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November 22, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
WWE Smackdown - Bray Wyatt Daniel Bryan

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Csonka’s WWE Friday Night Smackdown Review 11.22.19

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– King Corbin addresses the Smackdown roster, well tries to, until reigns arrives. They listen to him as he tells them Raw & NXT are coming tonight. They will open the door, let everyone in and whoop their asses. Corbin calls this stupid as Sasha Banks says she isn’t waiting and the women will deal with business right now. T-SHIRTS FOR EVERYONE!

– Sasha banks, Carmella, Dana Brooke, Lacey Evans, & Nikki Cross make their way to the ring. Banks says this is their ring and show, and are ready to take care of business. They dropped NXT last week and took them out in their house. She knows Team Raw is here and calls them out. Charlotte, the kabuki Warriors, Natalya, & Sarah Logan arrive. Charlotte addresses the welcome wagon and thanks them for opening the door for them. She proposes a one on one match with Banks. Rhea Ripley, Mia Tim, Toni Storm, Tegan Nox, and Candice LeRae arrive. Rhea proposes a captain’s match.

Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte vs. Rhea Ripley: They brawl at the bell as Banks gets dumped. Ripley and Charlotte come face to face, Charlotte takes her down and follow with kicks until Ripley shoves her to the corner and follows with a superkick. Charlotte cuts her off and follows with strikes. She works her over in the corner, Banks attacks Ripley and covers for 2. Ripley cuts her off with a clothesline, dropkick and Banks spills to the floor. Ripley follows and Banks cuts her off until Charlotte runs Banks into Nikki. They argue and Ripley joins in for a brawl as Charlotte hits a moonsault to the floor. Post break and Ripley covers for 2. Banks fires back, but Ripley cuts her off and takes her up top. She follows her up, Banks knocks her off and hits meteora until Charlotte hits natural selection for 2. Ripley battles back, misses the dropkick and Charlotte hits a natural selection as Banks rolsl up Charlotte for 2. Charlotte gets the figure eight and Ripley then cradles Charlotte for the win. Rhea Ripley defeated Sasha Banks & Charlotte @ 9:45 via pin

– Raw & Smackdown brawl post match with Smackdown as NXT powders.

– Corbin talks with Roode & Ziggler, and talks about taking out Reigns, Ali, & Gable tonight. If NXT shows up they will let them beat up team Reigns. Sami arrives and dares Corbin to come to the ring.

– Bayley is interviewed. She is prepared if Becky or Shayna appear tonight. She’s held all the belts, and Becky is smart but Shayna is too impulsive. She only attacks when her back is turned sand dares her to show up tonight.

– Back to the ring with Sami & Nakamura, with Sami saying Corbin is afraid of them. Sami calls himself a stud and adds that Nakamura is an even bigger stud than he is. Sami gives him a new IC Title. He mocks Roderick Strong, as Undisputed Era arrives. Sami begs off as he and Nakamura leave. Cole grabs the mic and says that he is Adam Cole bay bay, and Roderick Strong is the man they forgot. At Survivor Series, they will wipe the floor with Raw & Smackdown, and that’s undisputed. New Day arrives and says they didn’t get properly introduced last week, but they are all here now. He wants to settle what they started last week in a match right now. Undisputed is down for a 4 on 2 match, but New Day brings out Heavy Machinery.

New Day & Heavy Machinery vs. Undisputed Era: Roddy and Big E begin as they cut off Big E and work quick tags. Big E battles back with suplexes, and follows with the apron splash. Kofi in and trades with Cole, Roddy back in and cuts Kofi off with a backbreaker. TUE isolate Kofi. Working quick tags and double teams as Fish covers for 2. The senton atomico follows for 2. Cole back in and works over Kofi in the corner, hits a neck breaker, and Roddy tags back in and works a modified Gory special stretch. Kofi counters out and into a cradle for 2. He’s cut off and Kyle joins in with knee strikes and body shots. He grounds Kofi with ground and pound, Roddy back in and double teams follow. Kofi battles back, but Roddy dropkicks him to the floor onto Tucker. Big E & Otis argue on the floor. Post break and Fish has Kofi grounded. Kofi fights to his feet, but Fish cuts off the tag. Kofi counters back with a springboard dropkick, and tags in Otis. He runs wild on TUE, fires up and follows wit a suplex on Kyle. The caterpillar is cut off but Tucker tags in and they double team Kyle and pick up a near fall. Roddy tags in, but Tucker works him over with strikes, and suplexes. The corner charge follows and the side slam gets 2. He heads up top, and the moonsault connects but Cole makes the save. It breaks down into the big move buffet and Big E runs wild until TUE cut them off and taken out on the floor. Otis hits the spinning slam on Kyle, the caterpillar connects and he’s cut off as Roddy finishes him with the running knee strike. Undisputed Era defeated New Day & Heavy Machinery @ 15:05 via pin

– Post match, Styles, Nakamura & Strong brawl until Sami attacks with chair shots as TUE then run he and Nakamura off.

