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Kane Praises Sting As a Person, Recalls Interactions With Him

February 28, 2024 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Kane WWE, Biography Image Credit: WWE

Kane didn’t work much in the ring with Sting, but he had a number of interactions with him as a person and praised the AEW star ahead of his retirement match. Sting will compete in his last match at AEW Revolution, and the former WWE star (and now mayor) spoke with David Gornowski for an interview during which he praised Sting as a great person. You can see some highlights below, per Fightful:

On facing Sting early on in his career: “I didn’t get to work with him that much. I was actually one match with him in WCW. I had one match in WCW and that was with Sting. That was very early in my career. Then, he came to WWE late in his career, he had already retired and come back and that was also late in my career, but Steve is a really great guy.”

On liking Sting as a person: “From my interactions with him, I can’t say enough about the human being. He’s always treated me very well. He was also one of my favorites back when I was younger, so it’s pretty cool when you get to work with the people he watched on TV and go, ‘Wow, this is really awesome! I’m in the ring with Sting. How cool is that?’ When he was in his prime, he was a great athlete. He could move. People forget he’s not a small guy. He’s probably 6’3 and 260 lb, but he could do all the things you think of a much smaller person doing. So, he’s an impressive athlete, and frankly, one of the biggest Superstars of all time, especially in WCW.”

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