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September 25, 2020 | Posted by Tony Acero
WWE Smackdown Roman Reigns 9-04-2020

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It’s the show that Blue! Let’s go.

Cole welcomes us to the show, and AJ Styles’ music hits. He walks out as ladders are set up which is still such a weird way to sell the match to me. Sami is out next, and Jeff Hardy shortly after. Sami holds his title up to the face of Jeff. Lol. Love Sami for that.

Everyone’s got a mic, and Corey is in the middle of the ring with them. He says that all three have claimed to be the rightful champion, and brings up this Sunday crowning the Undisputed IC Champion. Tonight, Sami and Jeffs’ titles will be raised, and apparently there’s a ceremony for that tonight. K.

According to Corey, there is no champion’s advantage. The man who takes both titles down wins the title.

AJ wonders if the title is a little heavy, because he should savor the moment. This is the last time Jeff will hold that title. He cheated to get the title. As for Sami, why is he even here? Oh, that’s right, he’s claiming he’s a champion, when he took the Summer off to grow out that neckbeard. AJ says he broke his back to make this title mean something. By the way, didn’t AJ beat Sami last week?

Sami says none of this should be happening. AJ decided to partake in a tournament for a fraudulent championship. When AJ won, he was the fraud, and when Jeff won, he should have denounced it and recognized Sami as the rightful champion, and now he must defend HIS title in a ladder match. Ladder matches are dangerous.

Jeff tells him to shut up. He agrees with AJ. AJ says he’s the smartest guy in the ring. Jeff tells Sami he should be grateful. He and AJ have defended the title week to week with honor. At The Clash, Sami can make this legit by winning. He wants to hang the title and steal the show on Sunday. AJ says neither of these guys deserve the title. Sami tells him to step aside. He and Jeff hang the belt up on the WWE-issue gold hanging apparatus.

A song plays while the title are raised in the air. Sami leaves the ring, then shoves a ladder into AJ and Jeff. Haha. Shit.

Sami hops onto Jeff and hits a bunch of rights, calling Jeff a fraud with each hit. He leaves the ring as AJ enters.

Pearce is here, and says he is officially adding AJ to his match tonight against Jeff. It’s now a triple threat, and it’s next.

In the ring, Jeff hits AJ with a Twist of Fate.

Match 1: Jeff Hardy vs AJ Styles vs Sami Zayn

Jeff sends AJ outside quickly then attacks Sami in the middle. Sami with a kick, locks the head, Jeff with an inverted then a leg drop onto the crotch. AJ there to send Jeff into the corner. Backbreaker from AJ to Jeff. AJ baseball slides Sami on the outside. Jeff hits a right hand then another. He is sent outside by AJ. AJ attacks the head. Sami rushes AJ and hits a right. Sami send AJ into the ring. He rolls in after. AJ with a snapmare into a cravat. AJ reverses and gets his own chin lock. Jeff hops on the apron as AJ sends Sami outside. Jeff side steps and rushes AJ. Back body drop to AJ. Poetry in Motion as Sami return to the ring on his hands and knees. Jeff to the top. He dives off. Sami shoves Jeff, and Jeff tumbles to the outside. Sami goes to attack Jeff on the outside, but AJ flies over the top onto both men.
We come back to SD and Jeff flies off the top rope with a Whisper in the Wind to AJ and Sami. Jeff fights both men, Sami returns, AJ too. Chops to Sami and Jeff. Jeff kicks, Enziguri to AJ. Sami with a big kick to Jeff, then one to AJ, PELE KICK FROM AJ!!!

AJ on the apron. Right hand to Sami. Styles calls for the forearm. He launches, Sami ducks. FOREARM TO JEFF!!! Sami shoves AJ out of the ring. Cover. 1..2…..3!!!!

Winner: Sami Zayn
When they stayed away from the “2 out, 1 in” formula, the match was fun and exciting. Let’s hope they get some time without the break, because it really hurt this match tonight.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 12:01

Sami celebrates until AJ Styles comes into the ring with a ladder and smacks Sami’s back. He then sends Jeff outside with the ladder, and stares at the titles hanging in the air. AJ sends a big ladder into the ring and climbs it to grab the titles.

