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June 24, 2019 | Posted by Tony Acero
WWE Raw 6-24-19

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Did ya miss me?! Yeah, yeah, me too. Well sorry to break your hearts one more time, but I’ll be gone again next week! I’m going to the East Coast for the first time ever! This is my last chance to ask you guys for any recommendations food or bar in the NY area to check out, so let me know in the comments! Also, just slightly less important, we’ve got a show to cover!

The show starts with Twitter’s very own Seth Rollins. He is all smiles as some kids chant BURN IT DOWN. Seth then brings up last night where Baron thought he was going to take the title from him.

Seth is interrupted by Becky Lynch. She holds her belt sky high at the top of the ramp then walks down the ramp. She wants to stand aside her bf as he talks about having the best backup on the planet. Becky says one might say it pays to be The Man’s Man, and she would say they proved why they are the champions. Becky calls Lacey a plank and says she’s out here every week but had nothing when it came time to fight, so tapped out she did, then out she comes as a ref trying to steal a title for someone else, but not on her watch. That’s when The Man comes around to slap her head off her shoulders once again.

Seth watches with joy until Corbin’s music hits.

Lacey with a surprise attack, but Lynch gets the upperhand and beats her down in the corner. In comes Corbin, but Rollins takes care of him with a slingblade while Becky hits a Becksploder out of the corner. Lacey and Corbin on the outside, and they can’t handle the WWE’s newest power couple.

Corbin tells Seth to go make Becky. Sandwich. Lacey doubles down. Corbin says if it wasn’t for Becky last night, he’d be champion. He picked Lacey for a reason – because she is the only real woman they have around here. How does that make her a good choice for a ref??

Corbin says he’d choose lacey as his tag team partner against Becky and Seth any time anywhere. Lacey says how about at Extreme Rules.

Becky says if that’s what they want, then sure, under one condition. Becky says when they lose, no more chances. They don’t get to face either of them ever again. They have a stipulation too. But before they can say, Seth accepts like a dummy.

Corbin announces that it’ll be winner takes all. If they win the match, they win the titles.

Before the following match, The Usos are on the mic to talk about the challengers versus the champions. They say nothing of note.

Apparently, once one member of a team is eliminated, that team is eliminated. Cole calls this incredibly unique and a recipe for the craziest of matchups. OK buddy.

Match 1: The New Day and The Usos vs The Revival, Daniel Bryan, and Luke Harper

Dawson and Woods to start. Side headlock but Big E ets a tag and hits a shoulder tackle. Big E with a big splash and a leg drop from Woods at the same time. Cover for 1..NO!! E whips, presses, Dawson lands on his feet, Rowan get sa tag, Big E with a belly to belly. Rowan is in to send him down hard. He hits a rock bottom like move. Usos come into the ring, Rowan sends them out. He hits the ropes, goes for a splash, but E rolls away! Tag to Bryan who comes in. Woods get sa tag too. Woods slides under Bryan. Kick to the chest then another. Bryan hps over him in the corner, clothesline miss, buy Bryan gets one for himself! Bryan sends Woods over the ropes. He hits the ropes. Bryan with the dive! Woods goes for a dive, but Bryan stops him with a right hand. He gets to the top rope. He dives with a dropkick! Kip up and Bryan waits for Woods to get on his knees. Yes chant from the crowd, and here comes the kicks! Woods ducks undere the final one, Bryan from behind, rolls up for 1..2..NO!!! Bryan gets pushed forward with a kick, and Dawson with a right hand! It hits Bryan!!! Rollup! 1…2….3!!!

<b.Daniel Bryan and Rowan have been Eliminated.

Woods with some confusion in the corner until The Revival hit a Shatter Machine out of the corner and Dash covers for 1..2..3!!!

The New Day have been Eliminated

We come back and that match they didn’t want to interrupt with commercials is still going without us here. Dives to the outside from The Usos.

