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October 22, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
WWE Raw D-Generation X Raw 102218

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I will be doing the coverage in my regular review style; final ratings and extra thoughts will be in the final version of the review. Have a good time chatting, and thanks for joining 411 for your live coverage needs.

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– Tonight continues the build to WWE Sweet Saudi Money II: Blood Money AND WWE Evolution: We Owe The Chicks for The Saudi Bullshit.

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Real time footage of Vince McMahon

IT’S… THE BIG DAWG: Roman Reigns, in street clothes, makes his way to the ring. He says he feels he owes the fans an apology. He said he’d defend the title, be here every week, and be a workhorse. But it’s lies. His real name is Joe and he’s been living with Leukemia for 11 years and it’s back. He has to relinquish the Universal title. When he was 22 he was diagnosed, and fought and it went into remission. It was a hard fight, football was over, he had a baby on the way and WWE gave him a chance. And when he made it, he got to perform in front of the WWE Universe and they made his dreams come true. He thanks them for always reacting to him. He gets “thank you Roman” chants. Life isn’t fair, it throws you a curve ball, and now he has to go home and focus on his family and health. This isn’t a retirement speech, and when he beats this, he will come home and show everyone that he will stand in there and swing for the fences. “I will beat this and I will be back, and you’ll see me very soon. Thank you so much, I love you, and believe that.” He gets “thank you Roman” chants as he leaves the title in the ring. He hugs Dean & Seth as he leaves and they do the fist bump.

– Commentary tries to regroup after Reigns’ huge announcement and wish him well. Corey & Renee are really broken up since they are so close to him.

– Lio Rush is out to intro Lashley.
Lashley vs. Finn Balor: Lashley dominates, overpowering Balor to begin. He hits a slam, but Balor fights back with a dropkick. He chases Rush, allowing Lashley to attack. Post break, and Lashley is in control as Rush yaps on the mic. He then takes Balor to the corner and continues his attack. Lashley takes time to pose, and follows with rights. Balor hits a desperation dropkick, hits clotheslines and hits the standing double stomp. Lashley then catches a high cross and hits the Samoan drop for 2. Balor fights off the suplex, hits sling blade, but Lashley cuts him off. Balor gets the roll up and picks up the win. Finn Balor defeated Lashley @ 8:40 via pin

– Dolph & Drew talk backstage, and they know that they have to watch their backs. Drew made the choice, because he knew Braun would come after him next. Dolph wants to cement his legacy at Crown Jewel. Drew says Braun needed them more than they needed him. Drew has a plan, he’s going monster hunting.

Ruby Riott vs. Sasha Banks: Natalya, Bayley, Logan, & Morgan are at ringside as part of the hype for the six-woman tag at Evolution. They lock up, work to the ropes and break. Ruby hits a shoulder tackle, and Banks fires back with one of her own and then follows with a running meteora for 2. Ruby cuts her off, they trade strikes and Banks hits a lucha arm drag. Banks follows with a knee strike and they end up on the floor and Banks rolls Ruby back in but Ruby knocks her back to the floor. Post break, and Ruby is working over Banks. The STO follows for 2. Ruby grounds the action, working a cravat. Banks escapes, sends Ruby to the buckles and follows with a knee strike. She follows with clotheslines and hits running knees and a meteora off the ropes. The Banks attempt follows, Bayley takes out Logan as Natalya and Liv get involved on the floor. Banks joins in, Ruby cuts her off and hits the Riott kick for the win. Ruby Riott defeated Sasha Banks @ 9:45 via pin

– Nia Jax cuts a promo about WWE Evolution and breaking barriers. She plans to win the battle royal on Sunday.

