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Jordynne Grace Says Tatum Paxley Is Welcome To Show Up At TNA Against All Odds

June 14, 2024 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Jordynne Grace TNA Rebellion Image Credit: TNA

Jordynne Grace has a beef with Tatum Paxley and says she’s welcome to accept her open challenge at TNA Against All Odds. Paxley got involved in Grace’s match with Roxanne Perez by trying to steal the TNA Knockouts Title, and the distraction allowed Perez to pick up the win. Grace spoke about her match with Perez and more in an interview with Sports Illustrated, and you can see highlights below:

On her match with Perez: “That was a TNA Knockouts match. There is a certain way TNA Knockouts wrestle, and it’s gritty, competitive, and passionate–and the WWE audience got to witness that.”

On being told about her crossover to NXT: “The new President of TNA spoke with me about a month ago and told me WWE wanted to have me back. I was like, ‘What is happening?’ We spoke specifically about Battleground, and honestly, I thought I was going to be in the [North American title] ladder match. When I found out it was a singles match, and for the title, I was mind-blown. Going back, it’s been a great experience. It’s impressive how much of a well-oiled machine they are in WWE. There is someone with an answer to everything. And they have a barber on-site. That surprised me.”

On her hopes for the continuing crossover: “My pie-in-the-sky dream is to have a Worlds Collide pay-per-view. That’s something everybody–wrestlers and fans–would want to see.”

On wanting a rematch with Perez: “I’d wrestle her 10 more times if I could. I have a bone to pick with Tatum, too, and she can definitely come to this open challenge on Friday. Whether it’s WWE or AAA or Stardom or MLW, anybody is welcome in TNA.”