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April 22, 2019 | Posted by Tony Acero
WWE RAW 4-22-19

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It’s RAW BINGO!!!! I hope everyone got their card! I was unable to print a master card, so please keep an eye out for things that happen throughout tonight’s episode. I’ll try and highlight the items I recall adding to each card as they happen! Let’s hope for a winner this time around!


Daddy’s home! Big thanks to Larry for handling last week’s duties! My bar had a severe staffing issue when half of said staff decided to leave early to Coachella. To say that tis weekend was a shit show would be an understatement.

Speaking of understatement, let’s hope RAW doesn’t suck this week!

Cole announces two triple threats tonight, with the winner of each facing each other in the main event for a shot at Seth at Money in the Bank. AJ v Joe v Rey and Corbin v McIntyre v Miz are set for the evening.

Triple H is here to probably quell us of all of our Shakeup fears.

Before he can, though, the WWE Universal Champion comes out to say hello to his hometown of Somethin Somethin Iowa.

Triple H gives him props for doing what he said he was going to do. He slayed The Beast, and stomped his bucket head into the ring three times until he walked out as the Universal Champion. Triple H says the landscape has changed, and Seth is the measuring stick – the whole world is gunning for him.

Seth is aware. He knows Money in the Bank is right around the corner, and if anyone knows about that contract, it’s Seth. He cashed it in successfully, changed his career, but also had it cashed in on him and if everyone is gunning for him, that’s fine, because he promises he will never let that happen again, but H tells him not to put the cart before the horse. We shouldn’t be worried about the contract winner, but instead worry about the guy he’s facing that night.

Seth wonders if it’s Lesnar, but H says it’s not. Oh, so Seth must not have seen the graphics from earlier.

One Samoa Joe has heard enough. He says that our US Champion has arrived on RAW. He admits tht Lynch has come up with a real interesting concept regarding this double champ stuff. There is room for one more title, and that would be Seth’s.

Out comes Rey to say that Joe isn’t he only former SD dude looking to make an impact. He didn’t come to RAW just to hang around and drop knowledge. After tonight is all over, at Money in the Bank, Rey sees Seth vs Rey. Lol, Rey is bad at English.

Drew McIntyre heads out to talk in a funny accent. He wants to be clear: he doesn’t care what Joe and Rey thinks they deserve. He doesn’t care if we are excited about the fresh new matchup.s He has spent a year cleaning this place up and has had zero title opportunities. It is now his time. What did H say? Seth is the measuring stick? Have you seen his stick?

Miz is out next, and my feed went out two people ago. I’m writing this without actually knowing what’s going on. Miz says hes back on Raw, and hes awesome, and Seth has something The Miz wants. Miz has had a reboot of sorts thanks to Shane.

Corbin is out to make his case.

AJ Styles is next. AJ looks like a Good Guy doll.

Seth gets the cue that AJ was the last guy out. He says he is ready, and it doesn’t matter which of the six he faces. Don’t forget who he is; he’s Seth Freakin Rollins, and he’s gonna burn it down.

The heels are left in the ring to stare at the heels like a loading screen.

Match 1: AJ Stlyes vs Samoa Joe vs Rey Mysterio

AJ with a quick right to Rey, sending him into the corner. He goes on the attack to Joe, but Rey stops it and sends Joe in the corner. AJ whips Rey into the corner hard then hits a clothesline in the corner to Joe. AJ runs into a kick then gets tossed over head and into Joe, hitting a head scissors, sending Joe to the outside. AJ and Rey are left alone in the ring. Rey with a kick to the leg. Right hand then another kick. Whip to the ropes is reversed. Rey slides under AJ so AJ hits a STO/Backbreaker combo. AJ sees Joe, hops over the rope to the apron, then hits a running knee to the face of Joe. AJ hits a snap suplex to Rey. AJ with another attack to the back of Rey. He locks the head up, possibly for the Styles Clash, but Rey escapes and rolls outside. AJ kicks him into the barricade, then back into the ring. He looks or Styles again, but Rey frabs the ropes. AJ lifts him up for a pwoerbomb, but Rey forces this into a flip and a pin for 1..2.NO!! Joe is in to stop the pin. He sends Rey chest first into the corner then sends a back elbow into AJ. He sends Rey to the outside through the bottom ropes then heads to AJ, who kicks him out of the corner. Whip to the corner by AJ, but Joe hits a Uranage out o the corner into a pin for 1..2..NO!!

