands on his feet,tornado DDT. Ric is up, AJ too. Right hands from Ric, knee, spinning clothesline drops AJ hard. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Ricochet up first. He grabs AJ and puts him on the shoulders. AJ with a. back elbo, Ric lands on his feet and hits an elbow, too, then kicks backwards, back flips INTO A GERMAN AND A COVER FOR 1..2….NO!!! Ricohet hits a back elbow. Ricochet with a springboard moonsault, but AJ WITH A CLOTHESLINE TO THE UPSIDE DOWN RICOCHET!!!! BRAINBUSTER!!! PIN FOR 1..2…NO!!!! Fireman’s. Knee to the head! Cover for 1..2….NO!!!! AJ on the apron. Phenomena—NO!!!! RECOIL FROM RICOCHET!! Ricochet to the top rope. AJ is up too!! Clips the legs! Ricochet falls onto the top buckle! AJ Ricochet knocks AJ down.

Ricochet springboard, AJ catches the head, suplex onto the ropes, Ricochet bounces off the ropes INOT THE STYLES CLASH!!! Cover for 1……2……3!!!!

Winner: AJ Styles
Wow. A shame the WWE has NO idea how to book Ricochet, because history has shown that this guy knows what the fuck he is doing. Also love how commentary is pimping out AJ here, when it was Ricochet who made that finisher work. This doesn’t take anything away from both of them putting on a hell of a banger, though. Woke me up, for sure.
Total Rating: ****
Match Time: 13:00

The Dirt Sheet is next.

Morrison talks about spending money on steaks. Miz welcomes us to the biggest edition of Dirt Sheet history. They introduce a childhood hero, who could be a hero for the new generation. Out comes Goldberg.

Out comes….

Miz asks “Bill” how he is preparing.

Gillberg says first he bashes his head into the wall. Gillberg is hyped. He shoves down a chair. Drew McIntyre’s music hits. Everyone feins shock except for Gillberg, who is ready for it.

We get a fake Drew McIntyre who nearly skewers his head with the fake sword he is carrying. He slides the sword into the ground and walks down to the ring.

Dude looks like a fat Nick Miller.

He tells Gillberg that he’s going to kick his ass back to 1998, then go home. Morrison tries to correct the accent this guy is doing. Morrison got him from Jersey. Miz says the best actors are from NY, LA, and Cleveland. Miz says this is a trainwreck. Gillberg sticks his tongue out. Morrison tells him to get back on his mark. Miz wants to do the thing. They do the CORRECT thing.

Miz says they will both lose because he will be cashing in his contract. Miz says we are looking at the future WWE Champion, because he is The Miz and he is NEXT.

The dude who plays Drew hops onto the ropes, and his crack is definitely showing. Gillberg continues to stick his tongue out crazily.

Match 5: The Hurt Business vs Lucha House Party and Matt Riddle

Ceddy and metalik are first. Whip to Metalik in the corner. Kick out the corner. Gran Metalik lands in the arms of Cedric, who flips him backwards ,hits the ropes, then the dropkick. Cedric yells at Shelton that that’s how you do it, then denies Shelton a tag. Right hand from Cedric. He hits a back breaker on Gran Metalik and stares down Shelton. Kick out of the corner. Lince gets a tag. He flies with a head scissors. Right hand to the back of Cedric. Another. Lince works the arm. Right hand from Cedric. Elbow drop to the back of the head. He reaches for a tag, but neither Lashley or Shelton want in. Cedric turns into a chop then a slap. Springboard moonsault and a cover for 1..2..NO!! Lince works the arm from behind. Blind tag from Shelton. Lince with a rollup. 1…NO!! Clothesline from Shelton. Tag to Lashley, who enters and helps Shelton shoulder tackle Lince. Lashley sends Lince into the corner. Right hands beat down Lince in the corner, then a blind tag from Cedric lets him in. Right hand ot Lince. Blind tag from Shelton, and he Cedric ain’t happy bout it.

Cedric drags Lince to the corner. Tag from Shelton. Cedric is pissed. Shelton shoves Cedric so hard he flies to the outside. MVP holds Cedric back as Shelton stares him down.

WE ARE BACK, and Cedric is covering Lince for like zero. Tag from Lashley, and he grabs Lince and drops him hard with a body slam. Lashley tells Shelton and Cedric to get it together. Tag to Shelton. Shelton spins Lince and kicks his head, then lifts up Lince and tosses him across the ring. Snap suplex from Shelton. Tag to Cedric. He sends Lince into the corner. Rights over and over. Lince drops Cedric. Tag to Riddle. Tag to Shelton. Pele kick to Shelton, kipp up, running forearm in the corner, one to Lashley, another to Shelton, He goes for an Exploder, but Shelton hits a knee, then a powerbomb attempt. Elbow from Riddle, high kick to Shelton. Running kick is missed, rollup into a running knee from Riddle! Pin for 1..2..NO!!!! Riddle with a Floating Bro, but Shleton moves out of the way! Tag to Gran Metalik, who flies with a crossbody. He locks the fingers and runs the ropes then hits a head scissors takedown. Wheelbarrow, looking for a bulldog, but Shelton drops him on his ass! Shleton looks to finish it, but Cedric tags himself in!