Are You Ready?: HHH says that there are big words being thrown around, including fear. It will take more to instill fear in them than taking a lunch break to step into a boiler room to make threats. HBK says they aren’t running for mayor. HBK says that people keep talking about nostalgia. It’s a polite way of saying old. HBK says that a new Halloween movie is out and #1 at the box office and he packed 70,000 into an arena to see he and HBK together. Maybe old means better. When it comes to being better, and as DX, they’ve been running the place for over 20-years. Maybe they are in the past, but the future is now and they are running that as well. They get NXT chants. HHH says that they are coming to Crown Jewel and aren’t there to make them laugh, they are there to kick ass. We get wacky effects and Taker’s DONG. We see video of a graveyard and with Kane & Taker there. They claim they will end DX at Crown Jewel and will unleash their utter contempt. HHH & HBK should have stayed away, because you can’t outrun the reaper. They even have tombstones for DX. This will be DX’s final match because they will put them down and own their souls for eternity, and DX will never rest in peace.

– Maybe cutting from a graveyard scene to replays of Roman’s speech was a bit of a poor choice.

– At Crown Jewel, Brock Lesnar vs. Braun Strowman will compete for the Universal title.

– Dana Brooke cuts a promo on Evolution; she’s been held back and plans to win the battle royal.
Ladies and Gentlemen, My Name is Paul Heyman…: Heyman starts off in a somber tone, sending thoughts and prayers to Roman Reigns. It’s humbling to be in the locker room and to be around such courage and greatness. When he goes home and has to explain this to his kids, he wants them to understand that what reigns did was sacrifice his career, for now, by giving up the title. The title deserves the best the champion has to offer it. The fans have the right to look at the universal champion as the best. And until 8:05PM tonight, the best was Roman Reigns. Reigns would want the show to go on, and at Crown Jewel, Lesnar will face Strowman for that championship. But there in only one man worthy of being champion, and that isn’t Braun Strowman, its Brock Lesnar. Lesnar is a real beat and Strowman isn’t in Brock’s league and can’t compare to him, hell, he’s not even in the same species as Brock. Braun arrives and says he’s beating Brock’s ass all over Crown Jewel and taking the title. He promises to give Reigns the fist shot when he comes back, but for now, Brock will get these hands. Drew arrives and claymores the shit out of Braun.

– We get a video package on Lita & Trish vs. Alexa & Mickie at Evolution.

– Dolph praises Drew for laying out Braun. Drew says that he isn’t afraid of Braun. Everyone asks what if, he’s not a child and isn’t afraid of monsters. He gave Braun a stiff kick of reality and will realize he needed them.

Apollo Crews vs. Elias: They lock up, and Apollo hits shoulder tackles and a dropkick. Elias looks to fire back, but gets dumped to the floor. Apollo follows with an apron moonsault. Post break, and Elias has things grounded. Apollo fights to his feet, but Elias takes him right back down. Apollo again fights go his feet, follows with rights and an enziguri. The clothesline follows, and the standing shooting star press gets 2. Apollo hits a fall away Samoan drop for 2. Elias fights off the Apollo bomb, hits a knee strike and drift away for the win. Elias defeated Apollo Crews @ 7:58 via pin

– Kurt Angle cuts a promo on the WWE World Cup to determine the best in the world. It was a good promo as he put over everyone in the tournament while teasing one last run at glory for himself.

– Elias is back. Baron Corbin arrives, interrupting him. he doesn’t have time for Elias’ performance. Corbin mocks him and says if Stephanie didn’t like him he’d fire Elias. Corbin tells him to leave, and Elias says he has a new song for him. Elias sings about Corbin being afraid and spreading lies and Stephanie having her hand up Corbin’s ass. Corbin has his mic cut and again tells him to leave. Elias returns and EL KABONGS CORBIN with the guitar! Walk with babyface Elias!