No, wait. We get an “official restart” of the match and the bell rings. Wtf is this?? Anyway, The Usos fly off the corner for a crossbody and get a pin to Dash for 1..2…NO!!! Tag to his brother, and Jimmy covers after an assisted samoan drop. Jimmy dives off the top, kick to the gut, right hand to Dash, ducks under a right, gets caught mid-air by Wilder with a powerslam and a cover for 1..2…NO!!! On the apron, Dash gets a chop, but uso fires back with a headbutt. Tag from Dawson as Uso is on the shoulders of Dash. Dawson flies off with a clothesline to the back of the head. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Dawson wit a stomp. He goes for a right, but Jimmy comes back with an uppercut. Jimmy with an enziguri from the corner. He goes to the top rope. Right hand to the face from Dawson. Lockup on the top rope. Jey with a tag. Dawson punches him down off the apron. He locks up Jimmy. Wilder is getting on the top rope on the adjacent side, but Jey is there to attack on the corner.

Superplex to Jimmy by Dawson. Jey with a splash from the corner onto Dawson. Pin for 1..2…3!!!!

Winners: The Usos
This was nearly worse than having a commercial breaking it up…
Match Quality: **
Personal Enjoyment: *1/2
Total Rating: *3/4

Earlier today, Braun pulled a 16-wheeler with a rope. So now you know.

Miz TV is live, and Miz’s guests are R-Truth and Carmella. They come out, watching their back, and head to the ring.

Miz informs Truth that the rules have been suspended during this interview. He brings up the places that the title has been defended recently, including the wedding where Truth won the title back. We get video footage of the wedding incident.

I find no joy in this.

Truth is all smiles. He holds his title up as Miz questions Truth’s moral compass. Truth thanks the crowd for the support. He tells Miz that this title ain’t no joke. Truth can’t eat, drink, or be merry. He can’t go to the grocery store, to picnics. He’s got people dressed like the police coming to his crib. He ain’t fallin for it. He’s smarter than that.

Carmella says that interrupting the wedding may be extreme, but it shows the importance of the title. Miz is interrupted by a voice.

It’s Drake. He’s wearing a bandana for no real discernable reason. His wedding was supposed to be the biggest moment of his entire life, and Truth ruined it. His wife won’t talk to him, his wife won’t go on his honeymoon. His wife won’t….they haven’t….they haven’t consummated the marriage.

Truth says fiber is good for his marriage being constipated.

Constipation chant.

Yes, I said that.

Drake wants a rematch. Truth vs Drake. One on one. So rake can win back the love of his life. He’s talking about the title, by the way, not his wife.

Miz says that he is getting approval for this match if Truth accepts. And if he accepts, no other competitors are allowed to interfere.

Truth accepts his match against Hornswoggle.

Match 2: 24/7 Championship Match
R-Truth vs Drake Maverick

We come back to the bell ringing, and Truth flatlines Drake almost immediately. Pin and 1…2….3!!!

Winner: R-Truth
Intense eye roll
Match Quality: NR
Personal Enjoyment: NR
Total Rating: NR

Immediately after, the jobbers run down the ramp with a ref. Truth enters the ring as Lucha House Party tries to fuck with him. Truth toses Metalik outside. Jose tries to roll him up. Cedric with a springboard kick to Truth. Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Lucha House Party attack Cedric. Truth escapes theough the crowd with Carmella on his back. They chase Truth through the crowd.

In the crowd, Drake is super sad boy.

Charley is there to interview him. Where does he go from here? Drake nearly cries, then opts to leave the interview and the ring.

The crowd sings the goodbye song to someone who was hardly a staple of the show he’s leaving…

Backstage, Corbin is talking to Lacey about the other couple. Lacey says Becky is Seth’s kryptonite. Corbin says they might be the new power couple of the WWE.

Shane is here. He tells the ref to explain the match.

It is a 2-on-1 match. And apparently, this needs to be explained in detail that they will be both able to wrestle Reigns. No tags. You know, for the dummies.

