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April 3, 2020 | Posted by Larry Csonka
John Cena WWE Smackdown

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Csonka’s WWE Friday Night Smackdown Review 4.03.20

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MIZ TV: The Usos arrive right away to mock talk shows in general and say they will win the tag team titles at Mania. New Day arrives and dispute their claim of winning the championships, because they will win. The Usos claim they saves New Day from “Dumb and Dumber,” they argue and Miz & Morrison arrive. They claim they deserve better, that their challengers don’t deserve a title shot, and will thrive as the winners do at Mania. Miz knows the Usos & New Day will destroy each other, and that they will remain the greatest tag team of the 21st century. They all brawl, an Usos superkicks Kofi and Big E attacks, but the champions lay out the others with ladder shots. So we’re just pretending this match is happening as planned.

Tamina vs. Naomi vs. Lacey Evans: Sasha & Bayley are on commentary. They brawl at the bell, attacking Tamina until Tamina cuts them off and dumps them. Post break and Tamina works over Naomi, follows with clotheslines and then head butts. Naomi fires back, hits the disaster kick and Lacey is back, attacking Tamina as well. The broncobuster follows and Naomi takes her out on the floor. Banks attacks Lacey, Naomi takes her out, Tamina Samoan drops Naomi and that gets 2. Bayley attacks Naomi and Tamina hits the superkick for the win. Tamina defeated Naomi & Lacey Evans @ 7:25 via pin

– Post match, Tamina lays out Bayley & Banks.

– Tucker works out and meets with Mandy ahead of his clash with Dolph Ziggler.

From WrestleMania 24: Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair: I know we were all hoping for a good match, but I had very high expectations. Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania doesn’t disappoint, and I had this feeling that with Shawn out there, his family in attendance and the go for broke feeling one last time, the Nature Boy, RIC FUCKING FLAIR would walk that isle and do what he has done better than anyone for the last 35-years. They started out with some grappling and Flair looked like he was game right away. Flair got to do the press off the top to HBK and then not only did he go up top, but he got to connect with a cross body. I marked out. HBK would send Flair to the floor and then almost kill himself as he would miss the Asai Moonsault to the floor, and ate the Raw announce table. That had to suck. Flair would go to work, hitting the butterfly suplex and chopping the life from HBK. They later did a moonsault spot from the top rope to the floor, which only grazed Flair. Some people threw a shit fit right away, but I was still digging the match as HBK was bringing Mr. WrestleMania to Flair. HBK looked to have the match in hand as he made his signature comeback, but he would pause on the superkick and Flair scoped the legs and locked in the figure four, and the crowd popped! HBK would escape, only to get caught in it again. After turning the hold Flair would release it, he strutted and looked in control until he ate a superkick out of nowhere. He would then tune up the band, but Flair was down. He tried to pick him up, and then the dirtiest player in the game went into survival mode and low blowed HBK. Flair would use a roll up with the tights and an eye poke to try and win, but HBK kept fighting. They started exchanging chops again, and again out of nowhere HBK nailed another superkick on Flair. Shawn went to the corner to tune up the band, but the look on his face told you it as the last thing that he wanted to do. Flair would get to his knees and tell Shawn to do it, knowing that he had given his all and that this was the end. Shawn looked at Flair and said… “I’m Sorry, I love you.” HBK then threw the superkick, pinned Flair, immediately hugged him after the bell rang and Flair is crying as he lay there, knowing that it is over. Shawn Michaels defeated Ric Flair @ 20:25 via pin

– Michael Cole announces that Elias vs. Corbin is still on after Corbin tried to kill Elias last week. Goldberg will now defend against Strowman, no reason given. How fucking lazy.

– Otis & Tucker meet and Tucker says that Mandy asked about Otis. Otis gets a text and leaves.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Tucker: Dolph uses his speed to avoid Tucker, but is quickly cut off with a clothesline. Dolph fires back, and hits a neck breaker and elbow drop for 2. He grounds Tucker, and then follows with a dropkick for 2. He grounds things again, but Tucker counters back and shoots him to the buckles and hits the big boot. Tucker then posts himself and the DDT follows Post break and Dolph has things grounded again. Tucker fires back, dumps Dolph and slams him to the announce table and then the barricades. Tucker then shoots him to the steps and back in, the side slam gets 2. Back to the floor and Dolph rakes the eyes, and zigzags him on the steps for a DQ. Tucker defeated Dolph Ziggler @ 9:25 via DQ

– Mandy calls off the attack and Otis makes the save. The odd video deal is back and the hacker guy shows the night Mandy didn’t go on her date with Otis, showing that Sonya messed up the date via Mandy’s phone, deleting texts and Mandy is shocked. She also sent Dolph to meet with Mandy. Mandy walks out on Sonya as Otis chases Dolph away.

– Sonya tried to explain herself to Mandy but Mandy refuses and leaves.

Daniel Bryan vs. Shinsuke Nakamura: Gulak, Sami, & Cesaro are at ringside. They grapple to begin, working to the mat with Bryan targeting the arm. Nak fires back with kicks, but Bryan goes back to the arm and grounds the action. Nak fires back but runs into a dropkick. To the floor and Bryan follows with the flying knee strike, and back in, Bryan heads up top and hits the missile dropkick. They work up top and Nak counters the RANA, hits the flying kick and covers for 2. He follows with kicks and the sliding German. Post break and Bryan counters back with clotheslines. grounded kicks until Nak counters into knee strikes. He delivers kicks until Bryan cuts him off and covers for 2. He targets the arm, grounding the action until Nak fires back with the running kick. The inverted XPLODER follows, and Kinshasa is countered into a half crab. Nak makes the ropes and they trade kicks, knee strikes by Nak and Bryan arm bars him, but Nak counters and they work into counters as Bryan counters back into an arm bar. He transitions to the YES lock and Cesaro attacks for the DQ. Daniel Bryan defeated Shinsuke Nakamura @ via DQ

– Post match, Sami & Crew beat down Bryan and Gulak. Bryan then eats the Gotch, Kinshasa, and helluva kick.

John Cena Answers Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Funhouse Challenge: Cena arrive and talks about doing the shows with no crowd, and says talent were curious and they had to learn a lot of things, but they have navigated the times and now we’re headed to an unprecedented Mania. Tomorrow night the first show starts, it will be an epic broadcast and no one knows what will happen. He’s been challenged to a match that he has no clue what it is and doesn’t think Bray dopes either. But that can lead to fear, panic, and collapse, the Fiend thrives off of this. He isn’t afraid, won’t panic and will finish with Bray what he started with him 6-years ago. Bray isn’t even on the level below him. Calling him bootleg Mr. Rogers and says Goldberg exposed him. He as ready to step aside, but the Fiend pulled him back in and he will kick his ass for it. he accepts his ridiculous challenge. Ramblin Rabbit is alive and says Cena will play with them forever as the other puppets appear. The Fiend arrives and Bray pops up behind Cena, scares him and they leave. Ok then.

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