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May 21, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
WWE New Day Smackdown 52119

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I will be doing the coverage in my regular review style; final ratings and extra thoughts will be in the final version of the review. Have a good time chatting, and thanks for joining 411 for your live coverage needs.

– Elias meets with Shane and says he lost at MITB due to putting all of his energy into his performance and was emotionally drained after negative fan response. He apologizes to Shane and they make nice ahead of Elias’ rematch with Reigns tonight.

NEW… DAY ROCKS: Kofi & Woods arrive, and they are very happy and dancing. They are excited that Big E is back tonight, and bring him out… but it’s not Big E, it’s a shrunken Big E imposter wit ashy knees. They dismiss him and apologize to the fans. The real Big E is introduced and does the big entrance routine. He’s back, wearing a knee brace, but the hips are ok as he dances. The ring is filled with presents, and he’s happy to be back and smells Woods’ hair and Kofi’s pits. He’s missed his boys and the fans. They say he’s killing it on Twitter, but remind him that Becky’s mom is spoken for. Big E says “But she’s fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.

 photo Beckys Smokeshow Mom_zpsqebpoft0.jpg

Becky’s mom back in the day.

Kevin Owen arrives and is then joined by Sami Zayn. Sami mocks the New Day and is offended that he never got a celebration when he returned. They promise him nothing just like Owens got at MITB. Owens leaves and Sami is upset about this. Sami then says this whole thing is disgusting, running down Booty Os & pancakes. Woods keeps interrupting him with the trombone, and Sami says that tonight, the night will not end in fun for Kofi when he beats him tonight. Kofi says don’t let them fool him, because he will throw down tonight and walk through Sami.

– Drake Maverick is searching for 24/7 champion R-Truth. Carmella finds him wearing a wig, and warns him everyone is looking for him. Truth is confused about the rules for the title, but wants Carmella’s help.

Ali vs. Andrade: Vega is at ringside. They lock up and work to the ropes. Andrade grabs the hair, and then poses with Vega. Ali follows with arm drags, a knee strike, and Andrade cuts him off with strikes and covers for 2. He lays in chops, but Ali hits a reverse RANA for 2. Ali gets distracted by Vega, allowing Andrade to attack. He lays the boots to Ali, and then dumps him. Andrade follows and works him over on the floor, and then locks on the hanging arm bar in the ropes. It’s all Andrade here, choking out Ali. Andrade then grounds the action, but Ali battles to his feet and Andrade quickly cuts him off. Andrade grounds the action again, working the arm. Ali battles back to his feet and hits a dropkick. The tornado DDT follows. He then hits a suicide dive and follows with a tope. Back in and Ali is slowed, favoring his back. Andrade then knocks him into the barricade, Ali barely beats the count and Andrade attacks with stomps. The rolling suplexes follow, and then slams him to the buckles. They work to the floor, and Andrade whips him to the barricade. Andrade lays in chops, and then posts him. Andrade then hip tosses him into the timekeeper’s area. Ali makes it back in and Andrade hits double knees, and covers for 2. Ali then gets a cradle and gets the miracle win. Ali defeated Andrade @ 11:20 via pin

– Carmella helps Truth with his disguise.

Mandy Rose vs. Carmella: Sonya & Truth are at ringside. Carmella attacks right away, laying in strikes. Sonya pulls Mandy to the floor. Carmella follows with a superkick, attacks Sonya and beats her down. Mandy then rolls up Carmella for 2.A gaggle of geeks arrive and Truth runs away. Mandy Rose vs. Carmella went to a no contest @ 1:40 [NR]

– Bayley comments on her MITB & Smackdown women’s title win. People still doubt her, but she created her own opportunity and succeeded. She has moved past the hugs and wants the best the division has to offer.

– Truth is still running.

– Elias is outside, playing his guitar.

– Owens has attacked Big E backstage, re-injuring his knee.