Back and Joe and Rey are goin at it. Rey with a few rights to Joe. AJ is in! Step up Enziguri to Joe. Cover for 1..2..NO! Rey is there to stop it! AJ an Rey up first as Joe rolls to the corner. Rey with some kicks then a whip which is reversed. Kick from Rey. Rey hits the ropes, wheelbarrows, bulldog. Joe to the outside. Rey planchas over the top rope onto Joe. Rey back in the ring. He calls for a light. He gets to the top but AJ is there to pull him down and hits a right hand. AJ heads up to the top. Rey fights him off. Locks the head. AJ cinches it. JOE IS IN THE RING! He climbs the top rope, grabs both men, and flings them both off off the top and falls along side them. Cover from Joe for 1..2..NO!!! Joe covers AJ again for 1..2…NO!!!

We come back to JOE taking the head off of AJ Styles! He covers for 1..2..NO!!! He grabs Rey and sends him into the corner then sits him up, possibly for the Muscle Buster. Rey kicks Joe away then flies off with a senton. He hits the ropes, goes for a crucifix pin, but turns it into a slam, then Rey covers for 1…NO!!! AJ stops the pin. AJ grabs Rey, whips him into the corner, Rey bounces off and head scissors AJ to the outissde. Joe attacks Rey in th middle of the ring, but Rey hits a DDT! Joe is set up for the 619, but Joe is up!!! He locks in The Clutch! AJ flies off the top rope for the forearm, but Joe catches him with the clutch!!! AJ forces him back from the corner, Joe releases the hold. Pele kic!!! He grabs Rey, sets him on the sholders. Rey sets up for the 619. He hits joe with it first!!!

Rey flies, but AJ catches him! STYLES CLASH ONTO REY ONTO JOE!!!!! COVER for 1…2…3!!!

Winner: AJ Styles
Good match but the commercials hurt the flow, and I feel like they never hit that next gear.
Match Quality: **1/2
Personal Enjoyment: **1/2
Total Rating: **1/2

Hey, look, Alicia Fox still has a job. She’s facing Becky Lynch tonight.

Naomi is out to glow. She’s facing Billie Kay next. So, nearly an hour in and RAW has become Smackdown but without the energy. Great.

The Iiconics come out to name drop Ariana Grande for some reason, then relate that to the reason why they’re champions. They then claim that Bayley said no to the glow.

Match 2: Billie Kay vs Naomi

Billie with a kick to start then a pin that doesn’t even get a 1. Kay works the arm of Naomi, working the side. Naomi is able to turn into the hold and gets kneed. Naomi with an elbow then a split leg face drop of some sort. Kip up and a right hand. She goes for a bulldog.

Royce on the apron Naomi bulldogs INTO her. Naomi with a springboard rollup for 1…2…3!!!

Winner: Naomi
YOUR tag team champions…
Match Quality: NR
Personal Enjoyment: NR
Total Rating: NR

No wonder Sasha is mad….

Expanded upon creepy dollhouse/doll video.

