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February 27, 2023 | Posted by Tony Acero
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Let’s get ready to Rummmbbbbbb….I mean, RAWWWWW|!

It’s Monday…you know what that means.

Two gingers walk into an arena…

We get a recap of the end of Smackdown with Sami, Jey, and Jimmy.

This brings us back to the Michigan where Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa make their entrance.

Jimmy has the mic, and he knows what we are all thinking. We think The Bloodline’s got cracks in it. From outside looking in, he is sure it does look that way, but if you come from a family, you know family fights all the time. If you come for one member of The Bloodline, you come for all.

Jimmy asks if we think Kevin Owens got one on The Bloodline. Did Sami? Cody Rhodes? Come Mania…Big ol bowl of nope on that. They run Smackdown, but they are here tonight to remind everyone that they also run RAW.

The Street Profits interrupt. They mock the presence of The Bloodline, give us a good ol Good Golly. They wonder where Jey is. Ford sings for his presence, then says he cant blame Jey for not being here, cuz if he had to be the bridge keeping The Bloodline together, he’d be tired as hell too. As for Jimmy, sayin they run Smackdown? They cant even run they own damn family.

Jimmy tells Ford that he talks so much trash for someone that already got bodied by The Bloodline. Keep The Tribal Chief’s name out ya mouth.

Ford: “Or what?”

They attack Jimmy and Solo, with Dawkins sending Jimmy to the outside, then both of them kicking Solo and sending him through the ropes to the outside.

Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa vs The Street Profits

Dawkins corners Jimmy, Jimmy comes out with an uppercut. Tag to Solo. Kick in the corner. Solo punches, drops Dawkins to the mat. He yelsl for Dawkins to stand then chops him in the chest. Whip to the corner, Dawkisn hops over, tries for a tackle, Solo hits the roeps, shoves, Dawkins flips over him, dropkick. Tag to Ford. Double team but Solo shoves, so they hit him with stereo dropkicks. Ford kicks the back hard then covers for 1..NO! Side headlock. Tag to Jimmy. Tag to Dawkins. Spinning clothesline in the corner, enziguri to Jimmy. Double underhook, Jimmy escpaes, right hand, Side headlock takedown. To the ropes. Solo gets a tag. Dawkins flies over Jimmy and Solo hits him with a clothesline.

WE are back to RAW And Solo hits a huge hip attack in the corner to Dawkins. Soo stands tall in the center, then superkicks Ford off the apron for fun. Another running hip attack attempt, but Dawkins is up! FLYING BACK ELBOW! Ford is up! He wants in. Tag to Jimmy. Tag to Ford. Right from Ford, again, another, clothesline, uppercut. Kick, caught, flipped and lands on his feet, back suplex from Ford and he kips up. Standing moonsault! Cover for 1..2….NO!!! Ford rushes the corner, gets sent ot the apron, kick to Solo on the apron High kick to Jimmy. Ford to the top rope. He looks to fly, Jimmy up, hits a right hand. High kick to Ford. He climbs the corner. Jimmy locks the head, Ford escapes and hits a headbutt! He flies with a crossbody! Cover for 1.2….NO!!!! Ford lifts Jimmy, Jimmy hits a right, kick from Ford, kick from Jimmy, caught, kick by Jimmy, kick from Ford, a splash to the corner sends Solo out but Jimmy gets a tag first. Spinebuster from Ford to Jimmy. Tag to Dawkins.

Dawkins goes after Jimmy, but Solo is on the apron. He shoots Ford off the corner. Siperkick to Dawkins, Samoan Spike and a pin for 1..2..3!!!

Winners: Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa
A nice opener with a lot of action. Didn’t see Street Profits winning at any moment, but still a good enough way to open the show.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 11:10

Solo grabs a chair and sets Ford up in the corner, ready to hit him with a hip attack, but Owens is in and stops Solo! Stunner to Jimmy! KO runs out of the ring as Solo grabs a chair, fuming.