Match 3: Roman Reigns vs Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre

Reigns with a right hand to Shane immediately. Drew gets Reigns in the corner. Reigns reverses and sends Drew to the outside. Shane is here to punch him in the kidney, but Reigns grabs him and sends him into the corner with some hard shoulders. Uppercut to Shane. Drew grabs him and sends him into the barricade outside. Another toss to the barricade. He tosses Reigns into the steps. Shane is outside too and they stomp Reigns then kick him in the gut. Drew sends Reigns into the steps. Drew grabs the top steps and looks to drive them into the face of Reigns, which he does with the help of Shane. They send Reigns into the ring. Drew lifts Reigns up and pulls his nose and hair from behind. Kick from Shane. Kick to the kidney from Shane. Stomp to his face by Drew. Shane sends Reigns into a Claymore kick. Drew lifts Shane in the corner. Shane mocks Reigns. SPEAR to Reigns from Shane.

Shane gets to the top rope. He is about to go Coast to Coast. But the lights go out! THE GONG HITS!!!

The Undertaker is here!!! Chokeslam to Shane McMahon! He beats down Drew in the corner over and over with rights and lefts. One to the dome. He sends Drew over the ropes as dumbass Cole says, “What a moment” during a moment that is left best to be a moment on its own.

Winner: NO ONE
Match Quality: NR
Personal Enjoyment: NR
Total Rating: NR

Anyways, clothesline to Shane to the outside. The Undertaker slices his throat and pulls a hip.

Earlier today, Lashley attempted to pull a telephone pole out of the cement, and instead rips a rope in half at a point that is totally not precut or darker in a specific area…

There is a red line cutting the rope in half diagonally. A rope is in the middle of it crossing perpendicular. Braun and Lashley are in their own corner. The rope is wrapped around each men, and the goal is to pull the other across the red line. Lashley is getting the upperhand. He gets Braun very close to the red line. Braun, just as he is about to cross, smiles at Lashley, as it appears he was fuckin with Lashley the whole time. Just when Lsahley is about to lose, he jumps forward and attacks Braun. He sends Braun into the corenr hard then wraps the ropes around his face and pulls Braun back against the ropes with the tug-o-war rope. The ref is finally able to stop him and Braun rolls to the outside as Cole worries about rope burn. Lashley leaves the ring and circles it running. Braun with a shoulder tackle! Lashley hits a running knee to the back of Braun.

AJ is having interview time, and he is interrupted by No Way Jose’s music. It appears The Club is partying with Jose. AJ comes to the mto say this is what he was talking about. Like last week when they lost their match. Where is the Gallows and Anderson he met in Japan, the guys that helped him take over, that were once tag team champions. Karl says what happened to AJ. Gallows says they’re going to prove him wrong right now.

Wait, wasn’t Jose chasing Truth for the 24/7 title?

Match 4: The Minnesota Vikings of Oakland Raiders vs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

Gallows and Ivar to start. Uppercut and a tag to Karl. Kick from Anderson. Knee from Ivar. Blow to the back. Tag to Ivar’s partner, who lifts Ivar and drops him onto Karl Anderson. Erik runs in and gets stopped by Karl. Tag to Gallows who drops some elbows hard on the chest from above. Cravat from behind. Kick from Gallows to the chin. He sends Ivar off the apron. Tag to Karl .He hits te reops. Boot of Doom to Erik and a cover for 1…2..NO!!! Erik gets beaten down a bit by Karl, who asks AJ if he sees this. Erik is up, right hand to Karl. Tag to Ivar who comes in with a shoulder tackle. He goes for a splash in the corner, but Ivar gets knees, dropping karl. He cartwheels, dodging a hit from Gallows, then sends him to the outside. Erik gets a tag. Ivar dives through the ropes to gallows.

Ivar rushes back in, sets up Karl, and Erik and Ivar drop his ass hard. Pin for 1…2…3!!!!

Winners: The Minnesota Vikings of Oakland Raiders

Match Quality: *
Personal Enjoyment: *
Total Rating: *

Backstage, Nikki speaks to Alexa about last week. Alexa understands how she got mad. Nikki says it’s her fault, and she is sorry. Alexa says to use it for motivation, but Bayley does do a good job at manipulating people. Nikki says there has to be a way to get a rematch. Just need to come up with a plan, says Alexa.

She’s hot.