Match 3: The Miz vs Drew McIntyre vs Baron Corbin

Miz looks at the two guys as if they’re nobodies then leaves the ring just as the bell rings. He ain’t down for this bs, but the big guys also aren’t down, so they leave the ring to corner Miz. Corbin hits a right to the face of The Miz then they share stomps across Miz’s face. They send Miz into the ring and Drew hits a chop. Corbin goes on the attack next, hitting a ight to the gut as Drew holds Miz up. Corbin grabs Miz from behind. Miz tries to fight out, but they double team him again. Drew holds him up. Corbin goes for a right hand. Gets it. Drew grabs miz and deadlifts him from the floor for a suplex. Drew with a clubbing blow to Miz. He apparently sent Corbin out of the ring. Miz fights out of the corner. Corbin is sent to the outside, comes back in and Miz hits a clothesline, roll up to Corbin. Corbin hits the corner. MIz side steps. Corbin eats the ringpost hard. Miz is in the middle of the ring. Blcoks a right, hits one of his own to Corbin. Another. Another. In the corner. Miz with some yes kicks to Corbin. He hits some knees in the corner to Drew. Some more to Corbin. Clothelsine to McIntyre in the corner. Springboar axe handle to both Corbin and Drew. Both Corbin and Drew on their knees. Yes kick to Corbin. TO Drew. TO Corbin. To Drew. Back and forth until Miz kicks, Drew ducks, Corbin eats the kick, Drew with a headbutt! Drew lifts MIz on the shoulders and seats him in the corner. Chop to the chest. Drew beats down on the back, but Miz hits a flurry of punches, sending Drew off the top. Corbin in. Drew sends him into The MIZ on the corner. Drew goes to the top rope. Right hand to MIz. Drew gets MIz on the shouldesr.s Corbin in. He goes under Drew. He powerbombs Drew, who has Miz on his shoulders, causing a samoan like drop!

Back, and The Miz is flying off the top rope onto the two big guys. Miz sends Corbin into the TimeKeepers area. He sends Drew into the ring. Miz enters. Back elbow from Drew. Another in the corner. He grabs the leg and hits an Alabama Slam! Cover for 1…2..NO!!! Backstage, AJ is watching. Drew waits for the kick, Miz side steps, shoots the leg. FIGURE FOUR!! Drew gets a thumb to the eye. Drew stands, favorin the leg. Miz sends Drew to the outside while tryin to get his vision back. Corbin on the outside. He enters. MIz runs. Deep Six to Miz. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Corbin heads to the outside. He rushes MIz, Miz moves, and Corbin hits the steps! Miz in the ring. He pins Drew for 1..2..NO!! Spinebuster by Drew! Jackknife cover for 1..2…NO!!! Drew locks up Miz, lookin for the future shock, but Miz escapes and hits a DDT! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Corbi in. He goes for End of Days, but Miz drops him and hits another DDT! Pin for 1…2.NO!!! All three men struggle to stand but get there. Miz up first. He goes for the SKF, but Corbin elbows out. Miz send him to the outside.

CLAYMORE KICK from DREW! Corbin runs in and shoves Drew to the outside! Corbin pins! 1…2….3!!!!

Winner: Baron Corbin

Match Quality: ***
Personal Enjoyment: ***
Total Rating: ***

Charley over here being the only girl ever to look good in mustard yella and asks AJ how he’s going to beat big ol Corbin. AJ says he is a bulldog with a lor more fight than Corbin. He is announced as the former blabbity bla all the time. It’s all true, but AJ is also a two time US champ, but he’s also a two time WWE champ, in fact he is the longest SD champ in history. He didn’t beat Kurt Angle, but on a regular basis, he beat up John Cena. This isn’t about comparing, though, this is about him picking a fight with the biggest bully in theyard and winning. AJ is going to MitB.

Vanessa sucks at Pokemon Go.

