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Jordynne Grace On the Mood Before Queen Of The Mountain, Putting The Match Together

June 23, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Jordynne Grace Impact Slammiversary Image Credit: Impact Wrestling

Jordynne Grace was the victor in the first-ever Queen Of The Mountain match at Impact Slammiversary, and she recently discussed putting together the match and more. Grace won the Impact Knockouts Championship during the match at the PPV and she talked about the mood among the participants before the match and after with Denise Salcedo. You can check out the video and some highlights below, per Fightful:

On the feeling beofre the match: “Before the match, everybody was freaking out. I’ve never seen a group of girls that anxious before a match before. Even in the Ultimate X match, no one was that nervous. But I think it was because of A) there were the rules, and we had to think about who was in the box at a certain time and that was complicated in and of itself. Actually, something that we were told was gonna happen during the match, didn’t happen, which was that the timer was not on the titantron. {laughs}”

On the match itself: “I think everybody was just so relieved that no one got hurt and it went as well as it did. Because everybody was doing these high-risk spots and I was like ‘I pray that I am in a position to catch people and that no one gets hurt.’ We did it, and I think we killed it. So we really had an uphill battle because A) in the first women’s anything there’s always so much pressure on the girls to do like an amazing job, 2) people already hate that kind of match {laughs} people were talking about how stupid it was, how complicated the rules were, so we really had two uphill battles to fight through. Watching everybody’s feedback and seeing that everybody really seemed to enjoy the match, I was over the moon about it, it could have not gone better for us.”