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Juice Robinson Explains the Real Reason He Doesn’t Do Social Media

October 15, 2021 | Posted by Blake Lovell
FinJuice David Finlay and Juice Robinson Impact Wrestling

Juice Robinson was recently interviewed by Fightful, and among the topics he discussed was the reason he doesn’t do social media, some wrestlers being too reliant on the platform, and much more. Here are some highlights:

Juice Robinson on the reason he doesn’t feel the need to promote himself on social media: “I get asked that all the time. It came from one day I just got fed up with it. I don’t think I’m speaking out of turn by saying there is a whole hell of a lot of negativity on social media. I don’t know. I figure I wrestle for a company, New Japan Pro Wrestling, I am not a promoter. They are the promoters. They should promote me. I don’t need to be promoting that I had a ham sandwich for lunch and look at me I went to Gold’s Gym. Everything that everyone does on that, for the most part, in my opinion, is them tooting their own horn. It makes me sick. I don’t really care how many pull-ups you did in your dad’s basement, okay? That’s cool. We’re all working out. Seriously. I don’t need it documented. I don’t need a like for it. Trust me. I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing to be a pro wrestler, okay? I don’t need to brag about it. I’m a pro wrestling from curtain to curtain and when I’m not, my name is Joseph Ryan Robertson. I’m your neighbor. I’m drinking a Miller Lite and I’m flipping burgers on my grill. That’s it and that’s how I feel about it and I’ll get real hot about it sometimes.”

On some wrestlers being too reliant on social media: “These people think that pro wrestling is something that it’s not, okay? You know who’s famous? Paul McCartney’s famous. You know who was a good wrestler? Roddy Piper. I guarantee you’re not a good wrestler and I guarantee you’re not famous, so why don’t we be regular people? Do the show, have some fun, go out, have some beers and go on with your life. That’s how I do pro wrestling. Done. How’s that for a Juice Robinson rant?”

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