Sami says that the last couple of weeks, he has been telling us the truth about ourselves. We are incessantly negative. We react with typical patterns of denial and deflection, and create a false narrative about him. Somehow, he became a bitter person. He will squash this right now; he is not bitter, he is jubilant. The ten months that he was away was the happiest time of his life. In fact, he has some images. Here he is in Switzerland. Here he is in Norway. He burst into tears because of the beauty all around him. Next photo is him on a beach in Mexico. Look how happy he is. Next image is him in front of a castle in Scotland. Look at that smile! Look how happy he is! Sami then wondered what it was about the WWE that was making him sick…corporate structure? Being surrounded by egomaniacs in the locker room? No, he had to dig and dig, and the problem is US. We have created a toxic culture and impose onto Sami and everyone else except ourselves. Does booing feel good? It feels good cuz it’s easier to blame him than to look into the mirror and hold ourselves accountable. Its fine, he gets it, he will make us responsible. He is holding to account every single one of us. We do this in a tribe, this mob mentality, but it won’t keep us safe from him. Trust him, he’d rather be back in Norway, Sweden, Mexico, anywhere than depressed Des Moines, Iowa.

Sami says if we’ve got a problem with that, he suggests we all take a trip. Doesn’t it sound nice? Take a trip and go to hell.

Before Sami can even make it to the back, Cedric Alexander’s music hits and he comes out. He smiles at Sami as he goes to the ring and it’s just like….why wouldn’t Sami be bothered by this kayfabe?

Cedric gets a mini video packge, calling this the Age of Alexander. He’s facing Cesaro next.

Cesaro comes out to the super white light entrance of The Bar as opposed to his own. I doubt that means anything, but I thought I’d let you know.

Match 4: Cedric Alexander vs Cesaro

Lockup and Cesaro forces Cedric to the floor hard. Another lockup and Cesaro works the arm as Cedric flips out and reverses into a side headlock. He goes for a takedown, but Cesaro won’t let it. Right hand to Cedric and Cesaro with an uppercut in the corner. Chop to Cedric in the corner. Cesaro with a nother chop. Whip to Cedric and Cesaro floats under a hit, only to get caught with a head scissors. Cedric sends Cesaro to the outside. Cedric hits the ropes. Ceasro escapes a body slam and hits one of his own. Cesaro with an elbow drop. Cover for 1…NO! Cesaro with achin lock from behin.d Kick out of the corner from Cedric, who then flies only for Cesaro to catch him mid-air and hit a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Gut wrench lift from Cesaro into a toss. Jesus, Cesaro is awesome. Cover for 1…2..NO!! Cesaro stomps the hand then works a chinlock into the mat. Cedric turns into the hold. Cedric hits the ropes, goes for a sunset flip, but Cesaro reaches down and grabs the head only for Cesaor to turn it into a rollup for 1..2..NO!! Chop to Cesaro. Again. Back elbows from Cedric. Shove and a kick, but Cedric catches him and hits a kick. Another, sending Cesaro to the corner. Cesaro lifts ihm up and over. Kick from the apron to Cesaro. Cedric flies in, looking for Flatliner, but Cesaro holds onto him and turns it into a suplex attempt. Cedric lands on his feet. Back elbow from Cesaro. MICHINOKU DRIVER to Cesaro!!! Pin for 1..2..NO!!! Backslide attempt but Cesaro is too strong. Springboard kick to the head from Cedric! Cesaro to the outside. Cedric hits the ropes. He flies with a flip onto Cesaro!

He rolls Cesaro into the ring. Cerdic springboards. UPPERCUT from Cesaro! Pin for 1…2…3!!!!

Winner: Cesaro
Cesaro the singles wrestler is always impressive.
Match Quality: ***
Personal Enjoyment: ****
Total Rating: ***1/2

Backstage, The Usos are all excited. RAW bout to get USO lit. Who they got over here? Lucha House Party—-PARTY IS OVER! DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE! Hahahaha. They bring up Viking Raiders. What bout Hawkins and Ryder? They like to collect toys—

In come The Revival. They call Usos “decent hands” in the tag team divisions. They may be the best on Sd, but this is RAW. The Revival Reformatory if you will. They aren’t locking down anything.

Usos pretend to be asleep. They had had the craziest dream bout two dudes coming up to them and sayin they were going to kick their butts.