We come back to RAW and Brock Lesnar is already in the ring that’s set up for the VIP Lounge. MVP comes out and Brock claps for him. He tells Michigan Good Evening, then asks MVP to join him.

MVP says he’s alright where he’s at. Brock says he has no beef with him. Brock is all about business. He’s here to listen to MVP in this beautiful VIP Lounge. He’s here to listen to MVP sell these people a fight.

Lesnar says no suplexes tonight, and this gives MVP the confidence to get into the ring. LEsnar wants him to sell the fight to him. Do what he does best.

MVP says Brock is the Beast Incarnate, and when Brock put his hands on a man, that man has no chance. If Brock takes someone to Suplex City, they are in a world of hurt. But he had his hands full with Bobby Lashley, and MVP wasn’t even in his corner. He couldn’t have his way with Lashley, but thinks that he can have his way with Omos? You put your hands on a giant, that giant puts his hands back on Brock. So the issue is that The Beats can destroy any man, but a giant will conquer a beast. The bottom line is Brock can suplex and F5 any man, but he cant do that to a 7’3” tall giant named Omos.

Brock has chills, says that was good. High five MVP, good job. Brock accepts the challenge, but he thinks they should shake on it and drink on it.

Brock announces the match for Mania. Hand shake. MVP is about to pop a bottle, but Brock says no no no, Brock is just a farmer, and he has the good stuff. If they’re going to toast, it’s going to be with the good stuff.

Brock pulls out a flask and takes a swig. MVP says he’ll stick to champagne. Brock doesn’t want to drink alone, though. MVP grabs the flask and asks what this is. Brock calls it White Lightening. MVP takes a swig, but he cant handle it. He spits it out in a mist, all over Brock.

Broock wipes his face with his jackeyt as the crowd chants YOU FUCKED UP.

MVP tries to clean Brock off. Brock grabs his flask and recaps it. He puts it away, wipes his face with MVPs hankie, then blows his nose with it. He puts it back into the pocket of MVP then hits him with an F5.

Backstage, the beautiful Cathy introduces Lita and Becky Lynch. Cathy asks them how they’ve been preparing. Lita says her favorite career highlights have been alongside some great tag wrestlers. Walk out tonight as tag champs is a true bucket list check. She’s been making history for over two decades and she’s not done yet.

Becky says she doesn’t play too well with others, but there is no other woman she respects or admires than this woman. One way or another, they’re walking out with the titles. They’ll take care of Bayley if she gets involved. We are looking at the future and most ground breaking tag team champs of all time.

Chad Gable vs Cody Rhodes

Gable with a go behind, leg takedown from Cody, Gable reverses, front face lock, Cody with a firemans, he places Gable in the corner and breaks the hold but Gable punches him in the face. Cody hops over, turns, rolls up for a 1..2NO!! Into an ankle lock almost immediately. Cody kicks him away then runs into a kick. Gable to the top rope, Cody up quick. He clubs the back a few times, then locks the head. Cody with an inverted superplex.

We are back to Cody flying off the ropes for a Disaster Kick, but Gable side steps, grabs Rhodes, and hits a German! Nice. Cody runs up the corner, Gable catches him, tries for a. backslide, lifts Cody up instead and slams him down with a DDT! NICE! Gable to the top rope! MOONSAULT!!! Cover! 1…2….NO!!!! Gable corners Cody. He hits a chop. Cody is angry, spins it, chops Gable and asks for another hit. Gable chops him, Cody hits his own. Cody hits the ropes, hip toss attempt, they reverse each other all the way to the other side and Cody tosses Gable out of the ring. Suicide dive from Cody!

Otis is distracted, it appears. Cody walks up to him and surprises Otis. Otis tries to corner him but Cody sends him over the barricade.

Cody enters the ring. CODY CUTTER! Cross Rhodes! Cover! `1..2…3!!!

Winner: Cody Rhodes
Gable is a God.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 10:14

Cody on the mic. He says he is glad Roman will be on Smackdown this Friday because he will be there too.

