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September 24, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
WWE Smackdown

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“It’s good shit, pal.” – Vince McMahon

Csonka’s WWE Smackdown Review 9.24.19

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Erick Rowan Speaks: Rowan says his attacks on Reigns have been a work of art. He’s a creator, a creator of violence that demands respect. People treat his as less than human, but that is changes, because might makes right. He can destroy and dominate, making him right, Reigns & Bryan know this, and they are afraid. Bryan arrives and says that if Rowan wants respect, fight him right now.

Erick Rowan vs. Daniel Bryan: Rowan attacks, tossing him around and hitting a clothesline and elbow drop. The running splash follows and he dump Bryan. He hits the running cross body on the floor and post Bryan. Back in and Rowan lays the boots to Bryan, and then grounds things. Bryan fights to his feet, fires back and lays in kicks until Rowan cuts him ff with a spin kick. Post break and on the floor, Rowan follows with strikes. He powerbombs Bryan into the post and rolls back in. Bryan slowly follows and Rowan attacks with kicks. He whips him to he buckles, but Bryan fires back, taking out the knee. He then hits a chop block and another. He posts Rowan’s knee and then does it again. The basement dropkick follow, he posts the knee again and back in delivers uppercuts and the corner dropkick. He hits a second and Rowan then cuts him off with a jackhammer for 2. Rowan locks on a bear hug, Bryan fights and elbows his way out and delivers uppercuts until Rowan hits the powerbomb for 2. Rowan drags him to the floor and whips him to the steps. He then slams him off of the barricade, and back in, Rowan follows with a big lariat. He celebrates, and then covers with one foot for 1. He celebrates again, hits a short armed clothesline and talks shit to Bryan. Bryan tires to fire up and counters the powerbomb and then dumps Rowan. The suicide dive is caught but he counters and posts Rowan. Back in and the missile dropkick follows. Bryan now lays in kicks, and the cover gets 1. Bryan up top and is caught but locks on a guillotine. He transitions to the LeBell lock and but Rowan makes the ropes he takes out Harper, but Harper is back up and Rowan grabs Bryan and hits the claw slam as Bryan gets caught in the ropes. He hits another and pins Bryan. Erick Rowan defeated Daniel Bryan @ 18:00 via pin

– Post match, Reigns makes the save until they cut him off and all four brawl. Bryan hits the busaiku knee on Harper and Rowan is cut off by a spear. Reigns offers Bryan his hand and helps him up. Bryan wants to know if we want to see he and Reigns kick their asses and gets YES chants.

– They hype the upcoming Kofi vs. Brock title match. Michael Cole interviews Kofi. Kofi is playful to begin and then explains that he accepted Brock’s challenge because he wants to be a fighting champion. He’s at the top of his game, has beaten a list of top stars and feels good. In a week on the Fox debut, he faces Brock and does feel the pressure because he wants to be the best champion possible. People think Brock will have his way with him, but he’s worked too hard to allow that to happen. He will walk out the WWE Champion.

– Gable cuts a promo, discussing Corbin and his short jokes. But he’s proven he’s no joke, and Corbin knows that. Mike Kanellis arrives and makes short jokes, and is here to prove to his wife that size does matter.

Chad Gable vs. Mike Kanellis: Gable hits an overhead suplex, and the chaos theory. The ankle lock finishes it. Chad Gable defeated Mike Kanellis @ 0:25 via submission [NR]

– Elias appears on the screen and sings a song about Gable being short.

– We see highlights of Carmella winning the 24/7 title.

– Charlotte meets with Truth, looking for Carmella. Carmella arrives and Charlotte congratulates her and reminds her to be focused on their match tonight.