Backstage, Tucker continues to explain the lawsuit in grave detail to Otis.

Last week, The Miz chose to wear white briefs, opting for that instead of the typical thong, and was embarrassed at the exposure.

Otis and Tucker speak to Kayla. He has made his decision. He doesn’t trust carnival clowns, 1% milk, and lawyers. Miz ain’t taking the MitB contract from him.

In comes Miz who says the WWE Universe deserves a MitB they can be proud of. His lawyers charge $2,000 an hour and when they are done with Otis, he will have nothing, while Miz will have everything. Miz says just ask Mandy what Miz can get done. Morrisoni s on IG Live to catch these responses.

Otis says if Miz wants it, come get it. Tucker wants to know why they didn’t put Morrison’s name on the lawsuit.

Otis attacks Morrison and stomps him to oblivion until refs come to stop the beatdown.

We recap what went down last week between Sasha and Bayley before comin to the live arena where Bayly makes her entrance. She’s got a chair, and decides to take a seat at the top of the ramp.

She says wow, can you say Role Model? She can watch that inspiring footage all day long, over and over, but she wont. A champion’s time is precious, and to be honest, she hasn’t an ounce of time to waste on Sasha. Unlike Sasha, Bayley has work to do, and unlike that crybaby, she has a championship match to prepare for. So Nicki, Bayley would like to start out by saying she admires Nikki’s heart. Last week, she overheard Nikki say this match would be different – that she actually has a chance, because Sasha won’t be there. Bayley tells Nikki to think about that – think about it long and hard, and ask why Sasha won’t be there. If Nikki just watched what she did to her “best friend,” she should be worried about Sunday. She will smack that silly little smile off her stupid little face, then she will do something with the chair – right, Sasha?

Match 2: Gran Metalik vs Shinsuke Nakamura

Knee from Shin, again, he locks up against the ropes. Ref breaks it and Shinsuke backs up. He misses a right hand, kick from Gran, whip and Metalik bounces off, lands on his feet, gets arm dragged, but Gran bounces of the ropes and arm drags Shinsuke to the outside. MEtalik slides outside and Shinsuke catches him and sends him into the barricade. Again. Shinuske drapes Metalik over the apron and runs with aknee to the face. Shin rolls into the ring. Cover for 1….NO!!!! Shinsuke sends Metalik into the corner head first, then stomps his head into the buckle a few times. Shinuske grabs him, but Metalik hits a chop to the chest. Shin with a hard knee, then a front face lock down to the mat. Metalik elbows out, hits the ropes, dives for a head scissors, Shin lands on the apron and stands. He kicks, Metalik catches him, knee to the face, Nakamura falls to the outside. Metalik flies with a tope! He sends Shin inside, launches himself over the top rope with a senton, then pins for 1..2…NO!!!! Metalik to the top rope. He tries for a moonsault, lands on his feet, rolls backwards, Shin is up. Metalik hops over Shin, lands on the 2nd buckle.

Shin trips him up, and Metalik hits the buckle face first. Running knee to the back of the head!!! Suplex to Metalik. Kinshasha!

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura
A fun little sprint for these two.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 4:17

Lince goes in to check on his partner, and Cesaro rushes in to gutwrench drop him! Kalisto nearly enters, but thinks better of it and stays outside.

Kalisto enters to check on his homie, but Lince shoves Kalisto down on his ass then helps Metalik out of the ring.

BACKSTAGE, Jey heads over to Reign’s door to bang on it and sing himself a little jingle.

A video package chronicling the family, specifically the comparison of Jey and Reigns. Rikishi, Sika, Jimmy, and all have something to say. Kishi says Reigns felt like he was the big dog, even at a young age. It was in his blood; he’s a winner. Almost like he was destined for greatness. On the other hand, says Kishi, there is Jey. Step by step, day by day, paid his dues to understand. Jimmy says they’re bout to leave it all on the line – the bloodline. Jimmy says that before this Big Dog, Reigns was a puppy. Rikishi says his son Jey will become the new Champion. Reigns daddy says he is always ready. Rikishi says his son Jey, the NEW Tribal Chief, “And it’s all love.” Oh, I dunno, Kish…I dunno.

