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June 18, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Dolph Ziggler Xavier Woods Smackdown

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I will be doing the coverage in my regular review style; final ratings and extra thoughts will be in the final version of the review. Have a good time chatting, and thanks for joining 411 for your live coverage needs.

New Day Talks: New Day makes their way to the ring. They hype Stomping Grounds, and tonight’s Woods vs. Ziggler match. Ziggler arrives and says they are trying to hide how he was screwed at SaudiMania III, and that Kofi doesn’t deserve to be champion. But on Sunday, he will win and then Kofi will have to go on an apology tour of Ghana to explain how he failed on his own, because he’s nothing without New Day. Ziggler will grind him into the cage, kick his as and it will be all about him. Kofi says that Ziggler forgets about his run in the Elimination Chamber, and he’s ready for Sunday. But tonight, Woods will get his when they face. Ziggler will use Woods to send a message, because he should be WWE Champion right now. On Sunday, all the positivity and jokes end. At Stomping Grounds, Kofi will no longer be WWE Champion, because it should have been Ziggler, and on Sunday, it will be him.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Xavier Woods: They lock up and work to the mat, and separate. Woods then cradles him, but Dolph counters and they work to the ropes. Woods trips him up and follows with a dropkick, covering for 2. They work to the ropes, and Dolph attacks the knee. He rakes the eyes, hits a neck breaker and covers for 2. Dolph grounds things, and then slams Woods to the buckles but Woods hits the honor roll. Woods p top and Owens & Zayn attack New Day on the floor; taking out Kofi & Big E. Woods takes them out with a dive, but back in and Dolph hits a DDT for 2. He follows with kicks, attacking the knee, and follows with a dropkick for 2. Dolph chokes him out in the ropes, but Woods fights back but misses a hare in the corner. Dolph grounds him, raking the eyes, and maintains control. Woods counters back, fires up and hits a rolling elbow for 2. Dolph fires back, but gets dumped and Woods follows with a dropkick. Back in and Woods hits a press slam into a gut buster for 2. They work to the apron, but Dolph posts and superkicks him. Back in and Dolph sets, ad zigzag connects. Dolph works him over in the ropes, hits a superkick and that’s that. Dolph Ziggler defeated Xavier Woods @ 11:33 via pin

– We get highlights from Raw and Rollins going on a chair attack rampage.

– A bunch of guys want to be Corbin’s special referee and wait outside his locker room. Matt Hardy met with him and Shelton (who he called senor Benjamin) is next to meet with Corbin.

A Moment of Bliss: Bayley is the guest tonight. Nikki is out with Bliss. Bliss calls for her coffee, but gets Bayley instead. Bayley is drinking coffee, out of Bliss’ cup, and Bliss is not amused. Bliss calls her selfish, while Bayley says she never said anything bad about her. Bayley tells Nikki that Bliss is just using her, and is sick of Bliss talking behind he back. Bliss says she saw through Bayley in NXT, she tried to be friends, but Bayley made her feel worthless. She calls Bayley a big fake, and a liar. Bayley says Bliss is using Nikki like Jax & James, and calls her an entitled princess. Bliss claims to be better than Bayley, noting that she’s naturally better. Bayley says she’s never needed anyone to get ahead, while Bliss calls her a placeholder that peaked in NXT. They brawl, Nikki saves Bliss and Bliss lays out Bayley.

– Crews meets with Zelina and wants Andrade. Andrade jumps him from behind and kicks his ass. Gable watches on and takes notes.

Heavy Machinery vs. The B-Team: Bryan & Rowan are on commentary. Axel takes control, working over Tucker after a Dallas distraction. They lay the boots to Tucker, working quick tags and Axel hits a DDT for 2. He grounds the action, but Tucker fires up and hits a big clothesline. Tags to Otis & Dallas, and Otis runs wild, dumping Axel. Dallas attacks, but Otis fires up and hits a fall away slam. The caterpillar follows. Tucker tags in and the compactor finishes it. Heavy Machinery defeated The B-Team @ 3:00 via pin

– Post match, Rollins appears and layout the B Team with chair shots.

– Shane arrives and Sami & Kevin tell Shane what Rollins just did. They don’t feel safe, and call Rollins a bad person. Shane books Kevin & Sami vs. Kofi & Seth in a 2 out of 3 falls match.

– Aleister Black cuts a promo about changing the essence of a man, and understands why no one has challenged him. He was never supposed to be anything, but someone will come knocking at his door and pick a fight with him. And when they fight, he shall change that man’s essence.

