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July 9, 2021 | Posted by Robert Winfree
WWE Smackdown 7-9-21

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Hello there people, it’s another Friday night and here we are for WWE Smackdown. Tonight we’re in for some interesting stuff, Roman Reigns was absent last week which led to Edge giving Jimmy Uso a serious beating while calling him out. Since then Jimmy suffered another DUI and will likely get some kind of punishment which could manifest on screen. There’s also the ongoing question of where Jey Uso is, and how Roman will respond to Edge. Also in out of continuity news Bayley suffered a torn ACL and will be out for a number of months, so they’ll have to pivot to a new challenger for Bianca Belair and get that match up and running in a hurry. In match news tonight will see two more Money in the Bank Qualifying matches when Shinsuke Nakamura takes on Baron Corbin and Seth Rollins battles Cesaro. This might be the last chance for Cesaro, if Rollins wins here it’ll signify him dropping back down to the mid-card for the foreseeable future. We might get some information on the tag team title picture, but I doubt it, and I’m sure Sonya Deville will name someone to the women’s Money in the Bank ladder match that probably isn’t Liv Morgan. Well with all the new direction and changes WWE has to make tonight let’s get into the episode.

We open with a quick recap of Edge’s return two weeks ago then his massacre of Jimmy last week. In the back Paul Heyman is outside of Roman’s locker room and intercepts Jimmy Uso showing up. Heyman says Jimmy deserves Roman’s full attention, which he’ll get tonight after Roman handles some business to start the show. That sends us to our usual video intro, then switches to Roman standing at gorilla and handing the belt to Heyman before they head to the ring. Eventually they get there and Heyman gets a mic from a PA. Heyman hands the mic to Roman, who waits for the production timing to hit so the added “Roman sucks” chants are cut off. Roman finally speaks, and says he knows a lot of us at home didn’t like that he wasn’t on the show last week. There’s a lot about last week that Roman didn’t like either, but if there’s one thing he wont stand for it’s a liar like Edge coming out here and claiming that Roman fears him. Roman’s an honest man, he’ll tell the truth, at WrestleMania for maybe a moment fear comes up just like it does for every fighter in those moments. But what did that fear do? It propelled him, he pushed through the adversity and that same night he smashed ’em, stacked ’em, and they printed a shirt because of it. So don’t come out here and say Roman fears him. A few weeks ago Roman wasn’t even thinking about Edge, he was focused on his family and Edge took advantage. But since we’re talking about family, now might be a good time to handle some business. That brings out Jimmy Uso. Jimmy has a mic with him and heads into the ring. Jimmy asks why Roman thinks he got in Edge’s face last week. It was for the family, but Roman must have been on vacation. Roman says he never told Jimmy to make decisions for “us”, and then objects to the vacation line. If anyone earned a vacation it was Roman but he doesn’t take them, he was busy doing what Jimmy couldn’t, he was busy doing Jimmy’s job too. And here’s Jey Uso to prove Roman’s point. Jey has a mic as well, he says he’s back, but not for anyone of them but for all of them. Roman’s right hand man is back, this pleases Roman. Jey addresses Jimmy, he’s always got his back and they’ll get back to work tonight doing what they do, he wants to become tag team champion again. Roman smiles, he’s been saying all along this is all he ever wanted. You can choose what you want to hear, but 7 time tag team champions along with his Universal title reign, and they do it together. On the same page, working together no one can touch them if they do it Roman’s way. Everyone drops their mics and we get a group hug, Roman’s face is wonderful as he’s finally got his full faction lined up.

In the back Baron Corbin warms up and Kayla asks him about the match tonight. Corbin needs to win tonight, he’s lost everything and the bank is even threatening to foreclose on his house so he’s got to win. He’s won the Money in the Bank match before, and now he needs this to get his life back on track. Corbin heads to the ring, and doesn’t even have entrance music. That’s just mean, there’s no reason he shouldn’t have music even if you wanted to change it from the old one. His qualifier with Nakamura will be up after the break.

Wait, Big E is here. Did I miss something? Apparently Big E is just here to mock Corbin and join commentary, and we get a sad video for Corbin’s hard luck. OK, not commentary for Big E but he invites Pat McAfee onto the couch with him. Big E tells him not to worry about him, but to watch the screen. It’s from earlier today, apparently Nakamura and Boogs bought the repossessed car of Corbin from last week. Are they trying to turn Nakamura heel, or are we just doing this whole thing with the entire roster bullying this poor sap? I mean I dislike Corbin as much as anyone, it’s just the booking that seems off. Boogs is here to intro Nakamura, and here’s the king. Corbin is pissed, he jumps Nakamura on the entrance ramp, Boogs tosses Corbin into the barricade and we head to break. Well, that’s certainly one way to kill a full TV segment.

