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August 13, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Smackdown Live Buddy Murphy Roman Reigns Smackdown

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“It’s good shit, pal.” – Vince McMahon

Csonka’s WWE Smackdown Review 8.13.19

– Corey Graves is wearing a lovely set of drapes as a jacket tonight.

Smackdown’s Hero, Kevin Owens, Speaks: He gets the hero’s welcome in Toronto for vanquishing Shane McMahon, and says yesterday was the 5-year anniversary of signing his WWE contract. He stepped into the ring with the best, some of who he looked up to, and on Sunday he beat someone who claimed to be the best in the world and he will always remember it as his whole family was in attendance. Everyone supported him in kicking Shane’s ass and that’s what he did. But hitting him with the stunner was a moment he will never forget thanks to the fans. But now he sets his sights on the King of The Ring. The KOTR is something he always loved and is thrilled to be in it this year. Winning it would mean as much to him as any championship, to be named along with Austin, Edge, Hart, Angle, and more. Shane arrives and Kevin asks why as we all did. Shane calls his win a tainted victory. Shane gets asshole chants as he shows Kevin low blowing him at Summerslam. That leads to you deserve it chants. Shane says that wasn’t fair competition, and Kevin mocks him for the Mean Street Posse days, and says he stood up for what he beloved in and fought to keep his job. He just wanted to shut Shane’s stupid face. Shane says Kevin will always be known as a cheater, and that he should be unemployed. Shane threatens to come to the ring, but says he will show restraint because Kevin will compete tonight. Shane then shows what Kevin did to Elias at Summerslam. He gave Elias the night off due to this, and says that Elias was an official referee for that match. So due to that, he is fining Kevin $100,000 US. Kevin says that is a lot to him and his family and that it’s crap. Shane leaves. Kevin follows.

Charlotte vs. Ember Moon: No entrance for Moon as they lock up and Charlotte takes her down and takes control. Moon fights to her feet and Charlotte follows with a back elbow. Moon fires back, and follows with a head scissors. Charlotte fires back and powders before stalling. Moon then looks for a dive, gets cut of but then hits a dropkick and then hits the step up high cross to the floor. Back in and Moon covers for 2. They brawl to the floor as Charlotte tosses her into the barricade and then the apron. Back in and Charlotte works her over in the buckles. Moon fires back, but Charlotte cuts her off with strikes. Charlotte lays the boots to her and locks on a dragon sleeper, grounding the action. Moon fights back with knee strikes, but Charlotte follows with rights. She struts and follows with chops. Moon counters back into a sunset flip for 2 but Charlotte follows with kicks to the knee, and starts targeting the leg. She dumps Moon and follows her out to roll her back in, and goes right back to the knee. The crab follows, but Moon fights until Charlotte goes back to the knee. Moon follows with a grounded enziguri but Charlotte follows with chops as they trade. Moon lays in a flurry of kicks and a rolling elbow. The bicycle kick follows for 2. Moon then follows with the code breaker for 2. She heads up top and Charlotte slams her to the mat and then miss a charge and Moon cradles her for 2. Moon lays in strikes, they trade and Charlotte follows with the running boot and figure eight for the win. Charlotte defeated Ember Moon @ 11:40 via submission

– We get highlights of the recent near death experiences of Roman Reigns. Bryan and Rowan now arrive. Bryan says that there is no question now that someone is out to get Reigns, but he and Rowan had nothing to do with it. Despite Murphy’s false accusations, Murphy is a liar. Bryan doesn’t blame him for lying since Reigns had him pressed against a wall, because you would fold as well. But Murphy gave the wrong name. Bryan denies their involvement, and says it’s all the fault of the fans and society as a whole. Tonight, they will prove that they had nothing to do with this.

– Shane is with Samoan Joe backstage and Joe offers his services to face Owens tonight.

– Aleister Black wonders who has a debt to pay and who will pay up. He will pay his in his isolation, and wants someone to knock on his door.