Backstage, Baron Corbin is with Byron. He says he’s hearing what everyone was saying. One of those things is that JBL is…

Byron cuts it short, again, because he sees Kevin Owens walking by. Byron asks about consequences.

Kevin Owens says The Bloodline is suffering from the consequences of their actions. All he wants is to see The Bloodline fall, and he wont stop till it does. He doesn’t want or need help doing it, either.

Judgment Day is backstage, all smiles. Dominik takes us back to Friday when he screwed his dad over. He then brings up Rhea having a match this Friday and tells Rey that they’ll have a heart to heart on Friday.

Rhea Ripley says she doesn’t need to say a single word to Charlotte. Just being in the same building as Rhea had her shook. She saw something on Friday. It wasn’t fear, it was acceptance. No amount of confidence can change the fact that at Mania, Rhea is walking out the new Champion.

Finn Balor tells Edge that he doesn’t get to decide when this is over. It’s over when he says. Edge is playin checkers, Finn is playin chess, and there’s still one more move. Finn wants to end this at Mania.

Backstage, Otis is run up on by Maxxine who tells him that he doesn’t need words to be good looking. In fact, if Otis has a match tonight, they’d be ringside for him. Otis walks off yelling for Pearce to get a match.

Asuka vs Carmella

LOCKUP!!!! Asuka beats down till the ref stops it. Mella gets a knee to the stomach, a few knees to the face, Kick, Asuka ducks, grabs the leg, tries for an ankle lock, but Mella kicks her from the ground. Mella with back elbows in the corner. Asuka is sent to the corner where Mella’s boot is waiting. Mella with a bronco buster. Cover for 1..2.NO!!! To the ropes, Asuka hits her with another knee. Cover for 1.2…NO!!! Asuka chases Mella around the ring then back into it, hits the ropes, holds on, kicks Mella in the gut. She tries for a hip attack, but Mella holds the ropes. Superkick on the outside.

We are BACK and MElla has a cravat from behind. Asuka tries to break out so Mella slams her down. Mella shoves Asuka round a bit, but Asuka gives her that crazy smile. She slaps Mwella away, then hits a huge back fist, another, kick, kick, back fist, kick, high kick, another kick and MElla dorps. GERMAN! Kick to the side of the face. Mella rolls to the outside, so Asuka hits the apron and hits a sliding knee. She sends Mella into the ring. Asuka to the top rope. She dives, Mella side steps, kick to the face. Cover for 1….2…NO!!! CRADLE FROM ASUKA! 1..2…NO!!! Jackknife cover for 1..2.NO!!

Mella with a Code of Silence, Asuka escapes, tries for a kick, Mella rolls her up, Asuka gets out, pulls the hand back with an arm bar! Asuka wins via submission!

Winner: Asuka
Pretty generic match that really served more to give Asuka some momentum than anything else.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 8:47

Asuka grabs a mic and demands Bianca’s presence.

Our champ, Bianca comes out with a mic, in a body suit. Lawd.

She doesn’t know what Asuka said, but she doesn’t like her tone. She hopes she called Bianca out here to tell the crowd that they’re going to steal the show at Mania, because if it’s anything else, they’re going to have some problems.

Carmella decides to shove Asuka into Bianca then leaves. Lol. Nice.

Piper Niven vs Candice LaRae

We are back, and Piper has Candice’s arms wrapped around her own neck. The choke causes Candice to fade a bit. Piper sends Candice into the corner face first. Elbow from Candice. Drop toe hold sends Piper into the buckle. Candice to t he top rope. Piper shoves her off and she falls to the outside. Piper follows.

Nikki Cross is ringside watching. Piper, out of nowhere, grabs Nikki and sends her into the barricade.

Piper rolls into the ring and talks some shit to Nikki on the outside. Candice rolls Piper up! 1…2…3!!!