Champion Kofi Kingston vs. Sami Zayn: Kofi is all fired up and attacks at the bell. He kicks Sami’s ass, and beats him down in the corner until Sami dumps him. Sami slams him to the steps, and follows with rights. Back in and Sami lays the boots to him. Kofi fires back, and hits a dropkick. Post break and Sami works over Kofi up top. The superplex follows, and Sami covers for 2. Kofi cuts off the helluva kick, and hits the running double stomp. He looks for trouble in paradise, but Sami counters and Kofi then hits it anyway for the win. Champion Kofi Kingston defeated Sami Zayn @ 8:15 via pin

– Paul Heyman arrives and teases a Brock cash-in, but Dolph Ziggler makes his return and attacks. He posts Kofi and works him over in the corner. he then Pillmanizes Kofi’s neck with a chair and Kofi is down and out. They wheel out the stretcher, so that he can join Big E at the local medical facility. Kofi fights off the stretcher and starts walking to the back.

– Roman arrives and Elias is there outside waiting on him and sings him a song.

– In a pre-match interview. Bayley teases coming after Becky’s Raw title.

Bayley & Becky Lynch vs. Lacey Evans & Charlotte: Charlotte & Becky begin. Becky attacks Evans and that allows Charlotte to attack Becky. Bayley makes the save, and they work over Charlotte. Charlotte fires back on Bayley, lays in chops, and Charlotte then cuts her off and misses a knee strike. Big boot by Charlotte and she lays the boots to Bayley. Evans tags in and continues to ground the action. She and Charlotte work quick tags, isolating Bayley. Bayley cuts off Charlotte with a knee strike, but Charlotte pulls Becky to the floor to stop the tag. Evans tags back in and lays the boots to Bayley and then tags Charlotte back in. Bayley hits a desperation clothesline and cuts off the tag, but Becky rolls her back in and hits the missile dropkick. The XPLODER follows, but Charlotte hits the flatliner to the buckles. It breaks down and Charlotte hits the big boot on Becky. Becky cuts off the figure four and they trade cradles. Becky gets disarmher but Evans hits the women’s right. Bayley takes he rout and cradles Charlotte for the win. Bayley & Becky Lynch defeated Lacey Evans & Charlotte @ 7:13 via pin

– Truth ties to fight off the geeks, and does, running away.

– Ziggler walks and is asked about attacking Kofi. He takes the mic and heads into the arena to comment. Ziggler says he’d boo him too, but this goes way back to when Ali got hurt an Kofi got the chance. It should have been him, not Kofi. Kofi finally became an overnight success, but it should have been him. Kofi became a star but it should have been him. Kofi won the title while he sat at home, but it should have been him. Kofi keeps outperforming his critics and he’s respected, but IT SHOULD BE ME! That’s what he did what he did, he had no choice, and at WWE Sweet Saudi Money III: We’ll Do Anything For $50 Million, he will beat Kofi, because he has to. He will become champion and they will all respect, admire, and love him. “This should be me.” Dolph is probably doing a post-show comedy set in Jeddah as part of his return deal.

– We get an Orton vs. Triple H video package to hype WWE Sweet Saudi Money III.

– Shane arrives to announce Elias.

Roman Reigns vs. Elias: Shane is at ringside. Reigns immediately attacks, and works over Elias on the floor. Elias cuts him off and scores with a low blow, covering for 2. He follows with strikes, and then posts Reigns. Elias hits a clothesline and poses on the floor. Post break and backing the ring, reigns fires back with clotheslines. The big boot follows, and Reigns then sets for a Superman punch, but Shane distracts him allowing Elias to attack. Reigns follows with rights, they workup top and Elias slips out and hits the sitout powerbomb for 2. Elias looks for drift away, but Reigns hits a head butt and they trade strikes. Superman punch by Reigns but Shane puts Elias’ foot on the ropes. Reigns takes out Shane, but Elias attacks. He slams Reigns to the steps, and back in, Elias hits the top rope elbow drop for 2. Shane slides in a guitar, but Reigns spears Elias and pins him. Roman Reigns defeated Elias @ 8:40 via pin

– Shane attacks post match, Reigns fights him off, but Drew arrives and claymores him out of his boots.

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