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March 19, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Smackdown 3-19-19

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The 411 on Wrestling Podcast returns to the 411 Podcasting Network for episode 4. On today’s show, 411’s Larry Csonka is joined by long time podcasting partner Steven Cook Jr III. On the show, the guys discuss Kurt Angle & Kofi Kingston’s road to WrestleMania, NXT talents getting to work in EVOLVE & other places, Harlem Heat going into the WWE Hall of Fame, and close out discussing the excitement for WrestleMania weekend. The show is approximately 60 minutes long.

Kurt Angle – 3:30
Kofi Kingston – 8:22
NXT Talents Working Evolve & Other Places – 16:40
Harlem Heat & The WWE Hall of Fame – 29:45
WrestleMania Weekend Excitement – 38:10

The Miz Talks: Miz is here to comment on Shane’s betrayal and their Mania match. Miz shows us video footage and then says he’s been consumed for 10-years, taking shortcuts to get to Mania, ruining relationships but his relationship with Shane meant something to him. It was all to make his father proud, and his father said he loved him and told him he was proud, Shane made that happen. People actually warned him about Shane and he didn’t believe it. Shane attacked him in front of his father and then threatened his father. He will never forget that night as he laid there helpless. Shane is rotten just like his father, and born the worst, not the best. You may own this company, but you don’t own me. He was always told he was average and made it to WWE and became a champion and must see. He did it on his own. You cannot deny his work ethic, hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard enough. He’s had to earn everything he has and he’s earned it. Shane only deserves an ass beating at Mania.

Champions Bayley & Sasha Banks vs. The IIconics: Kay and Bayley begin. They lock up and Royce tags in. They lock up and Royce attacks with kicks. Bayley chases her off and follows with a clothesline for 2. Banks tags in and Royce runs and tags in Kay. Banks takes her down, tags in Bayley and double teams follow and the cover gets 2. LACEY BOMB. This distracts Bayley and Kay attacks. The Iiconics follow with double teams and Royce takes control, grounding the action. The spin kick follows and Royce covers for 2. Kay tags in and maintains control, working quick tags with Royce. Bayley manages a roll up for 2 but gets dumped. Back in and Kay grounds things, Bayley then gets sent to the buckles and Royce hits a clothesline. Bayley finally fights and gets the tag. Banks runs wild, hits meteora and then dumps Kay. The knee strike follows, she takes out Kay and then Royce. Takes out Kay and Royce rolls up Banks for the win with Kay’s help. The Iiconics defeated Champions Bayley & Sasha Banks @ 8:30 via pin

– Rey, with Dominic, says he’s facing Samoa Joe at Mania for the US Title. Dominic says Joe is a bully and he’ll be ringside at Mania.

The Kevin Owens Show: He puts over Kofi, and announces that Charlotte & Becky are his guests. Becky’s out to a huge pop, and Charlotte follows, and the crowd is still chanting for Becky. Owens talks about friendships going wrong, and talks about Rousey calling Becky a joke and that she could win in a handicap match. He also brings up Charlotte saying that Becky will be carrying her bags by Summerslam. Owens then says that they have talked a lot, but no one wants to see them talk anymore. He wants to see them fight. Charlotte says she’d beat the hell out of Becky, and Owens bails. They brawl and spill over the table. They fight to the floor and security arrives to pull them apart. The crowd loves this.

– Styles is interviewed and says that Orton has had certain advantages, sure he’s great, and a first round draft pick while Styles admits to being a walk on. At Mania, he’s coming to tear down the house. He then wishes Kofi luck tonight.

– Daniel Bryan arrives and Rowan is with him. Bryan says Kofi being in this gauntlet match is an injustice, because he doesn’t deserve it. Bryan overcame the odds, but Kofi hasn’t been held down. He was handpicked and given a chance he never earned. Kofi fought hard, but lost, earning nothing. Kofi is a B plus player. That’s ok for you fans. B plus is good enough. No matter how much you chant for Kofi, he’ll lose again. New Day arrives.

