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Jon Moxley on Being Heartbroken For Released WWE Superstars, His Line Being Used at WrestleMania 36

April 29, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Jon Moxley WWE Dean Ambrose Raw 11-19-18

The New York Post recently interviewed AEW World champion Jon Moxley. During the interview, he spoke about the recent WWE releases, one of his famous lines making an appearance during the Firefly FunHouse match at WrestleMania 36, and more. Below are some highlights.

Jon Moxley on the recent WWE releases: “That was a heartbreaking kind of thing to see. We just got up and she (Renee) was getting all that news before it broke from like kind of a source, one of her friends in WWE was being like, ‘Oh my God they are letting all these people go.’ You just start seeing all these names pop up while we were taking a little walk on this kind of nature trail we have around our house. It was just one name after another. I was just like, ‘Really, really, oh!, oh!, God.’ It’s just like during all this, you get that phone call. I would say, look at all the possibilities more so than what you’ve missed out on because a lot of times in my career these things I thought were bad things or challenges over the years led me to ultimately where I can’t imagine my career turning out any differently and not standing where I’m standing.”

On the Firefly FunHouse match at WM 36 using his “This is such good s***” line: “I kind of popped for it, honestly. I thought it was pretty funny. But it’s like, I think I might have popularized that or made it into a pop culture thing, but everybody knows that’s what he says. He’s been saying that for decades. People who were probably doing Vince McMahon impressions have been saying ‘that’s good s–t’ before I even got into wrestling.”

His goal as the second AEW World champion: “It’s not ideal that the whole situation in the entire world goes to absolute hell after you win the world championship. I won the title on a Saturday. We had an AEW live TV on a Wednesday and the very next Wednesday was the last time we were ever in front of people again and for the foreseeable future. It’s not an ideal situation to say the least. I would say that during a time like this, wrestling is as its best — there is so much bigger problems going on in the world — professional wrestling is at its best entertaining or [providing] inspiration, distraction. I think my job in all this as champion is to take on all comers with no fear and to stare down any adversity and obstacle in the face over everything.”