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Jon Moxley Wants To Wrestle Until He’s In His 50s, Talks Creative Freedom in AEW

October 1, 2020 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Jon Moxley

In an interview with Bleacher Report, Jon Moxley spoke about how long he plans to keep wrestling and noted that he would like to continue until he is in his fifties. Here are highlights:

On how much longer he wants to wrestle: “I’d like to wrestle until I am in my 50s, but it can end at any time. I don’t want to spend nine months filming a movie when I could have been having matches. I want to do as much wrestling as I can while I have that window of time. Acting could be a thing for later. I want to ride this for as long as I can even if it comes down to having to take longer periods of time off. If it gets down to where I can only wrestle one match a year like The Undertaker, then so be it. I could totally see myself being in a producer or coach role. I could see myself being a trainer or booker. I probably won’t know until that day comes, but there is also a good chance that one day I am just going to be gone and you will never see me again. But wherever I’m at, I’ll be all good, so don’t worry about it. I’m the luckiest guy in the world because I get to do the thing that I like as a living and got to turn it into a career. It’s really cool.”

On having more creative freedom in AEW: “I’ll talk on the phone with Tony Khan and we’ll throw some ideas out. I’ll talk to whoever I’m working with and we’ll throw some ideas out. We’ll get on a three-way call and just loosely talk out the next six weeks of a story, and when I show up, we do it. It doesn’t get changed on the day of and nobody messes with it, not that I am above taking creative direction. Even the misses are fun when you’re in control because it’s part of a journey. When you try again, it’s even more satisfying when you get it right. I want to keep pushing myself to be the best I can be every single time.”

On staying away from social media: “I don’t have Twitter downloaded on my phone. I was coming out of a hotel the other day and I had my phone in my back pocket and I sent out a tweet. I butt-dialed a tweet. It was something innocuous like an MMA article but it could have been anything. I could have ended my career with a butt dial. So I uninstalled it. People get addicted to their phones and the virtual world. I highly recommend people go for a walk in a park or the woods. It clears your head and it’s a good way to spend an afternoon. You would be surprised how quickly problems resolve themselves in your head when you’re out in nature.”

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