Jey comes to the ring. He says he’s hyped. That’s his family right there. Cuz vs Cuz. Family vs Family.

Reigns is watching backstage.

Jey is hyped. He talks to Corey, say what’s up, knowing he’s supposed to interview Reigns, but he’s got some questions for Reigns. Let’s look at last week where Reigns and Jey teamed up to take on Corbin and Sheamus and celebrate the win after. They focus on Reigns quick switch in demeanor.

Jey says all week, they’ve been asking about the look. He don’t know about no look, but let’s ask Roman. What’s up with the look?!

Reigns continues to watch backstage. Heyman nods. Jey wonders about the lack of response. Jey thought they were better than that. Smile to his face and growl behind his back?

Heyman on the tron. He wants to get some things straight. He believes everyone deserves to hear what Reigns has to say to his cousin face to face, in the ring. Here’s where we have it wrong; it’s not going to happen when Jey Uso wants it. It’ll happen at the acoomodation of the schedule of the Universal Champion – Your Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns, and he guarantees that it’ll happen in the ring tonight.

Jey says he knew something was up. Reigns changed his number, has Heyman screening shit, it’s all good tho. It’s all love. Either way it go, they’re manning up. He’ll show Reigns tonight. Welcome to The Uso Penitentiary.

Switching gears to Riddle v Corbin at Payback.

Corbin cuts a promo. I have video:

Riddle and Corbin in action next.

Riddle responds with a promo of his own. I also have video of this!

Match 3: Matt Riddle vs King Corbin

Riddle gets an attack before the bell. It rings, and Riddle sends corbin to the outside. He follows and gives Corbin a right hand, then chases him back into the ring. Corbin kicks as Riddle is on the apron as Cole calls Corbin a veteran. He pulls Riddle back in the ring, but Riddle tries to take him down with a leg lock. Corbin with a right hand. Corbin locks the head, knees Riddle into the ropes. Right hand to the head. Corbin with a right to the mid section. Corbin with another right hand. Huge elbow from Corbin, and a pin. Corbin sends Riddle into the corner hard, slides under the rope, then enters and Riddle escapes, and kicks Corbin in the face. Corbin slides ot the outside, so Riddle grabs him ande sends him into the announce table.

Back from the break, and Riddle has the triangle locked on, but Corbin powerbombs Riddle down hard. Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Rights drop onto Riddle from Corbin. He chokes Riddle up on the top rope then elbows his head. Corbin hits the ropes. HARD RIGHT TO THE FACE! Another right. Corbin goes for another right, but Riddle faceplants. He’s no Orange Cassidy, though, so it’s whatever. Corbin lifts him, Riddle with a huge knee to the face! Riddle rushes the corner with an elbow. Another running forearm. Suplex out of the corner. He hits the ropes, misses a kick, goes for a moonsault, Corbin rolls, BROTON!!! KNEE TO CORBIN! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Riddle locks up with an abdominal stretch, but Corbi n breaks it, so Riddle goes for a Sleeper. Corbin gets to the ropes. Riddle hops off Corbin’s back, kicks the ropes, Corbin grabs him. DEEP SIX! Pin for 1..2….NO!!!! Kick from Riddle, another to the chest, Riddle hits the ropes, bounces off, Corbin with a right as Riddle flies! Corbin grabs Riddle. End of D—NO!!!

Riddle flips and lands on his feet. Running Knee!!! Riddle to the top rope! Floating Bro, but Corbin gets the knees up!!! END OF DAYS!!!! Pin for 1..2….3!!!!!

Winner: King Corbin
So it took a little while, but Corbin got his win back. Corey was big on the ass-kissing via commentary, so chances are we are pushing Corbin again. Odd considering they were big on the Riddle train, but the match was actually pretty solid. Way better than Payback, that’s for sure.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 11:14
Riddle on the mic with Kayla. He says losing sucks! He won’t let this setback stop this stallion. He will continue to grind until Smackdown is the Bro Show.

The blonde chick gets ready some more, then writes on her mirror. It says, “Untouchable.”
Alexa Bliss is here, and she’s a lovely woman.