Naomi and Natalya are here in another locker room to warn Nikki about Alexa. In comes Alexa, worrying what this is. She feels offended. Naomi tells Nattie to let Nikki let her learn the hard way, and as for Alexa, she gone get hers.

So, apparently, there is a schedule match between Heath and Mojo? But it doesn’t start because the 24/7 Gang of Meh rush the ring. Slater with a neckbreaker to Truth after some commotion. Pin. 1..2…3!!! Slater runs out, escapes some people, runs into the ring. Truth with his finisher. Pin for 1..2..3!!! Cedric from behind with a Lumbar check. He covers. 1…2….3!!!!He sends Jose off the apron. Cedric dodges Mojo, EC3 here to send Cedrick into the title on the floor and covers for 1..2…3!!!!

Carmella is here to take the title from EC3 from behind. This is enough of a distraction for Truth to roll EC3 up and get a 1..2…3!!!

Backstage, Ricochet says this win took the full support of his fans, friends, and family. He brings up his match with AJ who he has looked up to his entire career. Tonight, he intends to prove that he is worthy of the title.

Kofi Kingston is in the ring for an interview, but Sami and Kevin come out to have their own Kevin and Sami show. They want to know why Kofi uses his friends, and Kofi takese offense, saying he doesn’t know how to properly define Owens and Zayn’s shit, but he and Big E and Woods are brothers. It’s a brotherhood. As far as Kofi not winning matches by himself, but at Money in the Bank, he beat Owens. All by himself. Just like last night, when he beat Dolph Ziggler by himself. Just like tonight, when he beats Sami. All by himself.

Sami says the ego on Kofi is baffling. Kofi needs a little dose of reality, and who better than him to give it to Kofi.

Match 1:

Kofi with a quick cover that only gets 2. They lockup again, and Kofi with a go behind. Side headlock. Sami sends Kofi into the corner. Right hand to the face. Another. He beats down Kofi to the applause of Kevin Owens. Chop in the corner. Right hand. Sami whips Kofi. Another splash attempt but Kofi kicks out of it. Springboard hit to the head. Chop. Another chop. Dropkick to Sami. Hits the ropes. High clothesline. Kofi wants the drop. Hits it. Trouble in Paradise, but Sami rolls him up for 1..2.NO!!! Sami with a kick to the face. Whip to the corner. Kofi hops up on the corner. Flies off with a dropkick. Sami rolls to the outside. Kevin rubs his head. Baseball slide from Kofi. Sami side steps and slides in the ring. Owens kicks Kofi a few times while Sami distracts the ref. Sami rolls back outside. He kicks Kofi in the chest. Whip to the ring. Sami with a right to the head. Cravat from behind. Whip and Sami hits a right, sending Kofi to the floor. Sami with some light kicks to Kofi. Kofi hits the ropes and dives off with a clothesline. Right hands to Sami. Whip to Sami. Sami with a kick Right hand to the face. He hits the ropes. Kofi with a clothesline and beat down. Kofi hits the corner, Sami catches him and hits a t-bone into the corner. Pin for 1..2….NO!!! Sami lifts Kofi and sets him up on the top rope. Elbow from Kofi. He stands. Dive, but Sami ducks. Landson his feet, Michinoku Driver! Pin for 1..2….NO! Sami runs right into some knees!

Kofi rushes the corner, gets tossed onto the apron. Right hand. Springboard, but Sami with a kick! Pin for 1…2….NO!!! Sami locks up from behind. Kofi fights out. He attacks the head.

Kofi tries for the ropes, Sami lifts, Kofi floats over, rolls Sami up. Pin for 1…2….3!!!!

Winner: Kofi Kingston
Match Quality: **
Personal Enjoyment: **
Total Rating: **

Match 5: Kevin Owens vs Kofi Kingston

Owens is on the mic and says that he doesn’t think kofi is a great champion. He wants Kofi to get in the ring and face him right here and now. Kofi is already up the ramp. He ponders this for a second, then heads back down to the ring.
Back, and Kofi gets lifted by Owens for the powerbomb but escapes. Owens rolls to the outside and pulls kofi out. He wants the pwoerbomb on the apron, but Kofi back body drops him away. SOS from Kofi to Owens on the outside.