Match #1 – Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Rick Boogs vs. Baron Corbin

We come back to them trading blows, then Corbin lands a half nelson gutbuster. More knees from Corbin and he drives Nakamura to the mat. Cole and Big E remind everyone of the Money in the Bank concept and how it works. Body blows from Corbin then Nakamura runs the ropes and lands a jumping front kick. Striking flurry from Nakamura, then he sets Corbin on the top rope and hits the running knee then an awkwardly botched back stabber and running knee. Corbin counters a Kinshasa into a Boston half crab but Nakamura gets to the ropes. German suplex from Corbin for a 2 count. Nakamura lands elbows then an enziguri and Corbin falls out of the ring. Corbin clocks Boogs for no good reason, Nakamura out with him and Corbin hits a suplex onto the announce table but once again “I am the table!” to send us to break.

We come back as Corbin is laying in rights in the corner. Nakamura avoids a charge and Corbin posts himself. Corbin eats a wheel kick then Nakamura charges into a deep six for a near fall. Nakamura to the apron, and is suplexed back into the ring for another near fall. Corbin puts Nakamura on the top rope but Nakamura fights him off then rolls into a triangle choke. Corbin counters with a powerbomb, but Nakamura locks the choke back in. Another powerbomb attempt from Corbin but he’s fading, and has to get his legs to the rope to force a break. Nakamura wants the Kinshasa but runs into a clothesline. Kicks from Nakamura now, more knees, then a Kinshasa to win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Shinsuke Nakamura won

Rating: 2 stars

I’ve said before that these two have surprisingly good chemistry, but that was totally gone here. I don’t know if they deliberately downplayed it to sell Corbin’s spiral gimmick or whatever magic they had just doesn’t translate over the kind of distance they had to go this time around.

In the back Jimmy and Jey are happy to be back together, Jey mentions that someone like Edge could bring them back together.

To the ring, and here’s Natalya and Tamina to remind us they exist. They’ll have a tag team title defense after the break, against some debuting team.

We come back to Natalya and Tamina with mics. They were told that they have a tag team match but it’s non-title against debuting talent. Tamina is annoyed, she wants to get this over with already. Here’s Shotzi Blackheart and Teagan Nox. Apparently they’re just going by Shotzi and Nox, because everyone in this match must have just one name.

Match #2 – Tag Team Match: Natalya and Tamina vs. Shotzi and Nox

Nox and Natalya start us off, Natalya trying to mat wrestle but Nox is keeping up with her and tags in Shotzi. They double team Natalya with an assisted drop kick, then a Gedo clutch from Shotzi gets a 2 count. Nox back in, they’re keeping Natalya isolated with quick tags and tandem offense. Shotzi lands an assisted cannonball senton, and Tamina has to break up the pin. Natalya blocks an O’Connor roll and Tamina tags in then kicks Shotzi in the face. Clotheslines from Tamina to retain control. Tamina with a cheap shot to Nox and tags in Natalya. Natalya catapults Shotzi into the weakest and most awkward super kick ever. Things break down but eventually Shotzi heads up top and hits the Ball Pit to win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Shotzi and Nox won

Rating: 1.5 stars

Tamina was unbearably uncoordinated here, which drops things down. Not a great match, but at least Shotzi and Nox weren’t treated like jokes.

In the back Megan talks with Edge, he’s got thoughts about the family reunion but will save them for later tonight when he calls out Roman. He wonders if Roman will show up solo, but either way the family reunion wont have a happy ending and that’s not a prediction. . . it’s a spoiler.

Sonya Deville heads to the ring, she’ll announce the replacement for Bayley in Bianca Belair’s title defense at Money in the Bank. That will be up after the break.