Roman Reigns vs. Buddy Murphy: They lock up and work to the ropes. Reigns follows with strikes, tosses him around but Buddy connects with the flying knee strike. They spill to the floor and Buddy follows with strikes, slams Reigns to the commentary table but Reigns fires back and tosses him onto the table. Back in and Reigns misses the drive by and gets slammed to the steps as Buddy follows with meteora. Post break and Buddy has things grounded, but Reigns fights to his feet and escapes. The cradle into powerbomb follows for 2. He follows with strikes, a clothesline and then another. He lays in corner clotheslines, a big boot and the superman punch is countered and Buddy posts Reigns and covers for 2. Buddy dumps him and follows with a tope. Back in and Buddy heads up top, hits meteora and that gets 2. Buddy follows with a flurry of strikes and kicks, but Reigns counters with the superman punch for 2. Reigns sets and looks for the spear, but Buddy counters with knee strikes and a suplex for 2. He heads up top and Reigns cuts him off, and knocks him to the floor. The superman punch follows and back in, Reigns hits the spear for the win. Roman Reigns defeated Buddy Murphy @ 13:45 via pin

– The Revival cuts a promo on facing the New Day tonight.

– Kofi talks with Woods, who is upset he’s not in KOTR. They comment on the Revival’s promo, claiming that they have never ruined the tag division. Kofi says he attacked Orton at Summerslam because he crossed the line.

Kevin Owens vs. Samoa Joe: The special enforcer for the match is Elias. Kevin attacks with a dropkick, follows with strikes but Joe fires back. Kevin hits a clothesline and Joe powders. Elias distracts Kevin allowing Joe to attack. Back in and Joe lays the boots to Kevin, follows with a back elbow and then chokes out Kevin in the ropes. Head butt by Joe and he then lays in chops and strikes. Joe then grounds the action, working the neck. They trade strikes, and Kevin then hits the missile dropkick and senton for 2. Joe then cuts him off with the STJoe for 2. Joe takes him up top and follows, Kevin fights off the superplex, and then hits the senton for 2. Joe fights off the stunner, gets the clutch but Kevin counters out and into the pop up powerbomb but Elias pulls out the ref, distracts Kevin and Joe cradles him for the win. Samoa Joe defeated Kevin Owens @ 5:50 via pin

– Bryan clears out the locker room and talks with Buddy. Bryan wants him to admit that he lied; he refuses so Rowan kicks his ass. Bryan yells at him so Buddy says he lied. Somehow I don’t think that’ll hold up in court.

– Roman looks for Bryan & Rowan.

– Randy Orton arrives and says Kofi can come out here and cheerlead his boys when he ran from a fight at Summerslam. Kofi couldn’t beat him 10-years ago and can’t beat him now, Worst of all, he ran from a fight in front of his wife and kids. Orton will give him a chance to prove him wrong, and wants them both to join this match and make it a six-man.

Randy Orton & The Revival vs. The New Day: Kofi and Dawson start as Orton refuses to stay in. Kofi takes early control, tags in Big E and double teams follow for 2. Woods in and Dawson cuts him off with chops, tags Dash in and they work double teams and isolate Woods. Woods picks up the pace and follows with a head scissors and dropkick for 2. Dawson tags back in and the Revival cut off Woods with divorce court. Dawson grounds the action, working quick tags with Dash and they continue to control Woods. They dump Woods as Orton suplexes him to the commentary table. Post break and the heels continue to work over Woods and cover for 2. Dawson mocks Woods for being hurt and then keeps him grounded. Woods tries to fight for a tag, manages to send Dawson to he post and tags in Big E. Big E runs wild with suplexes, hits the running slash and Dash then cradles him for 2. Tag to Kofi but the Revival cut off Big E as Kofi flies in with a high cross. The boom drop connects, Kofi follows with a dive onto Orton and Woods fights back with one arm, but is ended with shatter machine. Randy Orton & The Revival defeated The New Day @ 11:55 via pin

– The Revival attack post match, Kofi fights them off but Orton lays him out with the RKO. One for Woods follows and then one for Big E. Orton its another on Kofi and stands tall.

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