Winner: Candice LeRae

Total Rating: NR
Match Time: Less than 3

Backstage, Byron has some questions for Johnny Gargano. He has a match tonight. He was in the locker room, and Otis ran up to him and asked him for some hot action. Gargano accepted. Otis beat him a few months back, and he remembers.

In come Judgment Day again. Damien Priest wonders if this is rea. Gargano says Byron is done interviewing adults going through a Goth Phase. Priest says he wants to lay Gargano out. Finn backs him up, wants to talk to Johnny. He says Otis will flatten him, and if he doesn’t, next week Finn will finish the job.

Gargano can’t wait.

The Miz is here for some MizTV.

He wants to remind us that he’d reveal what Maryse gave him for their anniversary. They’ve been married for nine years, have given him two daughters, and unconditional love and support. To help him announce this, he wants to bring out his special guest, the host of Wrestlemania…


The Miz!

Yes, he is th host of Mania, and this will be bigger than The Golden Globes and The Oscar. You thought Rock getting slapped by Smith was huge, just wait. What irks him, though, is that his wife had to ask who else could host this? Logan Paul? It’s Mania goes Hollywood, not Mania goes YouTube. This mania will go viral, be buzzworthy. The card is stocked. He lists some matches.

Seth Rollins has heard enough.

Miz tries to shut the crowd up from singing by holding his hand up. Seth soaks it all in. Miz asks him what he is doing here. This is his moment, his announcement. Seth is all laughs.

He tells Miz not to get his panties in a bunch. He is just out to congratulate him.

The Miz says he’s been raining on his parade for the past three weeks. Seth says he stomped him with his big red boots because, well Miz was bein a bit of a jerk. Last week, he had to stomp Miz because he was bein a bit of a b-hole.

The Miz says he is not a b-Type of person, he is an A-Type of person. So he’s an a-hole? Miz says that is not what he meant.

They tried.

Seth didn’t mean to ruin Miz’s moment, but he has a favor to ask. He’s been trying to get a hold of Logan Paul and it’s been a bit difficult. He wonders if Miz has him on speedial, so why not give him a call?

That’s it? That’s all he wants?

Miz brings out his phone. He says no. He calls Seth a goofball in a stupid jacket. Seth kicks him. The crowd starts to sing. Miz has dropped his phone, and Seth sees it.

Seth grabs the phone, uses Miz’s knocked out face to unlock it, and we hear the click over the house audio. Seth grabs his mic, tosses a chair out of the ring, then FaceTimes Logan Paul.

Logan: “Miz, stop calling me?”

Seth says surprise, and Logan looks confused. Seth wanted to call him, asking about Jake Paul. Seth knows he had a tough day. Seth has a proposition. We’re all sick of the ct and mouse, so how about Logan Paul shows up next week.

Logan says ok, deal. He’ll be there, and he’d love to see Seth try to run his mouth when they’re standing face to face.

Seth: “Bye bye bitch.”

Before he leaves, he gives Miz a stomp.

Cathy is backstage with Damage CTRL. She brings up Becky and Lita, and Bayley is glad that they are confident. The three of them have proven that phony teams like Becky and Lita don’t stand a chance. Iyo and Dakota are the greatest champions in the WWE. This is their story, their legacy. Tell those idiots that.

They leave.

Up walks Austin Theory to say he is the greatest champion in the WWE, and he’s kinda shocked he’s not being talked about. All anyone is talking about is Cena. People like hustle, loyalty, and respect. But look at his hustle. He hustled the title at EC. Loyalty? He’s loyal to this title. Then, respect. Next week, he’ll look into Cena’s face and give him all the respect he deserves. All he asks is for the same treatment.

Elias gets Lashley out of the ring quickly He hits him with a knee in a corner, then sends Lashley back in the ring.

Bakstage, Rick Boogs is taking copious notes.

IN the ring, Lashley hits a spear. Hurt Lock applied.

Winner: Bobby Lashley
Squishy squish
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 1:30 or sumthin

Lashley is not a in a good mood right now. Brock resorted to a low blow. He won the match, but he wanted more. For proving his dominance, he gets Bray Wyatt playing kid games. He tells Bray to keep his name out his mouth, or he will hurt Bray.