– The OC are here and will remind everyone who they are. The crowd chants for CM Punk and Styles says he’d mop the floor with him. Styles says he’ll get payback on Sunday, and will remind everyone why he is the Phenomenal AJ Styles.

– Daniel Bryan arrives as we get a recap of his issues with the Fiend & last week’s Miz TV. Bryan is here to summon Bray Wyatt. He won’t pretend to know what goes in inside Bray’s mind, and invites him to the ring to clear the air and talk about the past. Or they can fight right now. The lights gout and come back on to nothing. Bryan says he’s playing mind games, and the Miz arrives. Bryan says this is worse than the Fiend. Miz says he’s a professional unlike Bryan, He had to hold back last week and calls Bryan weak and vulnerable. The Fiend will tear him apart at Survivor Series, and tried to help Bryan like he has in the past and slaps Bryan.

Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz: They really missed out on ding this when Bryan was a hot heel and Miz was over as a babyface before Shane killed him. Anyway, JIP as Bryan cuts off Miz with a slap and chops. Bryan then dumps him and follows with the running knee strike off of the apron. Back in and Miz fires back, cuts of Bryan with a knee strike and the running kick follows for 2. Miz takes control, grounding Bryan with kicks and covering for 2. He keeps Bryan grounded, Bryan slowly fights to his feet and lasy in kicks on Miz. He follows with chops in the corner, the running dropkicks connect and Miz cuts him off wit ha clothesline heads up top and flies off but Bryan counters, hits a running clothesline and then heads up top. Miz crotches him, Bryan fights him off and the missile dropkick follows. Bryan then lays in YES kicks, teases the YES chants, and when he does, the Find’s gimmick hits and he appears in the ring. He chokes out Bryan with the mandible claw. Daniel Bryan defeated The Miz @ 5:45 via DQ

– Shayna Baszler arrives and calls out Bayley. Bayley attacks from behind, chop blocking Shayna’s knee and they brawl. Bayley powders, but Shayna follows and lock in the choke on the floor, but Bayley manages to slam her to the barricade to escape. Bayley posts her and runs away. Shayna is pissed.

Roman Reigns, Mustafa Ali, & Chad Gable vs. King Corbin, Bobby Roode, & Dolph Ziggler: Reigns attacks and runs wild at the bell. Dolph cuts him off as Corbin also gets involved in the floor brawl. Back in and reigns fights off Roode & Dolph, tags in Gable and he runs wild with suplexes on both, picking up a near fall. The heels cut off Gable and slam him from the apron onto the announce table. Post break and Dolph DDTs Reigns for 2. The superkick is cut of with a superman punch. Ali & Corbin tag in and Ali runs wild with dropkicks, strikes and nan enziguri. The rolling x-factor follows, he cuts of Dolph and follows with the suicide dive and then a tope con hello onto Corbin. Back in and Ali hits the tornado DDT. He heads up top and Roode crotches him. Roode then hits a spinebuster on Gable n the floor. Reigns joins in but Dolph cuts him off. Corbin hits deep six on Ali for the win. King Corbin, Bobby Roode, & Dolph Ziggler defeated Roman Reigns, Mustafa Ali, & Chad Gable @ 8:55 via pin

– Post match. Team Raw arrives and Seth enters the ring with Reigns to CM Punk chants. The brawl and so do the others on the floor. Team raw dominates until BRAUN arrives with more Smackdown troops for the big T shirt brawl as the crowd chants for NXT. Smackdown takes control and stands tall until Triple H “on a not tank but a JEEP” leads NXT troops into the building. The mass brawl continues as Cole claims he’s never seen anything like this. Ok. Keith Lee kills Cedric with the spirit bomb and comes face to face with BRAUN. They go crazy fists as the show ends.

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