Kofi rolls into the ring. The ref was counting. Kofi wins!

Winner: Kofi Kingston via countout
Just because you don’t want commercials doesn’t mean you make up for it with nonsensical endings….
Match Quality: NR
Personal Enjoyment: NR
Total Rating: NR

Immediately after the match, Joe comes out to attack. He sends Kofi into the stage then grabs him by the legs and swings Kofi into the screen at the top of the stage. Uranage to Kofi on the stage.

Joe leaves then comes back to lock on the clutch.

At Extreme Rules, we will get The Undertaker and Roman Reigns to take on Shane and Drew.

Match 6: Alexa Bliss vs Naomi

Lockup and Naomi kicks Alexa. She then splits to deny Alexa a right hand. Kick from Naomi, then a right. She hits the ropes and Alexa hits her with a clothesline. Slam to the mat and a pin for 1..2..NO!!!Naomi with a surprise kick then a trip then a split leg drop and a cover for 1..2..N!O!! Alexa rolls to the outside. Nikki is there to motivate her. Naomi with a baseball slide, bu she hits Nikki.

Naomi yells at Nikki that it wasn’t for her. She enters the ring. DDT to Naomi! Cover for 1..2..3!!!

Winner: Alexa Bliss

Match Quality: NR
Personal Enjoyment: NR
Total Rating: NR

Alexa attacks Noami after the match. She yells for N ikki to come into the ring. Alexa with a full nelson. She tells Nikki to attack. Nikki shoves Naomi down.

Natalya comes down to prevent anymore dastardly deeds from Alexa and Nikki, which will likely lead to a tag match after the break…

Match 7: Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross vs Naomi and Natalya

Nattie with a snap suplex. Another to Nikki. She locks up behind. Nikki elbows back. She hops on the bck of Nattie. Nattie slings her off. Clotesline to Nikki. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Nikki with a headbutt to the mid section. Tag from Alexa. Natie lifts Alexa nd drives her into the corner. Knees to Alexa. Tag to Naomi. She comes in to full nelson Alexa for a bit. She rag dolls Bliss a little then drops Bliss on her ass. Rollup for 1..2..NO!!! Naomi goes for a bulldog into the corner. Tag to Nattie who bounces Alexa off the ropes then down to the mat. She runs across the back of Bliss but stops at the ropes where Nikki is. Surprise attack from Alexa. Pin for 1…2…NO!! Nattie with a body slam. Cover for 1….2…NO!!! Snap suplex to Alexa. She grabs the hair and calls for another suplex. Hits it. Nattie wants the Sharpshooter but Alexa kicks her away and tags out immediately. Right hand. Another. She sends Nattie into Naomi then splashes in the corner. Running bulldog. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Nikki on the apron. She hits a shoulder then a kick through the ropes. Nikki to the top rope. Crossbody and a cover for 1..2..NO!!! Natite sends Nikki into the corner.

Bliss tags in. Nattie doesn’t see it. Nikki locks up. Swinging neckbreaker. Alexa in the ring. Cover for 1..2…3!!!

Winners: Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss
Match Quality: **
Personal Enjoyment: **
Total Rating: **

By the way, check out this gem from 2013 when Larry announced my TEMPORARY job of covering RAW again…

I wonder if Ricochet will use his new finisher, Butt Stuff.

While we’re waiting…

Main Event: Ricochet vs AJ Styles

Lockup to start. AJ gets Ricochet into the corner. Ref breaks them up. Another lockup. Ricochet works the arm. Aj flips out of it and reverses. Ricochet tries to do he same, but AJ locks his head and drops him! SIIICK! Near pin, but AJ escapes. Arm drag. Another. A third try, but AJ sees it coming and doesn’t allow it.

Gallows and Anderson walk down the ramp, which can’t be good. AJ seems confused but allows it. Side headlock from Ricochet. AJ rolls to the outside. He grabs a mic. And he says here’s the deal, the match will not continue until Gallows and Anderson leave. They seem offended, but leave while Cole claims we are going to “restart” this match. So annoying.


Match Quality:
Personal Enjoyment:
Total Rating:

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