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Jon Moxley Cuts Promo After IWGP World Title Win, Doesn’t Care About Loyalty To Initials

April 14, 2024 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Jon Moxley AEW Dynamite Blood & Guts Image Credit: AEW

Jon Moxley is the new IWGP World Champion and he cut a promo following the win at NJPW Windy City Riot. Moxley defeated Testuya Naito for the title in the main event of the show, and he cut a promo backstage after the event talking about his win.

“Thank you to my teammates, to my friends, to my family, even Eddie Kingston, everybody who has been with me on this 20-year fumble f** of an up-and-down journey,” Moxley said (per Fightful). “I stand at the top of a mountain tonight that nobody’s ever stood atop before. You know what though? I don’t really give a f**k about belts, what three letters or four letters or five letters are on the name of the marquee, or the title, or the T-shirt, or the pay-per-view, or the letters on the belt. I don’t care. I go where I want. I do whatever the f**k I want, whenever the f**k I want. Nobody can stop me.”

He continued, “Next time I come to Japan, I’m bringing this with me. So, arigato gozaimasu, Japan. I’ll see you soon. Before that, I got a message to send to everybody in New Japan Pro Wrestling all around the world. When you see what I do to my next opponent, when you see what I do to Shooter, how far I’m willing to go, what lengths I’m willing to go to, how much I just absolutely show no mercy whatsoever, even to people that I love, you will see things in a whole different light. Ren Narita, young boy graduated to dead man. Chapter 1 begins on May 11 in California at NJPW Resurgence.”

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