Alexa cuts a little promo that essentially calls Lacey a Karen.

Match 4: Alexa Bliss vs Lacey Evans

Lacey locks up with Alexa in the corner. Alexa with a surprise roll up for 1..2..NO!!! Kick to Alexa. Whip to the ropes, Alexa rolls into a pin for 1..2..NO!! Alexa kicks, Lacey catches and shoves her down then punches her stomach.Lacey sends Alexa into the corner then pulls out a hanky. Lacey chokes Alexa up in the corner. She swings with a Bronco Buster. Grabs th hair, rolls Alexa into the center of the ring. Cover for 1..2..N!O!!! Lacey locks up from behind with a resthold then slams Bliss down hard. Lacey chokes up Bliss, but Bliss turns and hits a right, then Lacey drops her and covers for 1.2…NO!!! Lacey sends Bliss into the corner face first. Lacey chops Bliss. Kick from Bliss. Bliss blocks a corner move and tugs on th arm. She trips Lacey down hard. The sound of The Fiend’s laughter is heard throughout the arena. Bliss looks stressed.

Apparently, the laugh was enough to distract Bliss. Standing moonsault from Lacey. She pulls back the head of Alexa and slams it into the mat. Bliss escapes, whips Lacey, Lacey hops over the rope to the apron, she drags Bliss’s face across the rope. Kick to Bliss. Another, she trips Bliss. Lacey swings a kick into the face of Bliss to the outside! Bliss back in. Lacey covers. 1..2..NO!!! Another cover for 1..2…NO!!! Bliss with a dropkick. Her hair is wild. Lacey misses a splash. Clothesline to Lacey. Another. Slap. Slap. Dropkick. Lacey grabs the arm and pulls Bliss down into the mat. The Fiend’s music hits and Bliss goes psycho. She rushes Lacey and attacks viciously. She sends Lacey into the corner and stomps over and over.

Bliss shoves Lacey down to the mat then steps on the head of Lacey and slams it over and over into the mat. The ref counts to five and that’s it for a DQ.


Total Rating: **
Match Time: 10:29

Bliss sends Lacey to the outside. She follows and grabs lacey. SISTER ABIGAIL!

Alexa is all smiles. Bray shows up on the screen, says something incomprehensible, then Roman Reigns music hits.

He comes out and basically ignores Alexa as he heads out. Bliss turns and stares at the back of the head of Reigns, unblinking.

WE RETURN to Reigns in the middle of the ring.

Heyman says that now is the time tha—

Jey interrupts! Lol.

He comes out all smiles.

Reigns tells Jey he would give him the title if he could, but the truth is Jey wouldn’t know what to do with it. He doesn’t understand the accountability and responsibility of being on top. Jey doesn’t understand the weight and the pressure of being the face of the WWE. It’s not Jey’s fault – he’s a twin. His entire life, he’s depended on his brother. He ain’t half the man Reigns is. He’s one half of the greatest tag team, and the family is so proud, but their family relies on Reigns. That’s his role. It ain’t Jey, it wont ever be Jey, because it will always be Reigns.

Jey looks like a disappointed kid who cant play outside, and it’s great.

Reigns drops the mic and leaves the ring.

Jey: “What if you’re wrong?”

Why cant Jey be the one to provide? Why can’t he provide for his wife and his kids – Reings’ nephews. He’s been battling this his whole life. Reigns has been Number One. There he goes, the Big Dog, Mr. Main Event. You know what they say when they see Jey? Which one are you?

After Sunday, when they ask him who is he? They’re going to know. He’s the one that beat Roman Reigns for the title, and THAT RIGHT THERE WILL BE HIM!!!


Reigns doesn’t even turn around. He heads to the back. Jey leaves shortly thereafter, says in two nights, Clash of Champions. He turns around and Reigns FLIES FROM OUT OF NOWHERE!!!!!

Reigns grabs his title and grabs Jey’s knocked out head to scream that he doesn’t just feed his kids, or Jey’s kids, but THE ENTIRE FAMILY!!! Jey will take the payday, take the ass-whoopin that comes with it, but he will never take this title, and he will never take Reigns place at the head of the table.




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