Post break Deville reminds us that Bayley suffered an injury and is out for about 9 months and out of the title match at the PPV. But Bayley did record a message, and we get a video from her. She knows we’re thinking this sucks because we wanted to see her regain the title, but now she’s hurt. And now that she’s thinking about it, she knows the fans don’t care about how she hurt herself training to be better for the fans and this all their fault. It doesn’t matter who replaces her because they’re not as good as her. Back to Deville, she wishes Bayley a speedy recovery but they have to keep going. After careful consideration Deville has a new opponent in mind, Belair won’t defend the title at Money in the Bank. Instead she’ll defend it next week in Houston when Smackdown has a live audience again. And the opponent will be Carmella. The lack of roster depth is really showing here. Here’s Carmella, she thanks Deville for this long overdue but much deserved honor. But once again Deville forgot to announce her as “The most beautiful woman in all of WWE”. Here’s Liv Morgan again. Morgan doesn’t understand, she objects to Carmella being appointed to things and says Deville can’t just do this. Carmella and Morgan trade barbs before Morgan wants to know how many times she needs to beat Carmella to earn a shot and keeps going until Deville snaps and tells her enough. Deville tells Morgan she’s taking Carmella’s place in the ladder match since Carmella gets a title shot. Morgan hopes Carmella wins the belt, so after she wins the briefcase she can cash in on Carmella. Oh, here’s Belair as well. Belair has a mic, Morgan stares at her belt then points at the briefcase and Belair just kind of laughs her off before moving on. Belair will gladly accept Carmella as a challenger, but isn’t even sure the injury to Bayley is legit. She doesn’t like Bayley but does respect her skills and wants to finish this with her when Bayley is back. As for Carmella, she’ll see her next week. Decent segment, if a bit of an info dump.

In the back Heyman approaches Roman, telling Roman of Edge’s intention of calling him out to the ring tonight. Roman wants to know what else Edge said, Heyman apologizes and tells Roman that Edge questioned his manhood. Roman gets a little twitchy at that.

To the ring, here’s Seth Rollins for his match. He heads to the ring, and that match will be up after the break.

Hype package for Toni Storm, she’s coming to Smackdown soon. Kevin Owens joins commentary for the match.

Match #3 – Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Seth Rollins vs. Cesaro

Quick takedown from Cesaro and he works on the mat. Rollins gets a side headlock, rolls over and they trade roll ups for near falls before Cesaro drops Rollins with a shoulder block. They’re both working quick pin attempts, just care about winning. They run the ropes, Cesaro catching a jumping Rollins with a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Rollins sends Cesaro to the apron, Cesaro clocks him and climbs the ropes. Flying cross body from Cesaro gets a 2 count and Rollins scurries out of the ring to try and regain himself. Rollins throws a tantrum ringside as we head to break.

Cesaro is landing European uppercuts as we come back. Rollins lands a kick but gets clotheslined out of the ring. Cesaro heads out but misses a right and eats a flatliner onto the announce table. Rollins tosses Cesaro into the steel steps then they head back into the ring. More offense from Rollins and lands knees to the body then a spinning arm takedown. Cesaro starts fighting back with strikes, Rollins tries a backslide but Cesaro counters into one of his own but Rollins slips free, kicks the knee then hits Low Ki’s old Black Magic misdirect kick to the back of the head. Rollins trash talks and stomps on Cesaro in the corner, then yells at the ref for unknown reasons. They start trading blows, Cesaro gets the best of it with a flurry of European uppercuts, then Rollins avoids a discus lariat but Cesaro counters a ripcord elbow to the back of the head with an Alpamare Waterslide for a near fall. Cesaro up top, Rollins jumps up with him for the superplex but when he tries to follow with the falcon arrow Cesaro deadlifts him up and suplexes the both of them over the top rope to the floor below as we get another commercial break.

We come back to Cesaro mid big swing, getting 12 or so total revolutions then he moves to the Sharpshooter but Rollins to the ropes and breaks the hold. Cesaro hits the Swiss Death for a near fall. Neutralizer attempt but Rollins counters out, they scramble into the ropes then Rollins rips off the turnbuckle pad and Cesaro hits him with a sit out powerbomb but the ref’s distraction likely costs him there. Rollins avoids a Neutralizer, then counters a corkscrew uppercut with an elbow. Rollins sets for the Blackout stomp, Cesaro tries a powerbomb counter but Rollins hurricanrana’s him into the open pad for a near fall. Another roll up from Rollins, he grabs the ropes but again Cesaro kicks out. Rollins with a roaring elbow to the back of the head, and again just a near fall. Cesaro is bleeding after that turnbuckle spot as he recovers on the floor. Rollins follows him out and tosses Cesaro around the ringside area for a bit then heads back to the ring and demands the ref count Cesaro out. Cesaro drags himself back to the ring, Rollins again with the roaring elbow to the back of the head and drives Cesaro out of the ring. Rollins heads out and DDT’s Cesaro on the entrance ramp, and then gets back in the ring trying for the countout win. Cesaro does get back to the ring just before the 10 count, Rollins misses a Blackout stomp, Cesaro with a roll up, tries a Sharpshooter but Rollins kicks him off. Cesaro hits an uppercut, but collapses down and Rollins bounces off the ropes with a Blackout stomp to win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Seth Rollins won