Brainbuster! He walks up to give Shelton the evil eyes. Lashley tags himself in. He sends Riddle off the apron. SPEAR! Full Nelson gets the win.

Winners: The Hurt Business
This match was all storyline, and the question I have is WHY even show dissension amongst one of the few good things RAW’s got going?
Total Rating: *1/2
Match Time: 12:16

Riddle attacks Lashley from behind like a good face does, then leaves the ring in a hurry.

MVP holds Shelton back, hands him his title, then hands Cedric his title.

Elias is backstage with Ryker, telling him he didn’t mean what he said. Ryker said he took it literally. They go their signals crossed. Elias says this is not Thomas the tank engine. Ryker did NOT walk with Elias last week. Tonight, he will face Jeff Hardy, and his mission is to finish what Elias started. He will embody what Elias stands for, and he will storm the capitol.

Drew gets some promo time, saying WWE is like a circus, a little bit of something for everyone. We’ve got clowns like Miz and Morrison. And we’ve got lions, like Drew. But sometimes, the lions get mixed up with the clowns, and eat them. Drew says his title defense record is never miss.

Match 6: Jaxson Ryker vs Jeff Hardy

Huge rights from Ryker to the face then to the back of Jeff. Jeff with a clothesline. Inverted atomic drop. Leg drop. Dropkick. Splash. Cover for 1..NO! Kick is caught, so Jeff spins and hits another. Splash in the corner. Whip to the corner, Ryker evades a splash, double axe handle and a cover for 1..2…NO!!!!! Ryker drops a right hand to the chest, another, a third. He mounts Jeff and hits some right hands, then Cravat from above. Jawbreaker from hardy.

Kick to Ryker. Twist of Fate. Jeff to the top rope. Elias shoves Hardy! Ref calls for the bell.

Winner: Jeff Hardy via DQ

Total Rating: 1/2*
Match Time: 3:10

Ryker yells at Elias, says he told him NOT to help him. Elias yells that Jeff was going to hit the Swanton Bomb and “nobody kicks out of that.” Ryker: “I could have!” lol.

Jeff attacks from behind so Ryker beats his ass and hits a spinebuster type move.

Match 7: Asuka vs Alexa Bliss

Lockup! Alexa works the fingers, Alexa flips out of it, Asuka locks it again. Asuka hits the ropes and a tackle. Asuka hits the ropes, Alexa kicks the leg, rollup for 1..2..NO!!! Asuka beats that ass for a bit then hits a knee to the face. Shining Wizard and a pin for 1..2..NO!!! Asuka locks the jaw of Alexa, pulls the arm back. Alexa breaks the hold by locking up on the ropes. Ref breaks it. Alexa leaves the ring. She turns, and Asuka tries for a baseball slide. Alexa rolls back into the ring. The lights go out. Alexa smiles.

We are all black.

We come back, and Alexa is in the middle of the ring with black lipstick, hair in a bun, and the lights are purple and black, standing and staring at Asuka. Asuka looks to fight, but alexa is standing there with her hands behind her back. Asuka circles Alexa, and Alexa follows her with her eyes. She strikes, Alexa ducks the move. Alexa blocks a right, another attack, another block, ducks a kick, Asuka finally gets a kick in, hits the ropes, and Bliss hits a tackle. Asuka falls to the outside. She gets back in the ring. Asuka with a knee. She rushes the corner, but Alexa hangs upside down like The Fiend. Alexa wipes the black lipstick she has on off a bit, then puts it on her hand. Bliss goes for the mandible claw, but Asuka blocks it. Alexa tries hard, kicks Asuka, Asuka locks up, German attempt, but Bliss hits an elbow. Huge right hand. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Bliss down to one knee. She lifts Asuka by the chin.

Asuka with a kick to the side of the head, back fist, another kick to the head, BUT ALEXA IS POSSESSED!!! SISTER ABIGAIL! Cover for 1..2……3!!!!

Winner: Alexa Bliss
A tale of two women, really, and I’m not talking about the two Alexa’s. On one hand, you had Alexa doing her best Fiend impression, and coming off incredibly well. Her “possession” was believable. She got a lot of Wyatt’s nuances down, and it came off really well and crazy. On the other hand, she did it to Asuka, the Women’s Champion, and the Japanese wrestler we have been made to believe isn’t really afraid of anything and no one is ready for. I fear this did damage to a wrestler who was already floundering, and that would be fine, I guess, if she wasn’t holding two titles. So A for execution, but F for who they decided to involve. Asuka had no reason to be in this or the earlier segment.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 11:33

The lights flicker off then back on, and Alexa is back in pigtails, pink shirt, and all smiling and giddy. She says, “LET ME IN,” with a voiceover from The Fiend.

End Show

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