GAUNTLET MATCH: Kofi Kingston vs. Samoa Joe, Randy Orton, Rowan, Sheamus & Cesaro: Sheamus is in first. They lock up and then push and shove. Sheamus overpowers Kofi, but Kofi fights back and Sheamus makes the ropes. Sheamus follows with kicks, and grounds the action. Kofi rolls to escape, counters out and works the arm. He follows with kicks, takes Sheamus down and covers for 2. Arm drags follow and Kofi goes for another pin, but Sheamus kicks out. He dumps Sheamus and follows with a dive. Back in and Sheamus cuts him off, and follows with clubbing strikes. Kofi fights back with a spin kick, follows with more kicks, but Sheamus stuns him off the ropes. Cheap shot by Cesaro and Sheamus covers for 2. Sheamus grounds things, Kofi fights but is taken back down. Post break and Kofi fires back with chops. The dropkick follows and then a clothesline. The boom drop connects and Kofi looks for trouble in paradise, countered and Kofi hits the high cross for 2. Sheamus stuns him off the ropes and hits the Irish curse for 2.The cloverleaf follows, Kofi fights and counters into a cradle for 2. Knee strike by Sheamus and that gets 2. Sheamus sets for a brogue kick but Kofi counters into the cradle for 2. Trouble in paradise finishes Sheamus @ 13:15.

Cesaro is in second and works over Kofi with strikes. The suplex follows for 2. Cesaro grounds things, but Kofi escapes and the high cross is caught and turned into a back breaker. Cesaro starts to work the back, keeping Kofi grounded. Kofi now hits a running cross body for 2 as the locker room babyfaces watch on. Kofi follows with kicks, but Cesaro hits the big swing. The cloverleaf follows, Kofi fights for the ropes and then pulls himself up and Cesaro follows with a suplex for 2. Cesaro looks for a crab, and gets it. The neutralizer is countered and Kofi hits SOS for the win and Cesaro is done @ 20:45.

Rowan is in next. He immediately hits a clothesline and follows with chops. The corner splash follows and he dumps Kofi and follows with a clothesline. He sends Kofi to the barricade, and then again. Rowan gets a chair, uses it and gets DQ’d @ 23:20. Rowan then posts Kofi and tosses him into the timekeeper’s area. Rowan then slams Kofi through the announce table.

Samoa Joe is out next. Post break and Joe has things grounded. He follows with head butts, and then jabs. Joe then hits the corner enziguri for 2. Kofi fights back with wild strikes, but Joe decapitates him with a lariat for 2. Joe locks on the sleeper, but Kofi hits the jawbreaker and then runs into the STJoe for 2. Joe now works a neck crank, but Kofi counters back and misses the corner splash. Joe teases the muscle buster but Kofi counters into a cradle and Joe is gone @ 35:35. Joe then chokes out Kofi before leaving.

The babyface locker room rallies for Kofi and Randy Orton is the final boss. Post break and Orton is beating down Kofi on the floor. Kofi manages to reverse Orton and whip him into the steps. They head in the ring and Orton takes control back, laying the boots to Kofi. Orton now hits the Garvin stomps, and covers for 2. Orton grounds the action; Kofi slowly fights to his feet and follows with chops but misses the dropkick. Orton follows with strikes, but Kofi counters the RKO and hits trouble in paradise but is slow to follow up and Orton rolls to the floor. Post break and Orton is in control and takes Kofi up top. Kofi fights him off and hits the high cross but Orton rolls through for 2. Orton hits the draping DDT and sets for the RKO. Kofi counters and rolsl up Orton and wins @ 52:55.

New Day hits the ring to celebrate with Kofi. BUT WAIT, Vince arrives and praises Kofi for his win. Vince says Kofi is going to WrestleMania… as long as Kofi can beat one more opponent.

Daniel Bryan is the real final boss. Bryan attacks with kicks right away. Kofi fires back, but Bryan cuts him off and takes him into the tree of WHOA and lays in kicks. Bryan now follows with a belly to back superplex for 2. The LeBell lock follows, but Kofi makes the ropes. Bryan lays in kicks, misses the head kick, and the SOS by Kofi gets 2. Bryan goes back to the kicks, hits the corner dropkick and another. Kofi counters the third into a cradle for 2. Kofi heads up top but Bryan cuts him off and Kofi crashes and burns. Bryan stomps away at him, the busaiku knee connects and Bryan pins Kofi. Daniel Bryan defeated Kofi Kingston, Samoa Joe, Randy Orton, Rowan, Sheamus, & Cesaro @ 60:15 via pin

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