While the Lucha House Party make their entrance being all annoying and shit, The Viking Raiders attack! They seat Kalisto up on Metalik and drop both of them down hard then smack each other in the chest. Thy head over to Lince and hit The Viking Experience. Hahaha.

Cole: “The world is talking about The Viking Raiders.”
Corey: “Remember their names.”

Hahaha ok, guys.

Becky is here to inform us that she understands sucker punches. She doesn’t mind them, it’s the women throwing them. She has made a career out of smacking bleached blondes currying favor from management. Lacey is a new version of an old approach, so while Lacey is in the back trying to further her career, Becky is out ready to fight to cement hers. So…Alicia Fox…

Lacey Evans, instead, is out and cant understand why Becky allows her emotions to get the best of her. Maybe it’s because she’s Irish, or maybe it’s because like a typical man she wants attention. She wants to give Becky a few lessons. 1) She’s in control of her emotions 2) she’s not a showoff, and 3)….at MitB she will teach her how to respect a woman with a Woman’s Right. Wait, what? Lesson 3 is….huh?

Becky says that she was just tying to enjoy her last few weeks, but Lacey absolute plank, is getting on Becky’s last nerve. Irish emotions? Well they want to slap the head off of Lacey’s shoulders. She’s new around here, so let Becky tell her this; don’t confuse her recent happiness with contentment, because she will go to MitB and dismantle her because she can, then it’s time to go back to collecting her debts.

Alicia Fox’s music hits and she comes out as if she’s drunk.

Match 5: Alicia Fox vs Becky lynch

Lockup to start and side headlock from Becky starts the match. Becky with a side headlock takedown. Rope work and a tackle by Fox ho covers but doesn’t get a count as Becky floats out of the pin. Rope work and Becky dodges a dropkick then kicks Alicia in the mid section. Alicia rolls to the outside. Becky wants her back in the ring. Alicia eats a swinging dropkick and Becky follows to the outside. She grabs Alcia and sends her into the apron face first. Alicia shoves and Becky hits a right hand. She sends Alicia into the apron again but Alicia sends her into the barricade. Kick from Alicia. Alicia sends Becky into the ring. Cover. 1…2..NO!!!

Back and Alicia is covering lazily for 1..NO! Another cover for 1. Cravat from behind. Becky with some right hands. Uppercut. Shove from Alicia. Alicia goes for a tilt-a-whirl something or other but rotally fucks it up so Becky goes for an arm bar. Fox fucks up again and Becky rolls to the outside. Alicia hops down off the apron and grabs Becky. Becky with a right hand then sends Alicia into the barricade. Becky sends Alicia into the ring then eats a right hand as she enters. Becky with a back elbow. Becky flies with a forearm. Kick and a Bexploder. Another. She rushes the corner, Fox moves, roll up for 1..2..NO!!! Disarmer from Becky! Alicia taps.

Sloppy, shitty wrestling, and damn….I fear Alicia maybe losing her job.
Match Quality: *
Personal Enjoyment: *
Total Rating:

With Alicia still in the hold, Lacey Evans enters the ring and hits The Woman’s Right to Becky Lynch. Becky is up, turns, and eats another hard right to the face.

If AJ Styles is the angry soccer mom that complains to the manager of the restaurant….does that make Baron Corbin said manager?

So, Roode dropped Gable apparently, and is going back to a solo spot, then compares Gable to Ricochet. So there’s that.

Match 6: Robert Roode vs Ricochet

Lockup and Ricochet backs Roode in the corner. Ref stops it and Roode kicks Ricochet in the corner. Right hand and Cole says “BANG.” What an idiot. Ricochet fights out of the corner. Rope work and Ricochet hops over, but Ricochet locks in a side headlock. Ricochet with the head scissors then a dropkick. Rode drops, asks for a time out. He then pulls Ricochet out but Ricochet lands on the apron. He tosses Roode to the outside on the outside. Haha. Ricochet in the ring, hits the ropes, rolls over the ropes, lands on his feet, hits a moonsault off the ringpost!