Bayley and Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte & Carmella: Truth is at ringside. Banks and Carmella begin. Banks attacks and slams her down, but then misses a charge and Carmella cuts her off and follows with a RANA and clothesline for 2. Banks fires back, and dumps Carmella. Bayley tags in and lays in rights on Carmella and then slams her off of the announce table. Back in and Bayley covers for 2 and then lays in ground and pound. Banks tags in and grounds the action. Carmella fights to her feet but gets slammed back down as Bayley follows with strikes. Carmella fires back, Bayley cuts off the tag until Carmella slams her down. Charlotte tags in and runs wild with chops, a belly to back suplex and then an XPLODER. The big boot follows and the figure eight is locked in until banks makes the save and tags in. Charlotte cuts her off but Banks counters the figure eight, Carmella tags in with a high cross, superkick and Bayley makes the save. Carmella takes her out as Banks gets the banks statement for the win. Bayley and Sasha Banks defeated Charlotte & Carmella @ 5:25 via submission

– The geeks chase off Carmella as Becky makes the save for Charlotte and hits XPLODERS until Bayley pulls Banks to safety.

Ali vs. IC Champion Shinsuke Nakamura: Nakamura attacks at the bell but Ali fires back with a dropkick and suicide dive. Back in and Ali follows with a high cross for 2. Sami distracts him allowing Nakamura to post Ali. Nakamura follows him to the floor, and follows with apron knee strikes. Back in and Nakamura follows with grounded knee strikes. The guillotine follows, and knee strikes connect for 2. Nakamura lays in kicks, knee strikes, but Ali counters back with a spin kick. The enziguri and rolling x-facto follows. Ali hits running knees and takes Nakamura up top and gets shoved of but catches Nakamura with a dropkick as he flies in, covering for 2. Ali follows with uppercuts, but Nakamura cuts him off with a spin kick and snap German. Kinshasa is countered with a superkick and the cover gets 2. Nakamura cuts him off with knee strikes but Ali cradles him for 2. The tornado DDT follows and Sami saves Nakamura from the 450 so Ali wipes out Nakamura with a tope. Back in and Sami distracts Ali allowing Nakamura to hit a Kinshasa for the win. IC Champion Shinsuke Nakamura defeated @ 7:10 via pin

– Reigns & Bryan vs. Harper & Rowan is official for HIAC.

Big E & Xavier Woods vs. The B Team: Axel attacks Woods to begin, but Woods cuts him of with a dropkick. Dallas distracts him and Axel attacks as Dallas tags in and they ground Woods with Axel now in. Woods fights him off but gets worked over in the corner. Double teams follow on Woods for 2. They dump Woods and take a lap until Big E cuts them off. Nback in and Big E tags in, and the midnight hour finishes ir. Big E & Xavier Woods defeated The B Team @ 2:25 via pin [NR]

– Mandy Rose hypes her magazine cover, as Otis gets a selfe.

The Kabuki Warriors vs. Fire & Desire: Nice to see that the Kabuki Warriors still exist. Sonya and Asuka begin, locking up and working to the ropes. Asuka follows with strikes, Sonya fires back with kicks and Asuka fires back until Sonya cuts her off. Asuka follows with a shoulder tackle, tags in Sane and they work double teams and the cover gets 2. Sonya dumps Sane and tags in Mandy who mocks Sane with her magazine as Sane fires back, Back in and Sane hits a head scissors and the sliding D. It breaks down and Mandy hits a right and covers for 2. Mandy follows with strikes, Sane fires back and tags in Asuka. She runs wild with dropkicks and knee strikes. The bulldog follows and then the sliding knee strike follows for 2 as it breaks down. Heed kick by Asuka and the code breaker and elbow drop finish it. The Kabuki Warriors defeated Fire & Desire @ 4:15 via pin

– Charlotte & Becky vs. Sasha & Bayley is added to next week’s show.

The People’s Court With Shane & Kevin: Shane has his lawyers out with him, unfortunately, no Joseph Park, Esq. Kevin arrives by himself. Shane introduces his legal team and calls Kevin’s lawsuit frivolous. He offers to keep Kevin in court for years, draining him financially. Or, Shane says that Kevin can drop this and he will be reinstated and also drop his fine against him. Shane offers a clean slate and handshake, but Kevin refuses and calls him an idiot. Kevin hates the whole lawsuit deal, but hates Shane being around even more. It’s not about money, it’s about getting rid of Shane. Kevin proposes a final match, if Shane wins, he drops the lawsuit and stays fired, but if he wins, Shane is gone. Kevin then proposes a ladder match with their fate hanging above.

– Becky comments on her HIAC match with Banks, and Banks attacks her and stands tall.

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