Ronda & Nikki Sign Their Contract: Michael Cole is our host and the Bellas arrive. Here comes Ronda and the Bellas bail to the floor. Ronda promises to not beat them up tonight; she just wants the contract signed so she can beat them up on Sunday. Plus, if either of them could hurt her with her hands behind her back, her mother would be ashamed. Ronda puts her hands behind her back and the Bellas enter the ring. Nikki mocks Ronda, and then says that Ronda promised her mother she’d win the Olympics and world championship, and that she’s never see her get hurt in the UFC and that she’d retire undefeated? Did you give your mother your word on that? She’s ashamed of you, and it will be even worse when a diva beats you for your title. Nikki signs and slaps Ronda. Ronda laughs her off and signs. She says come Sunday, “I will end you, I give you my word.”

– Seth & Dean are interviewed backstage. Dean says there are no words to talk about the Shield’s bon for the last 6-years. When you don’t know what to do or say, you just do what you always do and that’s what they’ll do tonight, and Seth says win. They will channel their emotions and win the tag titles, and do it for Roman, because they love him.

Nia Jax vs. Dana Brooke vs. Tamina vs. Ember Moon: This is part of the build to Sunday’s battle royal at Evolution. They all brawl at the bell, with Tamina & Jax going face to face until Dana and Moon attack. Dana and Moon now brawl, Jax cuts off Dana and hits a rolling senton. Jax works over Tamina, but Tamina fires back with strikes but Jax hits a corner splash but Tamina hits the superkick and walks into the eclipse and Moon wins. Ember Moon defeated Nia Jax, Dana Brooke, & Tamina @ 1:55 via pin [NR]

– Titus is out for this week’s Susan G. Komen segment.

– Trish & Lita are interviewed backstage, which is for the best after last week’s segment. They are focused on Sunday and plan to win. Alicia Fox arrives for reasons and makes fun of Trish & Lita. Mickie arrives and puts an ass beating on Trish & Lita as Fox falls down. Trish & Lita fight back, PIPES FALL DOWN and they claim, “that’s how we do it in the attitude era.” Ok then. There are rumors that Alexa suffered a concussion and may be out of Sunday’s match.

Champions Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre vs. Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose: Drew & Ambrose to begin, Drew takes control until Rollins tags in and the Shield takes control and clears the ring. Post break, and Rollins tags in and hits sling blade on Dolph. The suicide dive on Drew follows. He dumps Dolph and follows with another suicide dive. Back in and Drew cuts off Rollins allowing Dolph to hit the fameasser for 2. Drew tags in, lays the boots to Rollins and tags Dolph back in. The champions now have control, isolating Rollins. Rollins fights off the sleeper, hits a belly to back suplex and Rollins fights off Drew and dumps Dolph and then superkicks Drew. Rollins looks for a tag, but Dolph pulls Ambrose to the floor. He chases and Drew levels him as the champions maintain control. Post break, and Ambrose takes Drew up top but Drew shoves him off, Rollins tags in and Ambrose hits a neck breaker as Rollins hits high fly flow for 2 as Ambrose suicide dives Dolph. Rollins heads up top, Drew cuts him off and follows him up but Rollins fights and Drew hits a spider German turning Rollins inside out. Dolph takes out Ambrose, heads up top but Rollins hits the superplex and does the deal with the falcon arrow for a great near fall. It breaks down into counters and the big move buffet. Dolph posts Rollins and hits Zigzag for a great near fall again. Drew is back, they look for the claymore combo, but BRAUN’s music hits and Rollins gets a roll up for 2. Ref bump and Braun arrives at ringside. He and Drew brawl and fight to the floor and into the crowd. Braun beat s his ass all the way backstage. Dolph is alone and now grabs the belt, Ambrose cuts him off, black out by Rollins and Ambrose rolls the ref back in and we have new champions. Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose defeated Champions Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre @ 19:25 via pin

– Post match, and AMBROSE LAYS OUT ROLLINS WITH DIRTY DEEDS! He looks conflicted and then kicks the shit out of Rollins. Ambrose continues his attack on the floor, he peels up the mats and hits dirty deeds onto the exposed floor.

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