Back to the match and Roode has a side headlock on Ricochet down on the mat. Ricochet up. Elbow to Roode. Another. Knee from Roode stops Ricohet from the ropes. Another knee drops Ricochet on the apron. Kick from Roode and a suplex in the middle of the ring. Cover for 1…2..NO! Roode with a chin lock from behind. Dropkick from Ricochet. Right from Roode, he misses another, Ricochet with a right to the head. Another. He hits the ropes .Head scissors and a toss. Ricochet rushes the corner, gets a crossbody then sends Roode’s head into the turnbuckle, where Roode…just chills? Ricochet kicks the turnbuckle then hits the top rope and flies off with a clothesline. Standing shooting star press and a cover for 1..2…NO!!! Roode hits the ropes. Rollup from Ricochet. He hops up, and Roode hits a spinebuster. Pin for 1…2…NO!!! Roode calls for the DDT. Ricochet turns. DD- NO!!! Ricohet gets Roode on the shoulders. He hits a modified GTS. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Ricochet to the top rope! 630 attempt,

Roode moves and Ricochet lands on his feet. He sends Ricochet into the corner chest first, then hits a Glorious DDT and a pin for 1…2….3!!!

Winner: Robert Roode
Hella boring…
Match Quality: * *
Personal Enjoyment: *
Total Rating: *1/2

Apparently this was the time where Bray Wyatt returned, but for some reason, my feed showed nothing but the RAW title card for like 4 minutes. Did he pull his dick out? Eh well, look for the recap in the actual report. From the sounds of it, Wyatt is hosting a kid’s show and has seen the error of his ways. A former bad man, he is now looking to change his ways with Mercy The Buzzard and Pammy the Witch….

I hope to God that is is a lie.

Our reaction:

Main Event: AJ Styles vs Baron Corbin

Right from Aj to Corbin. Corbin smirks, misses a clothesline, and gets chopped a few times. Another chop from AJ. Corbin is able to hit a knee. He sends Aj over the ropes. AJ lands on the apron, springboards for a forearm, but Corbin hits a right hand to stop it. Corbin stomps AJ down near the ropes. He mocks AJ. Corbin with another right as the crowd chants for AJ. Corbin with a right to the head of AJ. He hits another one. AJ is up and hits a right, then sends Corbin to the outside. AJ flies over the top rope but Corbin trips him up and AJ falls on his shoulder. Corbin whips AJ into the time keepers’area. AJ with a kick. Styles looks to launch himself over the barricade, but can’t quite get it up and Corbin is able to catch him and drop him on the barricade.

Back from a break, and Corbin has the upperhand, which means I have the lower standards. Corbin seats AJ up in the corner then goes for a superplex, but Aj slips out form under and pulls Corbin’s foot out from underneath him. AJ with some kicks to Corbin. Nice running right hand to Corbin. AJ has Corbin on his sohulders, but Corbin lands on his feet. AJ spars against him into the ropes .backhand to the ear. Corbin with the goozle. He looks for a xhokeslam, but AJ rolls him up for 1..2..NO!!!! AJ with another orll up for 1..2..NO!!! He goes for Styles Clash, but Corbin stops it. AJ sends Corbin to the outside, Corbin comes back in and eats a Pele kick. AJ runs…right into the Deep Six. Corbin covers for 1..2..NO!!! Corbin rushes the corner and smashs AJ. Ripcord for an End of Days, but AJ turns it into a Calf Crusher! Corbin ain’t tapping. He grabs the head of AJ and slams it into the mat.

Corbin stands with the ropes. Corbin heads to the second rope but Aj kicks him down. AJ on the apron. Springboard. FOREARM!! Pin for 1…2……3!!!

Winner: AJ Styles
AJ is goin to MitB!
Match Quality: **
Personal Enjoyment: **
Total Rating: **

Seth Rollins heads out to extend his hand for a shake. AJ takes it and they do that masculine thing.

End Show

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