As Lashley leaves, Bray Wyatt appears on the screen for a workout music video.

It ends with Bray going serious and telling Bobby to run. Lashley is fuming.

Backstage, Chelsea Green is arguing with Pearce about Ottawa. In comes Carmella and Pearce informs her that she will be facing Bianca next week. Chelsea tells Mella her outfit is so cute. They vibe together.

Maxxine and her Male Models are ringside for the following.

Otis vs Johnny Gargano

Otis shoves Johnny into the ropes, Otis with a backfist off the ropes! Otis wit a splash! Otis smashes Johnny in the corner. Left hand from Johnny, another with a spin. Dropkick to Otis. Another. Enziguri. Superkick to Otis! Otis rolls to the outside. He is at the foot of Maxxine, who tells him to focus. Johnny flies outside, and Otis catches him. He tosses Johnny onto the table then flexes for Maxxine.

Mace and Mansoor try to attack Johnny, but Dexter is in the crowd and grabs Mace from behind.

Johnny looks over to Maxxine and Otis ain’t happy. He leans over the ropes, Johnny grabs his head and hits a DDT on the apron.

Johnny to the apron, dives in with a DDT to Otis. Cover for 1.2…….3!!!

Winner: Johnny Gargano
Not sure what they’re doin with all that but sure, why not…
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: 2:56

Cathy is backstage with Paul Heyman who says this is his favorite time of the year. This Friday, Rhodes will show up to confront Roman.

Cathy says Cody said he’ll also be there, not specifically that he’ll confront Roman.

Heyman calls Cody a raw talent, and he’s just going to show up? No hes going to invade, crash the gates of the Island of Relevenacy. This Friday, Cody will confront Roman Reigns or he will be confronted.

Lita and Dakota start but Dakota is quick to tag out. Iyo comes in, Lita catches her, tag to Becky, and they hit a double suplex. Tag to Lita. Another double team to Iyo, in comes Dakota and she suffers the same fate. They hit double clotheslines in the corner. Lita whips Iyo into Dakota then we get some Poetry in Motion. Lita climbs for a moonsault, but Iyo rolls out of the ring. Tag to Becky, and she cannonballs onto Damage CTRL!

We are BACK and Becky is beatin Dakota’s ass. She drops a leg from the 2nd rope to the draped over Dakota. Iyo in, Becky double teams them. She tries for the Disarmer but Iyo kicks her out fo the ring! Lita is on the outside. Iyo goes to attack, sending her into the table. Iyo to the apron. Tag from Dakota. Iyo with a moonsault to Becky!!! Iyo sends Becky into the ring. They double team Becky. Dakota covers for 1..2.NO!!! Dakota tries to prevent a tag. Whip to Becky into the heel corner. Back elbow from Becky. Elbow to Iyo. Clothesline in the middle of the ring from both! Iyo in! They double team Becky! Iyo covers! 1..2….NO!!!!

TRISH STRATUS is here!!! She runs down, Thesz Press to Bayley!

Becky tags Lita in! Clothesline to IyO! Whip to Iyo! Reversed! Lita with a rana! Iyo with the go behind, but Lita plants her head first. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Lita climbs the corner, Iyo pulls her down. Iyo to the top! MOONSAULT! SHE MISSES!!! Lita kicks Twist of Fate! Lita to the corner! Bayley up on the apron, Trish pulls her down! High kick to Bayley! Dakota on the apron!

Becky pulls Dakota down! MOONSAULT! Disarmer on the apron! Lita covers! 1…2..3!!!

Winners: Becky Lynch and Lita
Kinda felt like a Mania moment more than an ending of RAW moment, but the six-person match to come out of it is seemingly more what they’re worried about, which makes you wonder if they still have the same apathy for those titles. As far as quality, Lita has lost quite a few steps, so let’s hope this reign is short.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 13:20

End Show

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