Shane Talks: Elias & Drew are with him. Shane wants to talk about Drew kicking Reigns’ ass at Stomping Grounds. Drew hopes that Reigns is listening, because Shane wanted him to end his career tonight, but he’s better than Reigns and won’t sneak attack like Reigns did last night. He wants Reigns at 100% for Sunday. The Miz arrives, and Shane isn’t happy. Miz runs footage of Reigns kicking their asses on Raw. Shane is not amused, and Miz then shows footage of Shane running away in slow motion on Raw, and then getting beat down in slow motion. Miz makes fun of Shane’s sweating, and Shane refuses to fir anyone that airs more footage. Miz promises to air footage of Reigns kicking Drew’s ass after Stomping Grounds. Shane makes fun of Miz-dad, but Miz says that Shane has made both shows all about Shane & his pals, and he’s sick of it. Miz takes blame for it, for getting inured and Shane becoming best in the world. He promises to end Shane. Shane says he got the job done when Miz couldn’t. Shane books Drew & Elias vs. Miz and any partner he chooses, as long as it happens in 10-seonds. Truth appears, and will be the partner as Awesome Truth reunites. Shane makes it an elimination match.

– Hey, do you guys remember the Kabuki Warriors? Neither does WWE.

– The Authors of Pain met with Corbin. The IIconics meet with the Kabuki Warriors, hey, they are alive. Paige suggests a title match, but they refuse. Paige says she got a match booked for next week in Tokyo. If the Kabuki Warriors win, they get a tag title shot.

Drew McIntyre & Elias vs. The Miz & R-Truth: Miz & Elias begin, with Miz controlling and tagging in Truth. Commentary says the 24/7 rules are suspended during this match. Truth hits a leg lariat, and Drew tags in. truth follows with kicks, but Drew cuts him off with an overhead toss. Double teams follow, and Drew then covers for 2. Elias tags back in but Truth dumps him. Drew rolls Elias back in and Elias tags in Drew. Miz gets pulled to the floor by Miz, and Elias hits the knee strike and covers Truth for the elimination. The gees arrive and chase Truth, Shelton steals the title, not realizing that he needed to pin him. Truth takes it back and runs away. Drew now works over Miz on the floor, hitting a suplex, and rolling him back in. Elias tags in and grounds the action. He dumps him and Shane lays the boots to the Miz. Drew misses a charge, but Elias attacks and back in, Elias heads up top and flies into a big boot. Miz follows with kicks, double knees and then cradles him for 2. The DDT follows for 2. Miz follows with more kicks, get a roll up but Drew head butts him and tags in. The claymore finishes Miz. Drew McIntyre & Elias defeated The Miz & R-Truth @ 9:55 via pin

– Post match, Drew hits two more claymores.

– Ember Moon searches for Mandy & Sonya. She finds them eating doughnuts. They argue, Moon dumps the doughnuts and attacks until refs separate them.

– They air the latest Firefly Funhouse.

– Truth is trying to escape, but a ref is waiting on him and Maverick dressed as Carmella attacks and cradles him to win the 24/ title. Maverick steals the car and escapes.

Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens vs. Kofi Kingston & Seth Rollins: This is a best of 3 falls match, for reasons. Kofi hits Sami with trouble in paradise and pins him in 10-seconds.

Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens vs. Kofi Kingston & Seth Rollins: This is a best of 3 falls match, for reasons. Kofi hits Sami with trouble in paradise and pins him in 10-seconds. Post break and Kevin attacks Rollins with strikes. But Rollins fights him off and tags in Kofi. He and Rollins follow with double teams, and Kevin cuts off the Rollins springboard and hits a DDT for 2. Heyman is watching on as Sami tags in and works over Rollins, covering for 2. Sami grounds things, and then follows with strikes. They work up top and Rollins knocks Sami to the mat and then fights off Kevin and hits the blockbuster. Kofi tags in and runs wild, teases trouble in paradise, but then hits a high cross for 2. Sami fires back, an the blue thunder bomb follows for 2. Kevin tags in and Kofi cuts him off with a dropkick, dumps Sami and tags in Rollins. He follows with suicide dives on Kevin & Sami. Sami saves Kevin from blackout, but Kofi takes him out and Rollins hits the superkick, enziguri, and blackout for the win. Kofi Kingston & Seth Rollins defeated Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens @ 11:20 via pin [2-0]

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