Rating: 3 stars

Good match, shame about the result. This whole last 6 months or so has felt like Cesaro getting mocked by booking. Can’t wait for Cesaro to team up with Corbin as the bald losers.

The Usos walk in the back, they find Edge’s locker room. Jimmy goes to knock, Jey stops him and says they should just wait for him to come out and ambush him as we head to break.

Back from break the Usos are waiting on Edge, but Jimmy loses his patience and heads in but Edge is no where to be seen. Jey says Edge is lucky he’s not in there.

Rollins celebrates in the back and Kayla comes up to interview him. Rollins knew Cesaro never stood a chance against him, and no matter how much of a fight Cesaro puts up he’s never on the level of Rollins. He reminds us that the last time he won the briefcase he cashed in on Roman and won. Last time he held the briefcase he waited for the perfect time, but maybe this time he wont wait, he’ll cash in the same night. The whole thing is a formality, he should just get a title shot at MITB. Edge is here though, he heard this droning nasal whine and it seems Rollins hasn’t changed since 2013. Edge is going to go do something Rollins wont, call out Roman Reigns.

Here’s another video package on the path of destruction Otis has been on. Otis and Gable are in the back, and Gable loves a demolition video especially if it features his prize pupil Otis. It doesn’t matter who you are, if you step to the Alpha Academy the result is the same, Otis will destroy anyone.

To the ring, here’s Edge. After this break Edge will call out Roman.

Some news about upcoming matches, we’ll have the women’s title match next week as well as a Fatal 4-Way featuring all the Smackdown MITB participants. Edge has a mic, and congratulates Roman on reuniting the family and hopes they’re registered somewhere. It doesn’t matter how many minions Roman has, Edge has exposed the cracks in the table and anyone who gets in his way is going to look like Roman or Jimmy when he crossfaced them. Those eyes speak of fear, and he feeds on fear. At Money in the Bank he’s taking the title, and then Roman’s island just isn’t relevant anymore. So it’s simple, he’s calling Roman out right now. In the back Roman sits, then stands and tells everyone to stay here then heads out with Heyman. Edge paces in the ring while Roman takes his sweet time getting wherever he’s getting. We see Roman saunter into gorilla, then hand the belt to Heyman and tells him to stay there before making his way to the ring. The Usos are watching TV in Roman’s locker room, Jey says this doesn’t feel right and he and Jimmy head out. This is going to go badly for Jimmy I think. Roman and Edge are staring at each other as the Usos music hits and Roman gets really pissed. Edge mocks him as Roman talks with his cousins. Roman says he’ll handle this, Jey and Jimmy look mean but don’t get involved as Roman takes off his jacket. Edge keeps egging Roman on, Roman heads to the apron, Edge keeps inviting him. Roman gets into the ring and they go face to face then start trading rights. Edge gets the better of the rights, and here comes Rey and Dominik Mysterio with chairs and attack the Usos. Jimmy lands a super kick to Dominick while Edge and Roman keep brawling. Rey attacks Jimmy as Roman starts headbutting Edge. Edge avoids a powerbomb and lands an Edge-ecution DDT while the Usos and Mysterios brawl. Edge wants a spear but Jey ties him up and Jimmy lands a super kick. Rey and Dominik into the fray, Dominik gets a 619 onto both Usos then Edge Spears Jey. Edge heads out of the ring and gets the chair leg again, so now he’s got pictures of all 3 of his adversaries locked in a tool assisted Crossface when he gets Jey in it this time. Roman paces on the top of the entrance ramp as Jey passes out. We get a video recap of what just happened. Edge tells Roman in one week he’ll get more of this, and locks the hold back on Jey. Jimmy tries to help, but Edge gets him in the Crossface as well, Jimmy isn’t Jey though and taps out. Another Crossface for Jey and that visual ends the episode.

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