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Jordynne Grace Doesn’t Think Tessa Blanchard’s Title Win Takes Away From the Knockouts Division, on Potential of Merging Impact World and Knockouts Titles

February 16, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Jordynne Grace Impact Wrestling

The Wrestling Inc. Daily recently interviewed Impact Wrestling Knockouts champion Jordynne Grace. During the interview she was asked about the possibility of merging the Impact World Championship, currently held by Tessa Blanchard, and the Knockouts title for just one title that both men and women can compete for. Below are some highlights from WrestlingInc.com.

Jordynne Grace on Tessa Blanchard winning the Impact title not taking away from the Knockouts division: “I don’t think it takes away from it. This is an interesting thing for me because I’ve been doing intergender wrestling for most of my career. I think it’s long overdue that the women get to wrestle at the same level as the men. You can put women that are on a different level to compete with Tessa now. I think if they wanna push Taya towards that title – now that she’s won the Knockouts Title it’s kinda like a secondary title at this point – maybe like the TV championship at ROH or the X-Division championship at Impact. It’s like one of those titles and is a secondary title just like any other ones.”

Grace on merging the Impact World and Knockouts titles: “That’s definitely true and I kinda joked with Scott D’Amore, ‘So when are you guys gonna merge the title?’ He ignored me because he hates me or something [laughs]. He doesn’t hate me but he’s annoyed when I do stuff like that as I’ve been pushing for intergender wrestling across the board. I was all for it as I don’t think there should be a separate name for it at all. I am indifferent and I don’t mind just being called a wrestler.”

Grace on possibly teaming up with Tessa Blanchard for the men’s tag titles: “Yeah, I think that would be really cool. I don’t think there’s ever been women who have competed against the men for the tag titles in Impact. So that would be awesome to do. I’m not gonna comment on that. I think that people do change and it’s unfortunate if those things are true. But I don’t have a lot to say about it as I think it’s messed up if those things happened. Hopefully she can try to get better from here on out.”